Monday, September 19, 2016

Manga Review: Kazumi Magica Volume 1 Part 2: The return of Doodlebob!

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For those coming in late here's what happened in the first two chapters. Caught up, good moving on. 
 Chapter three starts with the trio fighting a normal witch in its labyrinth and wait why does that look so familiar?
 Well with the eldritch nightmare alive again in a new universe the trio get to work and try to take it down. Kazumi is about to land the final blow but she blue screens flashing back to how she messed up with the Make up Witch. 
I smell a new meme face. In fact, keeping this picture just for when I see something so stupid words will utterly fail me.
 While she's rebooting the witch manages to grab Umika and Kaoru inside of its body and retreats with its Labyrinth. As Kazumi starts to cry at the near loss of her two only friends a voice tells her that she's not alone; Kazumi looks up and sees four new magical girls which consist of a horseback rider, a pretty pink princess the token cat girl and a pilot; yep she's hosed. The catgirl explains that the seven of them are a magical girl team called the Pleiades Saints, named of course after the sisters of Greek myth as the pilot points in the sky. 
Kazumi, you must take your place in the circle of life.
One for every fetish! :p
 Kazumi gets a call from Kaoru who says that Umika managed to erect a barrier for them but it can only last for 5 hours. Umika tells Kazumi that she can trust them since they're also their friends. Later the four use their soul gems to try and find the Witch but to no avail, so Satomi does the most logical thing and asks for help, from a nearby cat, by talking to it. Kazumi; just walk away slowly from the crazy cat lady and run for the hills. Thankfully Mirai explains that Satomi's wish was for the ability to talk to animals to help her become a vet. 

 Thankfully Dr Dolittle found the right cat since it saw the same mark that's on Kazumi's hand. The kitty leads them to the mark where Niko uses an app she programmed on her phone to track the witches magic.
Want to find a good place to get a midnight snack? Want to find a midnight screening? Want to find psychic residue of an eldritch abomination in a rushed panic to save your comrades? There's an app for that with the new igem 6.
 So she uses her Soul Gem to amplify her phone? Ok while that does sound cool on paper this does bring up several questions. One, since she's using her Gem does that mean she never has to charge her phone or does it just siphon power from her gem? Two, does she have limitless minutes and data on that thing since she doesn't have a traditional service provider? Finally 3, due to the amplification does that mean she'll be getting calls from everyone trying to call people named Niko? Because if so she's probably developed a nasty reaction to this.

 Speaking of Niko she sends the wavelength she picked up to the others' soul gems to make the search easier. So with four hours left the team splits up; Kazumi, Mirai and Saki will take the east side of town the rest get the west side. As time passes Kazumi's group keep finding the witches mark and the wavelength keeps getting stronger meaning the witch is close by. But Kazumi confides in Mirai and Saki that she blames herself for letting the witch get away because she froze at the thought of Kaoru getting caught in her attack. 

 Mirai just gives her another bonk on the head but Saki holds her back and tells Kazumi that she'll know what to do when the time comes. Kazumi asks what will happen if she doesn't but Saki and Mirai say that that's what they're there for. Speaking of teammates Satomi shows up and says that Niko's managed to find the two most likely points where the witch'll be and she goes with Kazumi to point A and meet with Niko while Saki and Mirai head to point B.

 Kazumi and Satomi reach the point on the map but Kazumi doesn't pick up any thing from her soul gem or her "witch detector". But that's because Satomi was an imposter who shows her true form and holds a gun to Kazumi's head. 
And she looks like a slutty clown, because why not?!
 Kazumi recognizes that rule 63 Rubber Soul was the one who helped the cosmetics woman from last time as well as the one who stuffed her in the trunk and asks why she's doing this. She just says that since she's going to die in the next second it would be pointless to tell her. The assassin summons a giant bull to attack Kazumi who transforms to counteract her. Chibi Harley then summons some machine guns which manage to pin Kazumi to a wall. Just as she's about to be impaled on the Bulls horns the rest of the Pleiades saints show up having realized they were tricked and manage to save her from impalement. 

 Chibi Harley then grabs Kazumi and points a gun to her head clearly intending to shoot her. When Saki calls her a coward she goes nuts screaming that they have no right to call her that, interesting. Kazumi tells the crew to go ahead and attack her knowing what it was she lacked. The quartet complies and use a linked spell to blast the assassin way managing to save Kazumi. She thanks them and tells them what it was she lacked, conviction, now she isn't concerned about getting a scratch or two just as long as she can prevent the greater tragedy.

 Back at base they go over their findings and reveal that they found 10 of the witches marks all over town and calculating the strength of each mark they've determined that the witch moves its barrier every 40 minutes. Saki realizes what the mark is from, it's the mark from a mobile library. Knowing that they've followed the schedule and determined that the next time the witch's barrier will show up will be at 4:00 in one hour. So before then DINNER TIME!!!
 Our heroines everyone more concerned with stuffing their faces then saving their teammates. I kid of course; the girls stuff their faces with Kazumi's cooking Saki even noting that her cooking skill hasn't changed at all. So after the group finish recharging they head for the barrier with Kazumi bringing up the rear. They reach the labyrinth when Saki tells Kazumi to stay behind, the six will try to hold the witch down while Kazumi finishes the job from outside with her Limiti Easterni attack. 

 Saki interestingly also notes that since the witch was generated from a familiar they don't have to pull their punches. Niko gives Kazumi a phone that will give her a signal telling her exactly where the witch is from the labyrinth. But before the four leave Kazumi tells them to give the thing she was carrying to the two. 
Damn it stop being cute on everything. Though you know what this bag reminds me of? When Stimpy from Ren & Stimpy got his own kitty litter deal. Or is it just me?
 The four manage to reach Umika and Kaoru before their barrier dissipated and give them the food. 

 With them recharged they focus their attention on Doodlebob. After some shenanigans involving broken phones and candy whistles Kazumi and the team destroy the witch and get a Grief Seed. Our volume ends however with an odd fuzzball observing the 7 friends. So that was Volume 1, Till next time; Abrakadash of cinnamon.

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