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Video Game Review: Persona Retrospective: Persona (PSP) Part 8: Blooming for me and you

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The team finally made it out of the Black Market and head to Kandori's castle in the third ward. However there is of course a catch. Aki meets them at the front door and says that they can't get in without "the one from the forest" there but she's too much of a chicken so that ain't gonna be happening anytime soon. She then runs inside and closes the door behind her. Mark tries to push open the door while Nanjo notices that Aki placed something in the pedestal and that they won't be getting inside without finding the second half of the key, and since she mentioned the one hiding in the forest on the west side of town that's where they've got to go now. Reiji tries to just bulldoze his way inside screw his BS but Mark tells him to calm down and that he completely loses it when Kandori is involved and that whatever it is he doesn't have to carry it all on his own. Reiji just says that they all make him sick with that kind of grade school crap. Maki tells him to knock it off but Mark says that whether he's disgusted or not, they all have the same goal anyway. So now they're off to the Lost Forest which means back through that stupid subway again.
Once they made it back they head off to the shops to get new equipment and then to the Velvet Room to see what new Personas they can get before finally heading off to the Forest. Once they finally made it through the forest they find a gingerbread house (seriously) where they find a little girl in a white dress, Mark recognizes her as being the ghost from the historical society and asks if she's allies with Aki. The girl starts sobbing at this accusation Maki goes to comfort her and asks if she's Mai, she says yes.
Is it just me or does she seem familiar? Nah probably just me.
Maki then notices that Mai has a half-moon shaped compact mirror that looks suspiciously like hers. They ask if Aki is Mai's friend. She then starts sobbing again saying that Aki is the evil her. She said that one day Kandori showed up and Aki just came out of Mai and went with him.
Mai also explains more about what the mirrors are, she claims that it has the power to grant wishes and that she was the one who created the town and everyone in it! Maki asks what Mai didn't just use her mirror to stop Kandori and Aki but she says it only works properly with the full mirror and Aki has the other half, with it she can just cancel out Mai's wishes and that's why she retreated to the Forest. Thus Kandori's trap, he knows that Mai would use whatever power she had left to keep him and Aki out, so he set it up so that Naoya and his group have no choice but to get the other half of the mirror for him, smart bastard. Mai knows this and tells the group they can't have the mirror and that she should keep hiding from Kandori. But the group tells her that hiding from her problems won't solve anything. Mai then asks the big question, what are they living for anyway that would make them try so hard in the first place? The rest of the group doesn't know but Naoya says that it's to find that reason that keeps him going. That convinces Mai to give the compact to him. And sure enough when the group makes it back to the castle and place the half inside of the pedestal it sinks into the ground and the door opens. So the sneaky jackass has both half's of the wish granting mirror and is just letting the heroes come up because he fell into one of the biggest evil villain cliches. He's being overconfident that nothing can stop his plans and is inviting the heroes up just so he can gloat. I'm pretty sure that's somewhere on the evil Overlord list, so yeah, dumb ass. So the group manages to make it to the fifth floor where sure enough Kandori is up there waiting for them just so he can gloat. But not before he reveals that Reiji is his,
Yep, and the reason why Reiji is so obsessed with killing Kandori is because Reiji's  Mother was their father's mistress who he just used and threw away like a dirty dishrag. And since their father is dead Reiji figures that Kandori is close enough, especially since he's as much of a scumbag as their father. Kandori just has Aki zap Reiji with a lightening attack to shut him up. Kandori then has Aki show the group his plans and ambitions by summoning a giant evil mirror called the Mirror of Chaos to show that he destroyed the hospital back in the real world and created his own castle in it's place called Deva Yuga. From there Kandori will begin his campaign to conquer the world, gain the power of a god and exterminate humanity using the power of his Mirror of Chaos to gain control of dimensions without the use of the Deva System. Kandori and Aki then head to the real world leaving a demon behind to stall for time. Saurva can cause some problems if you don't heal Reiji, Mark and Nanjo fast after Kandori's attacks, even then his Mamagnara attack will hit everyone with Earth damage so take that into consideration when equipping Personas, other then that he should go down faster from Fire, Ice and Wind attacks. Once he's dealt with the group try to find a way to chase after Kandori. Maki suggests the Old Mansion where there were rumors of people being spirited away. It could lead to a clue, especially since SEBEC HQ is located in the exact same place in the real world; there might be a tear or something that could lead back to their world. So off to the mansion they go and once they made it to the mansions top floor they find a device guarded by the demon Hariti. But something seems off since Hariti is speaking with the voice of Maki's mom. The group puts their weapons away and Hariti transforms back into Setsuko. Nanjo explains about this version of Maki to her and before any questions can be answered the portal starts to close so Setsuko stays behind to keep the portal stable while they stop Kandori. Once the group makes it back to the real world they find themselves back inside of the Deva System Chamber where they find Dr Nicholai where he's spouting about the destruction of mankind, letting judgement rain over all humanity and other such nihilistic evil BS. Kandori then teleports in and says that everyone on earth are little more then extensions of himself now and are praising his coming genocide of humanity. When Maki asks why he want to do this he says that that question sounds unlike her. He says that with the mirror he knows and sees all and he once again does the cliche thing and instead of killing them tells them to reach him at the top of Deva Yuga. So up to the top they go and GOOD GOD IS THIS PLACE BIG! No really this is one of the biggest areas in the game, filled to the brim with super strong enemies traps, pitfalls and various other nasty surprises. To all that are reading this and playing the game, good luck. Tune in next time on the Persona retrospective where after we fight Kandori we reveal a new twist!

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Tokusatsu Review: Ressha Sentai Toqger Vs Kyoryuger The Movie Part 2: Gallant Finale (Happy Mothers Day)

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Where we last left our heroes, Devius has awakened and chased them off with just his morning breath. The Kyoryugers took the worst of it and are recovering at the Hyper Ressha Terminal's hospital. Yep since the first part of the movie was mostly spent around the Kyoryugers, time for the Toqgers to get the spotlight, oh goody. Conductor informs the team that Gabutyra and the rest of the Zyudenchi are staying at the terminal in their giant battery forms. The team decides that even though they can't win against Devius on their own they still have to fight, otherwise the world is screwed. Even if they could they can't charge over to Devius until the Resshas are repaired, so until then, we have ourselves some character scenes. Which I won't spoil for you readers, because I honestly think you need to see it for yourselves, it's a scene that shows what Toqger could have been if more time, thought and care went into writing it. Now I'm not attacking the writer of Toqger Yasuko Kobayashi here; I mean when she was writing Toqger she had a lot on her plate at the time. In addition to this she was also writing the anime adaptations of "Attack on Titan" and "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure", two anime adaptations of highly beloved and acclaimed manga that if executed badly would have most likely dealt serious damage to her carrier, so when it came between the three it's pretty clear which one had to be given less priority. I mean let's face it, Attack on Titan and Jojo's source materials aren't even over yet so there's more wiggle room and can still go on. Toqger on the other hand would only last for one year as apposed to the others which have been going on for much longer. I hope you get what I'm getting at. Oh jeez I forgot about these two.
Yeah this is Joyful Knight Candelira
and her second banana, Fun-filled Spy Luckyrou.
These two were originally part of the Deboss army until they turned good at the end of the series and now work with the Kyoryugers. Them and their cartoon sound effects are completely useless in this movie, though seriously why are they making so many over the top noises were they hanging around with Michael Winslow?
 Now for the Toqgers to also give the raspberry, not to Dark Helmet but to Devius as the next morning they roll out for Devius' lair with the amalgamated Zyudenchi. Where we see President Ice Cream Bunny thanking Torin for his cooperation.
"And when this is over I can go up to Heaven with Snuffy."
Torin was also a creation of Deboss and the Kyoryuger's mentor before he was killed towards the end of the series. The team heads out but of course things aren't that easy, Devius knows they're coming and using the powers of Darkness resurrects several Shadow Kaijin to keep the Toqgers from reaching him before he fully awakens. Table and Chair Shadow are the first at bat flipping a junction point to try and get the trains off course. Akira manages to reset the switch and the rest continue while he holds off the Brothers. Next up are two Kurainers piloted by these two.
Fence Shadow on the left and Hammer Shadow on the right.
Hikari, Kagura, Mio and Tokatti hold them down while Right crashes the Ressha with the Zyudenchi at Devius' force field, destroying it and granting him access to the crashed Station. Right makes it to Devius just as Daigo shows up to give him back up. Akira manages to beat the brothers but is out numbered by two more Shadow Kaijin.
The duo of Coin Shadow and Saber Shadow.
The other Toqgers aren't doing much better. The girls not only have to deal with Hammer Shadow
but also Chain Shadow.
The guys are getting kicked in the head by Fence Shadow as well as Vacuum Shadow.
No you're not high they did mix an elephant with a vacuum cleaner. This thing was also featured in one of the worst episodes of the show as well as one of the worst mech intro episodes I've ever seen.
Even immobile Devius is throwing Right and Daigo around like rag-dolls even using Sith lightning on the two; not even joking here the only thing missing is him screaming about UNLIMITED POWERRRRRRRRR! He then demonstrates said unlimited power by fully awakening, using his GCI tentacles to attack them and then drives the two through a steel door.  All seems lost but the Kyoryugers show up to help the rest of the team, Utchy backing up Akira, Amy and Ian helping Mio and Kagura; and Nossan and Souji backing up Tokatti and Hikari. Meanwhile the two reds can't make a dent in Devius, even Right's ungodly stupid Hyper Toq 1 from barely helps, it just barely manages to keep him alive as Devius knocks him so hard it forces him to power down and Daigo protects Right from the killing blow by transforming into his own Battlizer, Carnival Mode which Devius takes down in one shot. He then hands Right the Carnival Zyudenchi as he manages to get Devius in a full nelson. Right then loads up the Daikaiten Cannon with the Battery and prepares to fire. The other Rangers however are out matched by the six Shadow Kaijin and are about to be killed. Daigo tells Right to nut up and fire the damn thing, Right then transforms the Zyudenchi into the Hyper Kyoryuger Ressha and fires at Devius.
But instead of what happened in DBZ Daigo manages to survive the blast and the rest of the Rangers manage to combine their attacks to take out the Shadow Kaijin. The two Reds manage to escape the collapsing Station and make it back to the others. But of course Devius isn't dead yet and grows, he's about to kill them when the group gets some expected back up.
Yep, the long awaited return of KyoryuCyan, Grey, Violet and Silver.
No seriously, where the hell were these guys while all this was going on? Apparently the only reason they got involved is because Candelira and Luckyrou told them what was going on, but wait shouldn't those two chunkheads have told them sooner so, you know the stituation might have been resolved easier and with the chance of them all coming back alive? But then again what do you expect from those two, actually be compitent? Yeah I guess that would be too much.
 But the Toqgers get some really unexpected back up. The Shadow Line generals, hell Nero even does his own little entry pose.
Don't worry Nero we still think you're cool.
Yeah I honestly think this is a first here folks, the current Villain faction helping the two teams defeat the main villain in a crossover movie. And no I don't count AbareKiller helping out in the Dekaranger Abaranger crossover. First off he was a ranger (an evil one granted)but he did reform and was considered to be a part of the team before he died. Anyway the reason why Zett is helping is pretty simple, they want revenge. So the Kyoryugers and Toqgers do their team transformations the groups combined their powers and finally destroyed Devius. WAIT WHAT? After Devius was kicking so much ass, after nearly killing the Kyoryugers just by fireing his laser beams he gets taken out just because twenty people fired all at once, the dude that made Deboss, the mosnter that whiped out the dinosaurs, just got beaten because of a really big blast?
Yeah I know that's how these movies tend to play out but usually the enemies in those other movies are just remnants of the last season's army's or at least affiliated with them in someway, but Devius was the guy that literally created the Deboss army, so I kind of expected a bit more from this guy then just the standard group final blast (granted this wasn't exactly the conventional group blast with the inclusion of Zett and the rest of the Shadow Line) but you get where I'm coming from right? A god like being should not be taken down this easily. Sure since a Big bad was involved with taking him down I can kind of buy it but the principal of it all just doesn't sit well with me. It also doesn't exactly make the Kyoryugers look all that good if it requires the power of their successors Big Bad to help take down the creator of their Big Bad you know what I mean Vern? Hell this whole movie seems kind of schizophrenic like that the first half of the movie seems dedicated to making the Kyoryugers look good and the second half for the Toqgers, hell the Toqgers seem to be better written here then the show, odd. So yeah Kars is dead, the teams make their goodbyes and all's well that ends well. So in my opinion, this movie was okay but had some problems. Thankfully the more annoying parts of Toqger didn't show up all that often in this movie, if even Daigo was groaning about how much of an idiot Right is this movie would have sunk like a stone. However to seemingly make up for this the problems of Kyoryuger seemed to crop up more often, we only really see Daigo interacting with the Toqger cast; the other five main members were mostly there to help with the fights and the four extra rangers literally only show up for the final exchange with Devius. Speaking of which they built up Devius as this ultra Omega level Badass that could wipe out planets like it was nothing, just to end up with a knockoff off a far better villain that the movies writer also worked on. And yeah Kars is a far superior villain then this cosmic cupcake. Just watch or read Battle Tendency for evidence of that alone. On that note at least this movie give me plenty of chances to make Jojo references without having to mention the Persona series. Which I'll get back to covering next time, unless something else comes along during that time.

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Tokusatsu Review: Ressha Sentai Toqger Vs Kyoryuger The Movie Part 1: Valiant Vision.

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This movie is going to be a problem, as you may or may not know I have, well a definitive opinion of Toqger. But I don't want to look like a psychotic lunatic describing my feelings about Toqger, so I will leave my good friend Silky Johnson, a true trained and learned hater to give my feelings about the 38th Super Sentai.
A true hater; one that I hope and fear will become someday. But I've gone on record long enough about my hatred of these unimaginative morons; time to talk about their predecessors; Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. They're the strongest braves in history who fought against the Deboss army, an army of monsters that caused the extermination of the Dinosaurs millions of years ago. In the modern day they tried to revive their master Deboss by gathering emotional energy from people. I think Kyoryuger was an okay series, but the complaints I have with it are pretty much the same as everyone else, too much focus on Daigo especially when this team had a roster of TEN RANGERS that the extra development could have gone to but it wasn't because reasons, way too much explosions (thank you Sakamoto) and the show in general was a bit too goofy for my taste. I'll get into this more when I decide to talk about the first eight episodes of Kyoryuger's adaptation Power Rangers Dino Charge but I'm definitely liking Dino Charge more then Kyoryuger. So for right now let's see how these two teams mix and if I have to hurl afterwords from digesting the concoction. We open in space where Lady, a character from Toqger's other movie "Galaxy Line SOS" (also I see the Thomas the Tank Engine reference you made by naming her "Lady" nice try) reports to the Rainbow line that a Galaxy Line station has been attacked by a mass of green energy and both are on a collision course with the earth. So our army of Tom Hanks wannabees transform and head to the crash site to see what exactly caused the station to crash, discovering Zorimas and Cambrimas the foot solders and elite foot solders of the Deboss army emerging from the green energy seeping from the crashed station. The team tries to fight them off but their attack do jack all against them. Kagura is about to be killed by a Zorima until a certain duo shows up.
Yep the return of Daigo (Kyoryu Red) and Amy (Kyoryu Pink)
The two veterans easily take care of the goons while Tokatti and Kagura wonder who they are. Um you two should know at least half of that question since, oh wait that movie never happened never mind. The two then get saved by Nossan (Kyoryu Blue) from the grunt, but not from his puns.

Yep, Nossan absolutely loves these word puns, at least the guys at Tv Nihon did the translations as best as they could and explained what this highball joke was so it didn't go completely over our heads. But still just because I have to, here's the clip just out of principal.

 Mio then gets saved by Ian (Kyoryu Black) while Souji (Kyoryu Green) one of the least developed characters in Kyoryuger saves Hikari, my favorite Toqger and who I think is the real leader of the group. As the Kyoryugers do their literally explosive introduction they inadvertently pull a Ziggy from RPM and catch the Toqgers in their back explosion sending them flying. HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, eh that's just plain old fashioned funny for several reasons, not the least of which showing how incompetent the Toqgers are. Hell the first 15 minutes of this movie seems to be dedicated to doing just that, and I am more then happy with that. Yeah I know the cardinal rule of any team up is to not make one faction look better then the other, but if the one that looks bad is Toqger I soooooooooooooo don't care. So while the train twits lick their burn marks the Kyoryugers clean house with the grunts.
Right, why is it that almost every time you open your mouth you say something stupid?

 The Kyoryugers try to get to the station but are stopped by a green force field. Unfortunately like the Kyoryuger series itself the other members of the team search for a way to break the shield leaving Daigo to get all of the character interaction with the Toqgers. Really? The rest of the team didn't think to ask the Toqgers what they know about the situation and compare notes to hopefully find out what caused this; especially since this is tied into their group and network of allies? Oh wait there goes me and my logic again. Yeah why would we want to see the primary members of this team up bounce off of each other and get interesting character interactions based off of how different and similar they are? Who would want to watch that? Heh heh, oy vey. Anyway after Daigo shows off his new haircut the Toqgers start asking Daigo questions which Conductor wants answered immediately and brings them on the trains so Daigo can explain it all. Also, yes Daigo can see and board the trains, because he has imagination.
 Sorry but I have to do that everytime Toqger mentions Imagination, yeah that part still pisses me off and you should too. After more dialogue that causes brain tumors with every period Daigo explains that the station was brought down by Devius, the being responsible for creating Deboss and thus the Deboss army. Speaking of which Devius' henchman; Salamas is meeting with Zett and the rest of the Shadow Line to ask for help keeping the two Sentai teams off his back while Devius gains a physical form.
Wait a minute, this looks familiar. Oh god Devius is a Pillar Man! This might explain what happened to Kars after Joseph sent him into space. He got sent through a worm hole into this universe, was converted into a mass of energy and using his powers as the Ultimate Life form, created Deboss as a means to conquer the universe!
 And in exchange they'll help Zett kill the Toqgers. Zett agrees and decides to loan Salamas a Shadow Kaijin. Salamas thanks Zett by kissing his robe which caused Morc to attack him for stepping out of line. After hearing the situation from Daigo the Toqgers offer their help but Daigo refuses pointing out how their weapons and attacks were useless against the grunts. He also senses something about them, something childish that he doesn't want to put in danger. Daigo then does a dine and dash as he JUMPS OUT OF THE MOVING TRAIN AND LANDS WITHOUT A SCRATCH! Right, not one to listen to reason, sound advice or anything that doesn't come from his own noise hole decides that they're going to fight Devius anyway, even though they know that their weapons and attacks can't hurt him and his creations.
 While everyone tries to keep Right under control we cut to Utchy (Kyoryu Gold) waiting for Daigo at the train station. Our movie exclusive monster shows up with some Kuros; the Shadow Line's foot solders and after a silly little exchange Utchy tries to fight off the forces.
The decorated decorum devoted dunce in the middle is Clock Shadow.
 However just like when the Toqgers couldn't hurt the Deboss grunts with their weapons, Utchy's sword can't cut it with the Shadow Line grunts either. Thankfully the other Toqger that I can stand, Akira shows up to help Utchy fend off the Kuros. After a pointless scene of Right making a right ass out of himself we cut back to the fight where Clock Shadow starts, well pretending he's a clock striking 12, Akira warns Utchy to run and not listen to him sing, Utchy of course refuses to run, the Toqgers then show up and Clock Shadow starts singing again forcing Akira to summon the Build Ressha to get them all to retreat. Clock Shadow orders the Kuros to go after them, when a certain group of gaudy Ninjas show up, and no one of them isn't Pierre Kirby; it's the Ninningers. Yep as is tradition now with these crossover movies we get a preview/showcase of the next seasons Sentai, though they usually come in near the end of the movie. So yeah this an odd change of pace but a good one in my opinion. So for the next five minutes we get the Ninningers destroying all the Kuros and chasing Clock Shadow off, but not before he summons a Kurainer to squash them. Instead of summoning their Otomo Nin they instead use a Nin Shuriken that they just pulled out of their ass (so far not sure if this will actually be introduced in the show as of 5/6/15) to shrink the Kurainer to human size so they can finish it off with their finishing attack.

"Dad, the movie's talking to me again" "I'll fire up the electroshock machine."
 After Deadpool found his new targets for stealing his schtick we cut back to the Toqgers who have now been turned into kids, or rather restored to normal. As for Utchy, well.....
 Yeah it turns out that Clock Shadow has the ability to age regress a person; the longer they listen to his clock impression the farther back they go. Wait hold on, the longer the victim is exposed to the effects the younger they become. The one who has this power is weird, malicious and works for a guy who is viewed as the embodiment of pure evil.

 OH GOD GET AWAY! The fact that Clock Shadows voice actor Masaya Onosaka is also the voice actor for Alessi does not help matters at all, in fact the little voice in my head is telling me that this casting choice and Clock Shadow's powers was made as an intentional reference. Ugh anyway Akira says that Clock Shadow's powers don't work on other Shadows and that's why he's fine. With the Toqgers occupied with Chibichi the Kyoryugers are trying to get to Devius, with no success, Daigo then summons Gabutyra to take a crack at it, however Kurainers show up to reinforce the barrier with darkness, so even with Gabutyra they can't get in. Akira calls the Kyoryugers to show them what happened to Utchy and the Toqgers.
GET IT?! Yeah I can't honestly believe they went there.
 Ugh this whole review is getting squicky. What makes me feel even more uncomfortable is the fact that RIGHT of all people comes to the realization that the team's respective powers don't work on the other teams enemies. So for Devius to be stopped both teams have to work together. Clock Shadow shows up with an army of Kuros, Zorimas and Cambrimas. The Kyoryugers transform to protect the kids, however Right and the other kids can still transform and do so.
Couldn't we have these Toqgers instead?
 Now time for me to explain something about my hatred for Toqger. Everyone I've seen defending this show says that "they're kids in adult bodies what do you expect of course they're going to be annoying, kids are annoying." Yeah I get that but here's the thing, the show says that the team are kids in adult bodies, but for me, it comes off as the leads being adults that are acting like children, and there is a gigantic difference. We know that kids more often enough do indeed act like the Toqgers, but again the problem is that as far as we can tell Adults are acting like Children! Do you get where I'm coming from?

 But to be perfectly honest, for the rest of the movie where the Toqgers are kids, they are 1000 more tolerable for me. If the team from the start were portrayed by child actors this show would have fared far better in my eyes. I mean say what you will about Kou from Dairanger, Riki from Ohranger or Justin from Power Rangers Turbo at least when they were Rangers they were still kids in their civilian forms, you could have done what those shows or even Beetleborgs did, have the child actors and just have them grow to adult proportions when they transform, or even switch to more grown up voices while they're transformed so there won't be any scheduling conflicts with their schoolwork or whatever. Because from what little I've seen here these kids should have been the main heroes of the show, that change would have removed at least 50% of my rage at this show and make Right far more tolerable as a character, because this behavior is more tolerable from a kid then a grown ass adult. Also it seems that Right is acting more mature as a kid then he was as an adult. Okay, rant over.
I have Chris Hanson and I'm not afraid to use him.
 So the two teams on Right's suggestion swaps their power totems with their opposite number, the Toqgers give the Kyoryugers their Resshas and the Kyoryugers give their Zyudenchi batteries, with the totems inserted (somehow) into their respective devices the fight is on. Akira would have joined in on this but, well he still has Chibichi to look after. And the core swap worked, as the combined forces can hurt both groups of foot solders now.
 Great, that's just what this movie needed, the return of the unholy love child of Majin Buu and a dumpling. Long story go watch episode 15 to see the context behind this stupid looking abomination. So after, that the grunts are gone and all that's left is the mechanized Don Patch. Meanwhile the Shadow Line chew out Salamas for his plan going pear shaped. Salamas however lives up to his name and sets Castle Terminal on fire, yeah that part of Zetts cape he kissed? Yeah apparently that was him planing the "fuse" as it were for his pyrokinetic abilities. So he torches the place, steals some Kurainers and makes tracks. The two teams combine their powers to destroy Clock Shadow, but before he can grow Salamas steals the darkness and grows, fusing five Kuros with him to make,
 I mean come on, are you kidding me with this thing? Look I get what they were going for, mixing a train with a dragon. I know that dragons were often grouped together with Salamanders in European mythology and modern depictions of Salamanders often cast them as being associated with fire and I guess the producers wanted to mix the themes of the two villain groups together but come on!  There's mixing and matching and then there's taking two puzzle pieces from completely different sets and slamming them together until they kind of fit. So the teams summon their mechs, fire their lasers at Salamas, and they can't aim for crap. Salamas somehow manages to survive the initial assault so the team summon their strongest mechs ToQ Rainbow and Gigant Kyoryujin to destroy Salamas. With his destruction the Toqgers and Utchy grow to their adult forms again.

 However they're too late, Devius has awakened and just with a single laser blast nearly destroys both mechs forcing the teams to retreat. Next time we conclude this movie and I give my final thoughts.

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