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March to Infinity: Thor The Dark World: Two down, four to go.

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 Now that Tony Stark has hung up his armor for now we'll head off to the nine realms to see how our favorite god of thunder is doing. Not you Gebeleizis, you go back in the corner! Our story begins with Thor traveling around the 9 realms cleaning up several uprisings caused by the destruction of the Bifröst bridge from the first movie. While this is going on Loki is being sentenced to life in prison by Odin for his little attempt to conquer earth, and Odin makes it very clear that if not for the favor of his wife Frigga (played by Reine Russo) Loki would be dead for his crimes. Not that Loki gives a crap it just conifirms in his crazy head that Odin never gave a crap about him in the first place.

 Because yeah he totally doesn't care about his adopted son that otherwise would have been left to die alone by savage frost giants. Odin's totally on par with Gendo Ikari, Bing Crosby, Steel Ball Run George Joestar and Tenjuro Banno for worst dad period, we're so behind you Loki you poor, poor wooby.

  Back on Earth Jane is in London observing an odd phenomenon called the Convergence where basically the Matrix is glitching out. Gravity is losing its hold and portals are opening to other realms. And wouldn't you know it Jane happens to fall into one where she accidentally uncovers an ancient artifact from Asgards past called the Aether.  (Which along with the Tesseract are actually two of the six infinity stones.) That sub-sequentially awakens an evil force called the Dark Elves lead by Malekith the Accursed (played by Christopher Eccleston) who wants to reclaim the Aether to destroy all the 9 realms during the convergence because basically the Dark Elves are Black Lanterns in that they want to destroy all life in all of reality because they see life as a blight in a perfectly dark universe and blah, blah, blah.

 But yeah seeing as how his girlfriend is possessed by demonic Kool-aid Thor heads back to Midgard to bring Jane back to Asgard to see if their medical technology can identify what the Aether is and how to safely extract it from her. However Malekith sent in a monster to free Asgard's prisoners to cause a distraction while his forces invade to recover the Aether. They find Frigga and fridge her when she refuses to tell them where Jane is which Odin, Thor and Loki don't exactly take well. Odin's grief clouds his thinking so Thor executes a plan to get Jane out of Asgard to protect the populace. But it requires getting Loki out of jail since Odin closed down the Bifröst.

 The plan works and Malekith extracts the Aether from Jane, but Thor fails to stop him from escaping and Loki ends up dying in battle. Which is exactly why we see him later in Thor Ragnarok, but we'll get to that much later. Back to this movie the Convergence is about to commence in Greenwich and Thor has to keep Malekith busy until it passes. It works and Malekith is killed back in the Dark World, Thor and Jane are back together and Loki has disguised himself as Odin and has taken control of Asgard to unspeakable ends. As for the Aether, the source of all this madness?

 Many people are split between this, Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk as the worst of the main MCU movies, as for me I'm in the Iron Man 2 camp. But just because I think this movie is better then Iron Man 2 it doesn't mean that I can't find some serious flaws in this one.  Now let's just get this right out of the gate, Malekith is one of the worst villains in the MCU. Seriously his design is uninspired, his plan generic and has about as much personality as Troy from Power Rangers Megaforce. I never once felt nervous or intimidated by him as a villain and the reasons behind his whole goal of destroying all life period is stock, emo and stupid. Now his plan itself made sense and how it wold be carried out but aside from that noting made me interested in seeing this character.

 Also there was honestly no reason to have Stellan Skarsgård and Kat Dennings in this movie, or at least as much screen time as they were given. Skarsgård I get; to see how he dealt with being possessed by Loki in Avengers but other then that I can't think of any reason, especially not to see what his dick looked like!!! Kat Dennings was also mostly just comic relief and lead Jane to discovering the portal to the Aether but aside from that she's not needed. Now look I don't find her to be ungodly annoying or anything like that she kind of hits the marks of adorkable for me but unless you have meaningful things for a character to do in your story don't use them. Like for example, Hogun, there wasn't much need for his character in this movie outside of establishing the discord among the 9 realms after the destruction of the Rainbow Bridge, so they had his scene and done.

 On to the better aspects of the movie, which was mostly any scene involving Thor with Loki. Honestly if Loki wasn't here with his quips, pathos and charisma to offset the black hole of interest that is Maleketh this movie definitely wouldn't have worked. I liked the back and forth that he and Thor had since it was both entertaining and interesting to see how Thor treats him now after all of the horrible things he's done. We can tell that Thor still cares for him but isn't so naive to just let him off the hook just because they're family, he knows that somewhere his brother is still there within this psychopath even if he says otherwise. Its not limited to just Thor, Odin and Fregga know what needs to be done but you can tell it hurts them to do it even if they can't show it to maintain their rule, that even family is no exception to the laws of the realm and their consequences for breaking them. They do still care despite his actions and becoming such a distrustful, raging lunatic. 

  Now before I forget this movie is actually critical to the overall plot of the MCU. Since as I mentioned earlier Dark World established that not only is the Aether one of the infinity stones, but it also retconned the Tesseract from Captain America and Avengers to be one too. So as much as people want to ignore it, we have no choice but to watch for a full recap. So the Stone count for now is 2 with the Reality Stone (Aether) in possession of the Collector and the Space Stone (Tesseract) inside of Odin's vault. Two down, four to go.

 So to sum it up there's the seeds of a great movie in here but it's held back with some superfluous characters and the MCU's biggest reoccurring problem, a truly compelling, entertaining or well rounded villain who isn't named Loki. I can definitely see why people rank this movie as low as they do but I can still get some fun out of it. Next time there's no debate to the quality. As the March to Infinity has us in pursuit of the Winter Solder.

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Thor The Dark World is owned by Marvel Studios, produced by Keven Feige based off the comic by Larry Leiber, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.
The Ren & Stimpy show is owned by Bob Camp, John Kricfalusi, Spümcø, Games Animation and Nickelodeon.

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March to Infinity: Iron Man 3: WARMACHINEROX

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 You'd think that after saving the world and nearly dying in the vacuum of space that would be a sign that you deserve a tiny bit of a break to recharge the o’ll batteries, take some time off, go on vacation? Now see that’s what most sane people do, now for guys like Tony Stark, that means make several new versions of your best and most popular toy. And while there are some bugs to work out after a 72 hour straight calibration and maintenance session I bet turning on the tv and relaxing seemed like a good idea. But remember, 72 hours of straight consciousness. So thus he learns about the leader of the 10 rings, The Mandarin (played by Sir Ben Kingsley) who knows where the president is and has assured him of one thing. 

 Since that little calling card the President decided to repaint the War Machine suit into the Iron Patriot (nice little shout out to when Norman Osborne was in charge of Shield) and of course the irony of the repaint job is not lost on anyone who was paying attention, why the name change? Focus groups, of course. Needless to say after the Chitari invasion, nearly dying in space, non stop working and the Mandarin Tony starts having severe panic attacks. On top of this the Mandrin has been responsible for several terrorst bombings on American soil, one of the victims of the attacks was Happy Hogan, leaving him in critical condition. All of these factors eventually culminated with Tony literally telling the Mandrin his home address as a personal challenge, say how'd that work out again?

 Oh right his house getting blown up, his suit trashed, Pepper's life is in danger and Tony's now stuck in Tennessee having to fix his suit from stuff he found in a local store with help from a snarky equally intelligent kid. After repairs, creating some improv weapons and learning more about the suicide bombers Tony heads to the Mandarin's HQ in Miami Florida to learn the truth. It turns out that the Mandarin was just a performance by Trevor Slattery to divert blame for the real cause of the bombings, testing of the Extremis virus on disabled war veterans carried out by Aldrich Killian (played by Guy Pearce) and his think tank Advanced Idea Mechanics (or A.I.M for short). Killian not only used the virus to cure his own disabilities but also in revenge against Tony for snubbing his idea and A.I.M at the 1999 New Years Eve Party in Switzerland. So with Extremis so close to being perfected Killian plans to kidnap the president by having his #2 steal Roddy's Iron Patriot suit in a Trojan horse maneuver, kill him on Christmas Day and have his patsy, the VP take the Presidency and thus monopolize the war on terror.

 Basically his goal is to turn A.I.M into the Patriots thus creating and controlling his new war economy. To force Tony to cooperate and perfect the virus Killian subjects Pepper to the Extremis procedure, figuring that if he doesn't cooperate she'll lose control and explode. But Tony escapes and with his repaired suit takes on Killian and his Extremis enhanced solders with the help of Roddy and his "house party" protocol which allows J.A.R.V.I.S to remote control all of the Iron Man suits. Tony is nearly killed by Killian but Pepper managed to survive the procedure and gained powers in the process which lets her deal the finishing blow to Killian, killing him and stopping his plans. In a sign of his devotion to Pepper, Tony activates the "Clean Slate" protocol which destroys all of his suits and tells he that he's done with being Iron Man. So the movie ends with the Vice President and Trevor arrested, Pepper's Extremis condition stabilizing and Tony having the shrapnel removed from his heart, tossing his old chest Arc Reactor into the sea and declares that even without the suit, he's still Iron Man. 

 As a conclusion to the main Iron Man trilogy and in comparison to what's come before, how does Iron Man 3 hold up? Really well in my opinion. As I've been saying Tony's biggest nemesis is himself as well as the demons of his past and those two forces nearly do end up destroying him, from his PTSD issues after the Battle of New York, to his challenge to the Mandarin and his refusal to entertain Killian and his think-tank. I mean Staine, Whiplash and the Mandarin are still threats but the way I see it they're symptoms of the disease that is Tony Starks personal demons.

 Speaking of the Mandarin I know that what they did with him drew more then a fair share of ire from hardcore fans but I'm not a hardcore fan, I knew a little bit of what the original Mandarin's deal was and was interested to see how this movie handled him and, well I honestly didn't see it coming and I was just laughing about how it turned out in a good way. I mean to see this big bad mysterious and honestly intimidating character turn out to be such a drugged out goon was just hilarious. Though Killian being the real power behind the Mandarin was not so good, I mean he's just another douchebag in a suit with an axe to grind with Tony, big freaking whoop, but again a symptom to the disease that is Tony Starks poor life choices.

 Though it was great to see Pepper land the killing blow on this smug little weasel. After having to constantly be the point of stability in the mad schemes of Tony; Pepper actually taking charge was a welcome sight to see. I do like how Pepper is the only person in this movie who has the gonads to call Tony out on his stupid crap. I mean sure, he's Iron Man and a wealthy genius but that still doesn't mean that there shouldn't be someone to scream "are you out of your mind!?" and Pepper is just the person to do that. Because not only does Tony appreciate what she does for him he honestly feels a connection to her and is honestly torn between her and his suits, he honestly has to consider what is more important to him, and in the end he knows he's made the right choice.

 Now after something as big as The Avengers this movie had to keep the momentum going and well, it does in some areas but not so much in other areas. I mean we went from an army of Aliens destroying New York City being lead by a god to a douchebag in a suit with an army of super powered pissed off army veterans. A bit of a downgrade in scale and menace is what I'm saying. But we'll be getting back to the escalation of tension and stakes. Or at least that's what we thought as we head with Thor into the Dark World as we continue the March to Infinity.

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Iron Man 3 is owned by Marvel Studios, Written by Shane Black and based off the characters created by Stan Lee, Don Heck, Larry Leiber and Jack Kirby.

Persona 5 is owned by Atlus and Sega.

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March to Infinity: The Avengers (2012): Who's up for Schwarma?

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 So here we are, the big blowout, the ultimate culmination of Marvels efforts and their big bad gamble. We've had two Iron Man movies, the Hulk, Thor and Captain America so then it was time to bring them together. The Avengers directed by Joss Whedon and staring almost all of the actors from the solo movies. And this was the first of the MCU movies distributed by Disney though they still kept the Paramount logos and credits in the film. You all know the drill here's the review of the original comic where the avengers first formed and I'll go over the differences.

 Instead of Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow there was Hank Pym and the Wasp since Cap was still on ice at the time and Hawkeye and Widow didn't exist yet. Also no Fantastic Four since Fox still owned the movie rights to them at the time, granted the FF were basically given a cameo role but still. Finally we sure as hell didn't find the Hulk trying to be conspicuous at a Circus of all places! But enough of stating the obvious it's time to talk about the big bad popcorn blowout already.

 As the movie opens we see Nick Fury and his #2 Maria Hill (played by Cobie Smulders and nowhere near as much of an asshole as her comic book counterpart) checking up on Dr Selvik and his research on the recovered Tesseract when Loki returns with a new magic scepter, a sadistic, smarmy new attitude and a desperate need for the box. So he uses the Scepter to enslave Selvik and several Shield Agents, including the aforementioned Hawkeye (played by Jeremy Renner) and secure the Tesseract. However he's on a ticking clock as his new benefactors will give him the Chitauri army to conquer Earth. But only if he activates the Tesseract and its ability to open wormholes, and these are people you do not want to disappoint.

 In the meantime Fury is bringing the Avengers initiative to its culmination, first with Black Widow securing the cooperation of Bruce Banner (now played by Mark Ruffalo) after finding him in Calcutta. Next is Tony by Coulson giving him Selvik's Tesseract research, and finally Steve Rogers. Loki allows himself to be caught by Steve and Tony in Stuttgart, but before he can be brought into custody Thor frees him and attempts to convince Loki to come home, but Tony catches up and the two fight it out before Steve intervenes, breaking it up.

 But this was one of Loki's traps, one to allow Bart to steal iridium to stabilize the energy of the Tesseract and 2, with all of these big personalities together and various unsavory revelations being brought to light along with the Scepter's influence the heroes would destroy themselves.

 But with his brainwashed forces tracking him down to retrieve him once the energy was stabilized Loki did at least manage to get Bruce to lose control of himself, setting the Hulk loose, nearly destroying the Helicarrier and killing Agent Coulson before he left, I mean sending him to Tahiti! Yeah, yeah that's the ticket. Anyway with a little bit of a pep talk from Fury and Widow literally knocking the sense into Hawkeye the Avengers take down the Chitauri, Loki is brought back to Asgard by Thor to answer for his crimes and everyone decides to go out for Schwarma. And all's well that ends well, right?

 Now for some personal trivia, this was the very first of the MCU movies that I've seen in theaters on the big screen and this was honestly one of the best experiences I've had in a theater. Everyone was cheering, laughing and I was right along with them. Now this movie is light on plot but heavy on action, character interaction and witty dialogue. Though after going through the five previous movies which while good set up was still set up, we just wanted to see them all cut loose on some jabronies, fighting side by side and giving us a big comic book blow out and by Jack Kirby's jawline we got it.  

 Though the story for this is minimal but honestly after five story heavy movies we needed something a little lighter on plot. A light Crème brûlée after a staggering and filling meal if you will. But just because we had a lighter story doesn't mean we were denied set up for phase two. We had Captain America adjusting to the new world, Bruce after finally getting some control over the Hulk, Asgard now that Loki and the Tesseract were back in custody and Shield and their shady as hell counsel who were itching to fire a Nuke at New York to try and contain the Chitauri. Also some unforeseen but logical situations that might pop up after an actual alien invasion on this earth.

 So now we end Phase one of the MCU and it did what it set out to do. It introduced these iconic (not Ubisoft Iconic) characters in a modern setting (mostly) to new audiences. We got their backstory, motivations, personalities, skillsets and their dynamics. All culminating to a big bad boom! Though if I had to rank the Phase one movies from best to not as good (can't say worst since most of them are really high quality) here's what my rankings are.

#1 The Avengers (light on plot but at least we didn't have Sean Connery trying to take over the world with a weather control device that he got from meeting with a cabal of evil Teddy Bears.)

#2 Iron Man (the movie that started this whole thing off and by god did it set this thing off right, first impressions are always the most important.)

#3 Captain America: The first Avenger ( Iron Man just barely won this out but nevertheless it was a fun pulpy action movie)

#4 Thor ( Looked amazing but not a whole lot of Thor being Thor and the stuff in New Mexico dragged out a bit too long)

#5 The Incredible Hulk ( Much better then the Ang Lee version, though still missing Edward Norton)

#6 Iron Man 2 (Still a decent movie but damn, that Birthday Party scene)

 But now that we've got the exposition out of the way it was time to proceed to Phase 2. And when we continue the March to Infinity by wrapping up the solo adventures of Tony Stark.

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Marvel's The Avengers is owned by Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige. Based off the comic by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

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Let's Play Bioshock 2 HD Part 8: DLC Campaigns

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 I'm not sure what it says about your game when its DLC is the best content in it. But its honestly true, Minervas Den is the best content of BioShock 2 and honestly one of my favorite pieces of DLC period. I get an actual challenge with lack of weapons and offensive Plasmids early on, the Tonic for completing the Protector Trials makes ADAM all the more abundant and satisfying to get and the story is honestly more heartfelt then the main game. On top of that The aesthetics are just right, I feel like I went right back to the first game, the atmosphere, lighting feeling of vulnerability it all comes right back in Minervas Den.

 So this is the last of my BioShock 2 Lets Play videos. Thank you all for taking the time to watch. For my next LP videos I'll be covering my blind LP of Ni No Kuni 2. If you're not familiar with the Ni No Kuni games (don't worry it's new, kind of) here's my old written review of the first game.

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Bioshock 2 is owned by Take2 interactive, 2K Marin, and 2K Australia.

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March to Infinity: Captain America The First Avenger: A real American hero!

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 After some Asgardian antics we move back to the 1940's with the star spangled man with a plan, Captain America! As is tradition I'll point you in the direction of Linkara's review of the very first appearance of the Power Punching Patriot with one of the most iconic and wonderful covers for a first issue you could ask for.

 Now you think that making a compelling movie focused around a guy who punched Hitler right in his goddamn jaw on his debut cover would be as easy as farting but then again you'd be surprised how often when you think its a fart it turns out to be a very loose stool. Now come on we've all bet on a fart and lost at least once in your life don't deny it! Now you might be thinking only of the 1990 Captain America movie which was a nasty piece of work which both the Nostalgia Critic and Cinema Snob can attest to.

 But that's nothing compared to the flaming hot liquid butt fudge that was the Reb Brown made for T.V movies the Spoony One covered many years ago. (I hope he gets back in the game, just take as much time as you need man, these sort of things take time.)

 Ok I couldn't find part 2 of the 2nd Reb Brown review but yeah it's still really bad, trust me! But yeah Captain America while one of the most iconic superheroes ever was handled by some real grade-a holes before Marvel brought him home. Also for some reason they decided to cast Chris Evens as Steve. I mean it worked but let's not forget that the last time he was in a Marvel movie it was as Johnny Storm in those two mediocre Fantastic Four movies. I mean first Chris Evens and now Michael B. Jordon, at this rate it's only a matter of time till Jay Underwood finds his on screen redemption.

 Back on topic, as per usual there were some major changes made from the comic to the big screen. Like for example Bucky Barnes is at or older then Steve and isn't the regiment mascot, Steve doesn't get into the battlefield right away and they skip straight to him being frozen for 70 years or so. As for the rest that's what this review/ recap is for isn't it? So our story begins in 1942 where a Nazi officer named Johann Schmidt (played by Hugo Weaving) acquires a powerful artifact called the Tesseract and brings it back to his lab. Schmidt is the head of Hitler's R&D department Hydra and after he and his head scientist Arnim Zola (played by Toby Jones) decide that Hitler and his third reich were a waste of time and split Hydra into its own unique organization after killing several Nazi officers with a Tesseract powered weapon.

 Cut to America with young Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evens) trying to join the Army and serve his country. But the problem is that he looks like somebody could break his arms like twigs if they so much as accidentally bump into him. While he and his best buddy James "Bucky" Barnes (played by Sebastian Stan) attend a worlds fair Steve tries to enlist again but is accepted this time to be the guinea pig of Dr Abraham Erskine (played by Stanley Tucci) and his Super Solder project. After proving his nobility and self-sacrificing bravery to Erskine; Agent Peggy Carter (played by Hayley Atwell) and Chester Phillips (played by Tommy Lee Jones) he's chosen for the procedure and becomes a Super Solder.

 But a Hydra agent kills Erskine and flees but kills himself with a cyanide pill after Steve catches him. Not knowing what to do with Steve now that Erskine and his formula are gone Senator Brandit wants to just make Steve into a patriotic mascot to promote the war effort as Captain America. But eventually Steve's had enough and when he hears that Bucky's unit is captured he takes matters into his own hands. With the help of Agent Carter and Howard Stark (played by Dominic Cooper) he breaks into the Hydra base, frees the P.O.Ws and even sees Schmidt who revels his identity as the Red Skull (a side effect of taking a prototype of Erskine's formula) and finally earns the respect of Phillips.

 This starts a campaign of Captain America and his Howling Commandos busting down Hydra bases and pissing on Red Skulls shoes, that is until Bucky fell to his death on a mission. But thanks to Zola spilling the beans Cap finds the location of Red Skulls main base and his ultimate weapon. So he and his forces attack the base and Cap chases the Red Skull to the deck of his ship where after accidentally touching the Tesseract the Red Skull is either destroyed or forcibly teleported into the sky by a mysterious blue column of light. But Steve has to steer the ship off course before it reaches New York and the onboard missiles detonate, so he crashes the ship into the Arctic freezing himself in the process. So the story ends with Howard recovering the Tesseract, Peggy is left behind with her ABC spin off show and Steve is recovered by Nick Fury in 2011 more annoyed about missing his date with Peggy then anything.

 To sum up Captain America The First Avenger is definitely one of the shining jewels of the MCU. A great period story and character piece of one of the greatest heroes of Marvels library. Of all the phase one Marvel movies this was definitely one of the more refreshing at least aesthetically. Sure Asgard looked amazing but you can tell that was mostly in CG (really good CG but still CG) the 1940's esthetic really was on point in this one, from the buildings, the music and general decor were just aces in this movie. But this is no surprise considering this was made by Joe Johnston who worked on The Rocketeer and the first two Indiana Jones movies, so he knows a thing or two about capturing the period of a setting.

 Another of this movies best strengths is setting up the character of Steve Rogers and why he is Captain America. Erskine knew that in order to not make the same mistake as Red Skull he knew he had to find a man who had a noble and righteous heart. When he asks Steve why he wanted to enlist he wasn't just looking for some glory hound thug who wanted to kill Nazis he was looking for someone who knew what it meant to be weak and wanted strength not to attack, conquer and invade but protect and support. If he wanted a Solder there were plenty, but what Erskine was looking for was a Knight. though clad not in armor but clad in the idea of what America should stand for, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

 Steve was definitely that Knight. His self sacrifice and willingness to do the right thing no matter the cost is made crystal clear in this movie. Even when he was flung into the future and everything he knew and loved was changed and gone forever this first thought was how he failed to keep his promise to Peggy. Though with that said as this was a great character piece for Steve Red Skull was just a standard megalomaniac with a fancy power source. We don't know much about him aside from how he thinks himself on par with the gods, big woop we've seen this type of bad guy 1000 times before. Now again Red Skull and that beam of light thing is an insurance policy and since the end credits scene give a key plot point away I think its time to indulge in a bit of speculation.

 I mentioned this when I reviewed Hulk and Thor, they set up characters and left their fate ambiguous. Basically it was a hedging of bets to see which of these villains would work better with audiences to see who would be the big bad in the first Avengers movie, also just in case any scheduling issues popped up. So they set up The Leader, Loki and Red Skull and left them in unknown straights just to see which of these three would take center stage and we all know that Loki was the one they went with. Mostly due to how well Tom Hiddleston went with audiences, we actually saw him in Thor's end credits scene and also possibly due to the fact that Loki was the villain in the debut Avengers story.

 So now with all of the key players at the table it was time to run it or go home empty. We've had five movies setting up the members of the team, the world they live in and now they needed a big enough threat to bring them all together. So did this bold gamble of a movie franchise work? Well obviously it did but hey that's hindsight for ya. Nonetheless come in next time as the March to Infinity continues with the end of Phase 1, The Avengers!

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Captain America The First Avenger is owned by Marvel Studios, Paramount pictures and The Walt Disney Company. Based on the character created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

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Let's Play Bioshock 2 HD Part 7: Persephone Penal Colony

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 Well here we are at the last part of the main campaign of BioShock 2. Now we really get God mode, not only is there ammo out the butt we also have the Summon Eleanor Plasmid and Telekinesis 3. I AM DELTA, MASTER OF MAGNET!!! No but seriously we're almost at the end of this; now to tackle the multiplaayyYA HAHA HAHAHAHAAH Oh wow I almost couldn't say that with a straight face. No, no thankfully they cut that from the HD remaster. Now all that's really left is the DLC included in the collection. That'll be for next time however.

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Bioshock 2 is owned by Take2 interactive, 2K Marin, and 2K Australia.

Monday, February 26, 2018

March to Infinity: Thor: Hammer time!

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 After Tony’s drunken antics and brief detour to Wakanda we bring the hammer down with the Norse god of Thunder, the Mighty Thor!!! As per usual I’ll send you to where you can see a review of the origins of Thor’s comic book counterpart right here.

 Notable differences is that Donald Blake is completely removed from the movies except for an Easter egg and there’s no alien rock monster things. Our tale begins with Thor (Played by Chris Hemsworth) who is about to be named the new King of Asgard when Frost Giants managed to sneak into the weapons vault attempting to reclaim an artifact called the Casket of ancient winters. Though the giants were killed by the Destroyer Thor's not happy since his big day was ruined and proved to Odin (Played by Anthony Hopkins) that Thor's as ready to take the throne as a psychotic Chihuahua. So after his temper tantrum he, his brother Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) and his friends Lady Sif and the warriors 3 (played by Jaimie Alexander, Ray Stevenson, Tadanobu Asano and Josh Dallas respectively) head to Jotunheim to crack some skulls and take some names. But surprise, when they kicked down Laufey's front door and shat on his foyer floor you can guess what nearly happened.

 That's when papa Odin came riding in on eight legged horseback to pacify Laufey and bring the five schmucks back. After Thor made it clear that he puts the ass in Asgard Odin puts his foot down, by striping him of his power, Mjölnir and places a spell on the hammer making it so that only one who is worthy of the power of Thor may lift it, and to top it all off banishes him from Asgard. Meanwhile Loki discovers and confirms that he was stolen from Laufey by Odin as a baby and raised as his own. Thinking that he's nothing more to Odin then another spoil of war Loki is not exactly happy. He then usurps the throne when Odin falls into the Odinsleep after the stress of confessing Loki's heritage.

 As for Thor he lands on Midgard (earth to you and me) in the care of three researchers Jane Foster, Dr Erik Selvig and their intern Darcy (played by Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgård and Kat Dennings). While with them Thor hears about Mjölnir landing outside the New Mexico town they're at and goes to get his power back. As well as getting Jane's wormhole research back from Coulson. After Thor fights his way though S.H.I.E.L.D goons he tries to lift the hammer, but now it's time for Odin's humility lesson as he can't lift the hammer. After being taken into custody Loki appears before him and lies to him, telling Thor that Odin is dead and with his last decree he made his exile permanent.

 Meanwhile Loki plans to bring Laufey and his army to Asgard so that he can kill them while Laufey tries to kill Odin, proving his strength and right to the throne. Sif and the Warriors aren't putting up with Loki's crap however and sneak down to earth to bring Thor back thanks to Heimdal (played by Idris Elba) mastering the ancient Norse art of the loophole opening the Bifrost bridge for them. So Loki sends down the Destroyer to kill Thor to cover his tracks. However Thor after admitting that he was acting like a spoiled and angry child, sacrifices himself to save Jane, thus proves himself worthy of the power and defeats the Automaton. After words he returns to Asgard and fights Loki, after Odin tries to save the both of them from falling into the abyss Loki falls himself rather then be saved by his false family and imprisoned for his crimes.

 So Thor denies the throne until he can prove himself worthy of being king, while still pining for Jane. However Dr Selvig meets with Nick Fury after the credits so that Fury can show him a powerful artifact called the Teseract, which draws the attention of the Loki possessed Selvig. (Again Marvel hedging their bets as I'll explain later.) Also Hawkeye was in this movie but who cares about that? Besides he was just a foot note he doesn't't even fire an arrow in this movie I honestly just had to mention him out of obligation.

 Now before I talk about the movie itself I feel the need to talk about the director, Kenneth Branagh. For those who don't know Branagh is most well known for his adaptations of the Bard's work, most notably the 1996 version of Hamlet. If you haven't seen the movie, do so not only because it's a classic but also you can see how Branagh likes to do epic stories like this. That being big, grand and sweeping which, when dealing with larger then life characters and locations like Odin, Thor and Asgard is required to give the proper scope. Also since his background is in Shakespeare he seems to be a better fit for this project given the comic book source material.

 If anyone has studied Norse Mythology extensively the comic book and movie incarnations may make you want to eat your own noses. Similar to how actual secret agents laughed their asses off when watching the James Bond movies for the same reason, how much the writers left out and exaggerated. The point is that since the comic counterpart leaned more towards the stylization of the Bard then Tacitus Branagh seemed to be the best choice for director. It more then payed off as certain scenes wouldn't nearly have the proper weight to it without Branagh's direction. Scenes and locations just feel big and without someone who can handle these big sets and scenes the movie wouldn't nearly be as successful as it turned out.

 Also given their Shakespearian update; the characters tend to draw parallels from some of the Bard's characters like for example Tom Hiddleston described Loki as "like a comic book version of Edmund in King Lear, but nastier." Thor himself starts off as a boorish, violent war hungry ass, and eventually realizing that he was an ass and starts to turn himself around after discovering how to become a proper king like Henry the 4th. Now there are some parts that felt like they could have been improved upon. Darcy could have been left out and honestly not much would have changed, Hawkeye could have actually fought Thor before he got to Mjölnir instead of that one random guy, you know actually gives ether guy something to do in his MCU debut instead of just standing there? Also maybe there could have ben a bit more action with Sif and the Warriors fighting the Destroyer, not too long but maybe just enough screen time to make the 7 year old boy in me smile. 

 But honestly those are the only complaints I can think of in what's in all honesty a very solid movie.  Though just because we're leaving Thor and Asgard behind for now doesn't mean that the Aesir are done being involved in the MCU. As Nick Fury said "Legend tells us one thing, history another. But every now and then we find something that belongs to both." While next time we may not be dealing with gods we'll still be seeing serious monsters and those who slay those monsters to protect their homeland. As next time the March to Infinity will have us marching into Berlin alongside Steve Rogers, Aka Captain America.

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