Thursday, December 31, 2015

Personal Post: Goodbye 2015.

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 Well 2015 is just about over and what a year it's been, I've gotten a new job at Kmart, made about 3000 bucks from said job give or take a few purchases and money from various sources and said job combined with quitting Diet Soda and switching to drinking Water regularly allowed me to lose about 50 or so pounds so now I'm in better shape then when I graduated High School. I've made some new buddies from my group in New York, wrote a ton of reviews on my blog and even traveled to London and Paris and got an awesome photo of the Arc De Triomphe. Now I have a lot on my plate next year, lots of franchises have their anniversaries coming up and of course I'm cashing in. 

 Kamen Rider has its 45th, Pokemon has its 20th, Puella Magi Madoka Magica has its 5th and of course I have my 25th, right on the same day as a fan favorite Super Sentai, same day as the first episode at that. We also have SMT IV Final, the Ratchet & Clank movie, more of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and various other good things that will hopefully happen. However just because I changed a lot this year only means to keep that momentum going, I'll start by upgrading my review blog to videos instead of articles, start making let's plays, and hopefully draw a profit from it which will then let me quit my Kmart job, or if not then I'll just change my hours to four hours a day and in the morning so I can just get it out of my way. I also plan on focussing on learning Japanese (again) and by that token go to Japan to test out my new vocal skills and see if I can break into acting or something, getting my drivers license and hopefully at long last find a girlfriend. 

 This has been a momentous year and while I do know the best is still ahead of me its important to take a quick glance at what you've done but not focus solely on the past otherwise you'll never get anywhere. The future might seem dark and scary but all you have to is take your first step, feel the walls a bit and eventually your eyes will adjust and see the bright future ahead of you. Goodbye 2015 and hello 2016.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Movie Review: Back to the Future 3 Part 2: When in doubt, wing it!

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 Back at Doc's lab Marty shows him the picture of his future tombstone which of course causes Doc to do the following steps; open mouth, insert foot. Doc doesn't know the Clara that the tombstone is referring to though. That is until the Mayor shows up to remind Doc that he volunteered to pick up the new schoolteacher who is coming into town tomorrow, Doc thanks him for the visit and the Mayor says that her name is Clara Clayton. When Marty says that now they know who Clara is Doc refutes the whole concept of love at first site due to there being no scientific rational for it. After Doc finishes his Iced Tea and measures Marty that Jen is safe since restoring the original time line after burning the almanac last movie the two decide to get back to 1985. But when Marty mentions that the Delorean is out of gas Doc is horrified.
 Marty says that since they have Mr Fusion the lack of gas shouldn't be a problem, however Doc says that Mr Fusion just powers the Flux Capacitor but the car itself has always run on gasoline, without that there's no way to get to 88mph. So after some horsing around and crapping their lungs out after a round of hard boozing the two decide that the best way to get the Delorean up to 88mph would be the local train. They ask the conductor if its possible and he says that it is if they were on a straight track with a level ground, no cars behind them and if the flames of the car were hotter then the flames of hell itself then 88mph would be possible. The conductor says that the next train that comes into town will be on Monday at 8 o'clock, Doc then finds the perfect track of land to push the Delorean, the track that leads off to Clayton revenue which will still be there in 1985. Though he points out that on the map they have it's referred to Shonash ravine.

 The two go to check it out and Marty says the idea's sunk since the bridge isn't finished yet. Doc once again points out that the bridge will be finished in 1985 so there's no problem in that department.  However another problem arrises when they see a woman in trouble, her horses have gone crazy and she can't control them. Doc manages to save her before her wagon fell off the ravine. Well, wouldn't ya know it its love at first sight between the two. Doc introduces himself and she introduces herself as Clara Clayton, and after Marty and Doc get her to her new house safely Doc invites Clara to visit him in town at his blacksmiths shop and mentions his love of science. Marty and Doc then leave and eventually realize that Clara was supposed to fall off into the ravine.

 So if in the timeline that Marty comes from is one where he didn't go back to 1885 to save Doc then Doc would have gone on doing his own thing, missing the opportunity to save Clara thus meet her and eventually get killed by Tannen. I mean if Marty didn't come back then Doc wouldn't have a reason to be near the ravine when the incident that would have killed Clara happened, thus being there to save her and by proxy meet and establish a relationship with her. So what I'm getting at is if Clara was supposed to fall off into the ravine in this timeline why does Doc's tombstone in 1955 mention her if she was supposed to die before the two ever met?
"This writing error is quite distressing."
"Perhaps we should leave these two with the task of this plot holes addressing?"
"Hold on Brother, our presence here proves what has already occurred."
"Let us leave before things get even more absurd."
 Doc of course realizes that she was supposed to die today and regrets ever building the time machine in the first place since it causes nothing but disaster; except, you know the time machine helping his family by giving his dad the balls to stand up to Biff and you using said machine to go into the future and have several procedures done on you to expand your life? Yep, it certainly caused nothing but disaster, ass.
 On September 5, the two fix the walkie talkies and go over the plan for the Delorean. First they'll highjack the Locomotive at 8 am on Monday, detach the cars and take it to the switch track near where they've loaded the Delorean onto the tracks near an abandoned silver mine the night before. According to Docs calculations they should hit 88mph just before they go over the edge of the ravine where they'll travel safely across the completed bridge. Marty asks what the "point of no return" on the display is. Doc says that it's their fail safe, up until they reach the old windmill they still have time to safely stop the train, but after that it's the future or bust.

 After a much safer and reassuring demonstration of the plan then in the first movie Clara shows up asking if Doc can help repair her telescope that was damaged in the incident. After some possibly intimate staring Clara asks if Doc is going to the town festival later that night. He says he'll be there with the telescope repaired as well so she thanks him and Marty (sorry, Mr Eastwood my mistake) and leaves. On that note I will be taking my leave as well, until next time where we talk about the fair, just be sure to bring your frisbies.

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