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Personal Post: My media recap of 2016.

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My Christmas haul for this year. Some of which will be for your benefit in the up coming year.
 What else can I say about 2016? It's been a big year, several anniversaries for various franchises, I finally moved on to Lets Plays, reviewed the Sentai series that premiered on the same day I was born which was Jetman and I'll just leave it at that. Oh and I also managed to get Madoka Magica Beginnings and Eternal on DVD for a somewhat reasonable price, thank you holiday sales. So for this list I'll just be going through the pieces of media that were released in North America in 2016 that I've played/watched in no particular order.

 This isn't a best of worst of list I'm just going through new movies, video games, anime what have you that I've seen which premiered in 2016. Though I'll only count remasters or HD remakes if they've made a significant change compared to the previous version of this product. But I won't include Demos that I've played since by definition I haven't played the full game and thus feel uncomfortable giving my thoughts on a full game based on the first hour or so.

My Favorite movie of 2016, good continuation of the MCU story, brilliant adaptation of the Civil War comic and just the perfect thing for people to cleanse their palates after ingesting the garbage fire that was Batman Vs Superman. But if you want a more detailed account of my experience with this movie, here you go.
I've finally finished this game and surprise, surprise it's really good. Now I still don't want to give too much away but we do see some good character development, the bosses can kick your teeth in if you have no idea what you're doing and Dagda is one of the grand poobahs of dickery. Read my review of my first impressions, get both SMT 4 games and have some fun. 
Essentially Iron Man with magic instead of technology but by the Emperor are the special effects impressive. Also it reveals one of the Infinity Stones so if you're a hardcore MCU fan this is required viewing. Especially for the upcoming Thor Ragnarök. Review post, like share subscribe moving right along.
It's Pokémon's 20th anniversary game, of course it's really good. The Kahunas are an interesting reinvention of the Gym Leader concept, Team Skull is my second favorite villain group behind Team Plasma, and I love the concept of regional variant Pokémon. My personal favorite is Aloan Marowak. Though I wish these games could provide a decent challenge like Hard mode in Pokemon White 2 and Black 2, please Nintendo, bring back Hard mode for the next games, pretty please? Here's my thoughts on Sun, me and my Fire Kitty are almost to the end.
I've played this since Day 1 so take my advice. Don't ever go for Free to Play, unless you have great patience and self control with your money. I do I only limit myself to deals or exclusive events but for the rest, you may want to just watch a  Lets Play. Or since Kingdom Hearts 2.8 has HD cutscenes of all the important events of this game, just wait for that. You can get by without purchasing new Medals, but only for so long. Sure there are Events that give you great medals but unless you know what you're doing and log on at least once a day to contribute to your party for events you'll be out of luck. But hey it's better then Final Fantasy All the Bravest. 
A great remake of a Point and Click Classic. I've never played the original game back in the day I was more of a Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam kind of guy. I was a little kid can you blame me? Back on point this was a real brain scratcher and while I have a Lets Play of this game I may want to avoid making another one in the future since they take time, I want to beat them without walkthroughs and I doubt all you members of the PC Master Race want to see this filthy console peasant miss what was OH SO OBVIOUS on my walkthroughs. But all in all a good game, an interesting experience and you should definitely check it out for yourselves. Also it has the original Maniac Mansion in the game so 2 games for the price of 1, can't beat that.
Seriously this is a compilation of three of my favorite games of all time, in HD, with all their single Player DLC and minus Bioshock 2's pointless and irrelevant multiplayer. You will not regret this. But even if you don't since next year is the 10th Anniversary of the franchise guess who has two thumbs and is going to do Lets Plays of these games and their DLC because he is a humongous fan? d o_o b This guy!
My favorite game of 2016. Though I couldn't show it the way I intended. See I originally wanted to do a lets play of this game but for some reason I couldn't upload any clips from my PS4 to Youtube. Though the few I could were flagged down by copyright because they had clips from the failed movie. But I do want to show my love for this game somehow so why not here? I personally view this as non-cannon to the main series due to Quark telling this story to a fellow inmate and; let's face it the guy is about as unreliable a narrator as you can get aside from the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future so you have to take this story with a major grain of salt. Besides we still have the original games, they're not going anywhere and I do still have a lets play of the original game so I can at least show how far we've come.
Now for your viewing pleasure my first impressions of the game as well as a small sample of my constant failures at the Hoverboard track before Patch 1.03 that actually made the minigame winnable. The others you can see on Youtube.

I'm betting that you all forgot this came out this year and quite frankly I don't blame you. This is almost a textbook example of what NOT to do in a sequel, reuse gags without the proper context of the original, pointlessly reset character progression, jumps the shark even more then the first you name it it's here. The only time laughed watching this flick was whenever Will Ferrell was on screen. Just give this flick a you-googly and move on.
Technically the worst movie I've seen this year, but that's only because I haven't seen that many movies and the few I have seen were really good. So all I have to say about this movie is that it was just kind of "meh". Though I will agree that Jerod Leto had no business being the Joker. I get what they were trying to go for with him but every-time I saw him I wasn't seeing the Joker I was seeing a pusher for Dr Rockso. Besides at least this wasn't Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Cheap Cash-ins. Also I really liked the part in the final fight where Diablo turned into an Aztec Fire monster to duke it out with Incubus. But aside from that, just meh.
I honestly wanted to review this movie in my usual style but well life happened and I wanted to talk about other stuff. However I do think this movie is decent. Not great but decent mostly coming off as Toei trying to make an apology (somewhat insincere but an apology nonetheless) to fans of the Showa Era with Hiroshi Fujioka's name slapped onto the writing credits. But considering how he hated Takashi Hongo's depiction in Kamen Rider Taisen and the retcons included in the Kamen Rider Yongo netmovies that remove that and Grand Prix from cannon I can see why he'd want the chance to set Takshi Hongo back on the right path. It's certainly better then the last Taisen films as at least this does seem like we're watching Takashi Hongo fighting Shocker to save Tachibana's granddaughter who is essentially his Goddaughter.

A man on his last legs desperately fighting to save the family of the man who helped shape him into what he is today, and like most Inoue scripts while the execution may be clumsy I get the emotion and sentiment trying to be conveyed. But there are somethings wrong with the movie. Mainly the new look for Kamen Rider #1. I really don't like the over-muscled look and he looks like "he's been hitting the roids bro!" Also thankfully while Ghost and Specter are in the movie they don't overshadow Takashi, since this really is his story just with elements from Ghost crammed in. So all in all better then what we've got but could have been far better.
Speaking of Hiroshi Fujioka we have Project X Zone 2. I enjoyed the first game due to the crossover madness seeing characters from various franchises and three different companies fighting against familiar and new (and sometimes sexy, hello Saya) evils trying to conquer or destroy the muliverse. Hell it even motivated me to Pick up Endless Frontier to see the intro for Hawken Browning and Kaguya as well as how Reiji, Xiaomu and KOS-MOS were so familiar with them and Phantom. I've also been watching a let's play of the original Namco X Capcom on Youtube to see how the whole fiasco got started, that shows how much I've been hooked.

Project X Zone 2 has the crossover fun of the first Project X Zone game as well as really botched localization. If you have at least some knowledge of the Japanese language and hear the clips you can tell that they went off the reservation with some of them. Now I can get that directly translating languages involves various constraints like how Japanese is very contextual and English not so much but Bandai of America has a bit of a reputation of not giving the slightest amount of a shit with their localizations these days. But those who've played this and Digimon Cyber Sleuth can attest to this claim.

Also, Sheath, oh dear. While I do like to see Vilenesses who are cute, strong, competent and not an evil, hateful, irredeemable bitch who doesn't know how to crack a joke, did we really need one who was a Weeaboo Squealer? I get the joke with her but still the boarder between Parody and reaffirming stereotypes is paper thin (see the Dave Chappele "Racist Pixies" sketch for evidence of that). I can tell she was meant to be a parody of the American fanbase who petitioned to have the first Project X Zone game brought into the international market but if it wasn't for the scene where Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine reaffirmed Reiji and Xiaomu that not all Americans are like her it would have been the developers biting the hand that feeds them. Pedantic complaints aside these games did inspire me to check out some of the games these characters come from, like Devil May Cry, God Eater, Xenoblade and Strider for example. So all in all get these games, see if there's a franchise that looks interesting and give it a try if only to expand your horizons.
And now my list of characters that I really want to see in Project X Zone 3. Now some of these may sound silly but then again this whole series as basically an interactive fan fiction so might as well get into the spirit. If you have suggestions I'd love to hear them.


Viewtiful Joe and Sylvia
Alastor (Viewtiful Joe)
Amaterasu (Okami)
Asura and Yasha (Asuras Wrath)
Axl (Megaman X)
Atoli (.Hack)
Sonic and Tales
Shadow and Rouge (Sonic)
E-123 Omega
Flynn and Nanashi (SMT 4) (Sega owns Atlus which made SMT, both SMT4 games are on 3DS so it makes some sense.)
Isabeau (SMT 4)
Guile (Street Fighter)
Dan Hibiki and Blanka (Street Fighter)
Trish (Devil May Cry)
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Kamen Rider Brave (Well Namco-Bandai's letting Toei use Pac-Man in Ex-aids movie and Ex-Aid is based on Video Games so I hope that'll happen. Probably not but not outside the realm of possibility)
Kamen Rider Lazer ( Yes I know he's dead but this series is known for using time slips so again not impossible.)
Jotaro Kujo (Part 3) & Jolyne Kujo (Namco-Bandai published Eyes of Heaven and Cyberconnect 2 developed it so all they'll need is Araki's blessing, or some negotiations with David Productions; again a man can dream)


Jet Black (Viewtiful Joe)
Orochi (Okami)
Deus (Asuras Wrath)
Sakaki (.Hack)
Dr Eggman
Metal Sonic
Krishna (SMT 4)
Walter/Lucifer (SMT 4)
Johnathan/Merkabah (SMT 4)
Balrog (Street Fighter)
Vega (Street Fighter)
Mundus (Devil May Cry)
Kamen Rider Genm
Kamen Rider Snipe
DIO (Jojo's Bizzarre Adventure)
Enrico Puchi (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
Nightmare (Soul Caliber)
Like I've said before I'm not a big Star Trek guy, but this was still a decent movie. The plot kept me engaged the characters' back and forth was witty and it didn't seem to be just a rehash of previous Star Trek movies.
It's Telltale's Walking Dead of course I think it's great. Hell I'm doing lets plays of every episode of the new season so don't take my word for it. Watch and then play for yourselves.
It's not as good as Seven Samurai, now that the obvious is out of the way I can talk about this movie on its own. Especially since I haven't seen the "original" Magnificent Seven so thus no point of comparison. It's a kickass movie, Denzel Washington is a badass, Vincent D'Onofrio is coo-koo nuts and I love it and I seriously want that gold gatling gun.
Again never really was into Gundam, my only exposure was that SD show that was on Toonami back in the day and Gundam Seed which is apparently the black sheep of the franchise. So you can tell with that kind of first impression why Gundam isn't exactly in my top 10. But I decided to check this out and holy crap this hooked me. The characters are charismatic the fights are close, hard hitting and downright grizzly. Though unlike Code Geass where that was an entire new universe I've had a bit of a hard time trying to follow the politics of IBO since I've never seen any previous Gundam series so I have no idea about half the terms they're talking about.

I do get most of it but I may just have to go through it again to grasp the full scope. Also the funniest episode was when a certain character dies when Tekkadan was attacked on Earth. I won't say who but it was soooo obvious that this person was going to die I was surprised he wasn't wearing a red shirt talking about how he wasn't afraid of anything anymore since he had two days left till retirement. I mean it was so obvious that when it did happen it wasn't like when Mami was killed by Charlotte it was more like that Steamroller scene from the first Austin Powers. Maybe not like that but it was more like a boring punchline to an incredibly drawn out joke.

Aside from that my favorite characters are Naze and Orga. Naze is calm, cool and a charismatic charming SOB who also acts a good mentor for Orga. Also yes the dude has a literal harem of hot, smart capable ass-kicking women at his beck and call and essentially a Space Polygamist. On the one hand one can't help but be teeth grindingly jealous of a charismatic dude with hundreds of girlfriends who love him as much as he does them. But on the other hand; well to quote Charles Britannia from Code Ment "I swear to god if I have to sit though one more episode of Bridezillas I'm going to saw my own arm off." Pros and cons to everything am I right?

Though speaking of Code Geass Orga is basically Lelouch but with a key difference. If I had to compare the two Lelouch would be more book-smart where as Orga was Street-Smart. Then again somebody must have thought the same thing considering Johnny Young Bosch voices both characters. Considering that Code Geass is one of my favorite anime I'm not surprised that one of my favorite characters is Street-Smart Lelouch. But still dispite some setting issues IOB gets my seal of approval. But seriously don't fuck with these guys.

I get the joke, it got pretty tiresome, thankfully there's a good story, likable characters and more then just the main joke for this show to fall back on. Saitama is basically what would happen if Goku were strong enough to beat Superman, he's the strongest man in the universe so what now? Why just be a hero for fun of course! Also possibly find someone or thing that could give him a challenge. There's more to Saitama then just his insane strength though. He does know what it means to be a hero, he's not a glory hound and will go so far as making himself look bad to make sure that the other heroes who fought before him get their fair share of credit for their bravery. This is also getting a second season in the near future so be sure to check it out.
So that was 2016. Now on to 2017 and hopefully bigger and better things.

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Lets Play The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 1 Ties that bind Part 2

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We've managed to find shelter. But Clem botches a gun deal even worse then Archer. But even harder choices await me, Clem and my new buddy Tripp. For more content follow me on Twitter, Facebook and support my Patreon page at

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Lets Play The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 1 Ties that bind Part 1

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It's been quite a while for me. But I'm back to the world of the Walking Dead. New lead, new danger, somewhat new Clementine. Get ready for fun!!! For more content follow me on Twitter, Facebook and support my Patreon page at

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Let's Play (Blind) Day of the Tentacle Remastered Pt4: Planet of the Tentacles

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Let's Play (Blind) Day of the Tentacle Remastered Pt3: Finally some progress!

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Let's Play (Blind) Day of the Tentacle Remastered Pt2: A most bogus journey.

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Here we are wandering around looking for all the random garbage needed to win. Yep this is an old school point and click game. For more content follow me on Twitter, Facebook and support my Patreon page at

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Let's Play (Blind) Day of the Tentacle Remastered Pt1: Bill, Ted and Shirley's Excellent Adventure.

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A blind LP of a remastered point and click classic. What could go wrong? For more content follow me on Twitter, Facebook and support my Patreon page at

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Video Game Review: Pokémon Sun and Moon: Me and my fire kitty.

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 Honestly folks I've been looking forward to this game for a long time, not as long as Persona 5 or Kingdom Hearts 3 but eh close enough. A whole new region, new variations of classic Pokémon (proving that Natural Selection exists in Pokémon) and a brand new story telling potential since the new region Alola doesn't have a Pokémon league but 4 Kahunas. Meaning that the game can focus less on beating the eight gym leaders and eventually Elite 4 but now just the 4 Kahunas and the mysteries of the Aether foundation and Team Skull. Even how you get your starter Pokémon has notable differences that I really do like, instead of just picking one and leaving it at that the context has that only once both Pokémon and trainer have chosen each other can't they be called partners, which shows a cut scene where your chosen starter gradually walks over to you, you pick it up and thus you are now partners. And because I chose Litten the cute little fire kitty this image immediately sprang to mind.
No joke I just wanted to present my Litten like he was Simba I was even hearing "Circle of Life" in my head when I was holding him.
 So with the assistance of the new Professor Kukui, his assistant Lillie and her mysterious Pokémon Cosmog I begin my quest to explore these new island, challenge the Kahunas and their islands totem Pokémon and stop Team Skull from doing, SOMETHING I HAVEN'T RUN INTO THEM YET!!! So at this point I'll just go over the features I've encountered so far. First our new Pokédex which is possessed by a Rotom. While it may not do much as far as I can tell he can talk to you, display the map at the bottom of the screen and even show you where you're supposed to go in case you get lost.
It may show new capabilities as the game goes on but that remains to be seen.

 There's an update to the Pokémon-Amie called Pokémon Refresh which while it removes Super Training will allow you to switch between the Pokémon you groom and will also let you removes Status effects at the end of battles such as Sleep, Poison and Paralysis. We also are introduced to the Festival Plaza which for those of you who've played Black and White 2 will be familiar with as it shares functions with the Join Avenue where you help point people in the direction of attractions they want to go to and get upgrades and items from the shops there.

 While there are some features that some people disagree with, mostly the move effectiveness designator that shows whether a move you're using will be effective against a Pokémon or not. I personally don't mind it since like in the most likely case with brand new players they don't want to have their computer or a guide open to check whether a move will work against a Pokémon or not. While I can understand why Nintendo decided to include it some people are not happy. Maybe in further installments the developers could give players an option to turn that feature on or off. However there is one feature that I greatly approve of, the removal of HMs.

 Since there's no Badges there's no HMs that activate when you acquire them. So they mediate this issue by giving players Pokémon that you can ride on to overcome obstacles. So now you don't need to give your Pokémon sometimes unnecessary moves like Cut, Flash or Rock Punch. The best moves are now TMs so no you can give these moves to your Pokémon and remove them with absolutely no problems. Also aside from the Pokémon differences between the two games as usual both are on different time Axes.

 Sun is on normal time displayed on you 3ds while Moon is 12 hours ahead. So if you were playing Moon during the day it would be night in game. There's also some Pokémon that evolve differently in each version as well as version exclusives but I'll leave you all to figure those out for yourselves. As for me, my Litten and my team are off to conquer the Alola Islands as their grand champion. PRAISE THE SUN!!!

Pokémon is owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, Ken Sugumori, and Satoshi Tajiri.
Kamen Rider is owned by Ishinomori Productions, Toei Productions, and Bandai.

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Tokusatsu Review: Shruiken Sentai Ninninger vs Toqger Part 2: Bad Leftovers

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 So anything of importance that I missed last time? NOPE just dumbass characters acting like dumbasses. Speaking of; Chief Dumbass rolls into the demon theme park and finally meets the mastermind and resident Ninja Nerd.
 Aside from sharing the name of one of the worst villains in Power Rangers history this guy is clearly insane because why in the name of all that's good would ANYONE want to spend time with Takaharu unless he owes them money? Speaking of he tries to fight Mavro but is stoped by Mavro's Ninja clones. But since they're based off of ACTUAL (and one mythological but far more legit) NINJAS Takaharu gets his ass kicked. Mavro then extracts his Shadow from Takaharu and combines them with the three clones to create an Evil Clone of Takaharu, DARK AKANINGER!!!

 Unfortunately Takaharu manages to separate himself from the Clone. So while he's not under Mavro's control he's lost all his Nintality to the Clone, but no problem since according to Mavro all he is now is just Leftovers.
Well dude Sonya and the American fanbase agrees and quite frankly with how your show progressed I'm right there with them so from now on we dub thee Leftovers!
 With his new evil Ninninger Mavro leaves Leftovers to fade into nothing but just as Saitama is about to throw Leftovers out Wrong (Since I hate Right just as much as everyone else hates Leftovers I'm calling him Wrong from now on as well) saves him and gets the two out of there. We then cut back to Kyuemon finishing the exposition dump about how Leftovers will be reduced to nothing unless Dark Akaninger is destroyed. Yet the three look horrified for some reason I'd personally break out a Piñata but that's just me.

 Back at their base the two groups try to come up with a plan to save Leftovers but are coming up dry. The Toqgers tell the Niningers to stay back while they take care of it but they insist on coming as well and so they do. Meanwhile Leftovers wakes up to see Wrongs punchable Justin Bieber face and the two talk and bond about how hopelessly stupid they are. After some banter between the two groups of competent team members we cut back to Dark Akaninger starting to cover the world in darkness. Kyuemon expresses his concerns about interference but Mavro's got it covered, he recreated the Shadow Line Generals with additional Ninja skills to guard the area. Kyuemon then takes off to make sure his check from Toei doesn't bounce and leaves with Wanyūdō. 

 The two reds manage to reach Mavro and Dark but Dark attacks and overpowers the two. The others manage to get past the Shadow Line Clones with their own varying degrees of stupidity including leaving Schwartz to being BOILED ALIVE, DAMN! The two reds actually hold their own against Dark, but before Marvo can interfere Akira (who thankfully has stoped using his "This is where I die" catchphrase) takes him on instead. Elsewhere Kyuemon sends Wanyūdō to attack the city to collect fear energy but are stoped by a loud and powerful battlecry!

 No no; it's time for the Early bird cameo of the new team, the Zyuohgers who are so badass they make quick work of Wanyūdō in less time it takes to nuke a Hot-pocket. But like all good things this appearance of the 40th Anniversary team must come to an end as we go back to the two clown troops calling themselves Sentai. Dark is beating Wrong and Leftovers like a drum telling Leftovers that if he dies he goes with him. The teams finally catch up with the Niningers firing the Toqgers cannon at Dark while imagining what Leftovers hates, which of course reduces our Badass villain Ranger Clone; into a pepper that Leftovers then destroys with an "I AM A MAN" punch.
My hatred of this resolution knows no bounds!
 But as if a sign of mercy from the Emperor himself Leftovers fades away into nothingness.

 Yep, no going back now Leftovers's dead and all's well that ends well.
Nope, you think you'll be rid of this dipshit so easily? Not while there's still some of your faith in humanity I can squash!
 Just when I though he wouldn't show up and this movie might actually be tolerable Old Ninja shows up again and somehow, don't ask me how, brings Leftovers back with the power of IMAGINATION!!!!!! Now you might be thinking that this is where I'll use the Deadfall clip of Nick Cage screaming "Fuck" as loud and over the top as he can. But no, this plot point is so dumb, so infuriating and so stupid I cannot express my anger properly. So thus I leave this task to a true master of anger. Take it away Ren.

BUT FIRST, FIIIIIRRRRRRSSSTTTTTTTT, I'm going to take a wizz. Don't you go anywhere, as next time we'll see how much more these two teams can drive me closer to getting a visit from a Red Lantern ring.

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Looney Toons is owned by Warner Brothers and the Vitaphone Corporation. 
Kazumi Magica The Innocent Malice is owned by Masaki Hiramatsu, Takashi Tensugi, Magica Quartet and Yen Press.
Mortal Kombat is owned by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios.
One-Punch Man is owned by ONE, Viz Media and Shueisha.
The Ren & Stimpy show is owned by Bob Camp, John Kricfalusi, Spümcø, Games Animation and Nickelodeon.
The Tick: The Animated Series is propriety of  Hank Tucker, Sunbow Entertainment, Graz Entertainment, Fox Children’s Productions and Disney Media Distribution 

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Movie Review: Doctor Strange (2016): Shambhala (Spoilers)

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 So on top of Captain America Civil War we have another movie in the MCU Stage 3. Once again featuring a character that most people didn't think would work, the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange.  I know that most people aren't familiar with the story of Steve but here's someone who does. Since this review is so close to the movies American release I don't want to give too much away so I'll just give the basic premise and my thoughts. 

 Benedict Cumberbatch does a fantastic job as the title character Steven. I've only seen him in The Imitation Game and Star Trek Into Darkness and I'm starting to become a fan of his work. I was pretty impressed with his American accent which almost reminded me of Hugh Lori's performance as House (though I never actually saw House just heard him in commercials but the fact that I still remember that far back tells quite a bit). He definitely does a good job as the smug prick genius Surgeon and also is able to display the mania and desperation in Stevens life after his hands were destroyed after his hubris generated car crash; his slow gradual acceptance of the otherworldly phenomena and finally becoming the wizened, though somewhat snarky Sorcerer Supreme. I haven't seen him in The Hobbit Trilogy but I'll be rectifying that soon, but from what I've heard he's once again top notch.

 As for the other characters they play their parts well. The Ancient one definitely comes off as wise, in control and powerful. I especially love when she just gives that look when she can read all of Stevens actions and responses like he was the worlds most pretentious pop up book. I also liked that she doesn't spout out moral absolutes, which would have made a later revelation about her make her out to be a massive hypocrite. Surprisingly one of the more funny characters is Wong, I won't say why but let's just say his iPod list isn't what you'd expect. Mordo, has potential, he isn't trying to murder the Ancient One in this version and in fact helps to train Steve in the mystic arts. Knowing nothing about Mordo I'm not sure how accurate this is to the source material but for this film it works; It tends to come off more like Green Lantern then Doctor Strange, especially at the end but you'll find out when you see it for yourself.

 Unfortunately the biggest weakness of these movies are sad to say, the villains. Kaecilius is just boring and is just standard MCU baddie sad to say. I admit he does have some good banter between him and Strange but he's clearly just a lackey for Dormammu. Speaking of I do see quite a bit of potential for this guy in the MCU. He's an all powerful demon that devours worlds for snacks, hell I can see him being the appetizer before Thanos in Infinity War Part 1. 

 As he is in this movie he's all right, he's mostly just set up and I do like how he's actually set up and executed. Now I'll get into the real reason why you should all see this movie, the visuals can be summed up in two words.
 I make no exaggeration that you should all see this movie for the visuals alone. I'm not going into details but to say that this is a better adaptation then the 1970's version of Dr Strange is like saying that a 4 pound Lobster is better then a frozen pizza that's sat in the sun for a week. In fact I can't honestly believe I'm saying this but; you should all see this at least once in 3D!
 I know I know I've gone on record that I absolutely despise 3D as a movie gimmick but of this one occasion I must insist that you lay down just this tiny bit of extra cash to see this movie in 3D. Trust me you will not regret it, unless you're prone to motion sickness in which case you would most likely try to hunt me down and glue my lips together for even suggesting that but I absolutely must insist that you see this movie in 3D. Also as most of the Internet has already spoiled there's one of the infinity stones in this movie so for those who follow the MCU event line this movie is unavoidable, so grab your disciples and schedule a visit with the good Doctor.   

Doctor Strange (2016) is owned by Marvel Studios, The Walt Disney Corporation and Scott Derrickson
Warhammer 40,000 is owned by Rick Priestly, Games Workshop and Citidel.
If the Emperor had a Text to Speech Device is owned by Bruva Alfabusa.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Personal Post: My opinion of Five Nights at Freddy's: I don't want a heart attack.

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 Well here we are people another year another Five Nights at Freddy's game to make people scream and shit their pants at the sight of Animatronic demons. And I am SO not one of those people. Alright look I'll give my opinion of these games as succinctly as I can. I respect Five Nights at Freddy's but I'll never play any of those games for as long as I live. I do however like these games, not for the actual games themselves but what they mean for the gamer community itself, not just the indie developers.

 FNAF stands as a shining example of what happens when you properly listen to critics, don't let yourself get bogged down by negativity, have a solid and simple concept, and just good old fashioned hard work, care and respect for your fans. Now I may be talking out of my old poop shoot but that's just what I feel when I look at Scott and the relatively short history of this franchise. I mean it's only been 2 years since the first game showed up on Steam and it's almost up there with Mario in terms of Gaming iconography (I mean real iconic not Ubisoft iconic (sorry for borrowing that one Jim)) I mean it's crazy we've got the six games, FNAF action figures, FNAF novels, FNAF movies, FNAF T-Shirts, FNAF coloring books, FNAF Dogtags.
FNAF THE FLAMETHROWER!!!! Which ironically some people would desperately want when playing these games.
 I can honestly respect FNAF and Scott for not just how this franchise was created but how the man sets an example for developers. Mostly regarding the FNAF World fiasco, for those unaware between FNAF 4 and Sister Location Scott released a FNAF RPG which was buggy, not properly explained and was generally not well received so Scott decided to offer refunds for everyone who purchased the game from Steam and FNAF world is currently free to download. From what I've seen not only is it Scott dropping hints for FNAF Sister Location but it's just kind of a chance for Scott to take the piss out of himself like Stephen King's movie Maximum Overdrive.
I mean he created a Star Fox parody where Freddy and his pals go into space to fight a crazed version of himself for the Emperor's sake, how can you not appreciate that?
 Now to be honest FNAF World just might be the only one of these games I can see myself getting through but other then that NOPE! Now again It's not that I hate these games or believe that the hype is overblown but just that I do not like jump scares; and when I have to deal with these mechanical demons coupled with the jump scares and loud noises they might cause me to have a heart attack or hurt my hearing when I have to keep the volume up to hear them out; something I would like to avoid as much as possible. One of the things I do like about these games is the lore and the history of the Animatronics, the Purple Guy and all the horrible events tied around this fictional Pizza franchise. Now some people say that it's overly complicated and Scott just keeps adding more nonsense on top of more nonsense, to some extent I may agree but then again I can follow the mythos of Bioshock and Kingdom Hearts so make of that what you will. At least this isn't nearly as complicated as the Tommy Westphall universe and it's all encompassing Lovecraftian tendrils.

 Now to give my thoughts on less controversial material just general aesthetic choices. I personally like the designs of the Animatronics themselves, my personal favorite iteration was in FNAF 4 where they honestly looked like Demons. Scott just really cut loose with that game and as someone who likes making monsters myself I can tell they're just inspired. My personal favorite Animatronic is Golden Freddy, the nearly unavoidable instant kill Zordon from furry yiffing hell, with the empty eye sockets, lifelessness, and just all around uncomfortable feeling you get trying to avoid that hellbeast is just wonderful. The only thing about this franchise that I don't really get behind is the fan art, specifically the furry stuff, now I know that that scene isn't for me but it's just one of those things that make me shake my head and say "for god's sake Internet".

 As for Scott himself seeing him get so much success out of such a simple concept is commendable, especially coming from me who has little to no skills in programing video games. To see a man take what he can do and slowly but surly improve his craft and be so successful is nothing short of inspiring. I believe the real story of FNAF is learning from your failures, turning them into your inspiration and through luck become a rightful success in a field where one faced great adversity. So Scott, good on you and nothing but luck for you, your family, your franchise and your future endeavors.

 Now again that's just my opinion if you like that stuff good for you it's just not my cup of tea. Though personally what I really would like to see is possibly crossovers. Like a witch from Madoka Magica themed around the Puppet with the animatronics as its familiars or something. Also since the current Kamen Rider series Ex-Aid has their monsters, the Bugsters themed around Video Games I'd love to see one themed around FNAF. Again that's all just me and if you feel differently by all means let me know. Now to get back to work on my new Let's Plays to keep my stress down during the winter since my current money earning job does take its toll on me.

Five Nights at Freddy's is owned and created by Scott Cawthon.
Spaceballs is owned by Mel Brooks, Brooksfilms and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Manga review: Kazumi Magica the innocent malice: Volume 3 Pt 2: The circle of life.

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Yeah when you look at all the bodies you tend to start thinking along the lines of "God how did I become friends with these psychos?"
 As we delve back into the memory pool Juubey is approaching Kazumi with the wish offer. She accepts it without hesitation and wishes for her Grandma to be healthy but to die as she naturally would. Juubey asks why she wouldn't wish for her grandma's full health or even to extend her life but Kazumi doesn't want to go against her wishes and if that means she'll die as she would have so be it.
Kazumi, only 16 years old and yet still a better person then Peter Parker.
 So with the last day with her grandmother Kazumi asks for her to teach her how to make her strawberry risotto so that she'll always have something to remember her by. 
Oh goody another genuinely heartwarming scene I can't snark at, poop.
 After the story Mirai asks if it's possible for her to become a magical girl. Juubey being the opportunistic hell beast that it is is all too willing to hear their wishes. 
"Kazumi" We can use the museum to store all our excess guns from the bi monthly run. "Satomi" That way they'll be so indebted to me they'll help me to conquer the world! Or at the very least help me do a less creepy version of Cats since, you know they'll actually be cats instead of freaking furries." "Juubey" "You want to grow what now? Ok but don't blame me if people think you're a demon or something." "Saki" "Let's face it with my sister dead I need my ganja fix somehow and I'm not buying from that old pervert with the turtle!" "Umika" "I know someone out there shares my love of covering the world of death rabbits!" "Kaoru" "Now when I go back I can beat the tar out of them myself for that girl nearly killing herself!"
 So the group became magical girls, Kazumi names the group The Pleiades Saints and everyone was having a good time. 
Damn it Mami even when you aren't aware of it your influence is everywhere
 We also saw that when Kazumi lost her grandmothers earrings Saki went out of her way to get new ones, clearly showing some level of attraction to Kazumi; much to Mirai's chagrin. But the fun times ended that fateful night at the Asunaro Dome. They were going to recruit Yuuri into the group until she became a witch. After the group put her down they confronted Juubey and he spilled the beans and how the answer was staring them right in the face. 
In fact using almost the exact words he used when Sayaka became a witch in the show.
 So Umika decided to head butt Juubey so damn hard she rewrote his memories. 
Ok this only makes their actions even dumber since according to Umika now that Juubey works exclusively for them that means that no other magical girls will be able to purify their gems thus more witches will pop up and kill more people! You know for people who say they want to stop the magical girl system they seem to only be focusing on the parts that are problematic for them and not, you know THE PEOPLE THAT'LL BE TORN TO PIECES BY THE WITCHES!! But then again as we saw with Kazumi saving them students do tend to take after their teachers.
 With the flashbacks finally over Kazumi's iris' briefly change into how they were when she had the evil nuts inserted into her, which doesn't escape Satomi's notice. We end this chapter with the group calling it a day save for Saki and Satomi, where Satomi makes a proposal to Saki. 
Now who can say no to such a rational and thought out argument like that with a face like this?
Satomi has gone bye-bye Egon. My head cannon now dictates that this song will now be playing in her head for the rest of her days.

 Chapter 13 picks up immediately after this with Saki asking why since everything's going well this time. Wait, this time; what the hell? But Satomi starts chuckling to herself about how Saki can't kill her since she's clearly in love with Kazumi; she also mentions that she knows Saki's dirty little secret. 
I know you've been using the leftover pods to store your brownies, seriously Saki-chan you need an intervention. Remember what Mario-san said?

 Back at the ranch Kazumi's sleeping after the trauma of the day and Kaoru is asking Umika if things will work out this time with her thinking back to Kazumi's state under the evil nut. Saki then shows up and comes inside asking about Kazumi and if the evil nuts are behind what happened to her. Umika doesn't know but figures that the one who made them who was behind Yuuri and Souju would know for sure. Saki asks if it wasn't the nuts and that this was another failure. The duo disagree both thinking that things are going perfectly this time. 

 Saki however brings up when Niko became a witch and that her soul gem wasn't cloudy at all when it happened. She then starts to freak out saying that even though they all care about "Kazumi-chan" if they keep using their magic the way they have then they'll end up as witches. Umika however knows that something's wrong; since the real Saki never said Kazumi's name with the suffix chan before. With the jig up Satomi has the mind controlled Saki attack.
I'm sorry Kaoru-chan, Umika-Chan but you see; Cookies need love like everything does!
 She manages to incapacitate Kaoru by dropping a chandelier on her which frees her to rush into Kazumi's room and take a stab at killing her. However Saki manages to regain enough control to stab herself with the dagger instead. Satomi just changes her plans and has her bring Kazumi to her. Satomi then opens a secret room and tells several figures that it's their turn. Saki manages to bring Kazumi back to the museum and falls unconscious; Satomi shows up says that she's going to kill Kazumi. 

 She also tells her that the group lied to her again. The truth is that they didn't find out the truth about Magical girls and witches when Yuuri turned, but it was when Kazumi's original self Michiru Kazusa became a witch. She turned but the six loved her so much that they tried to bring her back to life, so they stuffed the corpse with the witch's flesh to create a clone, like stuffing a teddy bear with cotton. Great so on top of mass kidnappings, they've also been experimenting with resurrecting the dead; HOW ARE THESE GIRLS NOT THE VILLAINS?! Kazumi is of course disbelieving but Satomi points out how her Soul Gem looks like a grief seed as proof that Kazumi is really a witch in human skin. 
Well to be fair that was kind of a tip off but hey look at the bright side at least it can't get worse!
 So the volume ends with things getting worse, since the incident with the evil nut Satomi thinks that Kazumi's another failure and since Saki can't get the job done she'll have to do it herself, and by that she'll send the previous 12 clones to kill Kazumi aka clone #13, and she won't even be buried with her trucker hat!

Kazumi Magica The Innocent Malice is owned by Masaki Hiramatsu, Takashi Tensugi, Magica Quartet and Yen Press.
Spider-Man is owned by Steve Ditko, Stan Lee, Marvel Comics and The Walt Disney Corporation.
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Manga review: Kazumi Magica the Innocent Malice Volume 3 Pt 1: BEARS!!!

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Yeah notice that I'm not using the interior cover for this one since I don't think I should and can't show you it. But I can describe it, the interior cover is a naked Niko offering the reader a gun with the words "kill me" written in blood on her chest. You'll forgive me for not showing that if only to avoid placing an NSFW warning on this review.
 So last time we saw that things got rather crazy and that they can always go from bad to worse. In this instance Niko somehow turned into a witch even though her gem is as clean as a whistle. Her teammates are understandably horrified at this with Kaoru desperately pleading for Nikos witch to stop. It clearly doesn't work and the witch launches an attack on the others, who were only able to avoid damage thanks to Umikas barrier. 

 Saki manages to get Mirai into the barrier but takes a small cut on her face, Mirai sees this and goes into a Wolverine esq berserker rage! 
 She then summons an army, an army of; teddy bears. 

 But yes Mirai can summon an army of teddy bears which swarm the witch and start to rip its flesh off with their bare teeth!!! Even though the witch manages to shake these fluffy piranhas off Miri just combines them into a giant bear to hold the witch down while she turns her wand into FUCKING DRAGON SLAYER!!! And good lord does she know how to use it!
Jesus somebody give this girl a coke! And make sure it's a coke she does not need to be pissed off by giving her a Pepsi BEGONE PEPSI MAN OR SHE'LL CLEVE YOU IN HALF!!!
 So she takes her broadsword and cuts the witch cleanly in half right down the middle with its blood drenching everyone. It's at this point where everyone starts panicking and going crazy, Satomi especially since she's terrified of becoming a witch. Kazumi is horrified that the hand she's holding was alive only a few minutes ago and starts screaming Niko's name. Only for her to show up right next to her asking what's up?! Everyone is of course shocked, confused and surprised as all hell as to what the hell's going on. 

 Juubey explains that that was her "Preliminary" which was the price of her contract. So yeah Niko's back, though looking slightly more evil. But then again this is the same girl who just sat back and let Kazumi be used for target practice a few minutes ago so she just might be showing her true colors or just has a warped sense of humor. Either way near death can give people some leeway with weird behavior. After the happy reunion however Niko reminds everyone that Kazumi's concerns need to be addressed.

 So they take her to Mirai's teddy bear museum called Angelica Bears, which was what Mirai wished for to become a magical girl. Okay so wishing for a teddy bear museum lets her summon teddy bear constructs I get that, but how does a personal museum equal Pyramid Heads Great knife? Back on track it's not what they wanted to show her. Below the museum is the secret of the Pleiades Saints, a freezer for Magical Girls.
 So yeah what Ayase was saying was 100% true, they go around abducting magical girls, steal their soul gems and preserve their naked bodies in cryostasis like they were working with Mr Fucking Freeze?! OUR FUCKING HEROES EVERYONE!!! Oh and their explanation at the end of this chapter is just as crazy. Apparently this is the Pleiades way of rejecting the Magical Girl system.

 Chapter 10 has Kazumi asking questions as to what exactly Witches are and they give her the full story as explained in the main show. However there is one exception that unlike Sayaka who took to the idea of ignoring all pain in their bodies the Pleiades rejected that notion. Because if they forget pain then that's when they truly stop being human. I would argue that you guys may have forgotten a few other things but yeah sure you definitely need to remember pain I can get behind that. Umika explains that all the soul gems they've collected are kept in a special seal, so that even though the gem is still within the 100 meter radius of their bodies the seal cuts them off so they don't become more clouded and corrupted then they already are. Their ultimate goal is to keep the girls from becoming witches and finding a way to return them to being human. 
 Ok first of all, how do you know that there is a way to change them back? I mean you said yourself that the witch is the final step of Magical girls so how do you know there's a way to fix them? I mean you have Juubey with you and I'm pretty sure that if there's a way to fix them he'd tell you. Second, how have you all not been caught by someone yet? I mean only you six can break the seal to the freezer, so that implies that only magical girls can open the freezer, so what would have happened if a friend of one of your victims wished to learn the truth, found the freezer and all of your identities? 

You'd be fucked beyond repair, you'd definitely be arrested, your prisoners would be free and they'd be so pissed off they'd either A kill you all or B turn into an army of Witches and kill God knows how many people. And last but not least, what's going to happen to the freezer and all the girls inside if the six of you are killed or become witches yourselves? Nikos double became one and you all flipped your shit, which would have most if not all of you succumb to despair and witch out. But since you all survived that means no problem right? Wrong; what if it was Satomi or Saki that witched out instead of Niko who had a backup in her wish? 

 Would you have recruited other magical girls to continue your plans? Then that would mean you'd either recruit a magical girl, reveal the truth about witches and have her most likely go nuts. Or even worse ask someone to make a wish and become a brand new one knowing what lies ahead? Either way this just makes all six of you look downright evil!

 Kazumi then asks another very valid question, when did they discover the truth themselves? To answer that Umika head butts her and restores her memories. So we flashback a few months earlier, where we see the six about to commit suicide under the influence of a witches kiss! You know folks I've gotta come clean for a second, for a while, I almost forgot what franchise this was a part of.

 The six have their own low points that lead to them being enchanted by the witch, Umika had her work stolen by a publisher and presented as the work of a pop idol. Kaoru's leg was broken during practice and her teammates mercilessly bullied the girl who accidentally did it to the point she tried to kill her self but was left in a coma. Satomi accidentally killed the cat she had since she was 3. Mirai was ostracized and ignored by her classmates so her only friends were her homemade teddy bears. Niko accidentally shot her two friends when she was a toddler living in California and Saki's sister was killed in a car crash Saki herself survived. Our chapter ends on a relatively happier note as when the six jump at the witches suggestion they're saved by Kazumi.

Chapter 11 has Kazumi dragging the six into the witches labyrinth and not even lifting a finger when they get attacked by familiars! 
Jesus Christ even Kazumi was a psycho before she lost her memories, is there anyone in this story who isn't at least one level of bonkers?!
 The girls struggle and fight back to which Kazumi asks why they're doing this if they planed on killing themselves in the first place? 
Kazumi I really don't think this is the time or the place for a fighting game or bikini volleyball! Especially after what happens immediately after your little poorly phrased ultimatum.

 The six each grab a rifle and fire at the jellyfish witch. However the witch just re inflates itself and prepares to eat them when Kazumi, convinced that they still want to live saves the six and kill the witch. After the fight the group heads back to Kazumi's place for dinner where they enjoy some of her grandmothers strawberry risotto. They ask where she is now but Kazumi says that she's passed on. The night's events eventually lead to Saki asking about Magical girls so Kazumi tells how she became one, in a flashback, we're officially in flashback in a flashback territory people be very afraid.

 The flashback shows that Kazumi was studying abroad when she learned of her Grandmas condition, so she rushed back to Japan. She was attacked by a witch but was saved by a cameo.
Hi Mami and wow kid did this artist do a number on you and the twins Jeez.
 So she takes care of the witch, Kazumi thanks her and runs off catching Juubeys attention. Our chapter ends with Kazumi learning her Grandma has only a few days left and Kazumi begging her to wake up one more time when the demon bunny cat comes by telling her he can cure her grandma if she makes a contract. So I'll cut it here for now since I may get lost in the flashbacks if I stay here too long. Besides I think I need something to cheer me up after all of this, and so do you. So until next time keep smiling! 

Kazumi Magica The Innocent Malice is owned by Masaki Hiramatsu, Takashi Tensugi, Magica Quartet and Yen Press.
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