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Manga review: Kazumi Magica The Innocent Malice: Volume 2 part 1: Sheer Heart Attack Requiem

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Once again the perspective and positioning of the characters on the cover throws me off.  At least the clown girl is covering more of Kazumi then her actual costume. Though since Clown Girl's the bad guy shouldn't she want to see Kazumi humiliated? Eh whatever moving on they both look goofy.
 Volume 2 picked up where we left off last time with a certain fuzzball taking to himself. Suddenly another fuzzball introduces himself to Kazumi. 

Hold on what; another incubator? This doesn't make sense didn't.... UGH AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
No no wait I was wrong it was Juubey, that little demonic pile of kitty litter. He must have been talking to another copy of him or something since the little monster only has itself for company and is most likely going crazy.
 Anyway Juubey does what he always does and purifies the Girls' Soul Gems. He then gets the fresh Grief Seed from the Doodle Witch with a big gulp. However when Kaoru gives him the seeds from the fake witches he spits them right out saying that they're not Grief Seeds at all! Umika speculates that those artificial grief seeds were created with witch power and that the magical girl they encountered may be responsible for their creation. But for the time being they'll just call them Evil Nuts. 

 Kazumi asks why a Magical Girl would do something like this if their only goal is killing Witches. But before the exposition Chibi Harley who introduces herself as Yuuri launches her attack. 
Wow even upside down I can tell you got your fashion tips from Seymour from Final Fantasy X, and that's not a good thing kiddie.
 Despite her over the top costume she leaves the remaining 6 of them screaming in pain and runs off with Kazumi. She then shoots an arrow into Niko's shoulder telling them that if they want to find her then to check her love letter. The sadistic clown flies off and Niko pulls out the arrow. The message says to come to Asunaro dome at midnight. As Yuuri flies off triumphant Kazumi wakes up and asks why she's doing all this. 

 She responds that even idiots can learn one thing and asks what hers is. Apparently it's how to put a bitch in a leg lock and chokes her with her legs. The two get into a little fight which causes Yuuri to have a flashback between her and another girl in a much friendlier situation; so she stuffs Kazumi in a bag and keeps flying while holding back tears.

 Back at HQ the girls are trying to figure out what Yuuri's up to but have no clue much less how she knows them enough to hold a grudge and act on it to such a degree. Umika even wonders why she's going through all the theatrics instead of just telling them to come and fight her. Though on that note Niko points out that her theatrics are using up quite a bit of magic and we all know what happens when a magical girls magic runs dry. At midnight the show starts with Yuuri on the jumbotron and Kazumi bolted to a chair in the middle of the stadium. The six try to dash for her but BAM force field! 

 Yuuri shows up and tells them her plan, take the evil nuts she has, insert them into Kazumi, turn her into a witch and have her kill her friends, explaining that the detective and sales girl were her guinea pigs, an appetizer if you will for the main course from hell! Seeing her friends flesh being burnt trying to pound on the barrier Kazumi screams at Yuuri that since they're magical girls they're all on the same side, right?! 
Oh no no no dear, by the end of tonight she'll be wearing your skin.
 Yuuri screams that Kazumi doesn't know the first thing about the Pleiades Saints and what they do. Satomi through her sobs asks what her major malfunction is. Yuuri calmly tells them that she gave them plenty of hints with her name, the letter and location, but they didn't figure it out yet.

Quite frankly with an outfit like that it'd be pretty impossible to forget someone wearing something that ridiculous. Oh wait you were talking to them. Girls do you know what in Satan's glorious name she's talking about? Oh so you do know her....crap.
 The chapter ends with Yuuri stabbing Kazumi with the Evil nuts and the rest of the Pleiades screaming in horror. 

 Chapter 5 opens with Yuuri finishing inserting the Evil Nut into Kazumi. 
Which results in her going Super Saiyan apparently?!
 Nope according to Yuuri the nut is working and is slowly turning Kazumi into a witch. Kazumi tries to fight Yuuri; but she's flipped the switch into cackling insanity mode and just beats her down and tortures her some more. Satomi is screaming at Yuuri to stop this since Kazumi had nothing to do with it. With that Yuuri finally spills the beans as to why she hates them all so much.
"They never told you did they, they never told you of what happened those many months ago with a girl named Yuuri Asuka, of the Asunaro Dome, and how in their lust for blood found the one person dear to me and took her without a second thought?" But clearly you got better so I'm still kinda not seeing the problem, aside from you being nuttier then squirrel poop.
 Apparently the Pleiades are a group of magical girl hunters and that she was one of their victims. So in order to get revenge she'll find the one they treasure and kill them right in front of them, so thus Kazumi is a dead woman. 

 However as Yuuri prepares a spell for the killing stroke her Soul Gem starts to crack. Saki manages to break through the barrier and tells Juubey to purify her Soul Gem but it's too late and she becomes a witch. 
 As the heart witch attacks her last thoughts go back to a girl named Airi who had only 3 months left to live due to a fatal illness. She tells Yuuri to just leave her but she offers to save her only if she truly wants to live if not then she'll respect her wishes. Airi however begs to save her so the two can eat more delicious things together. So Yuuri gives her a spoon necklace as a good luck charm and leaves telling Airi that where's she's going is a secret.

 Sure enough sometime later the doctors are telling her that her condition is completely cured as if her illness never existed. She hugs Yuuri and thanks her for saving her life. Later in the two are planning to visit Tachibana's bistro and try a dish called the bucket parfait. Airi says that once Yuuri wins a cooking competition she's competing in it'll be her treat. However on the day of the final match Yuuri is nowhere to be seen, Airi goes to investigate but ends up in the lair of a Hypodermic Needle Witch. However the Pleiades Saints show up and kill the witch. Airi thanks them for saving her as they leave, however when they've left she finds Yuuri's spoon necklace and asks why it would be where the monster is. Which is when Juubey shows up with the answer, that Yuuri was the Witch.

 Juubey elaborates that Yuuris wish was to cure Airis illness which allowed her to cure other terminally ill patents just like her. Airi asked if the saints knew that and Juubey said that they were there when she became a witch. Airi clearly doesn't take it well and wants revenge. Juubey offers her the deal to become a magical girl for a wish, so she wishes to become Yuuri so she can get revenge. The chapter ends with her testing her new power and asking for the names of Yuuris killers, Juubey gives the name of Pleiades Saints and so "Yuuri" swears to get the real Yuuri's revenge.

 Chapter 6 starts with Kazumi trying to get through to Airi but gets a thorn whip through the chest for her trouble. The witch then crushes Kazumi's head. But to everyone's horror Kazumi actually managed to bite the witch's arm off, break lose from her restraints and is about to go into a blood frenzy before the sound of her earring bell snaps her out of her bloodlust. She then tells the others how Airi only wanted Yuuri back, so she's going to try to save Airi. A facsimile of Airi then emerges from the witch, but all it can say is the last spell she tried to cast which blasts Kazumi away.

 Saki manages to get herself and the others free and prepare to finish the witch off despite Kazumi telling them that Airi isn't a bad girl and that all she wanted was to bring back Yuuri. Mirai says that that's exactly why they have to kill her, Juubey elaborates that becoming a witch is a one way street and that all they can do for her is to stop her before she can kill anyone. Kazumi begs for them to stop but sees everyone else crying while they restrain the Witch. Seeing her friends going through such pain knowing what they have to do and knowing who this witch was, Kazumi delivers the finishing blow so her friends won't be the only ones to bear the pain and sin of killing Airi. I'd cover the end of this chapter but I honestly feel that you should read it for yourselves, all I'll say is this. 
 Well the next few chapters should probably get our heroes back on track, till next time.

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