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Let's Play Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant Kingdom: Part 68-72 (Finale)

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 Isn't it just the way? You go into a final boss battle thinking you're going up against Serpentor and the Great Rock Leader of Shocker but instead you get a cheap skirmish. Only for the Great Rock Leader to actually have an entire dream world inside of it. After some nightmare fuel and revelations that I literally saw coming since we saw this guy we finally take down Serpentor. Only psych, that's not the real final boss, it turns out to be a giant demonic Superboy Prime!

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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is propriety of Level-5 games and Namco Bandai. 

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Tokusatsu Review: Toku Summer Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger Vs Keisatsu Sentai Patrangers: Persona 5 the Live (Spoilers)

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Before you even ask, no this isn't a movie this is an actual series. Now I have to wonder what the crossover with Dumbluck and his gang of idiots is going to be called.
 Now that our resident genius is covered for now we're ready for a game of cops and robbers. Thankfully there isn't as much story to cover as of this article so here's the gist of 2018's Sentai. Over 100 years ago the legendary thief Arsène Lupin amassed a vast collection across his career as a Gentleman thief. Among his prizes were a group of powerful and potentially dangerous artifacts which has been dubbed the Lupin Collection. However an organization of interdiminsional criminals called the Ganglar stole the Collection and have used their powers to commit terrible crimes. 

 Their Don, Dogranio Yaboon announces on his 999th birthday that he's looking for a successor to the Ganglar crime family, thus declares that whomever conquers the earth shall be named the new Don. Naturally every Ganglar is looking to take his place and begin plotting their various schemes to earn his favor. But there are two forces that stand in their way by using their own pieces of the Lupin Collection modified by the man himself to protect humanity, the Lupinrangers charged by Lupin's estate to recover the Collection pieces in exchange for a single wish, to resurrect their loved ones who were killed by a Ganglar. The other is the Patrangers charged by the Global Police with protecting the general public from the horrible crimes committed by the Ganglar. Who will win, whose justice will prevail in the end?

 On paper this sounds like an interesting concept for a Sentai, two separate teams with opposing viewpoints and yet equal motivations to stop the Ganglar. One is a rebellious group of thieves who risk their lives to prevent anyone else from suffering the way they have. The other is a group of officers sworn to protect the safety of the general public by any means necessary. But when you see it play out, it commits the ultimate sin of team ups, the Lupinrangers are portrayed far more positively then the Patrangers. In all honestly my feeling of the Patrangers' inclusion in this show can be summed up in this meme.
I'm betting Toei originally wanted a Phantom Thief themed Sentai to take advantage of the popularity of Persona 5, but decided to just include the Patrangers just for the sake of differentiating themselves from what they're clearly trying to cash in on.
 I'll get into why I feel the Patrangers are unnecessary and why the Lupinrangers are the real heroes of the show after I talk about them. Now Toei seems to have learned their lesson from Kyuuranger (for now at least) so instead of 12 characters that get all the development and attention focused on their reprehensible Red Ranger we instead have two teams of three making my job much easier in that there's less Rangers to cover and harder in that they're distinct. But enough malarky, first is our Red Thief, Kairi.
HA, I wish. A female Red Ranger right from the start, pfft, that'd be bullshit. (sarcasm)
No no, instead of a Keyblade wielder we have Kairi Yano who became Lupin Red to resurrect his older brother.  He's sly, cunning and sympathetic to people's suffering. Though does tend to focus on the Phantom Thief business to the chagrin of Umika who winds up getting overworked at their bistro.
Next is Tooma Yoimachi, he became Lupin Blue to resurrect his fiancée. While he's the most driven of the Lupinrangers this tends to cause him to take impulsive and reckless action in regards to obtaining the collection pieces from the Ganglar or the Patrangers which Kairi and Umika have to reign him in for before he goes too far. Wait, isn't this the other way around? It's usually the Red who's impulsive and the Blue who's the calm thinker. Though he is driven like that he does care for his teammates and will go above and beyond to see his fiancée again. 
Last for the Phantom Thieves is Lupin Yellow, Umika Hayami. Her dead loved one was her childhood friend Shiho.  Though she may appear be the weakest of the team she is the most resourceful and approachable. Though she may come off as childish she does take her mission as a Lupin Ranger very seriously, though she wouldn't mind if Kairi would help out more around the Bistro.
 I love the designs of the Lupinrangers their visors are shaped like a Top hat, the color balance of black and the primary color to look like a tuxedo and best of all is the capes.

 Edna darling, shut up these capes work. They're not long long enough for an enemy to take advantage of, the black on the shoulders contribute to the tuxedo design and two triangles on the collar of the cape look like a bowtie. All in all a classy and cool design. So now we have the thieves, we then move on to the cops. 
First is Patren 1gou Keichiro Asaka or as I like to call him; Dickhead since he's a detective who seems to only think with his other head. Yep we have another dumbass Red, just with a different flavor. Instead of a god modding idiot we have an impulsive, angry hothead who has a very black and white worldview and seems to only do his job to stroke his ego against the Lupinrangers. He claims to protect the public but on multiple occasions has been willing to perform reckless actions to stop the Ganglars and Lupinrangers such as when he drew out a fight with a Ganglar just to draw out the Lupinrangers. Or that time when he nearly got himself killed with poison just to show a kid how much cooler the Patrangers are then the Lupinrangers. Oh and most recently when he tried to kidnap Goodie (aka Good Striker a sentient collection piece charged by Lupin himself to protect the collection pieces that forms the basis of both teams mechs) and forcing him to serve the Global Police as a weapon against the Ganglars. I repeat, a supposed officer of the law, wanted to enslave a sentient being as a weapon to uphold Law and Order just because he was sent to them first.
 That is YHVH from SMT levels of Lawful Evil. You know, the guy whose most powerful minions were literally designed by the guy behind Garo.
 Though at least Dickhead is far more tolerable then Wrong, Leftovers or Dumbluck for four reasons. One, Tsukasa more often then not does call him out on his crap. (Though why their commander Hilltop hasn't is beyond me.) Second, the show doesn't over glorify his actions or make him right when everything says that he's wrong, most of the time. Third, he's not the only Red for the show, so if you don't like Dickhead we can cheer on Kairi. Lastly, the show's not over yet. We've had this type of Red before with the exact same theme, Banban Akaza aka Dekared from Dekaranger had a similar personality and temperament at the start of the show but he did grow and develop as a character. Also from little info I was able to gleam about the 6th Ranger Lupin/Patren X his whole goal is to bring the two teams together to focus on the Ganglar so part of that will hopefully involve Keichiro getting over his ego and seeing the bigger picture.

Moving on to slightly better characters we have Sakuya Hikawa, Patren 2go. He's the rookie cop who is just one step away from Umika getting him a restraining order. He has a crush on her and is not subtle about it at all. He has a much more laid back attitude which of course rattles Dickhead's cage but he does care about his duties.
Lastly is my favorite of the Patrangers, Tsukasa Myoujin. She's the mother hen of the group, routinely motivating Sakuya and occasionally reprimanding Dickhead when he crosses the line. She also has a running gag about her love of odd plushies despite not being the stereotypical girly girl.
 Before I get into my major gripes of the show I'll say that what worked for the Lupinrangers' costumes also works for the Patrangers. Design wise they're complete inversions of the Lupinrangers, Police hats instead of Top hats for the visors, white with their primary colors instead of black looking like a police uniform along with actual shoulder pads instead of the capes, overall a good design. While they're supposed to be the best of the Japanese branch of the Global Police the Lupinrangers more often then not use them to draw out the Ganglar of the weak rather easily. So basically denigrating one faction of this vs series to make the other team look better by comparison. This show commits the ultimate sin of any team up to feed into Japans negative perception of their cops.

 Now occasionally the Patrangers do display their competency and manage to nearly expose the Lupinrangers, but to make up for that the Patrangers have been given some of the dumbest episodes so far. Like the aforementioned Dickhead trying to impress the random brat episode and of course they got a gender swap episode, and yes the jokes were bad and insulting why'd you expect any less? Though the second part of that two parter exposed the biggest problem with the Patrangers, when Dickhead was hospitalized for the poisoning caused by his recklessness Sakuya and Tsukasa actually managed to do much better against the Ganglar despite their injuries (again a result of Dickhead's reckless actions yet he's never held accountable, because of course.) But when Dickhead forced himself out of the hospital and defeated the Ganglar it was back to business as usual.

 This idiot even nearly caused the Lupinrangers to fall into despair when it looked like he destroyed a Ganglar before the Lupinrangers were able to retrieve his Collection Piece. Though from what I can tell its never made clear whether the Patrangers know about the collection pieces, what they can do, the Ganglars having extra powers because of them, the wish, why the Lupinrangers are so desperate to get to them first it just seems like they just focus on the Ganglar regardless of the consequences. Now because I'm me I have a suggestion that would clear up this whole ambiguous part of the show and possibly improve it, make the Patrangers know about the Collection Pieces from the start and actively try to destroy them. Have them know that the collection pieces are what gives the Ganglar extra powers as well as the wish that they can grant when all of them are brought together and try to destroy them not only because of the first reason but also to prevent a dangerous person from amassing the pieces to try to become a god, take over the world, destroy the world or something crazy like that. But even when they eventually learn about what the Lupinrangers are trying to wish for have them still go after them.

 But this is the key part, have them be sympathetic towards wanting to resurrect their loved ones but try to push a "the dead can't come back, you have to accept their deaths, tragic and pointless though it may be otherwise this desire will consume and destroy you" point of view. They can possibly relate with them by talking about some of their loved ones who were pointlessly killed and have that be a contributing factor behind why they joined the Global Police. Besides anyone who has seen any piece of fiction ever can tell you what happens when you try to resurrect someone with supernatural means.

Unless you're using the Dragonballs to resurrect someone
they tend to come back horribly, horribly wrong!!!
 This way we have a legitimate reason why these two groups are trying to reach the Ganglar first, have some understandable conflict between the two teams and make the Patrangers actually sympathetic and likable. We can both see their points of views and hope that either the Patrangers agree to help the Lupinrangers to ensure that the wish is only used for non violent means or have the Lupinrangers eventually accept the potential risk of the wish, move past their grief and join forces with the Patrangers to stop the Ganglar. Or we could just have one team outwit a pair who are stuck with a hotheaded ball and chain around their ankles. We could have Captain America Civil War, but Toei seems set on settling for being at least just above Batman V Superman, though all thats missing is for one of the characters to say "Martha" and the show will officially go down the toilet.

 I'll just naively hope that the show gives Dickhead the character development he desperately needs with the intro of Lupin/Patren X but somehow I know Toei is just going to keep the spotlight on the Lupinrangers until they eventually make the Patrangers into flat-out secondary antagonists. Or even worse have the two join up just because with no real development or camaraderie between the two. Though this is still a far better show then Kyuuranger and I do like it despite its flaws so give it a watch if you want too. Besides it's still a better adaptation of Persona 5 then Persona 5 the animation.

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Let's Play Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant Kingdom: Part 64-67

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 Don't worry we'll be getting back to the main story in just another episode. I just need to wrap up as much of the side content as possible so you can all see that I definitely did indeed complete this game. I know that in the grand scheme that doesn't mean much but then again this is a blind LP so I have no clue what is relevant to the story or now and just wanted to be thorough. Lesson learned kids RPGS and LP's don't mix all that well. Some exceptions apply but definitely not this game despite how much I do genuinely like it.

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Let's Play Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant Kingdom: Part 59-63

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 You'd think that after the fight with Mausinger there'd me a lot more tension and hostility between the mice and Grimalkin. But I figure that both sides have just had enough of the ancient grudge and just want to bury the hatchet. That and also the eminent threat of a giant evil Mega Evolved Golem might push cooperation for the time being. Though as per tradition once the big crisis is over we go out to see if there's any who's willing to contribute to the cause of Evermore and the world's peace. I mean the Great Leader isn't going anywhere so we might as well bolster the Union's forces.

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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is propriety of Level-5 games and Namco Bandai. 

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Tokusatsu Review: Toku Summer Recap: Kamen Rider Build: FOR SCIENCE!!! (Spoilers)

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 Now I know that I'm waaaaay behind schedule with discussing 2018's Sentai; Kamen Rider pair but there's a good reason. I usually do this in conjunction with the spring crossover special between the two shows as a teaser for the the upcoming spring movie. But since the spring Taisen movies are discontinued due to Toei's executives putting pressure on the Japanese Dan Didio/ Joe Quesada; Shinichiro Shirakura to can them due to the combination of these movies being financial, critical and just all around horrible products that damages the reputation of their two biggest franchises there's no spring crossovers for me to give brief synopsis of the currently running series. I'm of two minds on this, one I'm grateful that this happened and it honestly should have happened much sooner since the Taisen movies were flaming pieces of rat feces that should have died sooner. On the other hand I'm now out of free easy review material as my previous reviews of Kamen Rider Taisen (aka the worst of the worst) the crossover of Ninninger and Drive and last year's Cho Super Hero Taisen can attest.

 But now that they're done with they seem to be moving on the Space Squad crossover movies, where the current Space Sherif Gavan and the Dekarangers pair up with either a metal hero or a space/dimension themed Sentai or Rider to deal with a syndicate composed of the remnants of the Metal Heroes' enemy organizations. Or at least that's what I gathered, I'll be covering the first one and Girls in Trouble later to make sure everyone is on the same level when I take yet another shot at Dumbluck and his band of morons. Now on to the main event; the two current series. Now I know why aside from the lack of spring movie thing they didn't have a crossover, Build takes place in an alternate universe, separate from the main Toei earth. That's not speculation they clearly establish that in Heisei Generations Final that Build is on another earth, as if the Skywall stuff wasn't enough of a giveaway, now once again there will be massive spoilers for Build since unlike Ghost or Ex-Aid there's actually quite a bit of backstory for Build that I need to cover so don't say I didn't warn you, I repeat this is your final spoiler warning.

 Now for the main story as of right now, back in 2007 an astronaut named Soichi Isurugi discovered an artifact on Mars called Pandora's box and became possessed by an alien being called Evolt, who was the one who destroyed all life on Mars utilizing the power of the box. Returning to Earth Evolt tried to activate the box again to destroy the planet. However the queen of Mars, Vernage possessed Soichi's daughter Misora and drained the main power source for the Box, 60 small tubes referred to as Fullbottles which contains the essence of something native to the planet, 30 organic; 30 inorganic. Because of her tampering; when Evolt tried to activate the box it only erected a large wall that divided Japan into three (all still Japan but in the chaos of the Skywall's creation several governments were created to seize control).
The three new countries are Touto (green) Hokuto (Blue) and Seito (red).
 Those present when the Sky Wall was erected were also subjected to a light that caused their desires to overcloud their sense of morality, basically everyone there was brainwashed into being unhinged, power-hungry nut jobs that shouldn't be near any position of power, and yet they were and now we're in this mess. One of the people present was a scientist named Takumi Katsuragi who later earned the nickname of the Demon Scientist for his extensive research on Pandora's box as well as his human experiments with Nebula Gas, a byproduct of the Sky Wall that turned people into monsters called Smash when concentrated into a liquid form. His experiments were uncovered but was recruited by the son of Touto's prime minister; Gentoku Himiro to continue his research under his new organization Faust.

 Under Faust Takumi continued his research, resulting in Project Build which would utilize the concentrated and distilled Nebula Gas to fill the FullBottles which would be utilized by the Build Driver and similar devices to become what was deemed a Kamen Rider to be weapons of war. However the Build driver had requirements to reach as well as an unexpected side effect. To use the Build Driver the user had to have a Hazard level of 3.0 (which is a tolerance and resistance to Nebula Gas, any lower levels would have the user just become a Smash or die). Also if someone who was exposed to the light of Pandora's box used the driver and had the Hazard level requirements would have the psychological effects removed.

 Which when Katusragi completed and used realized how far he'd fallen and remembered the true purpose of Project Build, kill Evolt by reverse engineering the Evolt Driver to create the Build Driver. Eventually would Takumi confront Evolt but he was defeated, had his memories erased by over exposure to the Nebula Gas, his face swapped with a recently murdered clinical trial subject and used by Evolt to use the Build Driver to stop Faust and the Smash as Kamen Rider Build, hijinks ensued. Now that the main back story (leaving out a few minor details) is out of the way time to discus our main characters and where the show is now.

First off is the titular Kamen Rider Build. After Takumi's mind was erased and face changed Evolt (while posing as Tsurugi) takes the amnesiac young man into his care eventually giving him the name of Sento Kiryu and setting up the scenario of refilling the Fullbottles. Eventually Sento discovered the truth behind his amnesia and has sworn to right the wrongs that his previous self did. That is until recently where Takumi's memories came back leaving the fate of the false persona Sento in question.

Next is the secondary Rider, Banjo Ryuga Kamen Rider Cross Z. Originally a boxer whose girlfriend was turned into a Smash and died due to the strain of the transformation process on top of her pre existing condition. Her extracted Nebula Gas was refined into the Dragon FullBottle which Banjo uses to become Cross Z. It was later revealed that he's actually a fragment of Evolt that possessed the fetus in his mother resulting in the split off Evolt losing his powers and memories. The main Evolt eventually reclaimed the splinter from within Banjo resulting in losing his ability to transform, but regained it by stealing the Dragon Evoltbottle resulting in his new current default form. Though over the course of the series Banjo's had four (technically six) different forms throughout the show, excessive much?

Following up is Kamen Rider Grease Kazumi Sawatari. (heh heh that's a girls name) He was originally a farmer from Hokuto but when the land became infertile after the Skywall was created and thus unable to pay his workers he volunteered to become a Faust Test subject for their newest driver, the Sclash Driver to ensure their survival. The SclashDriver utilized packets of refined Fullbottle liquid that was processed into Gel to transform into a far more powerful Rider but at the cost of higher Hazard level requirements and promoting more aggressive behavior from the user. Initially a solder for Hokuto he joined Touto after Hokuto was taken over by Seito and his three comrades were killed by Seito's forces. 

Speaking of Grease's friends, the guy who killed the last of them, Gentoku Himiro as Kamen Rider Rogue. As mentioned before, he was the head of Faust, Night Rogue. Gentoku was exposed, defeated by Build and exiled by his father. He escaped and fled to Seito for revenge, so after he was tortured and experimented by Evolt he was able to use a Sclash Driver with a special Crocodile Cracked Fullbottle to become Kamen Rider Rogue. This freed him from the influence of Pandora's box but was under Seito's thumb by way of a chip in his body that could kill him with a press of a button. But that was fixed and now fights with Build to stop Evolt as his atonement for all he's done.
This leads to the main world destroyer Kamen Rider Evolt. His personal driver was repaired by the Katsuragis but needed the Evol Trigger to completely regain his lost power. This was accomplished by possessing Banjo and Sento, slowly regaining his previous Hazard levels and finally absorbing the attacks of Grease, Rogue and Cross Z Magma to restore the Evol Trigger and regain his true form Evolt Black Hole. Not only does he still have the powers of his previous forms he can also generate Black Holes (name on the tin) and can destroy planets by utilizing Pandoras Box along with this power.

Last is the newest Rider; Kamen Rider Mad Rogue Nariaki Utsumi.  He was the second Night Rogue and second in command for Namba Heavy Industries under Juzaburo Namba. He and several other children were brainwashed to become scientists, spies and solders for Namba with undying loyalty. Basically he's Albert Wesker, only he didn't kill the old geezer himself. Nope that was Evolt who finally decided he was done with his toy and snapped it before tossing him in the garbage. With his master dead Utsumi went insane and accepted the second Evol Driver that Evolt gave him as payment for all he and Namba Industries did to ensure the destruction of Earth. He was an average villain but he was a brilliant scientist being the one to reverse engineered Katsuragi's design for the Sclash Driver but also the Kaiser system used by the villain in Heisei Generations Final to create the Hell Bros.
 So that's where we are as of this article, Evolt has almost all of the Fullbottles, Pandora's box and a brand new lunatic on his side ready to destroy Earth or nearly conquer it since he find humans to be so damn entertaining. While our heroes are up against the wall with the reawakened Katsuragi unable to keep up with the tech of Builds latest forms. So they're up the creak without a paddle or as American Dad so eloquently put it.

 Good thing there's always the final form ready to go as we prepare for the debut of Builds' final form, Genius form. But that's a while away we still need to rank and discuss Ex-Aids Muteki Gamer. But for now we have this year's new Sentai to cover, Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger. Now despite what you may think of the show, it's definitely a better Persona 5 adaptation then Persona 5 the animation.

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Let's Play Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea: Episode 2 1998 mode

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 So here we are at last. Currently the end of the road for the Bioshock franchise. It's been a very crazy and sometimes unsettling ride. Some people are torn about the quality of this DLC but for me the ending sells it just like the main game, warts and all. Sure the music that plays over the ending had to be muted for copyright BS but play it for yourself and have this clip on stand by.

 So for everyone who's been watching my little lets play of one of my favorite video game series, thanks.

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Let's Play Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea: Episode 1

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 She came into my life just like everyone else. Little did I know that she was actually going to stick around and would change my life forever. I thought I could keep her safe, obviously that didn't go as planed. I was stupid and went somewhere she wasn't supposed to be. Now she's dead and I'm back at square one as a worthless piece of trash.

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