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Tokusatsu Review: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Another Ending 2: Paradox with Poppy (Spoilers)

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 Welcome back to Ending 2 of the Ex-Aid Gaiden movies. For those who missed on the final exploits of Brave and Snipe here's the link for the review. Now that that's taken care off we can move on to the trials of the two Bugster Kamen Riders, Paradox and Poppy. I have to admit I'm definitely looking forward to this one since unlike Brave and Snipe who've been Kamen Riders since the start of the show we're getting screen time with one who was a villain for the majority of the show as well as one of the rare female Riders who haven't been killed off. (Ok she technically died by the end of the show but I knew she would resurrect before the last episode ended since she's a perfected Bugster which could only die for good by the power of Chronos, BTW I called it ever since she debuted as a Rider!)

 After the cold opening we open on Parado just chilling out on the helipad bored out of his mind since  he can't think of any way to help Emu since there's no need to transform. Poppy comes by to remind him that this is one of those problems that's good to have and encourages him to find a way to help CR in his own way. That's when Dr Feelgood (who I remind you all is EVIL) comes by with a job she needs Parado's help with. After Poppy leaves Feelgood pulls out a Bugvisor and steals not only Parado but Builds catchphrase! Later on Emu and Poppy meet with Feelgood and the new CEO of Genm Corp Tsukuru Koboshi (the guy who created Juju Burger and its good Bugster; Burgermon) to see the results of their collaboration.

 That being "Let's Create a Bugster" a Bugster cultivation game that's apparently capable of restoring humans from raised Bugsters. Emu's more then happy to be the first test player and starts it up, his Bugster that he has to raise, is Parado.

 No, no Brick he just has a different hairstyle, dresses in all black and doesn't seem to have all of his gaming skills but that doesn't mean he isn't Parado I mean come on! Koboshi points out that the collar Parado's now wearing isn't because he's going through his experimental phase but to gauge how close he is to becoming human. Poppy in the meantime will be raised by Feelgood while Emu focuses on Parano.
Sure thing Parado, now put on the gimp suit, bring me the meatballs, get on all fours and call me Daddy!
 While Emu spends some time with his new boy toy Feelgood and Poppy get started. After Poppy indulges in some fans fetishes in-between her Wonder Woman homages Feelgood gets her on track by having her put on a wedding dress. This particular dress causes Poppy to flashback to when her host; Dan Sakurako was trying this same dress with her soon to be husband Dan Masamune. Once she regained those memories Feelgood sucks her into the Bugvisor. Back with the boys Emu notes Parano's lack of gaming skill but he just writes it off as being out of practice. Afterwords Parano drops the act after shooting him in the shoulder with the Bugvisor 2's gun.

 Emu passes out from the pain and is rushed to intensive treatment. Afterwords he tells Kujo what happened who goes off to confront Koboshi who doesn't know what happened. He does tell him however that he was collaborating with Feelgood on the project. He goes to confront her who feigns innocence and walks off after he brings up her father again from the first movie; that he was the one who inspired her to become a Gene Therapist. So where's the real Parado and where did Parano come from? Those are answered in Feelgood's hideout at the remains of the Next Genome Research institute.

 She abducted Parado to swap him out with Parano, binding him in cables that contain Level 0 Data so he can't muster any strength. She reveals that she's working with Kuroto to "raise Parado again from scratch". Back at the hospital Kujo shares with Emu the result of his research into Feelgood. Apparently when she was young her parents divorced and she went with her mother leaving behind her father, Zaizen Michihiko aka Dr Pacman! Since he was the one who originally extracted Parado from Emu Feelgood was able to extract Parano from the revived Dan Masamune. Since both Masamune and Emu were patient Zero of the Bugster virus she was able to extract Parano from Masamune's original strain.

 So wait does this mean that the purest form of Bugster is Parado? I mean it has to be since Parado is extracted from the original strain and both Emu and Masamune have that strain.

What I'm getting from this is that Parado is the Kid Buu of Bugsters. Albeit without the mindless homicidal rage, destructive nature and mindless insanity. Though they both have ridiculous outfits and childlike personalities.
 After hearing that Parano almost killed Emu Parado tries to break free but is smacked around by Feelgood.

Doc stop it right now, you never told him the Safe-word!
 She leaves the two to fight in order to finish Parano's cultivation into the ultimate Genius Gamer. So Parano pulls out a Gamer Driver and a Black Duel Gear (as seen on Kuroto's desk in Episode 41) and transforms into Kamen Rider Another Paradox. Speaking of the God Dan Kuroto we finally catch up with the opening of the movie where we find him chilling in his backyard like a boss.

So while his former allies are getting the shit beat out of them as part of his grand plan he's just sitting there in a bright pink shirt having his massive ego stroked by Dr Feelgood while sipping on a frou-frou drink, a frou-frou drink! 

 So Parado transforms as well to fight his Doppelgänger but gets his ass handed to him with a side order of bitch cakes and eggs. Apparently this is because the human genes Parano is cultivating are from his host, so Parado is up against a Bugster who got his human genes from someone who attained the power of Chronos as well as his ruthless and evil personality, makes sense to me. Speaking of we find Masamune restrained by the level 0 cables while his maniac son rubs his talents and god complex in his face. He finally breaks down and confesses to his greatest sin, helping give life to a psychotic piece of shit like Kuroto. Parado manages to escape after a heart to heart with Emu, frees Poppy and confronts Dr Feelgood by not only calling her out on her hypocrisy but also the real reason why she's helping Kuroto, all she really wants is to restore her father.

 This causes her to snap and summon both Parano and a second Crimson Dynamo she created from her fathers data to get her two test subjects under control. The Bugster riders transform and fight, culminating with with Poppy destroying Crimson Dynamo and both Paradox and Poppy defeating Another Paradox, all while giving more cheesy speeches about the worth of a heart then a Kingdom Hearts game. But this particular game isn't over just yet.

"Doc, I don't feel so good"
 No it's not the purple monster with the blinged out Power Glove, it's the purple monster with the Bugvisor 2; the God Dan Kuroto who sucked Parano back into the Bugvisor and, for lack of a better descriptor, eats all of his data. With this, Kuroto has no further need for Dr Feelgood and kicks her to the curve, I mean, why would he need her when he's going to surpass God and bless the world with his Perfect Game? Poppy asks "what the hell I thought you were trying atone for all of the insane crap you pulled?" But really, did you really think that Poppy? This is the same guy who infected countless innocent people with a deadly monster creating virus, attempted to kill other people to advance his goals, revived four dead Riders (somehow) to revive himself using their despair, set up his own father as a patsy for his crimes and even indirectly killed Zaizen by having him extract Parado from Emu (who he infected out of spite) to even cause all of this and you honestly thought he wanted to atone?

 No no no he played all of you at CR like a damn fiddle just so he can get revenge on Masamune for stealing Kamen Rider Chronicle for himself. Like father like son he'll manipulate and exploit anyone and thing he can to fulfill his insane ambitions. He teleports away leaving Feelgood feeling not so good after being exploited by him and stumbles off in a delusional stupor at the notion of Poppy and Parado actually having hearts. We end this Gaiden movie with Kuroto at a waterfall and OH SWEET JESUS WHY?!

 Oh dear baby Buddha what were Toei and Tetsuya Iwanaga thinking?! Well I guess they had so much of Poppy in fetish outfits I guess they decided to include that scene to give the ladies and guys who swing that way something to go crazy over. To clarify, I'm not going to cover that scene, or describe it. But I will say this, it's on par with and perhaps even worse then that one scene from The Room. Anyone who's seen that movie or the Disaster Artist you all know that scene; Just, why, WHY?! Ok, ignoring, THAT scene this movie was decent.

 It gave some more action with Poppy as a Kamen Rider and we all definitely need more of that. Dr Feelgood while having understandable motivations was despicable in her methods, willing to sacrifice Emu, Parado and Poppy just to see her father restored and restore Kuroto to being a full human again. Now we've all seen Infinity War so I don't have to tell you all that when you have to sacrifice people to save people you're doing something wrong! Parano sadly wasn't really all that interesting, but then again the guy was only given life only a few days ago in story so the whole point was that he had little time to develop. All in all aside from that scene which shall not be mentioned this movie was passable.

 So we've seen Brave and Snipe take their bows. We just had Paradox and Poppy discover their humanity. All that's left is to settle an old score as a mad God descends upon the world and the only one who can save us from his cruel game is a habitual liar who love to take people for a ride. Wrapping up the Ex-Aid Gaiden trilogy is Ending 3: Genm and Lazer. Now if you'll excuse me I need to take 25 showers and get myself brainwashed to get that scene out of my head.

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Lets Play Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Proud Mode Part 1-4

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 Ohhhhh this is going to be a trial, let us now pray at the alter of RNJesus as we go through Castle Oblivion and complete one of the most despised entries of the series. Personally it's not as bad as people make it out to be, though some of the complaints are legit. For example back in the day when it was a Game boy Advance game most people thought that it was just a spin off non cannon game. But PSYCH it turns out to be a critical piece of the story as it introduces Organization 13, Naminé and explains why Sora's asleep at the start of Kingdom Hearts 2 and how Riku and King Mickey managed to escape the realm of Darkness. So yeah this is most likely where people got more then a bit ticked off about the series (and It's not gonna stop here folks just FYI) but that's what I'm here for to suffer this game so you don't have too.

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Lets Play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Proud Mode Part 25-28 (Finale)

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 Here we are, the final boss, the extra bosses, getting all the best equipment and all that good MLG Progamer Completionist super beard bro stuff. Though no I will not be showing me getting the 15 hour run to the final boss run that's just tedious and you can see it for yourself. Just go through it on easy, skip a few worlds and run, run run like the Gingerbread man! So that's bee it for my Lets Play of the PS4 rerelease of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 I hope you all had a good time listening to my bad jokes and whatnot. Next for the LP grind it's Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Zordon help us all.

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Tokusatsu Review: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Another Ending 1: Brave and Snipe (Spoilers)

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 Oh goody more Kamen Rider Gaiden films to cash in on the last Kamen Rider season/ fill any left over potholes. Now these aren't all bad all things considered I mean the best that I've seen so far is still Drive Saga Chaser which I covered around when it came out.

Part 1 View

Part 2 View

Part 3 View

 However the other two Drive movies; Mach and Heart are a bit of a mixed bag. The Gaim ones were pretty decent as well with the best being in my opinion the special for Kamen Rider Knuckle, highlighting a character that really didn't get a whole lot of narrative focus in the main show. Dukes was at least vital for setting up a possible ongoing threat or the Armored Riders past the events of the show, and at least we get to see Duke in a non Energy Rider form. Baron and Zangetsu's specials were entertaining in their own rights.

Zangetsu View

Baron View

 While the worst of all the Gaiden specials is the Kamen Rider Specter special, but then again almost everything related to Ghost sucks like the Poltergust 3000 so at least its consistent with the show. As expected there's three movies for Ex-Aid, arguably one of the most popular recent Kamen Rider series though instead of the three focusing on one character they each focus on two and today we're looking at one of the worst riders on the show and the ongoing saga of Pepe Le Pew and his formerly jailbait charge. Now of course since this takes place after Ex-Aid spoilers are going to be unavoidable so here's the warning and off we go.

 We open two years after the main series concluded with the God Dan Kuroto at his mansion (would you expect less from this guy) auditioning to be the new That guy with the Glasses by rambling on about how he's going to, of course try to kill the Riders. According to Hiiro they not only somehow lost track of the guy but he also stole the Bugvisor and Proto-Gashat that he squirreled away. Ok how did this happen? He was kept in only one place you could literally have one guy watch him as he was stuck in Poppy's console under lock and key, what did Kuroto escape while the guy went to take a dump?! I imagine that it went a little something like this.

 But they've got bigger concerns then a deranged Kamen Rider with a dangerous god complex and a personality more akin to Daffy Duck then God. Thanks to the combined efforts of Taiga, Hiiro and Kujo ER is steadily working to not only curing all strains of Gamer Syndrome but are also close to restoring everyone who lost Kamen Rider Chronicle, including hopefully Hiiro's girlfriend Saki. As Taiga and Nico are wrapping up another day in the clinic Nico's past comes calling in the form of one of her old gaming rivals from America, Luke Kidman. But just before he finally gets that restraining order he clearly wanted he shows symptoms of Game Syndrome and collapses in pain.

Meanwhile at the hall of Justice, er I mean uh this place, whatever.
 Hiiro and Kujo are meeting with the head in charge of the project, Dr Saiko Yaotome.

EVIL, obviously evil! I mean whenever a new character is introduced in these specials odds are good that unless we see them in trouble in their first scene, they're evil.
 Dr Feelgood tells Hiiro and Kujo that her team has a bold idea to restore the lost people, by using Bugsters. Now don't worry this isn't like ADAM replacing cells with unstable steam versions; according to Feelgood the reason why completed Bugsters retain their hosts memories is because their genes still exist within the Bugster in a broken down or divided form. So instead of Bioshock pseudo science, the movie is going with Assassins Creed pseudo science in that memories are encoded into our DNA. Now keep in mind, Feelgood's an expert on Gene therapy, more like JEAN therapy right guys?! Shut up that was funny!

 After Hiiro turns down a dinner date with Dr Feelgood he runs into Saki. And no this isn't a static barely alive facsimile like what Chronos did; this is the real Saki restored from the Drago Knight Hunter Z Proto-Gashat. But she disappears before Hirro can confirm it is her. After the title card we follow up on Hirro indulging his sweet tooth. (Note his actor Toshiki Seto hates sweets, after apparently eating too much chocolate and got a nosebleed afterwords as a kid, casting can be a bitch.) Afterwords he runs into Saki again who confirms that he's not seeing things. But she's got herself a new boyfriend, unfortunately it's this cartoon.

Ren Amagasaki AKA the Lovelica Bugster AKA a Kilgrave you can barely take seriously.
 Hiiro is of course confused and horrified at this since last time he saw him he was begin permakilled by Chronos and last he checked people die when they're killed.

 Actually he did get better since after Chronos used Reset Ren and Saki were restored by an outside force, I'll give you a minute to guess who. But now that Saki's hooked up with this pink creeper Hiiro puts the pieces together, he knows a brainwashing job when he sees one and transforms into Kamen Rider Brave Fantasy Gamer LV 50 to fight Ren who in turn pulls out a Bugvisor to assume his Bugster form. But there's one detail Hiiro forgot, since Lovelica is a Bugster from a dating sim game, physical attacks won't work on him allowing Pinkie Pie to kick Brave's ass. Ren also has Saki pour salt and lemon juice on Hiiro's wounds by saying that all he did was for nothing before they leave him to stew in his failure.

 Back at Taiga's clinic Luke is slowly dying due to his infection from Lovelica and Nico doesn't want anything to do with him since he's basically a reminder of how she used to be. However there's no Lovelica vaccine so in order to save Luke they have to kill Lovelica. Back at CR Hiiro talks to Emu and Poppy about the investigation into where Kuroto ran off too, but nothing's come up. Though Emu might have a clue, during the events of the Kamen Rider Para-DX Hyper Battle Video he and Parado cleared a puzzle game Kuroto created and figures that that game was a trap to give him enough time to escape.

Get used to seeing this whenever Kuroto's involved it's basically his exclusive version of "there's a simple explanation for that" in being used to explain how and why he does half the shit he does.
 Speaking of; back at his mansion Kuroto lays out the terms behind Ren and Saki's restoration. He unlocked her data from the Proto Gashat and cultivated Ren's virus in Luke but like Cinderella unless Ren can become complete before midnight the next day he and Saki will be reduced back to data and disappear. Though it looks like he might have to worry about that end as Luke being the creepy stalker fuckstick that he is, well Nico can't stand the sight of him. After Hiiro has a walk down memory lane about his and Saki's relationship Tiaga pulls out the one thing he can use to get past Lovelica's defenses, the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat. He tries to transform into Chronos with it but since it requires a perfect immunity to all strains of the Bugster virus to use it it causes severe pain to him and he blacks out.

 The next day Kujo calls out Hiiro to give him information on the Kuroto investigation that according to eyewitnesses they saw someone rather interesting and gives him a map of the locations Lovelica was seen at. But before Kujo can offer assistance Nico calls Hiiro for help with Taiga hemorrhaging blood all over the place trying to control the power of Chronos and he runs off. After an interesting conversation between Kujo and Feelgood Hiiro makes it to the clinic where he learns why Taiga was trying to do this craziness, develop the perfect Antibody not only to defeat Lovelica, but restore Saki to atone for his failure to save her in the first place.

 Hiiro doesn't want Taiga to kill himself over this and tries to assuage his concerns by going after Lovelica himself but Taiga knows that only Cronus can disable Lovelica's defenses so he ambushes Hiiro and fights him. The two are barely standing after the encounter but Taiga leaves and after some melodrama he steals the Bugvisor 2 from Poppy. Though this is suicide since only Bugsters or a Patient Zero can use that driver otherwise it could be fatal to normal Gamer Driver users. Nevertheless before midnight Taiga manages to find Saki and Lovelica and using the Bugvisor 2 finally manages to become Kamen Rider Chronos and engages him managing to negate his anti-volience defenses and his brainwashing on Saki, but eventually his body collapses under the strain of Chronos and powers down, the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat flying away from the driver.

 Thankfully he has a tag team partner, Hiiro transforming into Legacy Gamer Lv 100 becomes a literal real knight in shining armor and finally kills Lovelica. After he and Saki have one last heart to heart, midnight strikes and Saki fades away again until the Knight can finally awaken her from her spell of endless sleep. But this isn't where our story ends as with Lovelica's death Luke is cured and he and Nico decide to return to America to settle their beef once and for all. Also this was all according to God Dan Kuroto's plan, he got what he wanted from Lovelica, Taiga's Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat. Now that it could be used to attain the power of Chronos it can be used to reproduce the Master Gashat. So Brave and Snipe ends with Kuroto using the new Master Gashat to restore his father, Dan Masamune with the help of his accomplice Dr Feelgood!

 So that was Ex-Aid another Ending Brave and Snipe and it did work to give some closure to Hiiro and Taiga regarding Saki and how they both failed to save her as well as Taiga returning the favor for Hiiro saving his life back in the main series. The return of Lovelica can be a bit head scratching as the full effects of Cronus' reset is questionable, even in the main series it just seemed like something the writers pulled out of their asses to keep the plot going, though with what little is explained about reset it certainly is plausible, especially with God Dan Kuroto's programing capabilities. The Nico and Luke subplot was a bit unnecessary since we already got some development for Nico and adding this old rival of hers into the mix was unnecessary, though it probably worked better then just infecting some random person with Lovelica's virus to get this whole thing started.

 But we're not done here so come by next time for Parado and Poppy's stories.

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Lets Play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Proud Mode Part 21-24

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 Good news we saved Kairi and the other Princesses. Yay, but now the final keyhole is open and the Heartless have gotten insanely stronger, boooo. Even worse, we now need to go around all these worlds to get all the Trinity Marks I couldn't access last time, namely the White ones. After I seal the gate way to hell I decide to jump right back in and conquer the Hades Cup. Not just once or twice, no no but thrice! (But you'll only see the first time since I love you all.)

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Lets Play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Proud Mode Part 17-20

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 Great, Neverland the second worst level in the first game. When you hear Neverland you think of the world in either the Disney movie or Hook; bright, colorful, full of whimsy, wonder (and outdated views of native Americans "cough" "cough"). But just being stuck in Captain Hooks ship the whole time bottled up with close quarter Heartless, yeah nooooo. But hey at least we work together with Donald and Goofy to seal the Keyhole at Olympus Colosseum and demonstrate the bonds of their friendship. Right before they ditch Sora on Maleficent's doorstep because Riku's the new keyblade hotness!

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March to Infinity: Ant-Man and the Wasp: World's Greatest Grandma (No Spoilers)

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 So, an MCU movie post Infinity War, this is gonna be fun. Though yeah after the events of that mega movie we need something a little (heh) closer to home. Though since this is the MCU debut of Wasp I'll point you to the debut of her mother's comic book incarnation.

 Obviously there's no Lovecraften monster from beyond the stars here to kill everyone with a space light-show, nor does it mention Hank's first wife who was supposedly killed because of Communism. Though the movie does showcase the consequences of Scott impulsively joining up with Cap's group during the events of Civil War. But he honestly got lucky considering what happened to everyone else who broke the Accords, just put under house arrest for two years. He even still has weekend custody of Cassie, has set up a private security firm with Luis and his two buds and also found the time to learn some slight of hand card tricks. Though ones fortune can become or is balanced out with someone else's misfortune.

 The "someone" in this case is Hank and Hope since, because they were the ones who provided Scott with the Ant-man tech they're considered to be his accomplices thus have been on the run. Needless to say they're pretty pissed at Scott, but they need him back since durning the climax of the first Ant-man he returned from the quantum realm. The two need him to help recreate that seemingly impossible feat to hopefully find Hank's lost wife Janet (played by Michelle Pfeiffer) the original Wasp and all before Scott's house arrest is officially up and he can finally get his life with Cassie back on track. Though like every other MCU movie Hank's past screw ups come back to bite him in the ass. This time in the form of a Quantum shifting former S.H.I.E.L.D assassin called Ghost (played by Hannah John-Kamen) and her surrogate father, one of Hanks bitter former colleagues Bill Foster (played by Lawrence Fishburne) who are trying to get their hands on Janet to cure Ghost of her reality phasing affliction before it kills her.

 After such a massive punch to the gut that was the ending of Infinity War, something a bit more lighthearted and down to earth (considering the universe) was definitely needed. While the first movie was more of a heist movie with superpowers this is basically the same but with more fight scenes and some fun gags with the shrinking tech. Honestly the gags and sequences with the shrinking and growing tech are the best parts of the movie, not that the story is bad or anything far from it, it's just that a movie with more personal stakes is needed after the whole universal conflict of Infinity War. So we're allowed to focus on the gags with the shrinking and growing tech, cool sequences in the Quantum realm and we finally get to see Hope kick ass in the Wasp suit. Yes they totally should have had her in the suit in the first movie but hey they more then make up for it here.

 No doubt we'll get some more time with Wasp in either this or Avengers 4, but Hope has definitely won through this time around. Now this isn't going to make my top 10 MCU movies but this is still a fun romp with a great cast, likable characters and just one of those times where just this once everybody wins. Well except for Sonny but who really cared about that guy? That is until we get to the post credits scene. I won't spoil it here but I believe that Bird Person can sum up mine and most audiences' reaction to it.

 So with that the MCU is wrapped up for 2018. But don't fret, once Phase 3 is over it will be the best time to sum up my top MCU movies. Before that though I'll get working on a certain list for Halloween since it doesn't look like there's going to be any new villains introduced in Captain Marvel. But those are for another time, speaking of another time the March to Infinity will take a few steps back to the 1990's to let us know who Fury was trying to page after the "snap" heard around the world.

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