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Let´s Play Jojo's bizarre adventure Eyes of heaven Demo Part 2: To be continued?

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Let's Play Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Eyes of Heaven Demo Part 1: Worse then Mighty #9?

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Let's Play Doom Demo: Doom Marine, Best Character 2016

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Manga Review: Madoka Magica The Different Story Volume 2 Part 2: Look at me!

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 For a recap of the first two parts of this review here you are. Chapter 7 starts with us seeing what lead Sayaka to where she is now; her making her contract, saving Mami from the Sweets Witch, Hitomi telling her about her plans to confess her love for Kyosuke and the one day deadline which is what sends Sayaka down her self destructive spiral. She tries to tell Kyosuke but she doesn't because she figures that if she does focus on Kyosuke then she'd be shirking on her magical girl duties. Yeah see what happens when you're not honest with yourself kids? On top of that she's trying to compare herself to her impressions of Mami and what she thinks she'd do instead of just nutting up and telling him already, he says yes then great, he says no then at least she knows and can move on, but no she doesn't even ask because she wants to be a completely selfless magical girl. 
Oh yes Sayaka, complete altruism had just nothing but positive results in my life. Care to see how my father died trying to save me or my mother trying to make me into a monster? No see love, you can afford to be a tad selfish in your life trust me.
 Things then take a comparatively better turn when on one of her hunts she sees Hitomi but dismisses it by thinking she must be at her lessons, but she knew that wasn't the case and that she must be under a Witches curse. Thus why Sayaka is leaving Mami; she doesn't think that someone like her should be pairing up with someone who would just allow someone under a witches curse to just wander off like that. Mami tries to justify her by saying that she didn't know it was Hitomi and that she was saved in the end. But long story short Sayaka says that she doesn't deserve to have Mami as her partner and if she says otherwise and tries to defend her actions regarding Hitomi then she'd be incredibly disappointed in Mami willing to put such blind faith in someone who would endanger a friend like that. 

 Later that night Kyoko confirms her prediction with Homura but isn't too happy about it. Homura tells Kyoko about her plans to ally with Mami against Whalpurgusnaught but says that it was a waste of time. She also tells Kyoko that she overheard her conversation with Mami and tells her to watch her temper, this of course sets her off and storms off. Homura just decides to lower her expectations since the city has far too many Magical Girls. Later we see Sayaka getting worse and worse and when Madoka tries to talk to her Sayaka just goes into full Shinji Akari levels of self loathing and just keeps rejecting Madonna's attempts to help by saying she's just useless, a back stabber and a coward. However Kyosuke shows up and gives Sayaka a present as thanks for always visiting him at the hospital and for putting up with his attitude. Sayaka tries to say she doesn't need his thanks and tries to talk about him and how Hitomi is making goo goo eyes at him but Madoka's had enough and tells Kyosuke the truth that Sayaka was the one who fixed his hands. 

 Kyosuke wants to know what's going on and Sayaka says that she needs at least a day to prepare for her explanation. This chapter ends with Sayaka deciding to head home early and thanks Madoka for her help. Chapter 8 opens with a flashback showing why Kyoko came back to Mitakihara after hearing about Sayaka making a contract and how she's furious with Mami for letting her make a contract for somebody else's sake knowing full well how that turned out for Kyoko. We then cut to familiar territory with Kyoko chewing out Sayaka telling her that if she keeps focusing on familiars without taking on Witches for their Grief Seeds she won't be able to fight anymore. Sayaka just asks why she'd care and that this should be better for her, Sayaka kills the familiars, Kyoko gets the witches. 

 Kyoko tells her that she's making the same mistakes as she did, Sayaka doesn't take it well. 
Ok yeah I know that misery is the basis of comedy but, yeah not gonna touch this one but I know who can and will.
"Poof"I'M MR MEESEEKS LOOK AT ME! Alright Mr Meeseeks make this scene funny. OH YEAH CAN DO!  ALRIGHT LET ME SEE HERE, OK BLUEBERRY AND BIG RED LET MEESEEKS HERE!.... I GOT IT, YOU KNOW HOW MISERY LOVES COMPANY RIGHT? WELL I GUESS THIS FINALLY EXPLAINS WHY PEOPLE SHIP KYOSAYA I"M MR MEESEEKS! "Poof" Pulled my ass out of the fire again Mr Meeseeks. Gonna be needing him A LOT MORE when we get to Oriko Magica.
 Sayaka confesses to Kyoko the reason she's run away, she doesn't want to face Kyosuke and tell him and Hitomi what she did. She figures that if she kept on fighting then she'd eventually be eaten by a witch; nobody would then learn about her horrible secrets and thus she'd just die without anyone hating her. Sayaka asks if she's a coward, and Kyoko says that she isn't since she thought those things too; drawing parallels between Sayaka's situation and what happened when Kyoko's dad found out about her becoming a Magical Girl.

 She tries to offer Sayaka some advice but it doesn't work too well as she just ignores her and walks off. Kyoko snaps at Mami who finally showed up, she tries to rille Mami up but she ignores her taunts and goes after Sayaka. Kyoko is grateful Mami figured it out and knows that she doesn't want history to repeat itself as well. Mami manages to save Sayaka before being killed by the Shadow witch. During the fight Mami confesses that Sayaka is doing the exact things she's been doing the whole time, only telling others about her good qualities, lying about their true pain and outing up a false persona of an ideal hero to hide from their loneliness. Sayaka confesses to Mami that she's grateful for knowing that she's wanted. 

 However we end this volume with a rainstorm over the city, Kyoko being stopped from finding the two by Homura. Elsewhere Madoka is desperately looking for Sayaka having been the one who put Mami on the search for her in the first place. We finally end with Kyubey observing that Mami managed to escape a labyrinth, Mami asking a question and Kyubey answering that question. 

 Did I say till Oriko Magica? Yeah I NEED HELP HERE BLUE MAN GROUP!!!

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Manga Review: Madoka Magica The Different story Volume 2 Part 1: Better friends with blackjack and hookers!

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Follow this link for what happened in the first volume. Volume 2's inside cover gives us Mami sleeping with Kyubey on her couch. If only she knew what horror she was stroking she wouldn't be that damn happy I tell you what, but considering he's basically the only companion she has, well take what you can get I guess. We open on Sayaka taking on a royal bug witch who's obviously too fast for her. She gets some back up from Mami, and emotional support from Madoka. The two work together and take the witch out with the most handicapped game of whack a mole ever and get a grief seed. 

 On their way back Homura confronts the trio. She says that with Sayaka backing Mami up the two would be more then a match for any witch that crossed them yet she insists on increasing their numbers. Mami asks why she's so insistent on preventing Madoka from becoming a magical girl, theorizing it's either so she doesn't inconvenience her or so that she can get Madoka for her own purposes. Mami says that Kyubey told her of Homuras alliance with Kyoko and that if the two are planning on taking their territory then she'll hold nothing back. Homura just walks off without a word. Mami then recounts about how she met Sayaka and Madoka, basically how it went in the anime except for one detail, after Kyubey told the two of their potential Sayaka contracted much sooner then in the anime and as explained later in this story that's why Mami's still alive. During the fight with the Sweets witch Sayaka was able to back Mami up and save her from, well...... 

"You ok lady?"
 Back at Mami's place Madoka asks if in order to protect themselves they have to give up on the other Magical girls. Mami shares her sentiment saying that she wishes they didn't have to deal with rivalries. Madoka brings up Homura and says that she doesn't have malicious intent, Mami agrees but says that because Homura doesn't explain why she pursues them she can't in good conscious include her in their group. She says that she's responsible for protecting Madoka and Sayaka and if she brings in someone untrustworthy and things go pear shaped all three could be killed. She's definitely not wrong, in a unit everyone has to know they have their backs, so there's no secrets. 

 Ok maybe not to that extent but you get the idea. Sayaka chirps in saying that she'd never work with someone who has an attitude like Homura. She then brings up Kyoko, and how she outright despises her with her leaving familiars to go kill people, trying to kill her, insulting her wish and having an even more abrasive attitude then Homura. Sounds like they'd make the best couple eh? >:/ 

 Yeah slight fanboy tangent here sorry but Kyosaya never made any sense to me I mean who would honestly fall for someone who insults their reasons for fighting (flimsy and half thought out though it may be) tries to kill them, is a complete anathema to their code of protecting people and lest we forget offers to pull an Annie Welkes from Misery on your childhood friend? At least with Harley Quinn and the Joker he didn't try to kill her when they first met, he put on an act that made her think that he trusted her with his dark past and that she was the only one who can understand him, and when she bought the act that's when he started to draw her to his way of thinking and drove her to become what she is, and at least Harley manages to get some payback on her pudden. Now to be fair those are my reasons for the versions of Kyoko and Sayaka in both this story and the original anime. Now if a plausible reason occurs between those two in the Wraith Arc to justify the shipping I'll be perfectly content, but as of now those two look like they get along as well as politicians and common sense.

 Back to the recap, Sayaka apologizes for ruining the mood with her tone and after some scenes of lighthearted banter about hunting witches, homework and highlighting how much pressure Mami puts on herself she asks Kyubey what he knows about Homura and Kyoko's alliance. All he says is that he can't tell without compromising his neutral position. 

 Later after killing the box witch Mami and Madoka find Hitomi unconscious obviously under the influence of the witches kiss. Kyoko shows up mockingly asking where Sayaka is and if she already got sick of Mami. Mami says that unlike Kyoko; Sayaka isn't the type to stab people in the back; oh catty. She then goes on to say that she's been hearing rumors about Kyoko and none of them good. Kyoko asks if Mami's gonna do something about it, but she says not in front of Madoka. 

 Kyoko rightfully calls her out by pointing out that she's keeping out the girl who she's been bringing along on her Witch hunts. Mami points out Madoka's potential and feels she should at least get a demo of what its like to be a magical girl so she doesn't make a half cocked wish. Kyoko is shocked by this and tells Madoka that if she makes a worthless wish like Sayaka then she'll kill her without hesitation. Madoka then tells Kyoko that Sayaka's wish isn't worthless, who responds by saying that Mami doesn't give a rats ass about them and just wants the extra power; at that point Mami's had enough and warns Kyoko not to antagonize Madoka or Sayaka again. After the two walk off Kyoko vents to Homura.

 Back with Mami and Madoka, Madoka asks about Mami's history with Kyoko, Mami says it isn't important and tells her that ones reason for becoming a magical girl is theirs and theirs alone. Madoka tells her that she realized after Sayaka made her wish that she can't just be frivolous, but that she has to think long and hard before taking on such a burden. 

 The next day Hitomi comes to school as usual with Madoka and Sayaka though Sayaka seems distant, and when Madoka mentioned that Hitomi was attacked by a witch Sayaka gets a shocked look on her face. Later Mami and Sayaka are fighting a bee witch and are outnumbered by the constant swarm of familiars on top of Sayaka seeming out of it. Mami is about to finish off the witch when suddenly the labyrinth starts to change shape. Mami realizes that there's another witch inside of the labyrinth and tries to warn Sayaka but she blue screens. The chapter ends with Mami knocking Sayaka out of the way of the second witches attack and taking the blow.

 Part 6 opens with Mami barely managing to escape from the new witch. Sayaka prepares to face the two witches alone when Homura stops time and plants her bombs which stops the witches and then asks Sayaka what she'll do next; abandon Mami or abandon the witch. Sayaka is about to argue with her when Kyoko tells her to stop being a dumbass and save Mami. Sayaka remembers what Kyubey said when she made her contract, that since her wish was to heal someone her healing magic is far greater then normal. So she uses it to save Mami just in time.

 She recovers and regains consciousness just in time to see Sayaka healing her while Kyoko and Homura kill the witches. Once the barrier dissipates Kyoko reads Sayaka the riot act for holding back and spacing out during the fight; Sayaka screams that she knows that and doesn't need to hear it from her. Kyoko and Homura take their leave while Sayaka sees that Mami is alive. Mami apologizes for slowing Sayaka down and Sayaka cries saying that she's glad Mami is alive and says that it was all her fault.

 The next day Mami meets with Kyoko back at their old meeting spot. The two start to have a civil conversation which eventually leads to Mami asking if Kyoko is determined to never team up with her again. She starts to complement Kyoko on how much stronger she's gotten since last time but does the stupid thing and says that it's almost as if she's trying to make up for her lost powers.

 Well David her prize is getting yelled at by Kyoko who asks what the point would be if she did tell her. She says that what Mami would have done was give her, her useless powerless teammate Grief Seeds without so much as a nasty thought or second look and that part of Mami pisses her off the most, putting everyone else before herself and not even admitting that she needs help just as much as everyone else does, pretending that nothing's wrong when really she's dying inside. But of course Kyoko doesn't mention that last part but instead decides to trash talk her and Sayaka's teamwork. 

 Which then leads to Kyoko asking what she really wants to know, why the hell did Mami let Sayaka make a contract? She knew fully well what she'd wish for and they both know what happens to those who wish on the behalf of others. Kyoko says that she hopes Sayaka betrays Mami like she did and at that point Mami has had enough and storms off telling Kyoko to go back to her territory.

 Bravo miss relationship counselor, if what you were going for was "try to patch things up with Mami" you couldn't have missed more then if you had Ray Charles as your pitching coach.
 We then cut to class where we see Sayaka where she thanks Homura for saving Mami and Madoka, but Madoka notices Sayaka looking away when she sees Hitomi and Kyosuke together so later that night she calls Mami with her concerns. She agrees to help Sayaka and when she hangs up she promises to herself to never let history repeat itself. Elsewhere Sayaka runs into Kyoko again who tells her that she'll never become what Mami is, she dragging her down and to try to find her own way instead of that of a hero. Sayaka agrees and says that she just drags Mami down. Sayaka also says that she learned about Kyoko and Mami's relationship. She goes on to say that in terms of fighting capability Kyoko is the perfect match for Mami.

You know Kyoko maybe Mami was onto something about your diet, if you were eating properly you'd get enough nutrients to get a clue!
 We end this chapter the next day with Sayaka calling Mami to the roof to tell her that they should stop being partners. Why you may be asking? Because when Hitomi was under the witches kiss, Sayaka knew fully well what was happening and did nothing to save Hitomi. Yeah, yeah Sayaka that call was bad and you should feel bad. We'll finish up volume two next time were we see more of Sayaka's self destruction and how badly Mami'll take it.

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Tokusatsu Review: Kamen Rider Final Form Top 17 Update Type Tridoron: Start your Engine!

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 Yep it's that time again for the newest Riders final form debut and how I rank last years Rider in comparison to those who came before. Now there is a perfectly good reason why it's taken me so long to get to this point and that's because the newest Final Form; Mugen Damashi is well.

 Which all comes down to how it's presented and its odd power set but first let's get a good look at it.
Honestly I've seen worse final forms, I do get the Infinity symbol all over the design since Mugen means Infinite in Japanese as well as Dream and Fantasy. The colors could have worked if they just stuck to the White, Orange and Black but the glitter all over the thing just reminds me of the "Metallic" Armor from Season 3 of MMPR. 
 How Takeru gets this form is another pile of BS, it literally comes out of nowhere because his supporting cast wants him back from the dead. See Takerus Eyecon was destroyed by the Ganmizer, who as of right now are not clear as to where they came from and what they are. Apparently they're the guardians of the Great Eye, the thing that can grant the wish of one who gets 15 Luminary Eyecons but Ghost has this horrible problem of not explaining background elements, like what the Ganmaizer exactly are, why Saionji betrayed Takeru's dad and joined the Ganma, how the Ganma world became such a hellhole; it's nuts. Now I know that not everything has to be explained right away but it does have to be explained eventually! I'm just hoping it's sooner rather then later.

 Back to Mugen, one of the main reasons why it's taken me so long to do this update to my list is because I have no idea what the hell Mugen actually does! I've seen at least 5 episodes after it premiered for real and I still don't know what it does exactly. ( Yeah the suit wasn't finished when it was introduced because half of Ghosts budget went to Amazons and I'm not joking about this. Though I still like Amazons so, money well spent I guess, maybe?)  All I've seen of this form is that it just basically turns on Takerus god mode, because once he gains that form he destroys two Ganmizer with one shot which then becomes the modus operandi for his fights with the Ganmaizer since. The Ganmaizer delivers a one sided curve stomp, Ghost goes Mugen, one shots the Ganmizer.

 What I do know from some research is that Mugen's power comes from emotions and strong feelings. Wait, power that is the culmination of emotions, has a primary white color scheme, represents the strength and beauty of life.
 Yeah I just realized it; Mugen Damashi turns Takeru into a White Lantern! Wait by that logic the Ganma are undead creatures aka zombies that draw on death as their power. IT'S THE BLACKEST NIGHT OF KAMEN RIDER!!!!

 Though thematically this does make sense, earlier in the show when Alan was still a bad guy he kept going on about how emotions are unnecessary and stand in the way of perfection while Takeru kept proclaiming how that human lives aren't just disposable and how precious life is. Such as when the Eyecons were being gathered the Ganma saw fit to let the people who connected with the Luminaries kill themselves to summon the Parka Ghost where as Takeru tried to remind them of why those people drew inspiration from those figures. So Kamen Rider Ghost is the story of passion and emotion vs stagnation and perfectionism. On one side we have heroes who harness the power of the Eyecons ( the souls of people who through their own drives and passion accomplished extraordinary things in their life and lived their lives as full as they could) which channels their passion into power while our villains see emotions and individuality as glitches, flaws and obstacles in their goal of maintaining their "utopia". Yet the flawed emotion driven human world is bright, sunny and vibrant, by comparison the Ganma world is red, barren and looks like something out of Fist of the North Star.

 But despite the themes trying to be conveyed Ghost so far is really underwhelming, the villains aside from Igor are boring and just deliver one sided smackdowns and the main baddie Adel is Shinji Akari 2.0. He has daddy issues, is way more deluded, obsessed with perfection and wants to rid the world of emotions since they stand in the way of perfection and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Also the fight scenes are too numerous and far too one sided to get any enjoyment out of it. Normally this would just mean this was a meh series, but the fact that this is the 45th anniversary series of the franchise drags it down considerably. But this is still nowhere near as bad of an anniversary season as Decade or Power Rangers Megaforce.

 But enough about Ghost for now onwards to Type Tridiron and where it stand in my top Kamen Rider Final Forms list.
Not taking back what I said about how it looks, it still looks like a Mc Donald's NASCAR driver, but less bulky then it could have been what with it being a fusion of man A.I and Car.
 Thematically this form gets the job done, showcasing the competed bond of trust that Shinnosuke and Krim share since coming back to life after the two were killed by the Freeze Roidmude. At this point I might as well give my thoughts on Drive the series. It started off bad but man did it pull itself together after Roidmude 001 was introduced. 001 aka the Freeze Roidmude was the first showcasing of the Roidmude's ultimate goal, he was one of the promised number. Which is a Roidmude who having mastered their base emotion was able to evolve to a much more powerful form (basically a gold recoloring of their normal evolved form) using this new power he manages to kill Drive and Krim but the two came back and using Type Tridoron managed to destroy Freeze.

 Type Tridoron is powerful but its full potential wasn't demonstrated in the main series. He has the power of Tire blending which is the power to mix three Shift Cars of a set into one to use all three abilities of the Shift Cars at once. The combo he primarily used was mixing the three hotrod cars (Funky Spike, Midnight Shadow and Max Flare) into Attack 1, 2, 3. The rest of the combos and what the ones that appear in the show do are detailed on the Kamen Rider Wiki. So where does it stand on my Final Form list?

#17 Hibiki Armed
#16 Ryuki Survive
#15 Agito Shining
#14 Decade Complete
#13 Stronger Charge Up
#12 Fourze Cosmic States
#11 Faiz Blaster
#10 Drive Type Tridoron
#9 Wizard Infinity Style
#8 Kabuto Hyper Form
#7 Blade King Form
#6 Ultimate Kuuga
#5 W/Double Cyclone Joker Xtreme
#4 OOO Putotyra Combo
#3 Den-O Liner Form
#2 Gaim Kiwami Arms
#1 Kiva Emperor Form

Yeah I'd put it higher on the list like #9 but unfortunately because we don't see all of the potential combos that this form could use in the series proper it does hurt it quite a bit. So right between Faiz and Wizard seems to be just fine. Now to wait until the next Rider's final form to give Mugen Damashi the thrashing it deserves. Also Happy Second Anniversary!

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