Monday, August 28, 2017

Lets Play BioShock HD Part 2: Medical Pavilion

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 We begin our true adventure into Rapture by escaping the forces of Andrew Ryan and fleeing into the Medical Pavilion. However we're stuck in the facility and the only way out is through the local Splicers and their leader Dr Steinman. Once he's dealt with however Jack is confronted by Dr Tennenbaum and is given a choice, though admittingly it's one of the most obvious Black and White choices ever in a video game, but for this game it gets the job done.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Lets Play BioShock HD Part 1: Museum and Welcome to Rapture

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 Since we've finally reached the 10th Anniversary of one of my absolute favorite Video Game Franchises of all time I will be doing a 100% Complete Lets Play/Walkthrough/Whatever of all 3 of the current BioShock games and most of their DLC. After a trip to a museum we begin with the game that started it all, with a man, a city and a lighthouse.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Tokusatsu Review: Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Part 2: Five Player Co-op action!

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Wow guys, just look at those bad-ass Beetleborgs
 Now for those of you who came in late here's the link to the first part of this review.

Caught up? Good moving on, after the Pac-Man fever was cured a very familiar man with a certain ring observes the city and starts to form a plan. As for our villains Zaizen learns firsthand that just like Jack from BioShock maybe rewriting your DNA on a whim isn't exactly the smartest idea in the world. Yet instead of turning into something out of a David Cronenberg movie he says he got exactly what he was looking for. Have to admit though, first time Plasmid's a real kick from a mule, but there's nothing like a fist full of lightning an't it? Back at CR both Alan and Makoto are in recovery while Kagami's barely holding on himself from the slugfest to the point where Taiga offers to take over while he gets some rest.

 Takeru's still suffering from Hatena's virus and Emu's gone straight into the self-doubt cycle. Poppy tries to shake him out of it but to no avail while Kiriya asks her why Emu can become Ex-Aid if he didn't undergo the compatibility surgery, but we'll answer that later. Back at Zaizen's base Shinnosuke and the Police have the place surrounded, but before Zoolander can unleash the full power of Magnum on them Haruto uses his magic to sweep the cops away into the Corn-fields. Zaizen tells the captive Tougo that he'll be their first test subject for their grand experiment, to become the Ultimate Life FOR FUCKS SAKE THIS AGAIN!? Yep our main bad guy for this movie is yet another Dr Moreau type asshole who wants to "perfect humanity through evolution" by screwing around with DNA.
So he wants to turn humanity into Edgelord versions of Iron Man? Somewhere Charles Darwin is trying to eat his own beard, maybe Takeru could check and see; he does still have his Eyecon as far as I know.
 But Iron Man needs War Machine so he gets to work on converting Tougo into another monster like him when Zoolander and Haruto come in and Haruto offers to join their little Science club from hell. But when Zoolander tries to object Haruto points out that he got rid of the cops with no problem and Mr "Can't turn left" over there wasn't up for the job, and Crimson Dynamo says, "sure the more the merrier" and accepts. Back in CR Takeru gets a call from Shinnosuke who tells him the location of Zaizen's hideout which sends him up and running after finding out he and Akari have only 8 hours left before the Virus kills them, and in Takeru's case again. After one of Takeru's speeches Emu manages to crawl out of his self-doubt cycle and tells him he's not doing this crazy shit on his own and suits up while the other prominent players make their own preparations.

 Emu and Takeru make it to the hideout and Haruto lets them right on in as part of his plan, after confirming that he's Kamen Rider Wizard of course since these two never met Haruto, nor did Shinnosuke so he couldn't tell them he was on the up and up. The three Riders crash the party and Hatena sends some Foot Solder Bugsters to back the Models up. While showing of more of Sakamoto's awesome fight choreography Shinnouske shows up to help out the Riders.

 Shinnouske recognizes Mongo as the one who pulled that Ice T and starts seeing red. Yet not even Shinnosuke's best "I am a Man" punch can even tickle him, also free tip, don't bother shooting him it'll just make him mad. The four Riders are cornered by Zaizen and his goons when all of a sudden we get a good old fashioned case of Deus Ex Fructus as Fruit Jesus himself Kamen Rider Gaim literally crashes the party. And he managed to bring Krim along because he's Fruit Jesus LOL, in any case Shinnosuke can transform now so great we have five Kamen Riders against five evil nut jobs. So both sides do their respective transformations and the fight is on. Wizard gets to humiliate Zoolander again, Drive settles the score with Mongo, Ghost and Ex-Aid take on Hatena and Dynamo respectively which just leaves Gaim to take care of Valentina.

 While Drive, Wizard and Gaim finish up their fights with little to no trouble once they used their final forms that doesn't work out well for Ghost as all of his forms are completely useless against Hatena. (But then again Mugen sucks out loud so no surprise there.) But before Hatena can put Takeru down again the movie pulls a Gosei and gives Takeru A BRAND NEW POWER UP RIGHT OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE!!! Noubunaga drags Takeru inside of his Eyecon and tells him that he, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu have decided to fuse together, because of reasons.

Thus creating another Movie Exclusive form for Ghost, Tenkatoitsu Damashii.
 But you must be thinking, "wait this Bugster was able to overpower Ghost's Final form there's no way this brand new form could do the job that his most powerful form failed to do right?" Well if you are asking that then you must be new to Tokusatsu so in case you are, whenever they introduce a new form, it's an automatic win condition for that fight logic be damned. So with this brand new, untested and undoubtedly weaker new form, Ghost kills Hatena in no time flat, thanks Yogurt! Ghost then goes after Crimson Dynamo and accidentally reads his memories revealing that he was the one who extracted the original Bugster virus from Emu 6 years before. During Dynamo's unholy beat down of Emu he gets an idea, to give him a taste of the same hell he and his minions experienced, so he inserts the Proto Mighty Action X Gashat into Emu's Gamer Driver along with his normal Mighty Action X Gashat to make him OD on the Bugster Virus and send him to the Game World.

 But that's where Dynamo made his mistake, since Emu is Patient Zero and his Bugster (Parado) is still around he's still infected with the original strain. So all that did was give Emu a home-brew, bootleg esq version of the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat (in other words a temporary preview of his then upcoming form) so he transforms into Ex-Aid Double Action Gamer Level XX and he and Ghost finish of Hatena and Dynamo for good. So we begin to warp things up with Takeru and Akari's Game Syndrome being cured, Tougo being saved, the Riders congratulate each other on a job well done, Takeru dies for what was it the 6th time now?

 But as expected he pulls through, (yet doesn't lose any braincells despite his body dying so once again science can go suck on a railroad spike) and everyone's happy. So the movie truly ends with Kuroto and Parado gloating how their plans are coming closer to fruition thanks to the information they got from observing Zaizen's activities, not the least of which being that Kuroto finished two new Gashats. The first is Pac-Adventures, the second is a new game for Parado, Perfect Puzzle one half of the Gashat that makes up Kamen Rider Paradox.

 So that was Kamen Rider Heisei Generations and despite some bumps in the road this was a pretty good movie. Like a lot of the really good tie-in movies the events of this story actually are followed up on in the main show but that's not what makes a movie good (though it is a nice touch) nope the characters are on point, don't contradict their portrayals from the main show and some even show their lives have developed once they've hung up their belts. We see Takeru going to High School and move on with his life, Shinnosuke working for his wife and new baby and Haruto, continue to be one of the most boring Kamen Riders in recent history by having yet another plain sugar donut. You notice that I didn't mention Gaim but that's because we didn't see Kouta (mostly due to his actor Gaku Sano not being able to make it to filming so they had to use stock voice clips of him, wait they really couldn't just get him into a booth to churn out some new lines?)

 Though there were some flaws, Zaizen's plan was stock and generic in this genre though the execution of it was competent, unorthodox but competent. The three goons he had were physically strong but had rather stock personalities, hell we never heard their names spoken out loud though out the movie. Also yes we saw their names on Shinnosuke's files on them but they still didn't hear them so I don't care. Oh and also Takeru still sucks like a vacuum cleaner, his supposed final form wasn't enough to defeat the Hatena Bugster but an Eyecon composed of three spirits was enough to do the job even though Grateful couldn't scratch him?

 Also if Chiaotzu gets a free Sundae when he died 3 times what does Takeru get when he dies 6 times? But aside from that the writing was competent and even the Pac-Man CGI was pretty damn good, like I said far better then that blight of an Adam Sandler movie since he actually looks like Pac-Man in this movie. So overall even if you aren't watching Kamen Rider Ex-Aid I'd still give this movie a watch just to see some shenanigans and really good fight choreography. Now what to do next time? Oh wait, next Monday is the 21st? My friends we will begin an expedition to the world of one of my all time favorite video games with a Lets Play in honor of its 10th anniversary.

Would you kindly watch my full Lets Play?

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Movie Review: Spider-Man Homecoming: No Pyramid Heads here.

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 After last weeks review of the newest hotness Baby Driver we follow that up with the first MCU staring movie for everybody's favorite New York wall crawler Peter Parker aka the Spectacular Spider-Man. Which only came about after Sony finally realized that if they were going to get anymore money out of the license they should probably let the people who actually created the character take care of it since at least for their movie universe they seem to know what they're doing. Yes, after the poorly received and short lived mess that was the Amazing Spider-Man franchise wound up more dead then Uncle Ben Sony finally allowed Marvel to at least partially reclaim Spidey's movie rights to introduce him into the MCU, first in Captain America Civil War and now properly integrate him with a proper Homecoming. 

 Now let me get this right out of the way Tom Holland (not that one who wrote the Tv miniseries version of The Langoliers) does a very good job as Peter Parker and Spider-Man managing to capture both the super intelligent budding science major and the annoying eager beaver teenager that manages to screw up just as much as he helps. Now initially this annoyed me as Peter tended to; as stated cause as much damage that he does manage to fix and him wanting to prove himself to Tony Stark was the main driving force of his impulsiveness but then again most teenagers like Peter do tend to do this so that makes this more tolerable. On top of that unlike characters like Wrong from Toqger, Leftovers from Ninninger or Dumbluck from Kyuuranger Peter actually acknowledges when he screws up, owns up to it and tries to fix his mistakes. Another point of hesitation for me is his modern day comic book incarnation where the writers want to keep writing him as a teenager even though he's been an adult for decades at this point!

 Though I may be talking out of my ass since I don't read comics I just see the movies and Linkara's show so I could very well be wrong in my statements and if so I apologize. Also yes Tom probably won't be replacing Toby McGuire in the popular consciousness anytime soon but I never completely liked Toby's portrayal (personally he does a better Peter Parker then Spider-Man) but hey whatever that's just me. Now enough of me blowing off steam let's discuss the movie itself and what I think this opens for the MCU.

 While it takes place in modern day (2017) we actually open right after the events of the first Avengers movie where a local salvage company and their leader Adrian Tombs played by Michael Keaton are in charge of clearing and excavating the debris from the Chitauri ships that were destroyed during the final fight. But they get kicked off the project by Tony Stark's and US Government backed Department of damage control so they start salvaging and reverse engineering the alien technology, re purposing it into weapons, thus becoming a group of high tech arms dealers, Tombs himself taking charge of his crew with a specially constructed flight apparatus that looks like a giant set of Vulture wings, what are the odds of that?

 Elsewhere after Civil War Peter is still hyped for his chance to play with the big boys but hears nothing from Tony so this mostly results to him pestering his handler Happy Hogan to surprisingly no results. All he hears from Tony is to just stay low and focus on local NYC stuff "you know, be your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" helping old ladies cross the street, stop bank robberies, car jackers that kind of thing. But when he eventually comes across Vulture he naturally tries to stop him but is of course waaaay over his head and gets his ass handed to him by Tombs and his right hand man. So with his best buddy Ned, Peter has to figure out the Vulture's identity, stop whatever he's up to and prove his worth to Tony (even though Tony pretty clearly does trust him) and still have time to woo his crush Liz and persuade her to go with him to Homecoming, eh see what they did there?

 Now I won't give away anything more that happens but I will give my two cents. Overall this movie is about the most "ok" and down to earth for lack of a better term of the MCU movies I've seen, not fantastic not horrible just you know ok. There's no hint of any of the infinity gems, well duh Peter's going up against a group of arms dealers who scavenged alien tech not Hydra or something so in the over all scheme of the MCU this is rather low key but that's just fine, not every part of the MCU has to be a piece of the big puzzle. I mean if anything all this movie will contribute is that since they introduced a bunch of Spidey's bad guys and that alien weapon dealers business I'm guessing all that will happen is that the Netflix shows and Agents of Shield might have some new plot points to play around with.

 I mean that tech is still out there and not all of Tombs' crew were captured as far as I know so this plot point could introduce other baddies aside from Spider-Mans. And when those villains that were caught get out of Ryker's they could be recruited by the Kingpin which could lead to the Sinister Six. Apparently the Netflix shows could use something like Shocker, Rhino or the Tinkerer since apparently The Hand (which have been the background bad-guys in the Netflix shows) haven't been setting the world on fire, again haven't seen the Netflix shows but I have heard that The Hand and Iron Fist have been pretty damn bad so there you go. Or at the very least this plot point could be used to set up Spidey's sequel. Though there are some plot points that I do want to talk about but I'll save them for my end of the year roundup. So all in all this was a pretty ok movie, not amazing, nor horrible just middle of the road with some interesting plot points for some smart writer to take advantage of later. So when you get the chance catch up with the spectacular Spider-Man of the MCU.

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