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Lets Play BioShock HD Part 8: Point Prometheus and Fontaine

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 Honestly this is my least favorite level in BioShock. As soon as I get the Big Daddy suit the Splicers mostly ignore me and I can go about as I wish, not to mention the insane amounts of stockpiled ammo we find here nothing can even touch me. Not even Fontaine's ineffective threats are enough to deter the walking living tank that I have become. Though fear not because there's still the DLC challenge rooms for me to overcome. That's a tale for next time.

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Personal Post: Halloween List: Top 10 Favorite monsters in fiction Part 2

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Sorry but no marriage stealing demons here.
 Welcome back to those who have seen the first part of this list. Now for those who’s missed Part 1 here’s where we are so far.

#10 Kars
#9 Fnaf Animatronics
#8 Freddy Kreuger
#7 Walter Sullivan and his victims
#6 The Heartless

Moving on.

#5 The Shadows from Persona.
You know that little voice in your head that tells you just be an absolute asshole? These guys are were that voice comes from.
 While the shadows technically were introduced in Persona 2 and did serve as the primary antagonists in Persona 3 with the distinct bodies and breeds Persona 4 was where these two incarnations were mixed together. For those who don’t know Shadows draw inspiration from the term defined by Carl Jung where they are the manifestations of a person’s negative aspects of their self. The shadows in Persona follow this principle to a more literal degree. See also “Rest and Ricklaxation” only not as slimy but just as psychotic in most cases.

 In the Persona series Shadows are physical manifestations of humanity’s repressed negative self. Their MO varies depending on which game you encounter them, In Persona 3 they devour the minds of people who are dragged into the Dark Hour leaving them as soulless husks who beg for Nyx to bring about The Fall and the end of humanity. In Persona 4 when a person enters the Midnight Channel they’re confronted by their personal Shadow who will do everything in their power to get their real selves to reject them thus causing them to assume their true form and kill their original selves to justify their own existence as unique beings.

 More recently in Persona 5 the Shadow Selves of people whose hearts desires are consumed and twisted with negative emotions such as greed, lust, despair etc have their dark desires manifested in Mementos. The most severe cases break out of Mementos in the form of a Palace centered around their personal sanctuary where their Shadows rule over and seek to fulfill their original self’s dark desires. Which attracts other weaker Shadows which are enslaved and controlled by the Palace Ruler to be their personal guards to protect their treasures. The treasure are the symbolic form of the source of their dark desires which are guarded against any and all intruders.

 When rejected by their real selves; or in the case of Palace rulers when their treasure is at risk of being stolen from a real world confrontation of their dark actions, these Shadows transform into bizarre monstrous forms to kill their opponents. But if their real selves can accept or confront what the Shadows have to say after being pacified in battle they become Personas. But if a Palace ruler Shadow is killed then their real self will have a mental shutdown and die. The Shadows offer a truly sick and terrifying nemesis because while you may try to act the best as you can you can never escape your darker aspects, you can run from your problems but you can never hide from yourself, and your Shadow is everything you wish you weren’t but know you may want to be.

#4 The Witches from Madoka Magica

Oktavia Von Seckendorff, such a poor, unfortunate soul.
 Most people are familiar with the stereotypical depiction of Witches, black hats, brews potions, flies on broomsticks, get killed by someone accidentally spilling water on them. But the Witches in Madoka Magica are nothing like that. In this world certain girls from the approximate ages of 6 to 16 have the potential to form a contract with the alien cat creature Kyubey to have a single wish granted. The catch of course being that once their wish is granted they become Magical Girls and are charged with defeating creatures referred to as Witches. Sounds simple right, but here's the catch though, Kyubey is the sleazy used car salesman of Magical Girl mascot characters.

 I mean sure he will grant your wish and make you into a Magical Girl but he also kind of forgot to mention that if your Soul Gem, the source of your magic turns black either form overuse or if you fall into despair the hunter will quite literally become the prey. Yes aside from looking like the living nightmares of Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton Witches are actually Magical Girls who have succumbed to complete despair and are now mindless monsters who will devour people, cause them to commit suicide and various other horrible unexplained tragedies. On top of the normal Witches that hide away in their inter dimensional Labyrinths and the familiars that sometimes escape their masters to try and grow into Witches themselves there's also the most powerful Witch of them all, Walpurgisnacht the Christmas tree topper from hell who's so powerful its mere presence is enough to cause hurricanes.

 Its not even that the most weak looking witch can kill even the most experienced Magical Girl in just one shot that make them compelling it's that most of them were formerly young girls who just wanted the universe to cut them a break for once. But they all forget that you can't expect the universe to roll over and play dead without giving it a treat. Everything from their familiars to their Labyrinths are drenched in symbolism about their human selves, their wishes and their state of mind before they became these monsters. Now the Madoka Wiki does delve into the symbolism of the original series Witches but with all of the spin offs Mangas and new Video Games (that most likely won't be coming stateside) there's more to come. so in case an alien bunny cat wants to strike a deal with you just make sure you bring a lawyer to check the terms or else.

#3 The automatons from Karakuri Circus

These are the Generals of the Midnight Circus, known as Les Quatre Pionniers. The Geezer with the bird is Pantalone, the Ball Roller. The fatso with Kung-Lao's hat is Dottore the juggler. The woman with the cheap romance novel is Columbine the Trapeze Artist and last is Arlechino, the Guitarist.
  Ohh going hipster on this one since as far as I can tell not a whole lot of people know about these wind up toys from hell so I’ll summarize as best as I can. Though with this entry I'm at the mercy of fan translations as the Manga; Karakuri Circus has to my knowledge never been officially translated so if I get some info wrong you know why. The world of Karakuri Circus is plagued by a group of sentient puppets brought to life by Francine who is the creation of the deranged Alchemist Bai-Jin with a single goal, make her laugh. To that end these monstrosities have spent 200 or so years traveling across the globe in a caravan known as the Midnight Circus and spread a horrible disease called Zonapha’s Syndrome. This disease causes the victim to become biologically immortal but in perpetual pain and the only way to alleviate the pain is for the victim to make people laugh. 

 While the automatons have sentience and can fake emotions they are not real human beings thus they also seek the Philosophers Stone which can create the true Aqua Vitae, a substance which can make them fully human, thus able to comprehend the heart and thus make Francine laugh. But there are ways to put these psychotic Pinocchios down for good. Either destroy them with a specialized Puppet controlled by a near immortal being called Shirogane, overload their bootleg Aqua Vitae blood with Ki infused Qui Gong, if they run out of human blood to mix with their bootleg Aqua Vitae or if they reject their raison d’être, but no matter what they must be fought one on one without a conventional weapon otherwise their full powers can be utilized and could easily slaughter their opponents. Everything about the Midnight Circus is absurd, from their designs to their goals and even their weaknesses. Honestly these seem like what would happen if the Joker ever became a villain in a Tokusatsu show, an army of killer puppet clowns who personify the phrase “you can’t spell slaughter without laughter”, well they'd definitely be more interesting then Jared Leto. 

 Also the only people who can defeat them are master puppeteers who use gigantic puppets as their weapons? What do you know, something else ripped of by Musashi Kishimoto and let me see Karakuri Circus began publication around 1997 and Kankuro was introduced in Naruto around 2000, yep sounds right to me. As for the Automatons themselves while a majority look like clowns with insanely exaggerated features there are ones that look completely human which infiltrate human cities to steal blood and spread Zonapha’s Syndrome. So we have a bunch of deranged, sadistic carnie vampire puppets that want to become immortal so they can make one person laugh to bring back a person who has been long since dead. If that doesn’t sound like interesting monster material I don’t know what does. Forget SweetTooth, forget Pennywise (either version) these beasts are the real Insane Clown Posse and they don't give a shit about how magnets work.

 #2 The Horrors from Garo

While this one is a common Horror they're still nothing short of hell-spawn.
 While I did compare the Horrors to the Witches in my first Madoka Magica article these eldritch terrors also share some things in common with the Heartless. All three are creatures born from the darkness of humanity and will never be purged from their worlds unless all darkness no longer exist, so good luck with that. As fro the Horrors them selves they're beasts from the Makai World who devour the souls of evil humans and possess them so that they can consume more humans to sate their hunger. However if the human target has a desire that interests the Horror or if the two share a common goal the Horror can enter a symbiotic relationship to fulfill that desire. But the host is still technically dead and in perpetual torment due to being possessed by an entity that pure, dang, nasty evil.

 The only ones who can defend the human world from the Horrors is the Makai Order, made of the Makai Priests and their greatest warriors, the Makai Knights. Horrors are monsters in the purest sense of the word, they see humans as prey, literally feast on pure evil and look like Nightmares made flesh. But the truly terrifying part of these beings is the stone cold fact that so long as humanity has darkness in their hearts (and lets face it it's required to be a balanced person) Horrors will never go away. Hell even the Makai Knights don't actually kill them, when they're defeated their essence is just returned to the Makai World to be eventually reincarnated all over again, so yes this threat will never end. But remember this, where there is light, shadows lurk and fear reigns, but by the blade of knights, mankind was given hope. Now I'm just wondering if there was a Madoka Magica and Garo crossover, project for later then if I get around to it and I catch up on Garo.

Now before I get to my #1 favorite monster here's the honorable mentions.

Headcrab Zombies from Half life, while they're terrifying and the level "We Don't Go to Ravenholm" makes me crap my pants every time I play Half-Life 2 they're just Zombies with the Facehuggers' satanic cousins on their face so not much to them aside from terror. 
The Minions from Overlord, no not the servants of the blinged out Skeletor with the hot imp with the massive rack I mean the little goblin things that serve the Overlord of Evil and his advisor Gnarl. My personal favorites are the bashing browns. Unfortunately while Codemaster's Overlord franchise is dead right now thanks to the hot mess that was "Fellowship of Evil" maybe we'll see these excitable embassies of evil again soon. Just don't introduce a new Yellow Minion tribe or else I'll swear off Bananas forever.
Rachnera from Monster Mutsume, what else can I say, I like girls with a bit of snark, a dark edge and some actual depth to their character. Besides giant spiders are awesome.
The Joker Persona from Persona 2 Eternal Punishment. Less a Persona and more of a parasite this Pseudo Persona is granted to anyone who is infected with the Joker Virus which gets stronger the more the virus spreads. While it does look cooler in its more monstrous stages it just didn't make the cut,
The Bogeyman from Silent Hill Downpour. While I may be sick of Pyramid Head that doesn't mean its initial concept is dead. Bogeyman is the main stalker of Murphy Pendleton and Anne Cunningham. While Pyramid Head represented James' desire to be judged for his sins Bogeyman to me represents someone who needs to be judged. To Murphy when he sees the Bogeyman's face after defeating him in the Monastery his face flickers between his own for how badly he screwed up his life and his son's killer Patrick Napier. As for Anne she sees Murphy as the Bogeyman because she thinks he's the one who  beat her father into a vegetative state. I'd put him on the list proper but he's just a big dude with a cinderblock hammer, gas mask and raincoat. Not that it doesn't work sometimes the simplest designs are the best ones (Mario comes to mind here) but compared to other Silent Hill monsters he's a bit on the meh side, then again so are most of the monsters in Downpour so there you go. 
Alexander from Final Fantasy. I mean come on it's practically a Megazord how is this not awesome? Hell look at this scene from FF9 (AKA the best FF) standing tall against Bahamut with giant angel wings how is this not cool?! 
Songbird from BioShock Infinite. Now when I first saw this clockwork gargoyle I was psyched for the boss fight against this thing. I thought what weapon would work, what would its weaknesses be? But in the end we never actually fight Songbird in the game!

Now my absolute favorite Monster in Fiction #1 The Big Daddies from BioShock.

Yep Mr Bubbles and his many models are my personal favorite monsters.
 While there were entries on this list that had far more interesting backstories and designs I personally love these lumbering foul smelling palookas. Originally prisoners, political dissidents and Plasmid test subjects that were imprisoned in Persephone Penal Colony they were further spliced, brainwashed, had their skin and organs grafted into these diving suits and conditioned to protect the Little Sisters at all cost. And to do that these beasts were equipped with Sea Stone piercing drills, rivet guns, rocket launchers (kind of stupid considering were they are, one wrong rocket into a window and BLAM instant fish tank) and high powered laser guns.

 Just imagine everything that you were just stripped away, existing as a sleepwalking zombie whose only function is to protect a blood sucking ghoul while fighting off genetically mangled maniacs who could kill you if they gang up on you in just the right way. Honestly I think that's the most terrifying thing about the Big Daddies, the very idea that your mind, personality, everything that makes you you repurposed into this beast if you cross Ryan. Honestly that fear of the loss of self, one of many hippocratic actions Ryan permitted in his "self made paradise" is horrifying. So that's my Top 10 favorite monsters in fiction as of this list. But I'm betting you want to know what my least favorite monsters are, well that's what next year is for, so happy Halloween and now to see how the rest of this year unfolds.

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Personal Post: Halloween List: Top 10 Favorite Monsters in fiction Part 1

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"These classic monsters shall be "Sirs and Lady not appearing on this list."
 It’s that time of year again folks. A time of monsters, ghouls, candy, over-commercialization and your local retailers to start pushing out the Christmas crap that’s been siting on the floor since September. Now I personally just ignore Halloween as much as I can these days since it’s bored me to tears, mostly due to me getting older and finding cosplay to just not work for me. (Not dissing people who do like cosplay it’s just not my thing, though I would love an Organization 13 black-coat or Zero from Code Geass’ outfit those are awesome!) Also I can never go all out in scaring people unless I get complaints from whiny idiots who think I’m too scary. Um guys it’s Halloween you’re supposed to be scared, that’s kind of the point! 

 But being a Tokustusu fan via Power Rangers and Beetleborgs since I was a kid I’ve always loved creative, creepy and powerful monsters. So for this year I’m going to go over what I consider to be my favorite monsters in fiction. Now there will be some ground rules, only one monster per franchise if needed, they don’t have to be overtly designed to be monsters and their background has to be interesting to me. Also bonus points if they actually do scare me or creep me out which is kind of hard to do. Now keep in mind this is just my list and mostly tend to revolve around things that I’ve already seen or am familiar with so if you don’t see your favorite monster, spook or demon you know why. So let’s start with the fabulous #10.

#10 Kars from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

 Now while I know that Dio is the most famous villain in the series, is the main threat to the Joestar family and even caused the reset of the universe via his boy toy Enrico what people tend to overlook is how did he even set these events in motion? The stone mask that made him into a vampire that allowed him to live far past his era, and who was the one who created the Mask in the first place? Kars that’s who, so in essence without Kars there would be no Dio. But there’s more to Kars then just the unintended consequences of his actions, as the survivor/destroyer of The Pillar Men he, EsiDsi and Whamu began a campaign to find the Red Stone of Ajha which, combined with a special stone mask would allow the one who uses it to become the Ultimate Life-form without having to make a deal with the Black Arms or create an energy leach with the help of a literally twisted outer monster. Even when he wasn’t the ultimate life form his powers, intellect and skill were no joke. He could grow blades out of his arm which had a lightning fast chain running along it which could cut through anything, he could contort his body to fit in even the smallest crevice and could even survive in extreme temperatures with little to no outer protection.

But when he did become the ultimate life form he was unstoppable, shapeshifting, resistance to sunlight, and he could even use the Ripple to far more devastating effects then even Joseph could manage. Also the thing he did with the squirrel. 

 Hell he’s technically not even dead, the only way Joesph managed to stop him was to launch himself and Kars into outer space where Kars broke so far through the stratosphere he was sucked into space, becoming completely calcified and eventually stopped thinking only wishing for the death that will never come. Thus proving why I feel Kars is the best monster in Jojo and why Joseph is best Jojo despite him being Josuke’s absentee dad.

#9 The Animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Yes another mention of FNAF, no still not playing any of them.
 Yes these things scare me, no it’s not just because of the jump scares. It’s the design and backstory of these poor beasts is what sells them for me. For those who haven’t been paying attention to the games lore, haven’t seen MatPats’ FNAF theories videos or who’ve never played them here’s a quick summation (Spoilers) The original five Animatronics Freddy, Golden Freddy, Chica, Bonny and Foxy are possessed by the souls of children who were murdered at a Freddy Fasbear’s pizza by the infamous Purple Guy aka William Afton and every night when the restaurant closes they roam the halls of the place looking for their killer so they can extract their vengeance on the psychotic child murderer.

 Now that was just the backstory for the original Animatronics because it gets way more complicated from there. I’m talking about possessed puppets, zombies stuck in suits, hallucinations of these Animatronics (which still are my favorite designed versions of them) and even robots that have gone full sky net and stuffed themselves into a human skin just to escape the facility where they were experimented on, and I’m not joking about any of that. But just to make them even more creepy they may be based off of Yokai, to see how here’s a link to a video from Gaijin Goomba who can explain it far better then I could.

 And since at the time of this article there’s talks of a movie about this franchise I doubt that our friends at Fazbears pizza or the Purple Guy will be going away anytime soon. So for those unfortunate souls who work the night shift, watch your step and make sure you don’t see the Golden one, if not you’ll be sorry.

#8 Freddy Kreuger from A Nightmare on Elm Street

The man of your dreams, the Springwood slasher, Pizza The Hut's satanic cousin whatever you want to call him you know him by his Christmas sweater, burnt face, dirty fedora and that classic glove.
  Let me take you all on a trip to one of the (apparently) best decades, the 80’s. Rock N Roll was on top of the world, disco was dying and some of the best movies around were in the middle of production. But at the tail end of the 70’s came a little movie called Halloween which many consider to be the grandfather of all slasher movies. Then the late great Wes Craven decided to give his own spin on the slasher killer genre and thus A Nightmare on Elm Street and the Iconic (proper iconic not Ubisoft iconic) dream demon Freddy Kreuger.

 The bastard son of 100 maniacs Freddy was a notorious child killer/implied molester who was let off due to a mistake in police procedure. Thus was burnt to death in an act of vigilante justice by the parents of Springwood but survived by making a pact with dream demons to exact revenge by killing their children from the one place where their parents could never protect them, their dreams. So for 8 movies and several comics the Springwood slasher killed the children of Springwood in various sadistic, humorous and brutal ways. For the first two movies his spree was all business though he undoubtedly derived pleasure from his slow torture of his victims. But past Part 3 he starts to get more then a bit silly with an increasingly campy and goofy tone hitting a climax of not scary with Freddy’s Dead the final Nightmare, with such highlights as Superfreddy, The wicked Witch of Elm Street, and lest we forget a more shameless plug in for Nintendo then the entirety of “The Wizard”. 

 And the less we talk about the TV series the better. Granted he did get better with New Nightmare and Freddy Vs Jason but too little too late. The Michael Bay remake certainly didn’t help matters. Hell at this point his most dignified appearance past the movies was Mortal Kombat 9 where it’s all but confirmed that he’s the ruler and master of the Dreamworld which is apparently a realm that’s on Shao Khan’s radar. Sadly the death of Wes Craven back in 2015 means that we may not be graced with the man of our dreams again on the big screen but you can always see him when you hear his ringtone. 

#7 Walter Sullivan and his Victims From Silent Hill 4

Been a while since we've seen this guy, yes the serial killer with even more messed up Mommy issues then Norman Bates and Sephiroth combined along with his enslaved victims. 
 Of the original 4 Silent Hill games the best according to popular consciousness is Silent Hill 2. But I know that everyone and their mother is sick to death of Pyramid Head showing up on these types of lists and so am I. While I do appreciate him for the part he played in that game over-saturation of Pyramid Head has pretty much ruined him for me. Besides while I did find him unnerving and disturbing he never really was all that scary to me. But Walter Sullivan and his victims are in my opinion the most terrifying and intriguing monsters in this franchise.

 In Silent Hill 4 Tommy Wiesau’s Revenge the main villain; ritualistic serial killer Walter Sullivan was brainwashed and abused by The Order since childhood to learn the 21 Sacraments ritual to resurrect his “mother” Apartment 302. These sacraments in question first consisted of the first 10 victims having their hearts removed after killing them, Walter himself via suicide and lastly the last 10 having to revolve around certain themes and “roles” that are required for the ritual. Oh and it gets better, see when Walter killed himself after his first rampage he was revived as a near invincible Ghost to finish the last of the Sacraments and resurrect his “mother” aka most likely The Order’s god Samael.

 Oh and the characters that protagonist Henry Townsend encounters die and become Ghosts that serve Walter and desperately try to kill you. The worst one by far is The Twin Victims monsters, representing the two child victims of Walters first rampage Billy and Miriam Locane which become this horrific demon that walks on its two hands, has two heads that looks like crying babies and when they see you point and whisper “receiver” pointing to Henry’s role as the 21st victim “the receiver of wisdom”, nothing short of nightmare inducing.

 The actual Ghosts are nothing to sneeze at either, Cynthia becomes something out of The Grudge, Jasper becomes a drunk Human Torch, Andrew (the only one you have to pin down but that’s for later) is a bloated, singing wrecking ball and Richard is a teleporting Electro. There’s other ghosts too but the ones Henry meets are the most unique and most troublesome. Not only can they all hurt you by just being near you but the only way to get rid of them is to pin them with a Sword of Obedience, and guess what? There’s more Ghosts then Swords in the game so you’re going to be stuck with some of them no matter what!

 Not to mention Walter himself, when you first encounter him he does nothing but leave behind a cursed doll. Benign at first but when you start the second half of the game he occasionally pops up in a level and will chase you down relentlessly! And when he finds you he’ll duel wield guns and try to gun you down like he was Revolver Ocelot and as far as I can remember the only way to get rid of him is to warp back to Room 302. So an annoying invincible Ghost and his victims trying to kill you in order to resurrect a demon, Walter Sullivan definitely seems like a particular homeless guy that you may want to give a spare 5 bucks too, it may just save your life.

#6 The Heartless from Kingdom Hearts.

Never before have the legions of evil been so cute. Get the plushies now at your local Disney store/ Hot Topic!
 Now like everyone I was apprehensive about Kingdom Hearts when I first saw the commercials on TV all those years ago, I was thinking “Disney and Final Fantasy?! God that’s never gonna work.” Then I saw some actual gameplay of the Parasite Cage fight when I was at a friends apartment visiting my Granny in New York City and the rest is history. While it was cool to go to Disney worlds and sometimes meet Final Fantasy characters there needed to be a source of conflict and boy the Heartless fill that role in more ways then one. In story the Heartless are manifestations of the darkness that dwell in the heart given physical form. Most of them are mindless beasts that have a single goal, consume more hearts. The main villain Xehanort and his various incarnations use the Heartless as Solders in his quest to obtain the source of all hearts, Kingdom Hearts and see what lies beyond the destruction and rewriting of the entire universe.

 But there’s also the Nobodies which should really have their names switched but that’s what happens when what was supposed to be a one shot game becomes a massive success and the demand for sequels crops up, expanded lore tends to just be cobbled together and not everything is going to make sense. But back to the Heartless there are two types, The Purebloods which are naturally created Heartless, they show less cartoony and colorful designs and just look like pure manifestations of evil; save for the Shadows, they just look kind of cute. The second types are Emblem Heartless named after the distinct Emblems these Heartless have somewhere on their bodies. Emblems were the result of Xehanort’s experiments trying to artificially recreate the process by which hearts become Heartless. These Emblems are often themed around certain motifs related to a specific world, like for example Halloween town has spooky monster themed Heartless like the Wright Knight and Gargoyles while Agrabah has Bandits, Fat Bandits and other Arabian themed Heartless.

 While these guys are not exactly what you’d call scary their variety in design and powers on top of their downright horrifying origin makes them an impressive menace to plague the world of the Kingdom Hearts universe. Though if you want to see creatures that do the “manifestations of pure darkness” thing with a more serious (and better executed) tone that’s what part two of this list is for. So for my honorable mentions and the rest of the proper list join me next time, if you’d be so kind?

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Lets Play BioShock HD Part 7: Olympus Heights and Apollo Square

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 Ok first off sorry for the excessive amount of videos for this outing but I had some sudden events pop up while recording and thus real life had to take precedent. But back to the game itself honestly at this point the story starts to go down hill, mostly due to Fontaine not being as good of a villain as Ryan and him just feeling more like a stereotypical bad guy. Not helped by him invoking the "torture the hero slowly instead of outright kill them" trope which is an instant tip of to them being an incompetent bad guy. Though these two areas do invoke a different kind of terror, first from you not being able to control your plasmids and second the muddy filter after you get the first dose of Lot 192.

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Lets Play BioShock HD Part 6: Hephaestus & Rapture Central Control

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 So here we are, the lair of the beast himself aaaaand its surprisingly short considering all the build up. But the atmosphere is still quite palpable, this place is quite creepy and crawly, not as messed up as Medical or Fort Frolic but this place does have some rather nightmarish imagery. Also Ryan's office is where we bare witness to one of the best plot twists in all of gaming in my opinion. When I first played this game back in 2009 my jaw dropped when I finally got to Ryan and quite literally saw the writing on the wall, even if I was playing the Darth Vader clip in my mind because lets face it we all were. Though once you've played it a few times the twist does lose some of its punch but I honestly still love it. So watch, comment and enjoy would you kindly?

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Tokusatsu Review: Chou Super Hero Taisen Part 3: At least this isn't the Virtual Boy

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What Shirakura keeps injecting between his toes to lead him to think why these movies are a good idea shall forever be a mystery.

 In case you somehow managed to miss the first two parts of this review, here's the links.

Part 1

Part 2

There you go you're all caught up now to finish this sucker. Where we last left off Hiiro managed to get into the Game World via the Laptop Little Jobe left behind.

I'm not quite sure Hiiro but I do know that this place has a refreshing mint flavor.
 After being reminded of the act would cost him his medical license in the sane and rational real world Data-Hiiro confronts him and the two transform to fight, True Brave kicking Brave's ass hard. Meanwhile Amu arrives at the skirmish and remembers "oh yeah I'm a Ranger I can fight too" so she morphs and joins Snipe and Paradox. Though she sucks in this movie and has to get back up from Data-Uutchy who also morphs and joins the fight, though without doing the Kyoryuger Dance that they always do when they morph which is a big old continuity foul and thus another sin. Even with Data-Uutchy's help Amu is about to be killed by the forces before getting back up from the rest of the Jyuoghers. Emu, Bootleg and Poppy are making their way to the Hospital/Castle when Emu is forced into another battle with the Data-Amazons Alpha, Omega and Neo.

 OK STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!! Amazons is supposed to take place in an alternate universe from the mainline Kamen Rider series so how the hell would Little Jobe even know about them much less be able to recreate them for Chou Super Hero Taisen?

 OH eat my ass with Chipotle Mayo Gosei! On top of the Amazons being narrative bullshit they have their own OP bullshit as apparently Ex-Aid only has 10 HP while the three Amazons have 10,000 each! But even with those bullshit handicaps Ex-Aid still manages to defeat the three Amazons with some helpful power ups but now has to deal with Data-Dark Kabuto, Dark Ghost and Dark Drive, oh Emperor damn it! Poppy and Bootleg finally manage to confront Little Jobe who explains that he was the one who created the bridge between the worlds so that Data-Shocker could destroy the real world.

 Bootleg then has his little back and forth with Little Jobe which goes on for what feels like a small eternity thanks to the movie editing the three fights into the conversation that ruins the flow of the scene (almost as if the movie thought that the kids would lose interest if there wasn't some action going on in between this conversation, basically the movie is jingling its keys) and yet the two characters in this movie that supposedly don't have emotions are still more emotive and convincing in their performances then Troy from Megaforce! But then again that's not saying much, hell Johnny from The Room is more of a convincing character then Troy.

 Hiiro finally manages to defeat Data-Hiiro but before Data-Hiiro fades away he gives his real self four things, an odd power up, the Galaxian Gashat, the deck full of Data Sentai and Rider cards and a request to save Little Jobe. So he pretty much ignores that by destroying the connection between the worlds despite Emu's objections. Well at least he was looking at the bigger picture in this case so I'll give him a pass, besides we really don't give a slimy sewer shit about Little Jobe so who cares? Besides all the buildings and people destroyed by Fred Fuchs are restored too which gets him pretty pissed off so he assumes his Monster form and then defeats Data-Uutchy. Emu, Hiiro, Bootleg and Josuk3po transform to help finish off the stragglers.

 Though Ex-Aid gets pined down by Fred Fuchs so Brave revives the rest of the GoRiders from their Clow Cards to back him up, for all the good it does as he just smacks them back into cards again in less then a minute making that scene completely pointless. So now it's time to crank up the bullshit to its highest level as Fred Fuchs calls out to Jark Matter (who he should have no knowledge of since he's only been in the game world) that gives him a giant mech which he of course knows how to pilot despite presumably just getting the thing now! This of course triggers the Shōji Yonemura slow mo explosions we've seen so many times even Michael Bay is sick to death of them. But not to worry they've got back up from the Kyuranger mechs which (thanks to the Gemini Kyuutama) can create two KyuuRen-Ohs to keep the Jark Matter mech at bay as well as Brave giving Ex-Aid the power up to make him grow to Giant Size (because of course Data-Hiiro saw that far ahead and this isn't just lazy writing no no no.) So Gaint Ex-Aid goes to his Super Form of Maximum Mighty X (thus drawing full comparisons to it and Gurren Laggan's design) to aid the two KyuuRen-Oh's fight Fred Fuchs and his Fuchazord.

 Brave uses some of the Hero Cards to back up Snipe and Paradox. One of them being Agito Burning Form, which has been bugging me since we saw him in GP, why is he always showing up in Burning Form? Ok when he showed up in GP he was fighting at night in a cave and it's established that Shining Form can only be called upon in the sunlight so Burning Form makes sense. But this fight is taking place in the daytime, with the sun out so what the hell? Did the Shining Form suit get too badly damaged or were they just being lazy; either way shows the people working on this just don't give a shit. Wrapping it up the heroes on the ground finish of the Data-Shocker solders and monsters while Ex-Aid and the Kyuurangers destroy the Fuchazord. In the after math Little Jobe is freed from the Game World because he wished for it really, really hard, yes seriously.

 So the Kyuurangers leave, Little Jobe goes back to his life and the CR doctors go back to their lives like none of this never happened. So that was Chou Super Hero Taisen and honestly I've seen worse from these movies. There was everything about Kamen Rider Taisen which you all should know about by now, the BS from Super Hero Taisen GP and how Shirakura clearly doesn't give a shit about Kamen Rider's history this is honestly pretty low on the totem pole of annoyance, pretty much about as watchable as Super Hero Taisen Z at best. But just like Super Hero Taisen GP this movie has a net based spinoff that tries to tie into the main series of Ex-Aid. It fails in this case but like the Kamen Rider Yongo net movies the Kamen Sentai Gorider Net movies are still better then the main movie itself, so when we come back we'll take a look at Chou Super Hero Taisen's DLC; Kamen Sentai GoRider and see where it stands in terms of DLC. Is it as good as Minerva's Den and Burial at Sea for BioShock 2 and Infinite or is it as bad as the True Ending of Asura's Wrath?

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Lets Play BioShock HD Part 5: Fort Frolic

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 Now in probably the most unoriginal thing I can say about this game Fort Frolic is my most favorite part of the game and genuinely the most creepy. Besides who else could possibly forget such a memorable character like Sander Cohen? This character by far steals the game for me, he's creepy, insane, memorable and just entertaining as hell. While I am grateful that he never got too popular otherwise he'd just be another Pyramid Head, Wolverine, Deadpool, Batman or Den-o, over used past the point of popularity almost entirely divorced from how and why he became popular in the first place to the point where he's overexposed and annoying.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Tokusatsu Review: Chou Super Hero Taisen Part 2: Ex-Aid and Knuckles.

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Ok presuming I'm Red for my choices I'd go for; Kamen Rider Zolda, Gokai Blue, Ninja Black and Kamen Rider Femme. 
 So where were we? Oh right this movie decided to recreate the events of Pixels only with actually consistent rules and more idiots. Though honestly aside from some setting and character hiccups this movie really isn't all that bad in my eyes. I mean most of the heroes in this movie aren't the real ones just data recreations so our main characters aren't fighting the real heroes, and aside from the fight between the Ex-Aid Riders and Kyuurangers there actually is a reason for the upcoming battles, to determine the strongest team to save the real world from the Xevious invasion. Though this just begs the question of "why don't every single one of these heroes fight Xevious's ships instead of just a special group of five decided by a pointless tournament? You know like how all of the Sentai Teams worked together to fight the initial Zangyek invasion in Gokaiger?"

 It's still better then asinine character destroying reasons like "you're too attached to the dead" or "only Riders or Sentai can exist not both" hell this premise completely opposes that last example. But there's still an hour left to go so it could pull a 180 and go into complete shit. Back to Emu he has to pick the members of his team. Hey you guys remember the Secret Wars Episodes from the 94 Spider-Man cartoon where he has to pick some of Earth's heroes to help him fight the Villains picked by the Beyonder?

 Remember the thought and strategy in deciding who to bring and Peter rallying these heroes to save Battleworld from the Beyonder's villains? Yeah this is like that only with no dignity. Oh but before I forget there's a detail I need to cover, this movie was made this year (2017) which also marks the 10th anniversary of Kamen Rider Den-O which for the longest time was one of Toei's most successful and popular series. So you'd think that they brought back Den-O himself Takeru Satoh to reprise his role of Ryotaro Nogami (his breakthrough role BTW) to commemorate this event right?

 Instead we have his Imagin partner Data-Momotaros showing up as Den-O. This is exactly like if the Iron Man suit did the fighting without Tony Stark, it can be done but you're missing a critical component to be truly effective. Anyway Data-Momotaros joins on as the team's pink member even though as Emu points out he's Red (so really Momotaros and Emu should have switched their colors. I know this is nitpicking but then again the movie is forgoing color accuracy for the sake of a word pun so that's a sin right there.) With Data-Momotaros on Data-Urataros sends him off and tries to get a real Pink on their team for him to flirt with.

What the shell is wrong with you?! You could have picked any of the Pink Rangers but you not only had to chose the child in the grownups body but also one of the ToQgers; my 2nd most hated Sentai?

 As if a sign from the Emperor himself Data-Momotaros just shoos the lolicon shell head off as well as Sleepy Bear Data-Kintaros. Their next pick is Blue so Data-Momotaros just stops the roulette and lands on Kamen Rider Specter, but the world is a cruel bastard and instead they end up with Data-Yakumo (AoNinger). He joins up and for Yellow he picks his mentor MagiYellow. But gets Data-Jin Masato (Beat Buster) instead, but hey they're played by the same guy so close enough. All that's left is green and Data-Jin goes for Data-Kitaoka; Kamen Rider Zolda.

 Ok while Zolda is my favorite Rider from Ryuki this brings up a massive plot hole, Zolda and the rest of the Ryuki riders shouldn't exist. If you saw Ryuki you should know that after the events of that series the riders were erased from existence since the creator of the decks they use to become riders was retroactively erased from existence. And no it's never explained how the Ryuki riders were restored past the rider world unification Decade caused so any use of the Ryuki Kamen Riders is 100% bullshit. This makes even less sense once we learn about who created this game but that's something for later.

 Back on track Data-Kitaoka is missing his #1 guy Goro, sorry dude but the only way to get Goro is through f-ing Pre-Order DLC for Moral Kombat X, thanks a lot Warner Bros you greedy little turd sniffers! Sorry bout that, now that Emu has his team together it's time for the tournament. They defeat their first opponents the Data-DaiRangers with little to no problem but Emu catches sight of the kid from earlier and goes after him. Back in the real world Hiiro is going over medical records of a kid, the same kid skulking around in Chou Super Hero Taisen as well as the flashback he had earlier named Eito (pronounced 8) when Amu, Jousk3po and Discount Spock enter the CR office. Amu asked the two Kyuurangers to look up Hiiro's medical records and learned that Eito was assigned as Hiiro's patient right after he came back from America.

 Hiiro has another flashback to when he met Eito who didn't care that he was infected with a virus that was digitizing his body; only fixated on completing Chou Super Hero Taisen. No seriously whether Eito died or not had absolutely no concern with him whatsoever to the point where he doesn't even bother with any operation to fix his illness due to him not caring. Now this wasn't out of depression or anything like that Eito literally did not care. Hiiro said that he would only perform operations for those who wanted them and Eito's only response was a "eh whatever" so Hiiro was like "fine whatever" and I guess fucked off for lunch or something. You know I think we might need a second opinion here; Doc, yeah could you tell Hiiro exactly what your thoughts of this situation are?

 Yep, Hiiro, in that one moment you just lost your medical license and would be slumming it out with Taiga right now because YOU DO NOT ASK A MINOR FOR CONSENT TO PERFORM A LIFESAVING PROCEDURE OR NOT!!!! Why in the wide, wide, world of Sports did you ask the underaged totally not living on his own child instead of oh I don't know HIS LEGAL GUARDIAN WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS CARE AND WELFARE?! As we clearly see Eito is not in the proper state of mind both developmentally, mentally due to his fixation on his programing or legally to be making these kinds of decisions on his own. This kid clearly has mental issues impairing his judgment so you just take his word that he doesn't want to be cured and walk off?! This kid honestly would have been better off in the care of that psychotic Nazi fuck Keriger!

 I'm honestly not joking Keriger is more qualified to have a medical license then you after that decision you stupid, pretentious fuckwit! You rag on Emu for being a novice because he cares too much for his patients when even the most incompetent of interns, hell the Janitor from Scrubs can tell you that you don't ask a minor for legal consent on this matter!!! Oh and look after you listened to the moronic brat instead of his legal guardians and didn't perform the surgery on him Eito gets sucked into the Internet after he finished Chou Super Hero Taisen and distributed it online! Now I know next to nothing on Japanese Medical Care much less power of attorney for minors in Japan but I'm pretty damn skippy that this would never fucking fly in a institution that has even the slightest modicum of common sense.

 This right here is the scene that breaks the movie for me because this actually gets worse. Skipping ahead a bit we learn that Eito is the one responsible for all of this, as if his stylized 8 logos all over the game world weren't enough of a giveaway on top of the fact that he was the one who created Chou Super Hero Taisen in the first place; he is the mastermind behind the Xevious invasion and something else that will be revealed later. But the point is this whole situation is entirely Hiiro's fault due to his horribly incompetent and dangerous decision to listen to the moron kid instead of any legally certified guardian and just did not perform the surgery. You know the worst part is that this horrible decision making is somewhat consistent with Hiiro from the main series. Considering his treatment of Saki leading to the perfection of Graphite as well as teaming up with Kamen Rider Cronus to get her back.

 Even though he knew damn full well that Cronus was a psychopath who would never save her and keep using the threat of deleting her data as a means to keep him on a leash which would result in the enslavement of the world by perpetuating Kamen Rider Chronicle when all he had to do was help Emu beat him the first chance they had! Which would lead to putting his crazy ass in Jail, reclaiming all the Proto Gashats and thus save Saki and all the other victims. Honestly Hiiro has always been a problem character for me thoughout this series from his first appearance to the end. His ego and uncaring attitude toward his patients honestly rubbed me the exact wrong way to the point where I was wishing that his hands would be crushed like Stephen Strange if anything to get him off his high horse, get a clue and have a whole humble pie shoved down his gullet! To me a doctor that is that careless, incompetent, uncaring and arrogant should not be placed anywhere near a scalpel much less an ICU, I mean for the love of god Justine are you a real doctor or a doctor like how Dr Pepper's a doctor?

 Enough of my ranting back to the idiot plot; on top of the disease Little Jobe also apparently suffered from what I can guess is Alexthymia (spoilers it's not he was just a disinterested little shit) but if that's the case why would he want to make a video game about the Riders and Sentai? While Discount Spock notices that sounds just like him; in the game world Poppy and Emu catch up to Little Jobe who explains that he refused Hiiro's operation like a dumbass. Which is again ignoring the decision of his legal guardians and not the moronic brat who claims to not have emotions that lead him to being sucked into the internet somehow. Emu thinks that Poppy can get him out but apparently she can't if he's already become a game character (yet that didn't stop you from retrieving Kuroto from the Proto Mighty Action X Origin Gashat a few episodes later so yeah this movie's full of shit what else is new) even then Little Jobe is perfectly content with staying in the game world. Data-Momotaros however tells Emu that the next match is coming up and so he leaves to join up with the team.

The movie actually decides to be merciful and just skips ahead to the final match between Team Emu and Team Genm which consists of Data-Gemn Level X, Kamen Riders Ryugun and Specter, MomoRanger and much to my dismay Yellow Owl. The match is 5 V 5 with Zolda taking the first point by defeating Ryugun. Beet Buster defeats Yellow Owl and as for MomoRanger Vs Den-O all I can say is Happy 10th Anniversary Den-O!!!!
Weakness IDENTIFIED!!!!
 Way to treat one of your biggest cash cows and most popular Kamen Rider series Toei! Yakumo also loses to Specter so Ex-Aid has to take down Genm to break the tie which he of course does otherwise the movie would end already. So Team Ex-Aid has won the tournament and can now claim the power to stop the Xevious invasion force, the combined powers of the Kamen Riders and Super Sentai, Kamen Sentai Gorider!

 Ok to be perfectly honest it's not that bad it's just five Kamen Rider Ichigo suits with the GoRanger color-scheme and a cape big freaking woop. Though a personal cool part is that they each get their own battle vehicle (no combination thankfully since that would have most likely been an off balance asymmetrical mess) AkaRider gets the Variblune, AoRider gets Castle Doran, MidoriRider gets the Gokai Galleon, KiRider gets MagiDragon (we get the joke), and of course MomoRider gets the Den-Liner. They manage to destroy the Xevious forces with little fanfare and destroy the main ship by completing the Independence Day homage and hit the giant glowing red fuck me spot underneath the ship, granted without Randy Quaid pulling a Kamikaze attack.

 With Xevious all clear the Kamen Sentai powers down and the five GoRider Clow cards fly off leaving only Ex-Aid behind. Just in time for the bonus stage or as I redundantly like to call it, the Season Pass from hell.
"Corporate Commander here to tell you about the AAA hit from Namco Bandai, Chou Shocker Taisen only for PS4 because Fuck PC gaming! It comes with everything you all love, Microtransactions, a 100 Dollar Day one collectors edition and of course a 60 Dollar season pass! This little beauty will be localized by the wonderfully talented people of Bandai of America and published by Gearbox Software; which will be handled by my personal favorite sock puppet Randy. So pick it up the same day as this years Call of Duty you stupid fucking Whales, and remember YOU NEED IT!!!"
 Ok to be fair this isn't the real Shocker; again it's just the Data versions of them because let's face it if Little Jobe was going to make a villain faction for the Rider and Sentai to fight; Shocker is sadly the first and most famous villain group in this franchise so that does make sense. Besides if the real Shocker were involved we'd know about it already because Shirakura has made them as subtle as a wrecking ball slamming down on your foot. Anyway Data-Shocker as I'll be calling them begin their rampage with the Black Cross King leading the charge with additional Sentai Big Bads and foot solders.
Who the hell is that asshole?
 This is actually the "Great Leader" of Data-Shocker, Shocker Great Leader 3 as he calls himself and he, of course wants to avenge the destruction of the real Shocker by taking over the real world and this is soooo not getting the M.Bison clip. This asshole even had the balls to steal Fruit Jesus' catchphrase, I now despise this tool with all of my hate! So Fred Fuchs orders his army to start the attack after Emu gets whisked off into the corn fields. Amu and Hiiro arrive but both leave just as quickly after Taiga tells Hiiro that unless the connection between the two worlds is broken the real world will be destroyed. Parado arrives as well and thankfully he's in a good mood because he joins the game and fights Data-Shocker with Taiga. The two transform and take on the forces while Hiiro goes into the Game world again to talk with Data-Hiiro.

 Speaking of; Emu is confronted by Data-Hiiro and Little Jobe who finally reveal they're the ones behind all of this. It's the same plan as Kamen Rider Taisen, Data-Hiiro is destroying the real world leaving the game world for Little Jobe as penance for the real Hiiro failing to save him. The two walk off while Poppy gets a transmission from Discount Spock saying that he wants to talk with Little Jobe. So she pulls him in while Hiiro goes back to his apartment and pulls out Little Jobe's laptop that he somehow has. You'd think that thing would be kept at the hospital to analyze how he got sucked into the Game World but that would mean that you're a logical and sensible person, thus not Toei's target audience for this brain dump of a movie! So somehow Hiiro uses Little Jobe's computer to get himself sucked into the Game World too, how?

"With Scieneeeeeeence!!!!!!!"
 That's it my stupidity meter has hit its limit for now so come on by next time as we wrap up this stupid movie with Hiiro trying to clean up his own damn mess and the final fight against Fred Fuchs!

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