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Manga review: Kazumi Magica The Innocent Malice: Volume 2 part 1: Sheer Heart Attack Requiem

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Once again the perspective and positioning of the characters on the cover throws me off.  At least the clown girl is covering more of Kazumi then her actual costume. Though since Clown Girl's the bad guy shouldn't she want to see Kazumi humiliated? Eh whatever moving on they both look goofy.
 Volume 2 picked up where we left off last time with a certain fuzzball taking to himself. Suddenly another fuzzball introduces himself to Kazumi. 

Hold on what; another incubator? This doesn't make sense didn't.... UGH AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
No no wait I was wrong it was Juubey, that little demonic pile of kitty litter. He must have been talking to another copy of him or something since the little monster only has itself for company and is most likely going crazy.
 Anyway Juubey does what he always does and purifies the Girls' Soul Gems. He then gets the fresh Grief Seed from the Doodle Witch with a big gulp. However when Kaoru gives him the seeds from the fake witches he spits them right out saying that they're not Grief Seeds at all! Umika speculates that those artificial grief seeds were created with witch power and that the magical girl they encountered may be responsible for their creation. But for the time being they'll just call them Evil Nuts. 

 Kazumi asks why a Magical Girl would do something like this if their only goal is killing Witches. But before the exposition Chibi Harley who introduces herself as Yuuri launches her attack. 
Wow even upside down I can tell you got your fashion tips from Seymour from Final Fantasy X, and that's not a good thing kiddie.
 Despite her over the top costume she leaves the remaining 6 of them screaming in pain and runs off with Kazumi. She then shoots an arrow into Niko's shoulder telling them that if they want to find her then to check her love letter. The sadistic clown flies off and Niko pulls out the arrow. The message says to come to Asunaro dome at midnight. As Yuuri flies off triumphant Kazumi wakes up and asks why she's doing all this. 

 She responds that even idiots can learn one thing and asks what hers is. Apparently it's how to put a bitch in a leg lock and chokes her with her legs. The two get into a little fight which causes Yuuri to have a flashback between her and another girl in a much friendlier situation; so she stuffs Kazumi in a bag and keeps flying while holding back tears.

 Back at HQ the girls are trying to figure out what Yuuri's up to but have no clue much less how she knows them enough to hold a grudge and act on it to such a degree. Umika even wonders why she's going through all the theatrics instead of just telling them to come and fight her. Though on that note Niko points out that her theatrics are using up quite a bit of magic and we all know what happens when a magical girls magic runs dry. At midnight the show starts with Yuuri on the jumbotron and Kazumi bolted to a chair in the middle of the stadium. The six try to dash for her but BAM force field! 

 Yuuri shows up and tells them her plan, take the evil nuts she has, insert them into Kazumi, turn her into a witch and have her kill her friends, explaining that the detective and sales girl were her guinea pigs, an appetizer if you will for the main course from hell! Seeing her friends flesh being burnt trying to pound on the barrier Kazumi screams at Yuuri that since they're magical girls they're all on the same side, right?! 
Oh no no no dear, by the end of tonight she'll be wearing your skin.
 Yuuri screams that Kazumi doesn't know the first thing about the Pleiades Saints and what they do. Satomi through her sobs asks what her major malfunction is. Yuuri calmly tells them that she gave them plenty of hints with her name, the letter and location, but they didn't figure it out yet.

Quite frankly with an outfit like that it'd be pretty impossible to forget someone wearing something that ridiculous. Oh wait you were talking to them. Girls do you know what in Satan's glorious name she's talking about? Oh so you do know her....crap.
 The chapter ends with Yuuri stabbing Kazumi with the Evil nuts and the rest of the Pleiades screaming in horror. 

 Chapter 5 opens with Yuuri finishing inserting the Evil Nut into Kazumi. 
Which results in her going Super Saiyan apparently?!
 Nope according to Yuuri the nut is working and is slowly turning Kazumi into a witch. Kazumi tries to fight Yuuri; but she's flipped the switch into cackling insanity mode and just beats her down and tortures her some more. Satomi is screaming at Yuuri to stop this since Kazumi had nothing to do with it. With that Yuuri finally spills the beans as to why she hates them all so much.
"They never told you did they, they never told you of what happened those many months ago with a girl named Yuuri Asuka, of the Asunaro Dome, and how in their lust for blood found the one person dear to me and took her without a second thought?" But clearly you got better so I'm still kinda not seeing the problem, aside from you being nuttier then squirrel poop.
 Apparently the Pleiades are a group of magical girl hunters and that she was one of their victims. So in order to get revenge she'll find the one they treasure and kill them right in front of them, so thus Kazumi is a dead woman. 

 However as Yuuri prepares a spell for the killing stroke her Soul Gem starts to crack. Saki manages to break through the barrier and tells Juubey to purify her Soul Gem but it's too late and she becomes a witch. 
 As the heart witch attacks her last thoughts go back to a girl named Airi who had only 3 months left to live due to a fatal illness. She tells Yuuri to just leave her but she offers to save her only if she truly wants to live if not then she'll respect her wishes. Airi however begs to save her so the two can eat more delicious things together. So Yuuri gives her a spoon necklace as a good luck charm and leaves telling Airi that where's she's going is a secret.

 Sure enough sometime later the doctors are telling her that her condition is completely cured as if her illness never existed. She hugs Yuuri and thanks her for saving her life. Later in the two are planning to visit Tachibana's bistro and try a dish called the bucket parfait. Airi says that once Yuuri wins a cooking competition she's competing in it'll be her treat. However on the day of the final match Yuuri is nowhere to be seen, Airi goes to investigate but ends up in the lair of a Hypodermic Needle Witch. However the Pleiades Saints show up and kill the witch. Airi thanks them for saving her as they leave, however when they've left she finds Yuuri's spoon necklace and asks why it would be where the monster is. Which is when Juubey shows up with the answer, that Yuuri was the Witch.

 Juubey elaborates that Yuuris wish was to cure Airis illness which allowed her to cure other terminally ill patents just like her. Airi asked if the saints knew that and Juubey said that they were there when she became a witch. Airi clearly doesn't take it well and wants revenge. Juubey offers her the deal to become a magical girl for a wish, so she wishes to become Yuuri so she can get revenge. The chapter ends with her testing her new power and asking for the names of Yuuris killers, Juubey gives the name of Pleiades Saints and so "Yuuri" swears to get the real Yuuri's revenge.

 Chapter 6 starts with Kazumi trying to get through to Airi but gets a thorn whip through the chest for her trouble. The witch then crushes Kazumi's head. But to everyone's horror Kazumi actually managed to bite the witch's arm off, break lose from her restraints and is about to go into a blood frenzy before the sound of her earring bell snaps her out of her bloodlust. She then tells the others how Airi only wanted Yuuri back, so she's going to try to save Airi. A facsimile of Airi then emerges from the witch, but all it can say is the last spell she tried to cast which blasts Kazumi away.

 Saki manages to get herself and the others free and prepare to finish the witch off despite Kazumi telling them that Airi isn't a bad girl and that all she wanted was to bring back Yuuri. Mirai says that that's exactly why they have to kill her, Juubey elaborates that becoming a witch is a one way street and that all they can do for her is to stop her before she can kill anyone. Kazumi begs for them to stop but sees everyone else crying while they restrain the Witch. Seeing her friends going through such pain knowing what they have to do and knowing who this witch was, Kazumi delivers the finishing blow so her friends won't be the only ones to bear the pain and sin of killing Airi. I'd cover the end of this chapter but I honestly feel that you should read it for yourselves, all I'll say is this. 
 Well the next few chapters should probably get our heroes back on track, till next time.

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Manga Review: Kazumi Magica Volume 1 Part 2: The return of Doodlebob!

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For those coming in late here's what happened in the first two chapters. Caught up, good moving on. 
 Chapter three starts with the trio fighting a normal witch in its labyrinth and wait why does that look so familiar?
 Well with the eldritch nightmare alive again in a new universe the trio get to work and try to take it down. Kazumi is about to land the final blow but she blue screens flashing back to how she messed up with the Make up Witch. 
I smell a new meme face. In fact, keeping this picture just for when I see something so stupid words will utterly fail me.
 While she's rebooting the witch manages to grab Umika and Kaoru inside of its body and retreats with its Labyrinth. As Kazumi starts to cry at the near loss of her two only friends a voice tells her that she's not alone; Kazumi looks up and sees four new magical girls which consist of a horseback rider, a pretty pink princess the token cat girl and a pilot; yep she's hosed. The catgirl explains that the seven of them are a magical girl team called the Pleiades Saints, named of course after the sisters of Greek myth as the pilot points in the sky. 
Kazumi, you must take your place in the circle of life.
One for every fetish! :p
 Kazumi gets a call from Kaoru who says that Umika managed to erect a barrier for them but it can only last for 5 hours. Umika tells Kazumi that she can trust them since they're also their friends. Later the four use their soul gems to try and find the Witch but to no avail, so Satomi does the most logical thing and asks for help, from a nearby cat, by talking to it. Kazumi; just walk away slowly from the crazy cat lady and run for the hills. Thankfully Mirai explains that Satomi's wish was for the ability to talk to animals to help her become a vet. 

 Thankfully Dr Dolittle found the right cat since it saw the same mark that's on Kazumi's hand. The kitty leads them to the mark where Niko uses an app she programmed on her phone to track the witches magic.
Want to find a good place to get a midnight snack? Want to find a midnight screening? Want to find psychic residue of an eldritch abomination in a rushed panic to save your comrades? There's an app for that with the new igem 6.
 So she uses her Soul Gem to amplify her phone? Ok while that does sound cool on paper this does bring up several questions. One, since she's using her Gem does that mean she never has to charge her phone or does it just siphon power from her gem? Two, does she have limitless minutes and data on that thing since she doesn't have a traditional service provider? Finally 3, due to the amplification does that mean she'll be getting calls from everyone trying to call people named Niko? Because if so she's probably developed a nasty reaction to this.

 Speaking of Niko she sends the wavelength she picked up to the others' soul gems to make the search easier. So with four hours left the team splits up; Kazumi, Mirai and Saki will take the east side of town the rest get the west side. As time passes Kazumi's group keep finding the witches mark and the wavelength keeps getting stronger meaning the witch is close by. But Kazumi confides in Mirai and Saki that she blames herself for letting the witch get away because she froze at the thought of Kaoru getting caught in her attack. 

 Mirai just gives her another bonk on the head but Saki holds her back and tells Kazumi that she'll know what to do when the time comes. Kazumi asks what will happen if she doesn't but Saki and Mirai say that that's what they're there for. Speaking of teammates Satomi shows up and says that Niko's managed to find the two most likely points where the witch'll be and she goes with Kazumi to point A and meet with Niko while Saki and Mirai head to point B.

 Kazumi and Satomi reach the point on the map but Kazumi doesn't pick up any thing from her soul gem or her "witch detector". But that's because Satomi was an imposter who shows her true form and holds a gun to Kazumi's head. 
And she looks like a slutty clown, because why not?!
 Kazumi recognizes that rule 63 Rubber Soul was the one who helped the cosmetics woman from last time as well as the one who stuffed her in the trunk and asks why she's doing this. She just says that since she's going to die in the next second it would be pointless to tell her. The assassin summons a giant bull to attack Kazumi who transforms to counteract her. Chibi Harley then summons some machine guns which manage to pin Kazumi to a wall. Just as she's about to be impaled on the Bulls horns the rest of the Pleiades saints show up having realized they were tricked and manage to save her from impalement. 

 Chibi Harley then grabs Kazumi and points a gun to her head clearly intending to shoot her. When Saki calls her a coward she goes nuts screaming that they have no right to call her that, interesting. Kazumi tells the crew to go ahead and attack her knowing what it was she lacked. The quartet complies and use a linked spell to blast the assassin way managing to save Kazumi. She thanks them and tells them what it was she lacked, conviction, now she isn't concerned about getting a scratch or two just as long as she can prevent the greater tragedy.

 Back at base they go over their findings and reveal that they found 10 of the witches marks all over town and calculating the strength of each mark they've determined that the witch moves its barrier every 40 minutes. Saki realizes what the mark is from, it's the mark from a mobile library. Knowing that they've followed the schedule and determined that the next time the witch's barrier will show up will be at 4:00 in one hour. So before then DINNER TIME!!!
 Our heroines everyone more concerned with stuffing their faces then saving their teammates. I kid of course; the girls stuff their faces with Kazumi's cooking Saki even noting that her cooking skill hasn't changed at all. So after the group finish recharging they head for the barrier with Kazumi bringing up the rear. They reach the labyrinth when Saki tells Kazumi to stay behind, the six will try to hold the witch down while Kazumi finishes the job from outside with her Limiti Easterni attack. 

 Saki interestingly also notes that since the witch was generated from a familiar they don't have to pull their punches. Niko gives Kazumi a phone that will give her a signal telling her exactly where the witch is from the labyrinth. But before the four leave Kazumi tells them to give the thing she was carrying to the two. 
Damn it stop being cute on everything. Though you know what this bag reminds me of? When Stimpy from Ren & Stimpy got his own kitty litter deal. Or is it just me?
 The four manage to reach Umika and Kaoru before their barrier dissipated and give them the food. 

 With them recharged they focus their attention on Doodlebob. After some shenanigans involving broken phones and candy whistles Kazumi and the team destroy the witch and get a Grief Seed. Our volume ends however with an odd fuzzball observing the 7 friends. So that was Volume 1, Till next time; Abrakadash of cinnamon.

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Tokusatsu Review: Kamen Rider Chaser: Part 3: Karaoke jam of fallen angels.

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Just two girls playing with their favorite dollies. Though some people wish they'd share once in a while while others think they need to grow out of it.
 Last time On Davids brain we had our main villain kick Chase, Heart and Brain around like tin cans; Krim is incapacitated while Shinnosuke and Go are caught in a territory dispute with a veteran Rider. So how does the movie decide to follow this up? With Medic horribly practicing Karaoke to try and learn how to sway Heart.

 So after the big lipped alligator ballad we cut to the three we actually care about recovering from getting slammed by Angel. Brain rightfully apologizes to Heart for not realizing how nuts Angel was but Heart just tells him not to sweat it since her goal is pointless anyway. Heart wants to know if Brain can remove the feather circuit from Chase but Chase stupidly still has doubts about whether she's crazy or not. Look dude I know you owe her a gigantic debt, that you two did.... yeah and that the crazy ones are probably the best but she's completely coo-coo for cocoa puffs!

 Brain just says to Chases hesitation; fine do whatever. He may be a coward but even he has his pride and would rather die then be forced to follow someone else's ideals. As for Heart he gives his say in that matter but as he finishes his core gets stolen by Angel. With this Chases head is back in the game and tells Brain to watch Hearts body while he goes after Angel.

Nice work Chase now you just gave shippers more fuel. Also Brain, don't; just don't he's not even in his body this is technically necrophilia and that's just not right.
 Shinnosuke meanwhile gets the call from Krim about what happened and tells him to get to where he is ASAP. He apologizes to Ryuu who figured out that Shinnosuke and Go are Riders and understands letting the two go off to save their friend while he'll handle this case. As the two are about to leave Genpatchi calls in telling Shinnosuke they found the guy that 051 copied. But if he's with Gen; and 051 was destroyed then who's lying on the Tokyo Futo border? Another Roidmude of course, 077 copied Moe Urkel as well and managed to steal a Beast memory but passed out from the rush.

 But now that he has the memory back 077 uses it and becomes a Beast Dopant. Krim manages to show up allowing Shinnosuke to become Drive. He and Mach try to take on the Dopant Roidmude but the two are overwhelmed rather quickly leaving it up to Senpai to notice and take action.

MOTHERTRUCKER!!! Also a cameo from a past Rider that is actually faithful to the series and not disrespectful? What is this I don't even!?
 So with Drive and Mach flabbergasted that there were police riders before him (while I'm sure people would have loved to see G3-X again by this point in continuity it would most likely be gathering dust in a museum or police storage) the three team up to destroy the Memory and Roidmude. So Drive and Mach leave to help Chase while Ryuu heads back to his boss (wife) and their baby girl. Back to the main plot Angel collects Hearts core when Mashin Chaser finally catches up with her. During their fight he manages to hit her chest jewel which releases one of the Cores she took, now that he knows where the weak spot is all he has to do is shoot till he can release Hearts core. Chase finally gets back up from Drive Type Tridoron and Mach Deadheat who take care of Angels projectiles giving him the chance to ram his bike into her and into the sky like the chase scene from ET.

 Chaser has Angel on the ropes despite her trying to dissuade him with how everyone is fulfilled. But she reveals that she grafted the Feather Circuit onto Hiroshi as well. Yep it turns out that Angel was planning on indoctrinating humans as well as Roidmudes. Chase has had enough and tries to keep fighting but Angel isn't stupid and installed a failsafe on the Feather Circuit so as long as it's installed Chase can't fight her. Which begs the question of why she didn't use it earlier in the fight or even use the circuit to complexly take him over and make him her slave, it's not like Chase hasn't had his programing mucked around with before she would've figured he'd be used to it.

 But what does Chase do with this revelation? He grabs the Rhino Viral Core and remembering the words of Brain, Kirm and Heart uses it to cut the Feather Circuit off his own body even though he risks destroying his own core in the process. After losing quite a bit of blood (or oil) Chase manages to rip the thing off and is back to his old self; with this he denounces Angels desire for peace as really wanting total control (just like every law character in SMT) and he transforms into his Rider form. With the ultimate rejection of her ideals and plans Angel loses her temper and finally goes completely mad. With her composure reduced to that of a rabid animal Chase has no trouble finishing her off with the Rhino Viral Core she gave him and frees Heart and Hiroshi.

 With Demon dead Chase walks off while being observed by the series' final Villain Banno and his assistant Roidmude 004 who plan on finding more Roidmudes capable of Super Evolution. As we wrap up Heart is happy to hear that Chase's doubts have been resolved, Medic dresses a little more sexily for Heart and Brian gets put back in the friend zone by Heart. Brain then swears that he'll never help Medic, never ever not in a million billion years! As we wrap up we learn that because Chase cut out the circuit he lost all memories of these events and our movie ends with Chase driving down the coast at peace with himself and ready to protect humanity. So that was Kamen Rider Chaser and good god this was good.

 We had a legit piece of character development for Chase, a pretty menacing villain and a cool crossover with a veteran Rider that didn't make me want to chuck my computer out a window. There's quite a bit that I didn't show or mention but that's for 2 reasons. One they were definitely not kid friendly, and two I do want you guys to check this movie out and giving every single thing away would be rather detrimental to that goal wouldn't it? So what's next on the Toku docket? Well.. let me think OH RIGHT a certain franchises 2000th episode should do nicely.

Kamen Rider is owned by Ishinomori Productions, Toei Productions, and Bandai.
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Movie Review Captain America Civil War: No side is right or wrong and that's why we all win.

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 I'm still waiting people, I'm still waiting for that one bad MCU movie. I thought that it would be Guardians of the Galaxy with them utilizing relatively unknown characters but it turned out to be one of my favorites so far and one of the best both financially and critically, next I thought it was going to be Antman especially if they went with Hank Pym who as most know is one of the most unlikeable characters in Marvels staple.
In case you forgot here's why, yeah I don't care what anyone says; you smack your wife, you automatically descend to Scumball on my chart.
So let me see that would place Hank right between the Devil and George Sewel, he would have been lower but I'm assuming that in the comics he regrets that to this day and is at least trying to do the right thing, then again I don't read much comics these days so I could be wrong.
 But they made the smart choice of moving Hank to mentor and having Scott Lang as Antman, thus giving a protagonist that the audiences can actually root for. (Also personally I love the designs of Antman and Yellow Jacket the only thing that's missing for Scott is a motorcycle and red scarf.) I'm not saying that I want the MCU to fail but it has to happen somewhere people. Now I haven't seen Thor the Dark World or The Incredible Hulk so it may have already happened and it has been a while since I've seen all of them so I could be wrong but yeah it doesn't look like the good times are over yet.

 Now I honestly thought that this would be the one to end the gravy train for Marvel and Disney considering what this movie is adapting from. But to my surprise Captain America Civil War is how you do a Super-hero vs Super-hero movie. You set up logical and reasonable circumstances as to why they're fighting instead of just ringing a bell.
This can just suck down a jug of Granny Luthor's Peach Tea.
 Now for those who don't know this movie is based off the Event Comic Civil War. If you've played Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 you're on the right track, the plot is that after an incident in Stanford Connecticut that left 600 people dead 60 of whom were children the government passed a bill called the Superhuman Registration Act that would demand super powered American citizens to register their secret identities to the US Government or be deemed rouge. Iron Man lead the Pro Side while Captain America lead the Anti and in the end the Pro Side won, Cap was arrested and it directly lead to One More Day, Norman Osborne becoming director of S.H.I.E.L.D and various other horrible things which lasted for 3 years in real time. So yeah not exactly the best of stories out there. However what the movie took from the comic was only what was needed and it works wonderfully.

 Instead of the incident happening on US soil it happened in Lagos Nigeria meaning that this isn't just America's issue it's the worlds problem. The issue in the movie isn't of heroes keeping their identities secret but of accountability for the casualties of the large conflicts occurring in the MCU which in real time was only occurring for 8 years as far as the general public knew. And unlike the normal Marvel universe which has been around since the 60's the MCU was created in 2008 when Tony first became Iron Man which is an incredibly short amount of time for Superheroes to just show up, so laws and regulations were an inevitability.

 However this is where I start to have problems, the UN and Tony want the heroes to be accountable for those who died during the previous movies. Specifically Loki's attack on New York, the crashing of the Helicarriers and Ultrons rampage and some of the public outright despise the heroes for their loved ones dying during these events. Um, bullcrap? Now I'm not being unsympathetic to those who lost their loved ones but the way the movie is phrasing it these people are angry that their loved ones died as opposed to the potential millions that could have died if the heroes hadn't intervened. I'm sorry but if I had that choice I would much rather live with the guilt of 10 people dying if that meant that I would prevent 10,000 people from dying if had done nothing. Now I believe that there was a certain clip to play in this situation, now where was it AH HA here it is.
 Also there's the little factoid that the Sokovia accords have a part in it that dictates that the Avengers who sign are to be regulated by the UN. Um need I remind everyone that it was established in Winter Solder Hydra members have already infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D and other positions in the US and potentially worldwide governments? Unless all the members were exposed at the end of Winter Solder (which I highly doubt because as their name implies cut off one head two more grow in its place) that means that the Avengers could be just a tool for either Hydra or agenda driven, paper pushing, corporate America pleasing bureaucrats, in other words not good. From our heroes perspective Tony does feel guilty (as he should) for the deaths that were caused by Ultron and does believe that even the Avengers can be flawed and that oversight wouldn't be such a bad idea, though from Steve's perspective the ones giving the oversight might not have the peoples best interests in mind and that while some people may die it's better then to stop trying and let more die. Both are legitimately logical reasons for the conflict, accountability and oversight v.s free will and independence.

 Also there's some bs about some guy wanting revenge against the Avengers for his family dying in Age of Ultron but that's not important. Now to talk about some of the heroes that were introduced in this movie Black Panther and MCU Spider-Man.
First off, love Black Panther's costume in the movie, it's sleek powerful and downright menacing, a perfect outfit for the warrior king of Wakanda.
 Black Panther was introduced when T'Challas father, the King of Wakanda was killed in The Winter Solders' attack on the signing of the Sokova Accords and dons the ceremonial armor of the Black Panther to get revenge for his father. I'm glad that they gave T'Challas introduction and motivation in this movie so they can expand more in his upcoming solo movie, though it begs the question of what the movie will be about now that the origin's out of the way but that's what hindsight's all about. Now on to Spiderman.
I have to admit this is the best looking live action Spiderman I've seen. Though I've only seen the original San Raimi trilogy but still. I especially love the eyes on the mask that can actually move allowing him much more expression as I always loved with with Spiderman's costume.
 How he's introduced is a great spin on the original Civil War comic itself. Tony manages to track down Peter Parker and offers to make him a new costume and provide funding for him to go to a technical college and essentially becoming a mentor and father figure for Peter. Peter doesn't fight Cap for political reasons but because Tony is willing to do this much for him and Peter is the type of guy to repay his debts. It also helps that Tony doesn't threaten to toss Aunt May into the Negative Zone prison (which doesn't exist in this movie thankfully) to keep him in line. Like with BP now that Peter's origins are quick and done with I'm curious to see how Spiderman Homecoming turns out, as long as Pyramid Head doesn't show up claiming to be a new character I think we're good.

 The movie also has a far better ending then the comic but I definitely won't be spoiling that here. Long story short pick up the movie, avoid the comic and get ready for more of the MCU, till we find the piece of poo in this delicious pile of chocolate.

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Manga Review: Kazumi Magica The Innocent Malice Volume 1 Part 1: For the girl who got everything she wanted. (Spoilers)

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In Memory of Jerome Silberman AKA Gene Wilder
 Oh this story, this was actually my first Madoka spin off that I read after watching the main series. Mostly because I heard about it from Jesuotaku's review of the show (which happened to be the last video review JO did, not a bad series to end with in my opinion.) Since this is my first spin off I have a bit of bias towards this but I will be fair and give this the critical attention it deserves but like before I warn you about spoilers so read the manga then come back.

We'll start with our cover and BY THE EMPEROR'S CENTURIBEAR WHAT IS UP WITH HER SPINE!? I've heard of hourglass figures before but this is just nightmare fuel! For god's sake kid eat a burger!!! 
 We open on a scene that I can't and won't show, specifically a girl curled in the darkness hearing about money and something going boom. She screams to get out and bursts out of a suitcase; naked. 
Did somebody say NAKED? 
 KILL YOURSELF!!! Now I could have made an Outlaw Star or Firefly reference but I chose not to so there. So our little nudist sees a guy holding a cell phone and figures he was the one who stuffed her in the suitcase and attacks him. But she notices that she's nude and her stomach rumbles. After she gets some clothes the guy explains that he's not a perverted abductor, he's just a guy that wanted a bomb to blow up a mall. 

 But she's less concerned with the the fact that she's sharing the room with a member of ISIS but is more focused of whether the food she was given was poisoned or not. Um kid I think some of your priorities are just a tad askew (Side note type askew onto Google it's funny, though not if you suffer from vertigo.) After the psychopathic glutton finishes literally licking her plate clean she comes to a realization, she has amnesia! The only thing she does remember is her name, Kazumi. The dudes phone rings again and the caller says that they have their bomb and that if the two don't meet at the mall to exchange the cases then she'll bring the bomb to the cops. Kazumi figures that the other person was the one who kidnapped her and is the best clue to finding her memories.

 So at the mall the exchange is made with Kazumi complementing the guys stroganoff and that she hopes he won't use the bomb so she can have it again. Suddenly two middle school girls show up and inquire about the switching of the suitcases. 
Their plot relevancy ratings just skyrocketed!!! This must mean something!
 The duo then open the suitcase and the guy accidentally activates the time bomb. Suddenly a detective and SWAT team arrive and confront the man named Souichiro Tachibana. The detective is about to shoot Tachibana when Kazumi busts out of the suitcase and defends him with evidence so solid that not even Jack McCoy, Matt Murdock, She-Hulk and Phoenix Wright could refute it! 
 Nevertheless the time bomb is about to blow when Kazumi's earrings start to ring, causing something to happen to the bomb when Umika and Kaoru manage to send the bomb into the sky which just releases a bunch of confetti and harmless fireworks. With the crisis over Kazumi accuses the detective of planting the bomb on Tachibana; she tries to change the subject by insisting on getting Kazumi to a hospital since she admitted she has amnesia but Umika and Kaoru intervene and shows her a picture the three took together to prove that they're her friends. Apparently she's been missing since yesterday and the two are surprised that Kazumi lost her memory, so they show her to their home. The three live together in a large house since their parents work overseas and their house itself is paid for by Umika who's a best selling author, while Kaoru is an aspiring soccer star. Kazumi then manages to find her room and after the excitement of the day she just crashes and falls asleep.

Stop being so cute this instant or you'll give everyone diabetes from the pure sugar radiating off of you!
 Later that night she wakes up and finds a note left behind by Umika and Kaoru telling her that the detective from earlier invited them out for dinner. Speaking of food she feels a rumbly in her tummy and hits the kitchen to whip up her dinner. She's just about to tuck into her tasty home cooked dinner when the detective rings the doorbell. She says that she missed the two but Kazumi is still suspicious of her. Despite Kazumi's ditzy cutesy personality she's not an idiot. 

 She points out that the detective seemed to arrive on the scene a little too quickly, was quite quick on pulling her gun on Tachibana and why would she show up to their place after she went through the trouble to call out Umika and Kaoru and just show up at their place when only Kazumi is there? But it looks like she lost more then just her appetite, RUN! The phone rings but the detective knocked it off the hook alerting Umika and Kaoru. The detective explains that someone tipped her off about Tachibana and the bomb. She also said that she also received power from this person and begins to transform. 
She was converted into a Shocker Kaijin, RUN FOR IT KID!!!
 As Kazumi is tossed around by the Mantis her bell earrings ring and she has flashbacks recalling other girls and her standing in a pool of blood and corpses. The Mantis is about to rip her ears off to get the bells, but Kazumi snaps, breaks the mantis' wrist and surprisingly also transforms; into a magical girl! 
Badass intro but, yeah way to suck all the awesome out of your intro with a cute pink straw. Even the big bad beetle baddy is stunned by your reaction, and trust me she's not the only one kid.
 Despite being dazed by Kazumi's bubble headed realization the mantis keeps attacking her. She tries to fire off a spell but of course since she rediscovered her powers only a few seconds ago it's not looking too good. However muscle memory kicks in and we end our first chapter with her defeating the mantis and telling Umika and Kaoru that like Trumpy she can do magic things.

 Chapter 2 continues with Kazumi passing out, not to fatigue but hunger; cause the little silly billy never got dinner. The two shake their heads but Umika discovers something near the unconscious detective.
Whatever it is it can't be good.
 The next morning Kazumi wakes up and notices that the hole in the wall caused by the fight last night was fixed like nothing happened. Undeterred she heads down stairs when she smells something yummy.
Look for her on the premiere of Hells Kitchen Jr!
 Kaoru enters the picture and explains that Umika is just venting her writers block with cooking. However even this isn't enough to quiet the crazy in her head; as she starts doing free wording and starts to go into Sander Cohen territory.
 Since that didn't work it's time for plan B 

 I am not even kidding the next scene the trio are at the mall. After much fluff and Kazumi wondering if Umika and Kaoru only see her as the old Kazumi instead of the today Kazumi she gets a bad feeling, the same one she got from the detective. Following that feeling she gets attacked by girls with black sludge on their face. She manages to remove the sludge with her soul gem but is attacked by the monster producing the sludge. After a wardrobe malfunction Kazumi transforms and attacks the monster but gets smacked around, literally. 

 Kazumi tells Umika and Kaoru to run, but it turns out she's not the only magical girl in town as the two transform. 
Not as cool as Kazumi's, but not bad.
 The two manage to subdue the monster but as Kazumi remembers their fighting tactics she jumps the gun and fires a spell at the wrong time nearly hitting Kaoru and letting the monster get away. Kaoru tells her not to sweat it since she doesn't expect Kazumi to be acting like her old self right away, but she just feels that all she is just a substitute for the old Kazumi. She apologizes for nearly hitting Kaoru so her and Umika agree that her punishment should be, to get some refreshment by way of Umika and Kaoru giving her a haircut, Kay?

 As they give Kazumi her haircut they give her the rundown of Magical Girls, their duties and the wish, Umika and Kaoru's for instance was to meet an editor who would respect her work and to have a body strong enough to be a top class soccer player respectively. Kazumi points out that they could have just wished to win the World Cup and become a best selling author, but they say that they wanted to achieve their goals through their own efforts. Kazumi then asks what her wish was but they say she never told them, they then bring up witches and explain that the Mantis and sludge monsters were witches they've never seen before. So with the exposition over we see Kazumi's new hairdo. 
Congratulations your cuteness levels are over 9000!!!
 She still has her little spiral hair strand which she says is sort of a witch detector, which goes off when her spider sense goes off again. The trio try to figure out the witches MO but are coming up with nothing. So Kazumi decides they need more fuel so they have a quick snack; and surprisingly it works with Umika noticing that all the victims were young girls using a specific brand of makeup.
Really? Because honestly I thought the witch was just emo judging by her dialogue.
 But sure enough there's a woman who's about to attack the crowd. The trio manage to intercede before she can make her move but also discover who the woman's sponsor is.
A magical girl creating artificial witches? The plot thickens.
 The magical girl runs off leaving the trio to deal with her fake witch. Despite some hesitation on Kazumi's part on what the old her would do the trio manage to defeat the cosmetics witch and get a similar object dropped by the Mantis witch. We end this chapter with the group discussing how everyone has the potential to become witches even with the best of intentions, but then decide to get some dinner; all in all a nice shopping day wouldn't you say? There's still some of volume one to cover but before I do I'll give you a warning. 

 Now from some feedback I've received most if not all of you haven't read these manga. So while I will keep going I want give you the chance to read these stories for yourselves before I make my jokes and observations. If you want to read this you can purchase and download it on your kindle or kindle app here. But if you want to hear my thoughts on the later volumes. Here you are, be sure to check out my later reviews of the innocent malice because trust me we're not done with Kazumi and her friends just yet. 

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