Thursday, March 31, 2016

Personal Post: Sign to save the internet and your content!

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 People of the internet. I know that agreement is nearly impossible on certain topics. But today we are all united in common cause to protect the content that we have slaved over and the content of those who have entertained and inspired us to trumpet our own voices. There is a petition being held right now. Doug Walker has directed us to a link that we can sign and share to let the government know that our right of free speech and fair use is under attack by Hollywood and scammers to silence criticism and steal what we have earned by sharing our thoughts and praising our favorite forms of entertainment.


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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Let's Play Ratchet and Clank Part 2: Avdol lives on

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We have part 2 of our run through of Ratchet and Clank where we take a page from the Spoony One's RPG knowledge, find gold in the field and learn to end your videos sooner or else you might lose your audio while recording because Elgato needs some serious fixing!
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Let's Play Ratchet and Clank Part 1: Humble Beginnings

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Welcome to the first part of my Let’s Play of the first Ratchet and Clank game in honor of the movie/remake of the first game coming soon as of recording. So here’s my run of the tutorial and first level for your viewing pleasure.

Ratchet and Clank is owned by Insomniac Games and Sony Computer Entertainment.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Tokusatsu Review: Chōjin Sentai Jetman Part 2: Vyram it up your ass!

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 Alright folks I finally managed to finish Jetman. What did I think? It's good, really good but the best, well I haven't seen the rest of Sentai so I really can't judge but yeah it can be really good once you get past its problems and yeah this series has some problems. They mostly center around the villains and their general lack of motivation, backstory and just the wasted opportunity for character development for Radiguet and Tran/Tranza. The heroes also have some problems from Ryu being a hypocritical asshole, Kaori keeping the stupid love triangle going and Aia not addressing Ryu's mental issues throughout the show and not interfering when issues needed to be brought up to improve the team dynamic and generally keeping them from constantly being at each other's throats.

 Let's start with Vyram since I have the most issues with them. Now their monsters were certainly interesting as these aren't the types of monsters that you see in modern Sentai. They're more like Venjix's attack bots in that they generally display no personality and mostly communicate with grunts or noises matching their theme. At least until they upgrade to the bio dimensional beasts where we see more monsters with personalities. Though if you read the bio dimensional beasts names on the Sentai wiki page tell me this music doesn't pop into your heads.

 As I was watching the show it was interesting to measure their effectiveness compared to the general who sent it out. It seemed the more the general sent out the less interesting or developed they turned out but it was interesting to discover certain themes and methodology each member utilized. We'll start with my favorite of the quartet, Grey.
"Now I may not smoke everyday but when I do, I make it a Marlboro."
 He sent out a total of three monsters ( Vending Dimension, Time Mammoth and Sniper Cat)  throughout the series and by contrast was more inclined to enter the fray himself and his plans were the closest to succeeding. Less is more when it comes to Grey. Sadly this is also reflected in his backstory or lack of one in this case. Who exactly built this guy and why did they program him to act the way he did? I guess sometimes the lack of explanation makes a character more interesting and Grey is a prime example of this, we know so little about him but his charisma, demeanor and presence just makes up for it. 

 His relationship with Maria is a classic Romeo and Juliet story, one a human turned evil, the other a killer robot with a noble heart, he would do anything to protect her even going so far as willing to lose her forever so long as she lived and when she died, yeah not gonna lie I got a little sad as his tears (seriously) dissolved her corpse into the sea ( again seriously) and his final fight with Gai was a great end to a great antagonist.

 Next is a central piece of the shows love triangle Maria/Rie.
Is it just me or does her outfit make you think of the Stay puft Marshmallow man?
 From when we first saw Maria we knew it was Rie. Which set up whether Ryu can save her from Radiguet or would he have to kill his true love to save the earth. She sent out 8 monsters ( Mirror, Diamond, Camera, Voice, Fortune and Trash Dimension, Light Armadillo and Adhesive Cockroach) and was the one who upgraded the dimensional bugs into the bio dimensional bugs showing that despite being human her brainwashing was so effective she was a master of alien bio tech. Her tactics focused around vanity, greed and personal attacks with her monsters.

  Maria always came off like she had something to prove with her being the only female, human member of the group but also since Radiguet kept insisting that she was his. Maria was brought back as Rie once before her last time but the only reason she reverted back was due to plot contrivance. Like Inoue didn't know how to end the subplot so he kept it going through shear stupidity. Let's really look at this shall we? Ryu has Rie back and is fighting one of the demons (not worth mentioning aside from confirming that Rie is Maria due to her changing back when she was attacked by one) so the logical thing would be to take her aboard Jet Icarus so he could be brought back to Skycamp after the fight.

 But since this is Inoue town that didn't happen allowing Radiguet to brainwash her again back to Maria. Which serves to make Ryu look like a complete dumbass. I'll get into what I think would have been better for her character later but suffice to say the only good part of her character was how she influenced Grey. He loved to hear her music and seemed to cooperate more with each other's plans. But then again when the other two people are a sexist one note asshole and a super smart brat, the robot with a smoking problem seems to be the better choice.

 Speaking of Casanova let's get into my problems with the good count. 
Yeah this is from the Non Cannon Manga sequel where Radiguet possesses Tranza's body (getting to that) and while he doesn't look like an idiot he now looks like he was resurrected by Studio Clamp. Hang on, a blue skinned pretty boy alien who can transform into a horrible monster... Sure is Zarbon in here.
 He is just evil for evil sake and any development he could have had was flushed down the toilet. What we did get however was at least enough of a credible threat to justifiably hate and take seriously. However the guy seems to be incredibly shortsighted, for example sending out the Bug Mother, attacking Juza half cocked and killing his human love interest just so he can get his hands on the Semimaru egg, one of the reasons why he betrayed Juza in the first place; just so he could use it. His 9 monsters were the Bug Mother, Fighter, Road, And House Dimension, Semimaru, Armor Snake, Poison Gas Mouse, Torpedo Piranha, Meteor BEM, and Leach Drill. His monsters tended to focus more on general offense if not to kill humans then the Jetmen. 

 We get almost no development for this stupid looking would be god. He had a chance when his memories were removed by Juza and he found a human love interest, but that lasted all of one episode he killed Juza, got Semimaru's egg, killed his girlfriend and then BAM business as usual. He started as an elitist dickhead and died an elitist dickhead. But that just leaves Tran/Tranza who I honestly wound up hating the most and not in a good way. 
OH MY GOD look at that hair, now folks I've seen some really stupid hairstyles in my time but this is right up there with the top ten at least.
 Moving on, perhaps to reflect my thoughts of him the second least developed villain wound up sending out the most monsters. Faucet, Fashion, Noodle, Bus, Paper, Vacuum and Dryer Dimension; Ant Bazooka, Laser Lizard, Hammer Chameleon, G2, Veronica and Great Tomato King. When he was Tran he was a sadistic and impulsive brat who saw those around him as toys and thus his monsters were less made to cause death and destruction but more as tools to aid in his sadistic fun. Tranza was just the same brat in a grown mans body, showcased when he discarded G2 when it didn't work right away when he was in the midst of his robotics research when any normal researcher would have more likely kept G2 to improve on what went wrong before moving on to the next project, you know work out the bugs in the prototype before working on the next model. 

 His end was karmic but aside from that he started a sadistic brat and ended a broken shell of a man. But as I said before aside from Grey there really wasn't much to Vyram which could have been fixed by making Juza part of the main cast and rewriting things a bit. Based on their full title and that Radigut is referred to as a Count my theory as to who they are is that they're just a group of aristocrats from another dimension conquering dimensions for fun. Like how British nobility used to have hunting parties the Vyram's conquering could be their version of a fox hunt. So my revisions is to make Tran and Tranza brothers, their mother Juza and Radiguet their advisor who is undermining Tran behind his back when the initial assault begins.

 Eventually Tran gets sick of Radiguts crap and calls in his mother to put him in his place, Radigut turns human like before but stretched out longer like lasting about 5-6 episodes before he regains his memories seeing a fight between Juza and the Jetmen. He gets his full memories back but instead of killing his human girlfriend he just walks away his girlfriend joining the Jetmen as a supporting character trying to bring Radigut back because she still sees the man inside the monster. Radigut helps the Jetmen kill Juza but afterwords starts to question whether coming back to Vyram was worth it at the cost of his true love. After Juza dies Tran then summons his older brother Tranza, the two exile Radigut for good and become the new leaders of Vyram. Radigut's girlfriend is killed in one of Tanzas schemes prompting Radigut to still drive Tranza insane and Tran is left to take care of his broken brother.

 Then all that's left is a heartbroken conquer with absolutely nothing to lose and wanting to either finish what he started or die in battle against his greatest foes the Jetman, and as he dies he thanks them for letting him at least die on the battlefield. But that was what could have been instead of what we got and what we had worked, but could have been far better. 
Or far worse.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Movie Review: Back to the Future 3 Part 4: ハカセ、参上!!!

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For a recap of my thoughts on the movies so far here are the links to my previous reviews. Where we last left our heroes Doc was getting hammered after Clara dumped him like a sack of potatoes. But that aside it's the big day and Marty wakes to see that Doc's nowhere to be found. He checks the photo and sees that the date September 7th 1885 is on the tombstone. Meanwhile Tannen and his goons wake up and head for town early. Marty manages to track down Doc to the saloon where Doc was giving spoilers in a depressed stupor. After Marty reminds him what movie he's in Doc knocks back his whisky and promptly passes out. Yep he is one dude who can't hold his booze to save his life. (Still not as bad as Homura.)
"I know how you feel Tamura but man that was one crazy Yom Kippur!"
 Marty tries to wake Doc but nothing seemed to work until the bartender whips up some "wake up juice" which in 10 minutes would wake Doc up. They feed Doc the concoction which sends him screaming to the water trough. But knocks him back out again, apparently the initial reaction was just a reflex. Seamus shows up saying that his gut was telling him to be there that morning, as if his future had something to do with it. But he's not the only guest at this party as Tannen shows up calling out for Marty. Tannen calls Marty a coward again and when Marty checks the photo the tombstones name is changed to Clint Eastwood aka Marty. Everybody in the saloon tells Marty to go and fight him or else he's going to be labeled a coward, and after Marty thinks it over he comes to an important realization.  

 With the plot convenience fairy sated Doc then finally wakes up and the two try to sneak around the back but the two get pined down by Tannen's men, Doc gets caught and held as a hostage when Marty notices an iron oven door on the ground. Meanwhile Clara just boarded the train when she overheard the conversation of one of the people Doc was spilling his heart out to last night and when she learned that he truly felt horrible for breaking her heart she stopped the train and ran off to his workshop where she finds his model of the plan. Back to the hostage situation Marty goes out to save Doc and tries to ask Tannen if they can settle this like men and duke it out but this Tannen isn't that stupid and shoots Marty right in the chest.

 With Marty on the ground Tannen struts over to his body in victory. Tannen aims his gun at Marty's head to double-tap when Marty kicks the gun out of his hand, and when Tannen punches him in the chest and howls in pain it's revealed that Marty used the oven door as a makeshift bulletproof vest ( not sure if Mythbusters debunked that or not) Marty then takes Tannen for a ride on the pain train, one stop included Tannen breaking the tombstone in half. Marty ends the ride by knocking Tannen's lights out which of course prompts Tannen to fall into a wagon full of manure.

 The marshal and his men show up to arrest Tannen and his men. With their demise averted for now  all that's left for Marty and Doc is to catch the train. They manage to catch up to it, hijack it and uncoupled the cars right before the switch track. The two then drive the train to the Delorian where Doc retrieves three specially treated logs to get the train up to 88mph. During the whole operation Clara managed to catch up to the train forcing Marty to leave Doc and the hover board behind to save her. Long story short the plan worked and the Delorian reached 88mph just before the train fell off the ravine. 

 After a really good transition Marty rode the Delorian across Eastwood ravine and back to hill valley October 27th 1985 11:00 am. Just in time to catch the train which promptly crushes the time machine into scrap. Marty makes it back to his house and everything is as he left it at the end of the first movie, Biff is the Mcfly butt monkey, his family are still successful and Jen is safe and sound. The two take a drive in Marty's truck when Needles and his gang challenges Marty to a race. All it takes is for Needles to call Marty chicken to get the engines revving. But instead of going with the assholes suggestion Marty goes in reverse and manages to avoid crashing into the Roles Royce. Jen then pulls out the fired fax she save and the message fades away.

 Later Marty takes Jen to the remains of the Delorian and accepts that Doc's gone for good. However the train gates lower and then a familiar boom is heard when a strange vehicle comes down from the sky.
 It's actually a giant train that comes out of nowhere with the initials ELB on the sides revealing Doc, Clara and their sons Jules and Verne.

 How the hell did Doc manage to whip up another time machine?! He was stuck in 1885 with no possible way to recreate the flux capacitor, the time circuits or any way to generate the 1.21 gigawats needed to power said flux capacitor whatsoever?! I mean yeah he could have recreated those logs to get the engine hot enough and he did have the hover board so he theoretically could have reverse engineered the hover board to recreate the hover technology but how could he since the tech to recreate said hovering probably wouldn't be invented until at least 2005 in their universe?! (But then again Mac Guiver and Quarians can do a hell of a lot more with a hell of a lot less so there you go.)

 For that matter, WHY would he make another one?! He was going on and on about how time travel is dangerous and the machine should be reduced to scrap so WHY DID THIS HYPOCRITICAL ASS MAKE ANOTHER ONE?! Oh yeah so he and his family can make the space time continuum into a hellish pretzel for the LOL's if I had to guess. Anyway Doc tells the two that the future is theirs to make so make it a good one. So the movie ends with the Swiss family Brown flying their time train off to parts unknown. (Though if I had to guess, the animated series as well as racing the Den-liner on their free days.) 
"Eat my dust you overgrown peach cobbler!!!"

"Kiss my Ass Oldman!!!"

So that's Back to the Future and do I honestly need to say anymore? It's one of the best trilogies of all time and it's a personal favorite of mine and most likely yours. But the story of Doc Brown and Marty McFly aren't done yet, check in a few weeks later as we see the continuing adventures of these two and their attempts to make the Time Space continuum into a Picasso painting for their own benefits!

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Artistic Post: Dortchen the Witch of Fire

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Dortchen: The fire witch with a gluttonous nature. Day in and day out she eats and eats but her food is never properly cooked no matter how hot her flames get.

Adelheid: The fire Witch's Minions. Their duty is to keep the Labyrinth of the Witch clean, but they can only throw the garbage at each other since they do not possess the ability to walk despite having four legs.

Grief Seed
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