Saturday, October 8, 2016

Manga review: Kazumi Magica the innocent malice volume 2 part 2: Xtreme fried ice cream at twin pines park.

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 Yeah, last time was pretty tragic and sad for Kazumi and the Pleiades wasn't it? Well let's see what fun and goofy scene chapter 7 opens on eh? 
Where the hell did I leave the Meeseeks box?!
 So in their off time the saints are going around stealing Soul Gems from magical girls and apparently permanently given that the scene was framed like Kaoru was a slasher killer; Jesus! Speaking of scary lunatics someone watching them is another magical girl who automatically wracks up creepy points by licking her lips lustfully at the thought of getting something from the Pleiades. The next morning Kazumi meets up with Niko and Juubey who tells her that she's off on a witch hunt. Kazumi offers to come with her which Niko accepts. 

 The hunt takes them to a local amusement park where Kazumi thanks Niko and the others for keeping the truth about witches from her so she wouldn't feel so much pain. She then asks Niko if there was a way for her to get her memories back but Niko tells her that not all her memories might not be good and might be of regret. However Kazumi just says that it doesn't matter; her memories good or bad are hers and that they make up who she is and she doesn't want to run away from that. That comment makes Niko pause and says that they'll talk with the others about it later. But first they have an uninvited guest, the girl from last night.

 She shows the two her own Soul Gem and introduces herself as Ayase Souju. She decides to show off her collection, her Soul Gem collection! Yeah she's taken up the nasty hobby of attacking Magical Girls and collecting their Soul Gems since they "shine with the light of life" as she says. 

And shots have been fired people and Niko is giving one of the pinical deathstares.
 She then asks the two their names so that she'll know what to name their Soul Gems, yeah she's just one step away from becoming a Kishen so Niko and Ayase transform and start to slug it out. 

Indeed it does, all hail queen crazy panties!
 Her royal loonyness may have fire powers but that's noting compared to Niko's finger missiles! Despite how cool that is Souju isn't amused, but as she tries to get close Niko shows she has more then that one trick.
Suck it Naruto!
So not even Naruto but more like Firestorm/ Edward Elric, good to know.
 Souju just dispatches the clones but the distraction allows Niko the chance to use the same spell that Kaoru used on that other Magical Girl to grab Soujus soul gem. As Niko wraps the fight up Souju manages to kick her off and grab back her soul gem; however when she transforms she has an entirely different outfit then before! No this isn't because the soul gem is still in range of her body, the last case established that the spell the Pleiades use somehow cuts off the connection between the body and gem. We end the chapter with Kazumi asking what the deal is; with Juubey saying that Souju has two souls inhabiting the same body.

"Hahaha wait what the hell? This little bitch brat thinks she soooo freaking original doesn't she?" "Oh goody who's trying to claw their way out of my noggin this time?")
"Yeah this brat is stealing mine and Minazukis Schtick. I've got half a mind to sho her that it takes two to tango, heh god butter me up cause I'm on a roll, heh there's another one kiddies HA HA!" Um actually this came out before your debut so technically you two are the rip off of her. "Oh well congratulations there jumbo, I'd give a shit but I droped them right next to all the fucks I don't give, hey you; you wanna chat with him? I'm out!" "Forgive the boy he tends to be bored rather easily, though she does share certain traits with me and Sho, she however made this choice for herself. She'll soon learn the folly of trying to interfere with the natural structure of one's soul, as he did."

 Yeah you two done yet? Can I go back to taking about what's actually relevant, thank you so very much. Chapter 8 opens with Kazumi asking Luca if she, like Ayase are collecting Soul Gems. She doesn't hesitate in admitting that she does since apparently that's the only way for her to live with Ayase. Kazumi then asks Juubey what happens to magical girls who lose their soul gems and Juubey replies that they lose their magic and in most cases die. 

 Yeah yeah that's the ticket. But this is apparently exactly why the two steal the gems in the first place. Yep these two are willingly going around killing magical girls just for their shiny little Faberge eggs which I remind you if they lose it they'll lose their magic and possibly die. So Kazumi has to stop her and launches an attack on Luca. 

 She manages to land a punch on Luca, but that's when she's had enough and pulls out her real power. 
So both Ayase and Luca can merge their souls and power together? Yeah totally not seeing anything familiar whatsoever
 Cyclone Joker Xtreme then launches an attack which manages to overpower Kazumi. Niko gets a telepathic call from Saki asking if she's secured what they were looking for. Niko replies that they're engaged in battle and send them their location. Niko then asks Juubey what the name of Souju's attack means. Once she learns she hatches a plan. 
You people are absolutely horrible! With friends like these am I right folks?
 After poor Kazumi gets blown to pieces Niko's sadism is satisfied and the two retreat with Souju in hot pursuit. The three manage to lose her at the roller coaster, during which Niko lays out how Souju's powers are so destructive and how to counter them. Ayase as demonstrated uses fire magic where Luca uses ice and when the two collide at the exact right time they cause a massive explosion.
Yes in Goku terms, it's fried ice cream.
 Juubey goes into better detail on how they can counter the Souju's attack. Since Kazumi uses destructive magic and Niko's reformation it should be able to create a counterattack. They try it when Souju corners them at the end of the train tunnel but they can't get the timing right. The three manage to retreat to a sewer to rethink their plan. The trio then trip on a mop and their simultaneous pain gives Niko an idea. Souju corners them again but Niko and Kazumi manage to get the timing right with help from Juubey.
Congratulations guys, you beat her! Your prize is evil space cat rabies, enjoy!
 Ayase and Luca are beaten, but they're both sore losers and pull out their ace in the hole, evil nuts! She tosses them at Kazumi and Niko but Saki manages to catch them in time. At the end of their rope Souju laughs admitting their loss and tells the Magical Girl Hunters to take her gems. Which they do, but Kazumi understandably is pissed off and confused with Souju's comment and how she thought there wouldn't be anymore secrets between her and the Saints. However before she can get an answer our volume ends with Satomi seeing Niko collapsing and her soul gem hatching into a witch even though it was completely clean! 
Oh crapbaskets.
 So that's several flavors of "this is so not good" and that flavor is only going to get stronger as the saints now have to fight one of their own, now reduced to a mindless murderous monster, fun ain't it?!

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