Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome to my mind.

Greetings and salutations people of the internet. My name is David Lab and this is the first post of what I hope to be a successful venture of media criticism. On this blog you will read reviews of whatever tends to catch my interest, be it Anime, Tokusatsu, movies, Video Games and what have you. I will also be posting links to various other (much more known and experienced) reviewers and critics.

Now for a quick summation of how my reviews are going to work. I will not be going into an excessive, multi paged review of everything that a product has to offer. Unless of course if I feel that the product in question is of poor quality or if I feel that there is plenty to talk about said product. In the case of Comics I will only just go over at least the first two chapters. For anime, Toku and various other Tv shows I will only just cover the first three episodes of that show and give my recommendation from there. For video games I will just go over the first hour of the game, or at least the length of the Demo. Finally for movies I will just review between the first fifteen to thirty minutes. I will not be following those guidelines if I decide to do a retrospective look on a franchise.

There are three reasons why I choose to review in this format. First, I feel that most internet critics just give away too much of what they are reviewing. Mostly just if they are doing a review of something positive they tend to give too much away so what is the point of watching/playing/reading it if you know what is going to happen. If you know already then what's the point?

Second, I think that most critics tend to coat their own opinions about what they are reviewing ( but then again they're critics they wouldn't be doing their jobs unless they were giving their own opinions). I specifically want to give people a brief glimpse of what they could be in for and let them form their opinions from there. I want to be impartial most of the time is what I am saying.

Third and most importantly I have a personal policy that unless something catches your attention and interest within the first few minutes I would just ignore it. Thus the short reviews, unless something proves to me that it is good then I would not give a second glance at it, and three episodes of a show, fifteen minutes of a movie or a game's demo should be enough to form my opinions. Of course this is all just my initial perspective and the format can and most likely will change as time goes on and I expand on my horizons and viewpoints.

So subscribe and keep your eyes on this page for the reviews that will start to come soon enough. If you have any suggestions for content to review or techniques on my analytical style please leave a comment and remember that opinions are like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike and everyone is unique.