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Lets Play Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (PS4) Complete Playlist

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 For your viewing convenience here's my complete playlist of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance for PS4

Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square Enix, Disney Interactive Studios, Tetsuya Nomura, and Shinji Hashimoto.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Video Game Review: Top 10 Worst Video Game Sequels I've seen so far: Part 2

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Ceaser is pissed off at these sequels.
 Alright we've seen some notoriously bad sequels in the last list and there were some good things to say about them. For example I hated the gameplay of X6 but the music was still good, and Kingdom Hearts Recoded was much better as a movie then a game. But these next four, no quarter given, in my opinion these are some of the worst sequels I've seen and played.

#4 Devil May Cry 2

 As I mentioned in my best sequels list I'm not a long time fan of the series and the only reasons I checked it out was because Dante and Lady were in Project X Zone, I fought Dante in SMT Nocturne, and the HD collection was on sale so I figured why not. The first game was ok but I was still wondering why everyone loved Dante so much. From what I saw it was decent but not as good as God of War which I've been a fan of since the first game. My opinion of the series didn't improve once I got to Devil May Cry 2. What little personality Dante had was just gone, there was no banter between him and the bosses and we got a secondary lead who was boring, had a clone backstory that went almost nowhere and the gameplay just took a giant dump. 

 Thank whoever is up there for me giving Devil May Cry 3 a chance because when I finished the first fight in that game it all suddenly made complete sense. For me Devil May Cry was like the Original Evil Dead trilogy except Evil Dead 2 was far better then the first and Devil May Cry 2 sucked like a black hole. In both cases thankfully I made it to the third installment because now I know and am so waiting till I can finally get to Devil May Cry 4 and let's play that sucker. Though I do have more games on my to do list before I get to that, but rest assured I will play that game. Also for everyone who whined about DMC, I see where you're coming from but 1 it's an alternate universe and 2 trust me it's not the worst in the franchise that to me will always be Devil May Cry 2 until I see otherwise.

 #3 Assassins Creed 3

 I believe that with this one I barely have to explain myself but the might as well anyway. Assassins Creed 3 right after the conclusion to Ezio's story in Revelations gives us one of the most boring protagonists in the series, Conner Kenway. Even worse they teased us with the first two sequences instead having us play as Conner's far more interesting and entertaining father Haytham. Though admittedly the twist of him actually being a Templar was handled pretty well in my opinion and the fact that we have to kill the people that we've come to know (for the most part) kind of makes it more personal especially since unlike the previous groups of Templars Haytham's order do seem to care about protecting the Colonies. But their methodology is more then a tad questionable because we need to have our conflict somehow.

 Also back in the worst parts of these games AKA the modern segments we get a whole new dimension of annoyance with Desmond in the form of his fucking daddy issues. 
 I'm not even kidding with that joke, just like in Evangelion Desmond shoves his daddy issues all over the place which are kind of small potatoes when you know THE END OF THE WORLD DEPENDS ON DESMOND FINDING WHERE CONNOR HID THE KEY TO THE TENPLE SO THEY CAN SAVE THE WORLD! Though at least this was only early on and they did reconcile so it's not as bad as it could have been. Also the game at least killed Desmond off so we don't have to follow his boring chosen one ass for the rest of the franchise. 

 At least we now just have Shawn and Rebecca to deal with, at least they both have something resembling personalities that we can get behind. Also Assassins Creed 3 still had the multiplayer which while still fun still had Micro transactions which is never fine for me in a $60 game. Though there was the Tyranny of King Washington DLC which had an incredibly goofy premise and cranked it up to 11 with it giving Conner super duper Native American super powers. Thankfully we had Assassins Creed 4 after this because if we had another boring romp with Conner I would have jumped ship long before the dual release of Unity and Rogue.

#2 Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts

 Do I even have to say anything?!  You all know why this would eventually make the list I don't even need to go over it. But I have to at least fill in 2 paragraphs for these entries so here it goes. Everyone who grew up with an N64 at least heard about Banjo Kazooie and how they were fun colorful platform games. We were teased with a third game in at the end of Banjo Tooie but aside from some GBA spin offs there was nothing for years, especially after Rare was bought out by MICROSOFT! "Spit"

 But then we heard that there was going to be a brand new Banjo Kazooie game for the 360 we were over the moon. But then it was released and all our hope turned into despair faster then you can say "I was stupid, so damn stupid" and BAM Banjo Kazooie Nuts and bolts was unleashed onto the world. I of course never played it but you didn't even need to play it to know that you don't take a beloved platform game and turn it into a FUCKING BUILD YOUR OWN CAR RACER GAME!? That just doesn't make any sense from either a game design perspective or a brand loyalty perspective. Why in the wide wide world of sports would somebody think "hey we have this beloved platformer IP that people have been begging for a sequel to, let's make it into a goddamn Lego racing game that bitterly insults the fans and mechanics of the two games that made it so beloved!" 

 I mean if this was its own IP people would never have had this big of a fan revolt that wouldn't be matched until the ending to Mass Effect 3. But nope Rare was owned by MICROSOFT "spit" and so owned by their new overlords they took the name of Banjo Kazooie and ran it over their Gummi Ship knock off monster truck. Thankfully the people who were really responsible for Banjo Kazooie being the success that it was broke away from; them, founded their own company and have created a brilliant looking spiritual successor Yooka-Layle which is on its way very, very soon. (Which I personally backed on Kickstarter and yes I will begin a Let's Play of that lovely little game as soon as I possibly can!) So in a way we can be a bit thankful to Nuts and Bolts because without this flaming turf we wouldn't have Yooka-Layle to look forward too. So thank you Nuts and Bolts, now never bother us again. Now before I get to #1 some dishonorable mentions.

Assassins Creed Bloodlines.

 Shitty little PSP game that tries to explain some elements of how Altaïr hid the Apple of Eden on Cypress and was overall unnecessary and graphically repulsive. The only reason anyone would have to play this was to unlock weapons in Assassins Creed 2. Nothing else to say but OH UBISOFT!

Final Fantasy X-2

 Takes place after an ok Final Fantasy story and takes two of of the characters plus a new characters and basically makes them into Angsty vapid and poorly written clones of Cutie Honey. While the combat and dresssphere system is interesting, the plot can get stupid and for those who want to 100% this game the monster collection mini game is one of the most tedious obsessive compulsive tasks I have ever seen. Those who have played this game on the PS3, 4 or Vita know exactly what I'm talking about.

 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days.

 Aside from having one of the dumbest titles I've ever read for a video game, just like the other Kingdom Hearts DS game is just ok. The gameplay is better then Coded, it's story is actually relevant by showing Roxas' time with Organization 13, explaining why he left in the first place and  showing how he and Axel became good buddies. And just like Coded this games events are cannon so it's unskippable  and it's events have been made into a clip-show/ movie so you don't have to search Amazon for a copy, so no muss no fuss. But as bad as these previous entries was this is still nothing compared to what I consider the worst sequel I have ever encountered!

 #1 The Legend of Zelda, Phantom Hourglass.

 Each of the previous games have their own unique flavors of horrible. From Nuts and Bolt's betrayal of the classic games that made them a household name to Final Fantasy 13's misguided and horribly confused design, but nothing on this list pisses me off more then Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass. Just like Assassins Creed 3 PH comes right after my favorite Legend of Zelda game, Wind Walker which I loved even back when it first came out when everybody else was pissing and moaning about how "kiddy" it looked. When I learned about there being a continuation of that continuity (this was back before I learned how messed up the Zelda timeline was; btw at that point the only Zelda games I played and finished were OOT and Majora's Mask) I picked it up right away. Then a few hours later I put it down and never picked it up again to this day.

 That's right of all the bad games I've played I at the very least try to finish one play-through of it. Not so with Phantom Hourglass, this is one of the very few games that I just gave up on and never looked back on. That comes down to three things. First was the graphics, now I know that going from the GameCube to the DS I knew there would be some kind of a graphical downgrade but wow the graphics for this game were bad. Everyone looked like they were made of Legos and there was little to no expression on their faces aside from their default faces.

 Number 2, the controls were awful. Now when you have a directional pad on your portable console you would at first think that you would use it to move your character. But not in this pile of puke, no no you needed to move Link with the DS touchscreen and Stylus and making such a dramatic change to the controls especially for an established platformer did not win points with me. But that leads me to the biggest problem with Phantom Hourglass, THE TEMPLE OF THE OCEAN KING!!! Oh by the Emperors magnificent golden lazy boy did that place become my personal purgatory. 

 See every time you defeat a boss you have to back to this place every single time, go through every single floor just to get to the new floor to progress in the story and I repeat you have to go through every single floor in this place every single time to progress through the game. It was when I realized that fact and found seemingly no way to mediate this problem I for the first time in my memory, gave up the game and never played it again. This game along with the horrid controls for Skyward Sword have basically caused me to give up on the Legend of Zelda franchise, a franchise that I was only a very casual fan of to begin with. So that is why Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass is the worst video game sequel I've ever encountered, it took a franchise that everyone said was a seminal classic and turned it into an overrated and overhyped mess. Does anyone else have their own sequel that's worse then this? Then leave it in the comments below and make your case. Now if you'll excuse me I have a good sequel to play to cleanse my palate of this horrible trip down memory lane.

Devil May Cry is owned by Capcom and Hideki Kamiya.
Assassins Creed 3 is owned by Ubisoft, Patrice Désilets, Jade Raymond and Corey May.
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is owned by Microsoft Game Studios and Rare.
The Legend of Zelda is owned by Nintendo & Shigeru Miyamoto
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is owned by 20th Century Fox

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Lets Play Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (PS4): All Secret Portal Fights and 100% Completion

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 With this we finally come to our end of my Let's Play of Kingdom Hearts 3D for the PS4. As a remake of a 3Ds game for the PS4 the guys at Square did a fantastic job. The new Dream Eaters are well ok, nothing really "new" aside from the Tubguin Ace's finisher. And if you want to 100% this game, it's doable but it will take quite a bit of time to do it so be warned. But still this is a fantastic remake and I'm glad I got to share my time with it with all of you. So with that in mind I give this my rating of "Finish it!"

Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square Enix, Disney Interactive Studios, Tetsuya Nomura, and Shinji Hashimoto.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lets Play Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (PS4): Epilogue and Julius Boss fights

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 Just wrapping up the extra cutscenes and the Secret Boss fight with Julius.

Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square Enix, Disney Interactive Studios, Tetsuya Nomura, and Shinji Hashimoto.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Video Game Review: Top 10 Worst Video Game Sequels I've seen so far: Part 1

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For those who want to see what I think are the best video game sequels here you go

 Now while this list mostly consists of sequels I haven't played I've heard more then enough horror stories surrounding them to draw a decent conclusion. You may be asking why you would be talking about bad Sequels that you haven't played acting like you know what you're talking about. One reason, I value my time and my money and like to avoid spending either on entertainment that isn't worth it. Besides sometimes you can just tell a sequel is going to shit the bed just by looking at it. So let's go down the list of lost time and investment shall we?

#10 Final Fantasy XIII (All of them)

 Yes I'm cheating with these but the internet mostly agrees that Final Fantasy's time during the 7th console generation was nothing short of a monumental disaster. From the boring combat system, the nonsensical leveling, the criminally bad writing to the most unlikable protagonists we've ever seen in a Final Fantasy game it all just amounts to a horrible pretentious mess. Every game in the 13 line had their own problems from the first game being stuck to a giant hall way, 13-2 having a god modding Gary Stu villain on top of one of the worst time travel stories ever created. (Even considering Japan's apparently horrible track record with Time travel stories, for every Madoka Magica and Crono Trigger there's at least 20 Inuyashas and of course the infamous Endless 8 fiasco!) Lightning Returns even takes the message of FF 7, shits all over it and turns Lightning already one of the most unlikable and boring protagonists and turns her into a god damn robot. Supposedly removing all of her emotions and creating a loli version of her to cause chaos whose origins are horrible contradictory and; ugh the more I try to discuss Lumina the more my head starts to split from all the convoluted and contradicting information.

 Needless to say FF13 and its sequels seems to have almost killed my interest in the FF franchise which was pretty small to begin with. For the record I've only played 6, 8 (the worst i've actually played) 9 (aka the best one) 10, and some of 10-2. I just hope that Lighting and none of the characters from 13 ever make it into Kingdom Hearts 3. Whenever that'll come out which of course was delayed because Square for some horribly dumb reason pushed that game back to focus on shitting out these turds. So yes Final Fantasy XIII is to blame for Kingdom Hearts 3 being pushed back for so long, fuck you Lightning and the robot horse you rode in on!

 #9 Mass Effect 3

 Two words can describe every single thing wrong with Mass Effect 3, Electronic Arts. Once again the Unicron of the gaming industry has claimed another victim by getting rid of Mass Effects head writer, replacing him with a guy who hated Mass Effect with the passion of a million flaming hemorrhoids, let him take the franchise and flush it down the toilet by chucking your Shepards history out the window, retconning almost everyone and giving one of the absolute worst endings in recent history. On top of all that they slammed in Multiplayer and online passes to really piss everybody off. Also if you signed onto EA's servers you've most likely been hacked because their security is absolute flaming monkey poop.

 Now the reason this is so low on the list is that I was never into Mass Effect in the first place. I'm a Sony guy and since Mass Effect 1 didn't come out on the PS3 until the collection pack was released I never bothered to care. I mean I tried the Mass Effect 2 demo and was repelled almost immediately, from the intimidating character creation screen to the mountains of data logs dumped onto my lap with all these terms and events that I had no idea about it was just the absolute worst way to entice someone new into the franchise. It was like you were transferred to a new class and on your first day you were given a test that you had no prior knowledge about and the teacher hates your guts and couldn't give a shit whether you knew the material or not.

 Like "who the hell is Cerberus, why was I brought back to life, why did that bitch shoot that guy, why are robots after me, what is going on?!" Personal history with the franchise aside I do know a bad sequel when I hear it and when EA is involved you know it's going to suck something fierce. Now before you even ask, no I am not getting Mass Effect Andromeda because I refuse to give EA my money. All that's left is to paraphrase Spoony and say this "oh fuck you EA you killed Mass Effect fuck you!"

#8 Sly 4 Thieves in Time

 As I said before I'm a big fan of Sly Cooper and I really was enjoying this Game, especially since it gave my PS Vita something to do aside from playing Persona 4 Golden and PS1 rpgs. That is until we got to the fourth level. The villain in that level was a robot called the Black Knight and we later find out the Knight was just a suit controlled by Bentley's girlfriend Penelope. Yep she betrayed Bentley, sold their time travel technology to Le Paradox the big bad for this game and was going on about how she and Bentley could have made a fortune in weapons development but figured that since Sly was holding Bentley's potential with his moral code she decides to help Le Paradox destroy the Cooper family line. Now considering everything that happened in Sly 3 this twist comes out of nowhere and feels like a slap in the face to Bentley and fans of his, that it just drags the whole game down with it.

  Personal issues aside there's another narrative problem, namely with some of the ancestors you play as. Aside from Bob and Tennessee Kidd the rest of the ancestors have techniques that they shouldn't know namely Rioichi, Sir Galith and Salim knows Tennessee's rail run and slide techniques and Gallith and Salim knowing Rioichi's ninja spire jump. The ancestors also know their own exclusive techniques which are never mentioned before in the Thevius Racoonus. I mean if the ninja spire jumps are used before Rioichi you think they'd be written before his time where he could have transcribed how to perform his dragon jump instead of something everyone in the Cooper family would have known and perfected before him? 

 This game also has gameplay problems on top of everything else. I know most people have problems with the motion controls but you can just turn them off. But the developers clearly were trying to do something with the six axis function of the PS3 and Vita, so all that effort can just go out the window. But the biggest problem is the final boss fight. Now the Sly games have had varying degrees of success with their final bosses, the best being Dr M in my opinion. But Le Paradox, just some platforming and quick time events. Your final boss is a quick time event, that gets this spot on the list just for that. Now to wait until Sly 5 shows up and hopefully fixes this mess, you all know it's coming the secret ending makes it clear as crystal, so all that's left to do is wait and see.

#7 Batman Arkham Knight

 The PC version was complete guano and that alone deserves a spot on this list. Though there are some other reasons on top of that, most people didn't like the Batmobile and the repetitive fights against the tank drones. The two main villains aren't as interesting as the true villain of Arkham Knight AKA Joker. Scarecrow just drones on and on about fear and what not and as for the titular Arkham Knight, anyone who knows anything about Batman can tell who it is from the first time he opens his mouth. Yep angsty boy himself Jason Todd, though this is one of those cases where they use him correctly, as a villain who stands as a living reminder of one of Batman's greatest failures instead of trying to make him an anti-hero who never shuts his mouth. 

 His depiction here isn't as good as "Batman Under the Red Hood" but it's still good. Also the Season Pass and DLC was crap. Though thankfully the Riddler Challenges were nowhere near as taxing and numerous as Arkham City. As a conclusion to the Arkham trilogy it's passable but the PC version was simply unforgivable and it would be unprofessional of me to ignore such a horrible crime inflicted on 1 3rd of your paying customers. So WB can choke on the Jokers ashes as far as I care for the horrible butchering of the PC version of the conclusion to one of your biggest franchises.

#6 Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded

 Sorry I know this is technically a spinoff but there are events in this game that are cannon to the whole franchise so yes it's a sequel as much as Kingdom Hearts 2 so it's on the list. Gameplay wise this is the weakest game in the franchise and also the ugliest looking. Though considering that the game involves removing bugs from the data in Jiminys journal I can't help but think that was part of the joke. We don't even play as Sora in this one just a data copy of him that eventually becomes his own being. The only saving grace for this is that they remastered all the relevant cutscenes and plot points of this game in the 2.5 collection as a 3 hour long movie so now people don't even have to go through the trouble of hunting down the old DS game on Amazon anymore. And really when the only redeeming feature of your game is not having to play it, you know it sucks.

#5 Mega Man X6

 I know people would have expected X7 to take this spot but I can't since at least X7 experimented with the 2d to 3D gameplay. It didn't work and they hid the ability to play as fucking X behind the grinding busy work of rescuing Reploids in the Maverick stages. But guess where that mechanic was taken to its absolute worst degree? You guessed it X6, my spot for this list. 

 Keiji Inafune cleary wrote and planed for the Mega Man X series to stop with X5 and holy crap does it show here. The plot is uninteresting, the maverick bosses are boring and unnecessary as if you take out High Max in any of the stages you can jump straight to Gate's stages. But since you have to get all of X's armor parts to make it through the bosses are still required to be beaten so why even give us the option to skip them? Also yes the Reploid rescue system is back and even worse since not only do some of them have upgrade components but there's the new Nightmare Virus that turns them into enemies if you take too long. Also if they turn bad they're gone for good and so is their potential upgrade, and since most of the ones that do have them are hidden in very hard to reach places and the Nightmare is more often then not very close once you see them, you're screwed.

 Not to mention every two stages or so Dynamo shows up to fight X and Zero if nothing else because Capcom didn't know what to do with the guy after X5 and they wanted to pad the game out. Speaking of reoccurring bad guys Sigma is easily the worst he's ever been in the series here. Now narratively I get why he's all broken and crazy here but still why did you include him here anyway? I mean in X5 it was very heavily hinted that he was working with some remaining figment of Dr Wily so why not go with that? Have Wily be the real mastermind as he pretended to be loyal to Gate, stab him in the back and and admit to using Gate and Sigma as part of some grand final world domination scheme as well as completing his revenge against Light by destroying X as well as Zero, himself a failed experiment in Wily's eyes? 

 Maybe even have him play a part in Axl's story in X7 as maybe being the one who created Axl's copy chip and designed him based on Bass' designs? But no we get this poorly designed cash grab instead. X6 is my pick as the worst in the X series and that's my two cents on that. But we still have five more bad sequels to deal with people. Follow the link here to see what I consider to be the absolute worst video game sequels I've seen.

Batman Arkham Knight is owned by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Rocksteady Studios and DC Comics
Final Fantasy 13 is owned by Square-Enix, Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinore Kitase.
Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square Enix, Disney Interactive Studios, Tetsuya Nomura, and Shinji Hashimoto.
Mass Effect 3 is owned by Bioware and Electronic Arts.
Mega Man x 6 is owned by Capcom and Tokuro Fujiwada.
Sly Cooper: Thieves in time is owned by Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Sanzaru games.

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Personal Post: My first false copyright claim: CoPeerRight Agency - Italy has made my list.

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Thank you Jim for introducing me to this beautiful symbol of displeasing disgust.
 Well it finally happened people, some slimy little weasel decided to lie to Youtube and try to take money from me. It happened on March 16th 2017 when I was editing my Lets Play/ Walkthrough videos when I noticed a Copyright Claim on Part 10 of my Ratchet and Clank Lets Play. 

Now if Insomniac Games (you know the people who own the actual rights to Ratchet and Clank) were the ones to make the claim then I might have some cause for concern. But as you can clearly see the claim was made by some filthy little pieces of gutter trash calling themselves CoPeerRight Agency - Italy. 
 Who I know full well have nothing to do with Ratchet and Clank and certainly have no legal grounds to try to steal money from me for trying to entertain all of you. Now this isn't my first Copyright claim but at least the first one you can argue that the holders might have some grounds.

Now the first claim was on Part 1 of my Lets Play of the Demo For Jojo's Bizarre adventure Eyes of Heaven that I did a year back. Normally I would have filed a counter claim and did a whole article about the ordeal but I took a step back and thought to myself. First the claims in question were over a cutscene that most likely would have been blocked for recording of the full game due to it being pretty spoiler heavy, the second being the character intros before the fight which is more bullshit but whatever. The main reason why I didn't counter claim is that A it's just the demo and profiting off of that is more questionable then others, B they made it so I can't monetize and left it at that, they didn't just put adds that I can't earn anything from to pour salt in the wound, C I figured that I'd dispute it later once the hype for the game died down and Namco Bandai would forget about it, the 30 days would come and go and no harm no foul. Lastly, D the claim was made by the company that actually owns the rights to the fucking game! 
 But then comes along CoPeerRight Agency-Italy with the one two punch of blocking me from making money off of my video but also putting adds so that they can make money off of my work. That is where they crossed the line (on top of them not owning the rights to Ratchet and Clank) so I filed a counter claim and here we are now. I did a little bit of research and apparently I'm not the first guy these slimy little bastards have tried to steal from. A Youtuber named called Sam Kan also apparently had an encounter with these clowns, though it was far worse since according to him CoPeerRightAgency-Italy issued about 10 claims far after the videos were put up. 

 If you've uploaded videos to Youtube you know that if anything is considered in violation of Copyright Youtube lets you know the minute it's uploaded as was the case when some videos of certain Walkthroughs were flagged for having copyrighted music in them. (Even though the music is in the game footage itself and not added by me. But in that case I just used Youtube's music removal program so the offending music is just muted or lowered so no harm there.)

 So let's go over the facts kiddies, My video was published On April 1st 2016 and then CoPeerRight Agency- Italy made the copyright claim on March 16th 2017. Get the air fresheners because I smell a big flaming pile of horse shit! 
Not to be too unoriginal here but these people are the Parasites that Andrew Ryan was talking about all though-out Bioshock. These "people" with their lack of morals, decency or honor try to steal from those who put in the labor into what we do. Whether it's a Walkthrough, original piece of art or what have you if you put the effort into making something new or transforming someone else's work with your commentary or jokes then who should profit off of that labor of love? CERTAINLY NOT YOU Says the Parasites! And why not, Youtube has no legal penalties in place for these blood suckers so why not go for the gold and steal from anyone whose trying to get ahead? 
 Now I normally ask people to share the links to these articles but I absolutely must insist in this instance. So everyone who reads this I implore you, speak out against not just CoPeerRight Agency - Italy but anyone else whose stupid, greedy and depraved enough to steal from your passions and see their "businesses" foreclosed and burnt to the ground! Though some part of me is actually glad about this recent development. Since I'm now apparently gaining enough ground on Youtube for these slimy little toads to try and take my money off of my work. Though again I haven't seen a dime from my videos since I'm far too scared to try and earn money off of my videos since 1 I don't know how, 2 I know next to nothing about copyright law so I don't know what would and wouldn't fly (especially in such an unfriendly environment like Youtube where they are content to keep the Right-holders happy while screwing over the people that made them the #1 video uploader in town.) 

 But most importantly is #3, I don't know how to attract more people to my channel aside from sharing links with far more successful Youtubers and hoping someone is bored enough to click on my videos and watch long enough to see a dime roll my way. Speaking of does anyone have any tips to attract more viewers and readers? Though if your answer is "just keep going and eventually you'll find your audience" I've been doing that for at least 3 years I need something more substantial then that. I truly am grateful for those who have shared the links for my various Articles and videos don't misunderstand me but I just need more concrete numbers. I'm still going to keep going and doing this till something clicks, I've come too far to just give up but seriously folks one click on two buttons at the bottom of my videos and articles can do wonders for me and anyone else whose trying to make something of themselves. Though it may be just a matter of creating the right content at the right time, so maybe once Persona 5 comes out and I start my LP of it then maybe things will pick up.

Update March 20th 2017:

They released the claim, I knew they'd see things my way. I read on twitter that these copyright claims are seen as just an evolution of spam emails. I can definitely see why. So if this problem happens to you just counter claim them and all should be good. Especially if they don't have a leg to stand on, because like a kid they have to fess up once you see their hand in the cookie jar.

Bioshock is owned by 2K Boston, 2K Australia, Take-Two Interactive, Ken Levine, Alyssa Finley and 2K Games.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is propriety of Hirohiko Araki, David Production, Tokyo MX, Warner Bros Entertainment and Viz Media.
Ratchet and Clank is owned by Insomniac Games and Sony Computer Entertainment.

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Lets Play Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (PS4): Parts 39, 40 & 41

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 Sora falls completely down the rabbit hole and faster then you can say, "It's a trap!" Riku has to go through five whole bosses to save him. Yet even after the credits roll we're still not done.

Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square Enix, Disney Interactive Studios, Tetsuya Nomura, and Shinji Hashimoto.

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Lets Play Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (PS4): Parts 36, 37 & 38

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 Sora and Riku finally unlock the Sleeping Keyholes. But that's when the other shoe drops.

Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square Enix, Disney Interactive Studios, Tetsuya Nomura, and Shinji Hashimoto.

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Animation Review: Samurai Jack: Jack is Back!

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 Long ago in a distant land, I Aku the shapeshifting master of darkness unleashed an unspeakable evil. But a foolish Samurai warrior welding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck I tore open a portal in time and flung him into the future where my evil is law! Now the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Aku!

 After all these years he has returned. Samurai Jack returns for a 5th season today on Adult Swim with all but one of the key players returning to either continue the adventures of our favorite time slipped Samurai or at least give him a proper conclusion to his fight to save the world from Aku. Now for those who've never seen Samurai Jack the intro that I summarized is the basic story but I'll elaborate.

 In the beginning there was darkness. But then light came into the universe driving the darkness away. It was nearly exterminated by 3 deities, Odin, Vishnu and Ra. Though the three defeated the darkness a small sliver survived and wandered the cosmos until it crashed into a small underdeveloped Earth. The darkness was slowly encompassing the earth for generations until a Samurai Emperor and his army braved the darkness, eventually the Emperor reached the center of the darkness and fired a special poison tipped arrow into the darkness.

 However instead of destroying the darkness it instead gave the darkness physical form and consciousness, giving birth to the master of masters, the deliverer of darkness, the shogun of sorrow; Aku. Once Aku was born he crucified the Emperor and forced him to watch as Aku gleefully destroyed the Emperor's kingdom. Though beaten but not broken he was guided to the 3 gods who agreed to forge him a weapon that could hurt and eventually destroy Aku. The sword, forged from the Emperor's own light, soul and love of humanity was an anathema to Aku. Armed with this divine sword the Emperor managed to seal Aku into a petrified state. However the Emperor and his wife knew this wasn't the end and so made preparations in case Aku returned.

 Eventually the plan was implemented as with the return of Aku the Emperor had his wife send their young son away to train in various skills and combat techniques around the world until he returned to his homeland years later armed with his father's sword to free his land from Aku. Despite the Samurai's efforts Aku managed to outwit him by sending him into the future to where not only did Aku conquer the earth but also opened channels to various planets and alien races to trade, thus slowly expanding his reach to most of the galaxy with Aku's ultimate goal of conquering the universe. So the Samurai who adopted the name Jack swore to find a way to return to his own time and destroy Aku before he enslaved the earth. So in between trying to discover a way to return; Jack also deals with helping people he comes across, fighting bounty hunters or dealing with Aku's schemes to kill him, and that's the premise. Sure there is some serialization with one or two re occurring characters or following plot points from previous episodes but Samurai Jack's episodes are mostly standalone tales not unlike shows like Cowboy Bebop.

 One of the things that made Jack stand out and stick with people is that there's not all that much dialogue in every episode. In fact I think there may have been one or two episodes that had zero dialogue, which for a kids show is very rare. The reason why is twofold, one Genndy Tartakovsky the creator of Samurai Jack remembers that animation is a visual medium and thus trusts that what the audience sees is enough to convey the story being presented, and when there is dialogue it gets straight to the point and conveys what isn't shown but not in a way where it's holding the audiences hand, mostly character motivation, developmental conversations or just small amounts of levity to the proceedings, nothing more or less and nothing that overstays it's welcome. Leading to my second point, this show does not talk down to its audience! 

 I mean my god do you know how rare that is these days and even back then? A mostly visual action show that conveys its ideas and themes not through dialogue but visually that does not shirk from the overall message even through the "for kids" filter. I mean we see that the monsters Jack fights are robots but we know that they're only robots for sake of censorship and narrative coherency. I mean Aku does have thousands of insect robots under his command so clearly robotics technology has flourished in this setting so if Aku can have robots why not everyone? And if robots are in, cybernetic enhancements aren't out of the question either so all the robots that Jack fights do make sense and even back then I knew why that was.

 But what is good writing without good characters that the writing centers around? First is our main hero Jack, he's a determined focused and honorable warrior that while the new surroundings stun and confuse him he does adapt extremely quickly. No doubt due in part to moving around the world learning from different teachers for most of his life so adapting to new surroundings and social customs is second nature to him. In combat he's strong but thankfully not invincible and also recognizes when strength alone is not enough to win the day. My personal favorite examples are the episodes "Jack and the Three Blind Archers" and "Jack Vs Mad Jack" where Jack managed to get around the 3 archers by relying on their sonar hearing to outmaneuver them and take the three out in a simultaneous attack and where Jack defeated his rage ruled doppelgänger through brief meditation and self actualization respectively. 

 Moving on to the big bad himself who easily makes the top 10 of my favorite villains list, Aku. He's everything I love in a villain, cruel, powerful, intelligent, intimidating, cunning and sadistic but still has a sense of humor about him and has a very simple but memorable and very, very evil design. Like Lord Zedd most of his humor comes from his Genre Savviness and his anger at the failure of his minions, though Aku does tend to succeed more often then naught. So long as he can keep Jack from returning home he succeeds. Also like Robotnik from Sonic SAT AM Aku already rules the world and is working to conquer the universe so Jack frees a species under his subjugation, it's only drinking a cup of water when he has to drain the ocean, in short Aku should be used as an example of how to make a competent, memorable and badass villain. 

 But that was then now to look ahead and speculate. We already know that season 5 takes place 50 years from when we last saw Jack and yet he hasn't aged a day, grew a beard and is seeing visions of his beardless self that talks to him. We also see that Aku's been stepping up his game by more brutal subjugation of those who don't submit to his rule; even taking a page from M Bison/ Vega's book and created an all Female hit squad to kill Jack. And unlike the lord of Shadaloo these ladies didn't need to be brainwashed, so less like the dolls and more Aku's female furies.

 On top of all of this the 5 decades trying and failing to return home is clearly starting to get to Jack as his literal inner monologue tells him. The animation and art style is still consistent with the show back then which is a major plus. (And yes Genndy admitted in an interview that Samurai Jack drew heavy inspiration from Frank Miller's Ronin, hell the Episode "Jack in the Spartans" was clearly inspired by 300, so yeah without Frank Miller we may never have Samurai Jack, you get this ONE Franky boy but only this one.) Back on track, from an uninformed perspective this seems like a good deal, but there is some concern from me and some other fans. First Cartoon Network doesn't have the best track record of reviving shows under their banner, examples include Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans Go and Season 2 of The Big O. Second, we all know that Aku was played by the lord of all that is and ever shall be, the almighty and eternally glorious Mako. 

Praise be to lord Mako!
 So who are they going to get to replace him? I mean Mako gave Aku an unforgettable and fitting voice, almost as much of a match between actor and character as Hugh Jackman and Wolverine; Mark Hamel and the Joker; Kevin Conroy and Batman; Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow, Clancy Brown and Lex Luthor and even Patrick Stewart and Charles Xavier you just can't imagine another actor in that role without feeling that something was off. Lastly they've been advertising this as a limited series, meaning that this is just a testing phase to see if the show is still viable. So the question is; will the show draw enough viewers to keep around and will the show be worth keeping around after so long? 

 Hopefully we'll see a positive outcome from all of this. And if we don't get a season 6 at least give us a satisfactory and logical conclusion that sees Jack succeed, destroy Aku and set Earth back to its normal history. All we can do is tune in, watch and judge for ourselves so check your TV guides, DVRs or what have you and watch the premiere of Season 5 of Samurai Jack and show Cartoon Network that this deserves to come back. That is unless it sucks in which case hang your heads in shame. But please do well I want Genndy to be remembered for more then just animating one of 3 actually watchable Adam Sandler movies, that's a fate far worse then anything Aku can conceive.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lets Play Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (PS4): Parts 33, 34 & 35

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 As we finish the performance that is the Symphony of Sorcery we head into the Endgame with the last world, a very familiar one.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Lets Play Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (PS4): Parts 30, 31 & 32

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 For many the Symphony of sorcery is a fun, nostalgic and rather unique level. However for a struggling youtube Lets Player and critic this is a Copyright minefield. Though in hindsight this is nowhere near as bad as doing an LP of BioShock 1 & 2 "hint hint".

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Movie Review: The Lego Batman Movie: Will Arnett is the Second best Batman

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 After seeing John Wick I thought no movie could top off my good mood. But then along came a narcissistic man child dressed up like a bat, yep Lego Batman is honestly one of the most fun movies I've been to in a really long time. If you're an observant Batman fan you will be grinning ear to ear from all the callbacks, references and even dressing down of the various incarnations of Batman in popular mainstream culture. From the "grittiness" and super cereal tone of the Nolan trilogy and Batman v Superman to the homages to classic Batman covers like Dark Knight Returns but done in Lego, they even splice in an actual clip from the Adam West Batman. (Which sad to say is about as far as we'll get as an actual cameo from Adam himself.) Most of the time I was watching this movie it felt like a 2 hour Robot Chicken sketch that just kept getting funnier as it went on.

 But I'm getting ahead of myself we actually start off with Will Arnett's Batman beating an army of his villains all at once set to a heavy metal lyrical cover of the Adam West theme song. Which leads to him breaking the heart of Zack Gallafanakis' Joker to the point that he finally cracks and plans to just turn himself and the rest of the bad guys in so that Gotham has no need for Batman anymore. Meanwhile a young Dick Greyson played by Michael Cera manages to get adopted by Bruce Wayne while he was distracted by the new Gotham Police commissioner Barbra Gordon played by Rosario Dawson who announced a plan to have Batman collaborate with the GCPD for reasons of accountability. Being unconvinced by the Joker Batman decides to steal Superman's Phantom Zone gun and send the Joker to the Phantom Zone for good. That's where I'll stop as far as plot is concerned for I will never consider spoiling what happens next because that would be far more evil and super duper bad then anything Joker ever does in this movie.

 I knew that as soon as the opening credits opened I was in for a funny lighthearted treat with Batman talking and making meta jokes about all the opening super serious movie tropes. From there the references and jokes just keep coming at you and I was chuckling all throughout the movie. But this movie does remember the emotional core of Batman's character, a boy who died and was reborn as an agent of vengeance, though much more subtly implied in this movie. This movie also remembers that Batman needs the more lighthearted goofy elements of his mythos to balance out the dark backstory by grounding him in reality. In short without some f-ing sunshine Batman is just an angry teenager who can't get over his parents death and compensates by being prideful, grumpy and listening to angry music all day in his man cave.

 Speaking of family, Alfred does what he does best, put up with the well meaning but goofy Batman by encouraging him to get out and talk to people once in a while, have Batman put on his big boy Bruce Wayne clothes and join the real world. This then leads us to Dick Greyson, Jesus Robin in this movie is just the most wide eyed adorable little cinnamon bun and easily the best role I've seen Micheal Cera in since Scott Pilgrim. Honestly this is the Robin we need more of, a bright fun happy ball of sunshine to contrast against grumpy Bat padre. Barbra Gordon is also wonderfully brought to life, and in this incarnation seems to be about the same age as Bruce which definitely makes more sense then what happened when DC did an animated adaptation of THAT story!
You know what I mean.
 Aside from that she was another good way to challenge Bats' loner tendencies since she can not only kick as much butt as him she could also tell the goon when he's gone too far and was being crazy. Also yes they do make fun of the "Batgirl" name and I'm not telling how.

 Speaking of significant others Joker in this movie is just the perfect bromance for Batman. I mean the relationship between Joker and Batman has been explored before and in various ways but I don't think ever this silly. While I was watching the first time I was just resisting myself from quoting Tristan from Yugioh abridged.
 Though of course since there were little kids around of course I couldn't; even though I heard one flat out admit he got the joke Bruce made when he heard Dick's name, that moment and that kids reaction was worth the price of admission alone. I wish I could go on about what I loved about Lego Batman other then; go see it, bring your kids or your nieces, nephews, grandkids whatever just make sure you see this movie before the year is over. Trust me it gets my personal pick for favorite Batman movie. Ok second best still have to give it up for the Dark Knight but it's still really really good.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lets Play Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (PS4): Parts 27, 28 & 29

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 Hey guys, who wants to hear an annoying catchphrase repeated over and over again? TOO BAD HERE IT IS!

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