Thursday, December 31, 2015

Personal Post: Goodbye 2015.

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 Well 2015 is just about over and what a year it's been, I've gotten a new job at Kmart, made about 3000 bucks from said job give or take a few purchases and money from various sources and said job combined with quitting Diet Soda and switching to drinking Water regularly allowed me to lose about 50 or so pounds so now I'm in better shape then when I graduated High School. I've made some new buddies from my group in New York, wrote a ton of reviews on my blog and even traveled to London and Paris and got an awesome photo of the Arc De Triomphe. Now I have a lot on my plate next year, lots of franchises have their anniversaries coming up and of course I'm cashing in. 

 Kamen Rider has its 45th, Pokemon has its 20th, Puella Magi Madoka Magica has its 5th and of course I have my 25th, right on the same day as a fan favorite Super Sentai, same day as the first episode at that. We also have SMT IV Final, the Ratchet & Clank movie, more of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and various other good things that will hopefully happen. However just because I changed a lot this year only means to keep that momentum going, I'll start by upgrading my review blog to videos instead of articles, start making let's plays, and hopefully draw a profit from it which will then let me quit my Kmart job, or if not then I'll just change my hours to four hours a day and in the morning so I can just get it out of my way. I also plan on focussing on learning Japanese (again) and by that token go to Japan to test out my new vocal skills and see if I can break into acting or something, getting my drivers license and hopefully at long last find a girlfriend. 

 This has been a momentous year and while I do know the best is still ahead of me its important to take a quick glance at what you've done but not focus solely on the past otherwise you'll never get anywhere. The future might seem dark and scary but all you have to is take your first step, feel the walls a bit and eventually your eyes will adjust and see the bright future ahead of you. Goodbye 2015 and hello 2016.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Movie Review: Back to the Future 3 Part 2: When in doubt, wing it!

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 Back at Doc's lab Marty shows him the picture of his future tombstone which of course causes Doc to do the following steps; open mouth, insert foot. Doc doesn't know the Clara that the tombstone is referring to though. That is until the Mayor shows up to remind Doc that he volunteered to pick up the new schoolteacher who is coming into town tomorrow, Doc thanks him for the visit and the Mayor says that her name is Clara Clayton. When Marty says that now they know who Clara is Doc refutes the whole concept of love at first site due to there being no scientific rational for it. After Doc finishes his Iced Tea and measures Marty that Jen is safe since restoring the original time line after burning the almanac last movie the two decide to get back to 1985. But when Marty mentions that the Delorean is out of gas Doc is horrified.
 Marty says that since they have Mr Fusion the lack of gas shouldn't be a problem, however Doc says that Mr Fusion just powers the Flux Capacitor but the car itself has always run on gasoline, without that there's no way to get to 88mph. So after some horsing around and crapping their lungs out after a round of hard boozing the two decide that the best way to get the Delorean up to 88mph would be the local train. They ask the conductor if its possible and he says that it is if they were on a straight track with a level ground, no cars behind them and if the flames of the car were hotter then the flames of hell itself then 88mph would be possible. The conductor says that the next train that comes into town will be on Monday at 8 o'clock, Doc then finds the perfect track of land to push the Delorean, the track that leads off to Clayton revenue which will still be there in 1985. Though he points out that on the map they have it's referred to Shonash ravine.

 The two go to check it out and Marty says the idea's sunk since the bridge isn't finished yet. Doc once again points out that the bridge will be finished in 1985 so there's no problem in that department.  However another problem arrises when they see a woman in trouble, her horses have gone crazy and she can't control them. Doc manages to save her before her wagon fell off the ravine. Well, wouldn't ya know it its love at first sight between the two. Doc introduces himself and she introduces herself as Clara Clayton, and after Marty and Doc get her to her new house safely Doc invites Clara to visit him in town at his blacksmiths shop and mentions his love of science. Marty and Doc then leave and eventually realize that Clara was supposed to fall off into the ravine.

 So if in the timeline that Marty comes from is one where he didn't go back to 1885 to save Doc then Doc would have gone on doing his own thing, missing the opportunity to save Clara thus meet her and eventually get killed by Tannen. I mean if Marty didn't come back then Doc wouldn't have a reason to be near the ravine when the incident that would have killed Clara happened, thus being there to save her and by proxy meet and establish a relationship with her. So what I'm getting at is if Clara was supposed to fall off into the ravine in this timeline why does Doc's tombstone in 1955 mention her if she was supposed to die before the two ever met?
"This writing error is quite distressing."
"Perhaps we should leave these two with the task of this plot holes addressing?"
"Hold on Brother, our presence here proves what has already occurred."
"Let us leave before things get even more absurd."
 Doc of course realizes that she was supposed to die today and regrets ever building the time machine in the first place since it causes nothing but disaster; except, you know the time machine helping his family by giving his dad the balls to stand up to Biff and you using said machine to go into the future and have several procedures done on you to expand your life? Yep, it certainly caused nothing but disaster, ass.
 On September 5, the two fix the walkie talkies and go over the plan for the Delorean. First they'll highjack the Locomotive at 8 am on Monday, detach the cars and take it to the switch track near where they've loaded the Delorean onto the tracks near an abandoned silver mine the night before. According to Docs calculations they should hit 88mph just before they go over the edge of the ravine where they'll travel safely across the completed bridge. Marty asks what the "point of no return" on the display is. Doc says that it's their fail safe, up until they reach the old windmill they still have time to safely stop the train, but after that it's the future or bust.

 After a much safer and reassuring demonstration of the plan then in the first movie Clara shows up asking if Doc can help repair her telescope that was damaged in the incident. After some possibly intimate staring Clara asks if Doc is going to the town festival later that night. He says he'll be there with the telescope repaired as well so she thanks him and Marty (sorry, Mr Eastwood my mistake) and leaves. On that note I will be taking my leave as well, until next time where we talk about the fair, just be sure to bring your frisbies.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Movie Review: Back to the Future 3 Part 1: NO YOU Think 4th Dimensionally!

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Yep buckaroos its time to wrap this trilogy up with Back to the Future 3. Now before I start I just want to address a mistake I made in the review of Back to the Future 2. The guy that played the chicken noises on his chest when Marty was in 2015 wasn't played by Billy Zane. I thought that since he was in the movie he would still be playing the same type of character but it turns out I should have checked the credits to see he was playing one of the goons in the alternate 1985. I goofed.

Now on to the business at hand. At the end of BTTF 2 Marty was stranded in 1955 due to lightning hitting the DeLorean so he decided to track down 1955 Doc to get help. So we cut to the 1955 Doc helping the first Marty get back to 1985 when our Marty shows up after the first Marty went back and tells Doc that he's back which causes Doc to pass out. Anybody else as confused as I am after that sentence? Good it's not just me and usually I can keep up with convoluted BS I mean I understand the storyline of Kingdom Hearts for christ's sake and I'm still struggling.

 After the opening credits we see Marty's taken Doc back to his home. After being woken by Howdy Doody Doc starts to record an audio log thinking the alternate Marty a dream and him waking up in his home was just temporary amnesia. Marty says otherwise causing Doc to freak out and after Marty explains what happened in an even shorter amount of time then I did he shows Doc the Letter that his future self sent Marty.

Dear Marty,
If my calculations are correct, you will receive this letter immediately after you saw the DeLorean struck by lightning. First, let me assure you that I am alive and well. I've been living happily these past eight months in the year 1885. The lightning bolt that hit the DeLorean caused a gigawatt overload which scrambled the time circuits, activated the flux capacitor, and sent me back to 1885. The overload shorted out the time circuits and destroyed the flying circuits. Unfortunately, the car will never fly again.
I set myself up as a blacksmith as a front while I attempted to repair the damage to the time circuits. Unfortunately, this proved impossible because suitable replacement parts will not be invented until 1947. However, I've gotten quite adept at shoeing horses and fixing wagons.
I have buried the DeLorean in the abandoned Delgado Mine, adjacent to the Old Boot Hill Cemetery, as shown on the enclosed map. Hopefully, it should remain undisturbed and preserved until you uncover it in 1955. Inside, you will find repair instructions. My 1955 counterpart should have no problem repairing it so that you can drive it back to the future. Once you have returned to 1985, destroy the time machine.
Do not — I repeat — do not attempt to come back here to get me. I am perfectly happy living in the fresh air and wide-open spaces, and I fear that unnecessary time travel only risks further disruption of the space-time continuum. And please take care of Einstein for me. I know that you will give him a good home. Remember to walk him twice a day, and that he only likes canned dog food. These are my wishes; please respect them and follow them.
And so Marty, I now say farewell and wish you Godspeed. You've been a good, kind, and loyal friend to me, and you've made a real difference in my life. I will always treasure our relationship and think on you with fond memories, warm feelings, and a special place in my heart.
Your friend in time,
"Doc" Emmett L. Brown.
September 1, 1885.
  Marty apologizes for the whole thing and letting Biff get to him, though Doc points out that there's worse places to end up then the old west. Though I beg to differ, in fact let's see how he is right now.
Yeah Marty and Doc might just want to make a pitstop before going back. The two blow up the sealed off mine and on the way down Doc recounts how reading the works of Jules Verne was what inspired him to take up the path of Science. The two find the Time Machine (amazingly still intact and not rusted away to a pile of scrap despite being in a dank cave for 70 years 2 months and 13 days) and the instructions to repair it. The two get a tow truck to get the Time Machine out as Doc gushes over his eventual retirement in the Old West when his dog Copernicus notices something.

 Marty sees it and screams out for Doc, they found Doc's Tombstone where he died September 7th 1885, shot in the back by Buford Tannen over a matter of 80 dollars. Erected in eternal memory by his beloved Clara Yep looks like the Spacetime continuum is still being a vindictive dick to these two one week after writing the letter the local Tannen killed him.

 The two then head for the Library and look up info on Tannen, who apparently was given the nickname "Maddog" due to his short temper and tendency to drool. However they can't find anything past 1884 due to Tannen shooting an editor who wrote an unfavorable story on him. They do find however evidence of Marty's family but no Browns. Doc says that historically his family wouldn't arrive in Hill Valley until 1908 when they were known as the Von Brauns. They find a picture of Future Doc on September 5th proving everything that's going to happen, so Marty decides to back to save him.

 The next day the Time Circuits are fixed and Marty's disguised as a circus clown to go back and save Doc.
Wait that's supposed to be his old west outfit?
You know it's  pretty damn sad when this guy looks like he could fit in 1885 better then Marty. 

Doc reassures him that this is what everybody wears in westerns. Not sure what western he's seen well no choice but to take his word I guess. So the Time Machine is all gassed up, Marty's future clothes are packed, fresh batteries for the walkie talkie and the Hoverboard is packed along too. Doc tells him that their location is wide open unsettled terrain and that there's a cave nearby that should be perfect for storing the Time Machine, all Marty has to do is get to 88mph and the rest is up to him. Marty is concerned about hitting the indians on the wall but Doc just tells him to think 4th dimensionally as soon as he hits 88mph he'll be back in time and the indians won't even be there. So Marty hits 88mph and avoids crashing into the indians on the wall, only to nearly crash into real ones! Ah the Time Space continuum is so wacky.

 Marty just barely manages to avoid them and makes his way to the cave, however he discovers two problems, one an arrow managed to pierce the fuel line and two the cave has a big Bear in it! He manages to get away but lost his boots in the process as well as falling down a slope and hitting his head on a fence near the McFly farm where his ancestor Seamus McFly takes him in to recuperate. That night he wakes up being tended to by his ancestor Maggie McFly where he introduces himself as Clint Eastwood. She then goes to take care of her baby boy, Marty's great grandfather William. Seamus shows up with dinner and asks how Marty ended up there and after Marty gives as much as he can and Seamus allows him to stay the night in the barn and will take him to the railroad tracks that lead into town as well as give him a hat.

 The next day Marty arrives at Hill Valley and once again explores the town, bewildered at the unfamiliarity of the setting. He makes his way to the saloon and asks for where Doc is when a certain thug comes a knock'n. Maddog Tannen and his gang who are also looking for Doc. After some shenanigans involving Michael Jackson and a spittoon Marty is nearly hung by Maddog at the construction site of the Courthouse where Doc saves him by shooting the rope hanging him with a super precise custom sniper-rifle. Tannen says Doc owes him 75 dollars for improperly shoeing his horse and 5 dollars for a destroyed bottle of Kentucky redeye whiskey.

 Doc says thats his problem since Tannen never paid him for the job anyway. Tannen however tells Doc to watch himself because one day he's going to get a bullet in his back. Afterwords Doc takes Marty back to his workshop where we'll pick up next time.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Movie Review: Back To the Future Part 3: No George, I am your Son!

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Marty tries to get George and Loraine together during lunch and in the process finds that George has aspirations of writing sci-fi and proves that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when George has the exact same words of doubt and hesitation towards his writing as Marty does about his music. George points out that maybe Biff would be a better match as he points out Biff accosting her which of course sets Marty off to stop it, the two are about to fight but when Biff sees Strickland he backs off. George finally breaks down after Marty's stalked him enough and tells him that he's not going to the dance and that there's nothing on this planet that's going to get him to change his mind. So after some shenanigans involving the Hazmat suit, Van Halen and some good old fashioned breaking and entering George is all on board for asking Marty's help in getting Loraine to go to the dance with him.

 Though Marty suggests leaving out the part that George has to take her or else Darth Vader from the Planet Vulcan will melt his brains if he doesn't take her. Girls don't typically go for guys that say stuff like that.

So George tries but is once again stopped by Biff. Marty trips Biff which gets his attention. After Marty gets him with the old "Look over there" trick and decks him Marty ends up getting chased around the town square by Biff and his goons in their car while Marty leads them on a makeshift Skateboard. The chase ends not only with him unfortunately stoking the flames of love for Loraine for him but also causes Biff to crash his car into a Manure truck.

 Back at the lab Doc is going over the footage of the Test and discovers the part where Future Doc notices the Libyans. But the footage cuts off before he can see what happened, Marty tries to tell him what happened but Doc is insistent that he not learn what happens since nobody should have access to future knowledge or know too much about their own destiny and that if one knows too much about their own future they could endanger their own existence just as Marty has.

Besides future knowledge can lead anyone to disaster whether their intentions are good or not if it's mishandled. Especially if put in the hands of a complete and utter tool written by people who wouldn't know the first thing about competent storytelling even if they got step by step instructions from Joseph Campbell himself much-less time travel.
Anyway Doc shows Marty the plan for the 12th. He'll set up some electrical cable at the top of the clock tower and when the lighting strikes the current will run down the cable which is run between two street lamp posts. Before hand Marty will already be driving down the street at 88 MPH and when the lightning hits Marty will already be driving underneath the cables, the lightning will run down the cable and down a metal hook which is connected directly into the Flux Capacitor and send him back to 1985. After the less then confidence building demonstration Doc asks how Marty's progressing with setting up his parents. He gets his answer when Loraine shows up and asks Marty to the Enchantment under the sea dance, that answer being "a work in progress".

 Marty then runs a plan by George later telling him how he'll help him sweep Loraine off her feet. She wants a man who will stand up for himself and his girl so they just have to make him look like well anyone other then George McFly. The plan goes as thus; Marty will stage a rape, George will show up and knock his ass out and then she'll be putty in his hands and by god does this make me feel unclean as I type this. Though probably not as much as Marty does thinking this plan I mean this is his FUTURE MOTHER for gods sake! George is scared as hell but Marty tells him to have confidence and that if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything.

 The night of the Dance/Lightning storm Doc is finishing setting up the experiment and is nervous about the weather and if the lighting really will happen. Marty tries to tell Doc about the Future but he again shuts him down saying that what's going to happen will happen and that future knowledge could backfire no matter the intention. So Marty decides to write Doc a letter detailing his death and warns him to take whatever precautions to prevent it with the words "Do not open until 1985" on the outside of the envelope and he slips the letter into Doc's jacket pocket once he's distracted. Later at the Dance the Band Marvin Berry and the Star-lighters are playing, George is there as the wall flower and Marty and Loraine are pulling up to the big shindig.

 Marty asks if they can park and Loraine is all for it. Like she's never parked before, so yeah finding out your teenage mother slept around in high school and used to drink like a camel and smoke like a chimney on top of that, this has not been a good week for Marty McFly. Loraine has had enough of Marty's pussy footing around and starts making out with him.
 But the Big Z is going to hold out on that since Loraine stops half way saying that it feels wrong, like when she kisses him, it's like kissing her brother. Before things can calm down Marty hears knocking on the car door and opens it thinking it's George but nope it's Biff and his goons piss ass drunk and looking for payback. Biff spots Loraine in the car and tells his goons to take care of Marty while he has his way with Loraine. The three lock Marty in a near by trunk, which happens to belong to the band. They chase the goons off and when Marvin asks for the keys from a band-mate Marty unfortunately says that the keys are in the trunk with him.

 George heads down to the car and on queue sees the car shaking and opens it expecting to see Marty but finds Biff trying to rape Loraine. Biff tells George to walk away but George tells him to leave her alone. Biff retaliates by grabbing George's arm and tries to break it. Meanwhile Marty gets free but Marvin slices his hand in the process of trying to pick the lock of the trunk. Loraine tries to stop Biff but is knocked down; as Biff laughs George focuses all of his anger, all of his courage and knocks Biff on his ass with one punch.
"Wait he didn't blow up from that? Maybe you should just keep it that way, trust me.".
 With Biff out cold George asks if Loraine is okay; she nods and the two walk off together to the gym. However the picture of his siblings still shows them fading away and so Marty runs off to find out what went wrong. Meanwhile Doc finishes setting up the experiment but notices that it's 9:30 and the storm is brewing. Marty heads to the band which can't play since Marvin sliced his hand unless of course they can find a new guitar player. Thanks Plot Convenience Fairy! The band starts to play "Earth Angel" when Marty sees George being pushed aside by some guy who tries to dance with Loraine.

 Marty then collapses in pain as he starts to become transparent and collapses seeing that he's starting to fade in the picture. With his last breath he silently calls out to George who then shoves the bully to the ground and then gives Loraine a deep passionate kiss. With that act their future together is set bringing Marty back before he faded away completely. He then checks the photo and sees that his brother and sister are restored as well, and with that his future is saved.

 Marty tries to leave but can't pass up the chance to show off his guitar skills I mean it's not like he's on a time crunch or anything right? SCHMUCK! So he sticks around to do a cover of "Johnny B Goode" which goes over so well with the crowd Marvin calls his cousin Chuck to take a listen. However Marty goes overboard with a rock-out and leaves the audience more then a bit flummoxed. So he leaves after seeing George and Loraine off with a bit of advice to go easy on their son after he accidentally sets fire to the living room rug.

 Marty barely manages to make it back to the clock tower in time to catch the lightning. He tells Doc that he was impressed by George since he never stood up to Biff before in his life. Doc ignores it and sets the destination time for the exact time Marty left 1985 and gives him the instructions to drive down to the starting line and the punch it when the alarm clock goes off and gives his goodbyes. However he finds the letter Marty left in his coat pocket and tears it up rejecting the responsibility. However Karma strikes Marty can tell him what happens as the cable disconnects from the top of the tower.

 They manage to get the cable up but Marty has only 4 minutes left so he has no choice but to head to the starting position, Marty realizes he has a Time Machine and changes the Time Circuits to 10 minutes before he left 1985 which should give him enough time to get to the mall and warn Doc. Long story short he makes it back to 1985 and runs back to the Lone Pine mall but is too late to save Doc, after this universes Marty goes back to 1955 and the Libyans are knocked out Marty rushes over to Docs body. However Doc was wearing a Bulletproof vest, it turns out he taped the letter back together and found out what happened. Marty asks what happened to all the "I must not know too much about my own future" crap, and Doc figured "what the hell".

 Doc drives Marty back home and tells him he's going ahead 30 years into the future. He gives his goodbyes and drives off. Marty then crashes on his bed and thinks it was all a dream. He wakes up and finds that his house and his family have completely changed, Linda has several boyfriends, Dave is working at an office which requires him to wear a suit, George is a successful sci-fi novelist and Loraine is thin, sober and happy as hell. And thanks to George standing up to Biff, he's now the McFlys personal grease monkey and completely subservient to George.

 On top of that in this timeline Marty also has,

 just as Marty's about to take Jennifer for a ride Doc shows up with he DeLorean in a panic and starts throwing garbage into a device called Mr Fusion saying that Marty and Jen have to come with him since something has to be done about their kids. So our movie ends with Doc turning on the DeLorean's hover conversion and flying off to the future. Now I'll give my thoughts on the movies when I finish reviewing Part 3. That is if I can get them out in time, time I've got all the time in the world I'm reviewing something with a Time Machine. Okay, 20 days outta do it. Look forward to Part 2, eventually.

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Movie Review: Back To the Future Part 2: SHE'S MY WHAT?!

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 Yep Marty gets slammed into 1955 and into the barn of Old Man Peabody, the man who previously owned the land the twin pines mall was built on. The crazy coot thinks Marty and the DeLorean are an alien and its spaceship respectively so he tries to shoot him. Marty manages to get away but not without crashing into one of Peabody's two pine trees. Marty then tries to get his barrings and starts to think it might all be a dream, but when he sees the developing site for his neighborhood he starts to realize that maybe when Doc says he built a Time Machine and saw it send Einstein one minute into the future and saw exactly how it works and has visual and audio evidence that maybe he actually did get sent back in time, way to come around butt-head.

 He tires to start the Delorean but a combo of a lack of gas and Plutonium means it ain't going any where so he ditches the Hazmat suit and hides the Delorean behind the sign advertising the eventual neighborhood and walks to Hill Valley. After some culture shock and whatnot Marty makes it to the Cafe and finds Doc's address from the phone-book and takes the page with him. He then decides to take a break by having a drink when a familiar scene plays out, he sees the younger version of his father being bullied into finishing Biffs homework. After giving the future mayor of Hill Valley some valuable ideas he chases after George.

 He catches up to him climbing a tree with a pair of binoculars and as his Mom and he will say he's bird watching. What he didn't tell her and by proxy Marty that he was specifically looking for a certain type of Bird.
BOOBIES! What? The blue footed ones are supposed to be in California and Hill Valley is in California, though why they would be in a residential area so far inland is beyond me but then again that would probably be all the more rare to find them.
 Yeah he's a Peeping Tom, though George I know a way to get your jollies without getting caught, with a little help from our friends at Ryan Industries.
 Not only that but you'll never have to worry about Biff again with this little guy. Sure it might cause you to go Bat Squeak insane but then again hey I've seen what happens later and trust me you'll need all the help you can get Georgie boy. But George falls and is about to get hit by a car when Marty jumps in the way and saves him taking the hit himself. He wakes up in the room of a girl by the name of Loraine Banes who thinks that Marty's name is Calvin Kline since she saw the name all over his underwear, when she took his pants off, and put him in her bed and left said pants on her hope-chest.

 Yep Marty is more then a little terrified by this situation, thankfully the sounds of his future Grandma calling for dinner breaks up the situation. After Marty gets the directions for Doc's place he makes tracks avoiding the lustful eyes of the teenage version of his mother.
 So he finally makes it to Doc and explains his situation. However Past Doc doesn't believe him shock of all shocks and Marty doesn't make his case any better when Doc asks who the President is in his time and Marty says it's Ronald Reagan. But Marty finally gets Doc to listen when he recounts how Doc got the bruise on his head and the inspiration for the Flux Capacitor. He then takes Doc to the Time Machine and when he sees the Flux Capacitor and compares it to his sketch he's convinced and joins Marty's efforts to send him back to 1985. Marty hooks up the Video Camera to the TV and shows Past Doc the experiment recordings and when he sees the footage of Future Doc explaining that the Time Circuits needs 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to work he flips out and asks his picture of Thomas Edison where he's going to get that kind of power?
Well Doc I have a suggestion but it'll require a trip to New Jersey, a die hard fan of Edison and someone trained in hunting ghosts that doesn't operate out of a green van or works with a Great Dane.
 He says that the only thing that can generate that much power is either Plutonium which is impossible to come by here or a bolt of lightning which they can't predict will happen. Except Marty pulls out the add for the Clock Tower and they see that on November 12 the Hill Valley Lightning storm will happen and a bolt of lightning will hit the Clock Tower at precisely 10:04 PM! So with this they can make preparations to send Marty back to the future!

 However when Doc asks if Marty has interacted with anyone that day he mentions that he met the past versions of his parents Doc asks to see the picture of Marty and his brother and Sister and sure enough Dave's head is gone. Since Marty saved George from being hit by Loraine's Dad's car she never fell in love with him; the two never got together and thus their children including Marty are being slowly erased from history. So now before he goes back home he has to make sure he exists first, that might be helpful. The next day the two stake out the high school and find George.... unfortunately. Marty tries to set George and Loraine up but she's only got eyes on Marty, Doc figures the two only got together in the first place due to the Florance Nightingale effect. So now they have to get the two together in a different way and thankfully Marty remembers that the two are supposed to kiss during the enchantment under the sea dance on the same night of the thunderstorm.

Tune in next time where we see Marty play Mr Match Maker.

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Movie Review: Back To the Future Part 1: Stand Idol Season 2.

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 Ah Back to the Future, what other descriptor for this movie can there be other then timeless? Describing the importance and cultural significance of this trilogy would just be insulting and undermining it so I'm not even going to bother. All I'll say is that if you haven't seen these three movies I don't even want to know you. You should go and watch it is what I'm getting at here, hell there should be a 30th anniversary collection coming soon so yeah best chance to get it. But if you're too lazy or cheap well, here's some upstart on the internet making jokes at one of the best received movies ever made.

 We open on the many clocks in the garage laboratory of Doctor "Doc" Emmet Brown where his confidant Marty McFly comes in to check on Doc and his dog Einstein and as Doc's Rube Goldberg machine points out he's been gone for at least a week, most likely involving that case of stolen Plutonium he has squirreled away under his bed but that's just me. After Marty nearly shatters his eardrums using Doc's gigantic amplifier he gets a call from Doc telling him to meet him at the Twin Pines mall that night around 1:00. All the clocks then go off as Doc is excited that his experiment worked, he set all the clocks to go off precisely 25 minutes late, so it isn't 8:00 it's 8:25 and that means Marty's late for school. Which begs the question, did Marty know what time it was when he left his home, I mean all he had to do was look at the freaking clock and he would have at least had an idea that the clocks at Doc's lab were off, or did he spend more time at Doc's place then we're shown? Does he even have a watch or something I mean come on!

 So Marty makes it to school and despite help from his girlfriend Jennifer he still gets caught by the school's disciplinarian Mr Strickland who to add insult to injury tells Marty that he shouldn't even bother entering the Battle of the Bands contest since he's too much like his old man and that no McFly has amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley, the American educational system ladies and gentleman! Try to be someone with their own aspirations, fuck you you stupid Slifer slacker! Marty replies that history's about to change, oh dude like you wouldn't believe! At the contest he and his band, The Pinheads play and well, the judges think they're just too darn loud and get the boot. But eh those guys wouldn't know good music if Weird Al was right in front of them so let me get some of my own judges to give their two cents.
I, Dio declare that Mr McFly has the musical skill, rrrrrrrrange and rrrrrrrrrepertoire of a dying cat. I Dio have heard music, and that good sir was not music. That was the mmmm orgasmic last breath of an entire music store being crushed by a Steamroller. So if you would be so kind as to crawl into the nearest hole and stay there until you draw your last breath the world will thank you.
 Fair enough, now for our second judge.
Yo Lord Dio, that was harsh dawg like straight up brutal but hey that's how ma boss Lord Dio rolls; he don't give a fuck he'd fuck all ya'll punk ass' up! Listen Marty mah boy, yo yah got somethin there man I hear you and I see that ya'll got potential dawg. Now look at me, I didn't start in this business the way I is now. Ya'll got a long way up but shit son do I see ya'll there screaming like mah boy Rocky calling out that bitch ass red Drago. I see ya'll goin places wigger, so ya'll need some advice ya'll go gets the Ice. Peace!
 Very kind and reassuring of you Mr Ice, now for our guest judge.
Oh my god she's eating one of the stagehands.... again; somebody get the stun gun!!!
 Um, anyway Marty isn't taking the rejection well despite Jen reminding him of what Doc said that if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. But Marty still has his doubts but is reminded by Jen of their little, get-together tomorrow night at the lake. You know what I mean.
  But the mood is wrecked by an old woman asking for donations trying to save the Courthouse Clock-tower which is planed to be repaired by Mayor Gold Wilson since the clock-tower was struck by lighting in 1955 and hasn't moved since. Marty gives her a quarter and gets a flyer which is a copy of the news article describing the incident. Jen's Dad shows up to pick her up so she writes the phone number of where she'll be on the back underneath three little words " I love you".

 As Marty heads home he finds the last thing he needed, the family's car wrecked and his dad George's boss Biff Tannen telling him that because he was driving the car and wrecked it George's insurance should cover it. Now if I were in George's shoes; since Biff clearly admitted he was drinking while driving the car I'd threaten to take him to court for not only the damage to my car but also slander for lying that the car had a blind-spot and sue him for not only damages but for anything else me and my legal team could squeeze out of him. But of course since George is a complete whenis he folds like a cheap suit and acquiesces to all of Biffs demands including filling out all of Biffs reports before his deadline so he can have them retyped. After Biff leaves Marty is quite surprised George is able to stand up since he clearly doesn't have a spine! George just says that Biff is his supervisor and just isn't good with confrontations, Duke if you don't mind?
 Later at dinner we get to see a better glimpse of Marty's family life, his dad is a Milquetoast, his brother Dave (no relation) is working in fast food, his sister is essentially Meg Griffin and his mother Loraine is a miserable drunken lush. Eventually the situations leads to Loraine explaining about how she ended up with what most people think when they think an adult Shinji Akari, her dad accidentally hit George with his car back in 1955 when he fell out of a tree while "bird-watching" so she took care of him and just kind of fell for him and how helpless he was, later they kissed at the Enchantment Under the sea Dance and the rest is history. Later that night Marty gets a call from Doc telling him to swing by his place, get his video-camera and meet him at the Twin Pines mall. Marty arrives and finds a Truck with Doc's company name on it and Einstein, Marty asks the dog where Doc is and the truck opens and unveils one of the greatest vehicles in Movie History, the Time Machine.
  Marty starts rolling as Doc gives the details of his experiment, first he puts Einstein in the car and notes that his and Einstein's digital clocks are in perfect synchronization, then using a remote control drives the car a good few feet away from him and Marty.  Next he starts to rev the car and have it gain speed in the rear wheels before he lets it go, and if his calculations are correct; when that baby hits 88 mph, they're gonna see some serious shit. And sure enough they do, as when the DeLorean hit 88 mph it teleports away in a flash of light at precisely 1:20 AM and 0 seconds. Long story short Einstein became the worlds first time traveler! And one minute later the DeLorean does indeed reappear completely intact though with notable layers of ice around it, though it does melt quickly apparently the time-space continuum is very cold.

 Inside they find Einstein and his clock is precisely one minute behind Doc's showing that the trip was instantaneous. Now for a rundown of how it works, first you pull the lever near the stick to turn on the Time Circuits, the red readout tells you where you're going, the green one tells you when you are and the yellow one tells you where you've been and all you have to do is input the destination time on the dial pad next to the readout. Like for example 07041776 for the signing of the Declaration of Independence, 12250000 to see the birth of Christ, or a very personal date for Doc 11051955. Why is it so personal, that was the day he invented time travel, he was standing on the edge of his toilet hanging his clock when he slipped, fell and banged his head on the edge of the sink and when he came to he had a vision in his head and drew this.
The Flux Capacitor, the device that makes Time Travel possible.
 Afterwords he reflects on how much had changed since that day and Marty asks what the Time Machine runs on, it turns out it's Plutonium. But it isn't nuclear it's electrical the Plutonium is needed for the nuclear reaction to generate the 1.21 gigawatts needed to fuel the Flux Capacitor. Doc then says that he got the Plutonium by tricking a group of Libyan Nationalists, he said he'd use it to build them a bomb but he just gave them a bomb shell filled with used Pinball Machine parts. Wow talk about grey morality there chief. After they pun on Radiation suits and insert more Plutonium into the fusion reactor in the back of the DeLorean Doc is ready to go and explore the space-time continuum and head 25 years into the future, maybe find out who wins the next 25 world series?

 Doc almost forgot to bring extra Plutonium but just as Doc is about to pack the Plutonium the Libyans he screwed over find him and gun him down. They nearly kill Marty but their gun jams giving Marty time to get in the DeLorean and try to get away. While the chase is going on Marty accidentally activates the Time Circuits and when he reaches 88 mph he gets sent back to November 5th 1955 since Doc didn't change the destination coordinates and Marty crashes into a barn.

 Actually Homer, you're the third. Come back next time where we see Marty's reactions to his new surroundings and the wacky shenanigans that await.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Movie Review: Back To the Future 2: Multiverse theory is bullshit.

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 IT WORKS! I managed to send this review one week back to the past just in time! I figured that everyone would be annoyed waiting for part two of the Back to the Future reviews so I figured that I'd send it back a week to the day Marty, Doc and Jen arrived at the end of the first movie. October 21st 2015. Now I get to make fun of how much they got wrong and marvel at how much they got right.

 As I said at the end of part one we see the three pile into the Delorean. However we get an extra scene of Biff stumbling on to their take off. After the credits we do indeed confirm that they have arrived in Hill Valley California October 21st 2015. First sign is that we can confirm that Second impact hasn't happened and we thankfully don't have to rely on those three screwed up nut job mech pilots.
Especially #2 there, she looks insufferable.

 However Jen starts asking questions that she really shouldn't know so Doc uses a neuralyzer to knock her out. As the Delorean lands Doc said that he went to a rejuvenation clinic and had at least 20-30 years added to his life and hands Marty some future clothes, including power lacing shoes, size adjusting jackets and jeans which apparently all the kids wear inside out.
Well we have people who wear them halfway up their ass so close enough, still stupid just for different reasons.
 Doc explains the situation to Marty, that his son Marty Jr gets arrested that night joining Biff's grandson Griff on a heist and gets put away for fifteen years, the next day Marty's daughter tries to break him out and she'll get put away for twenty years. This will start a chain reaction which will destroy Marty's family. So why doesn't Doc just handle this himself instead of showing Marty the future and potentially screwing up the space time continuum? Is it because he's supposed to be dead in 2015? Well i guess since he had no other confidants then Marty I guess he had no choice.

 Doc tells Marty that to fix this he'll knock out the real Marty Jr while Marty Sr will go into the cafe 80's disguised as him order a Pepsi and when Griff shows up to ask if he's in or out to tell him he's out, no whatever happens and come back to the ally they landed in and wait for him. With his instructions Marty does his standard bewildered look of the new Hill Valley town square and sees how much is different. While there he sees a trailer for the newly released Jaws movie.

Though having seen said trailer I must call fowl since that's not the Jaws five that we got, nor did ours take place near fire island.

As long as Marty an Doc don't encounter a photo studio, a dude with horrible hair and a stupid pink camera or a guy in a raincoat telling them that said guy is a demon I think the multiverse should be fine.

 Anyway Marty heads inside and after arguing with Max headroom versions of Regan and Ayatollah Khomeini he gets his Pepsi when a certain Butthead calls him out. Yep old Man Tannen points out Marty and remarks how much it sucks that he shares the same name of a complete loser. Apparently Marty is going to flush his life completely down the crapper, but before Biff can elaborate his dear grandson Griff storms in and drags Biff out to give another coat of wax on his hovercar. While that's going on two kids are trying to get a Wild Gunman machine working. Marty shows the two how it's done and wins the round in only three shots. 

 Oh go back to the shire you little halfling bastard! Once they head back to papa Bilbo's the real Marty Jr shows up forcing Marty Sr to hide behind the counter while Jr deals with Griff and his three rejects from Southern Cross. But Jr sure ain't no Kenshiro and folds like a cheap suit. Apparently the wheinus genes skips a generation in the Mcfly bloodline and dear Jr inherited his grandfather's milk toast nature.

 Thankfully Jr gets tossed over the counter and Sr swaps in and tells Griff to piss off. Speaking of pissed if however Griff calls Marty a chicken which is his berserk button and Cyber Ansem making chicken noises with his Darth Vader chest plate thing doesn't help either.
 Griff is about to smack Marty like a drum when he tries the old "what the hell is that!?" trick.
Oh shit this one's smart enough to figure it out! Now for his next impression, Jesse Owens!
 Now we get a repeat of the first movie while Marty gets used to his new hover board. He manages to lose the three in the town pond but Griff pulls out the big guns, his Pitbull! The three hook on, Griff pulls out his whooping stick and flies after Marty. But before his head can get smashed in lake a Piñata he jumps into the water causing the four to go flying through the stain glass entrance of the courthouse. Marty manages to make it back to shore where and old man asks for a $100 donation to preserve the clock tower. $100 at least the economy hasn't gone that far down the crapper. They then see that the cubs beat Miami in the World Series. And that's when Marty get's an idea, an awful, wonderful, horrible idea. He heads to an antique shop and picks up a sports almanac that has sports info ranging from 1950 to 2000.

 Doc then shows up to see the chaos that's unfolded while Biff comments that he hasn't seen a flying Delorean in 30 years, this along with seeing Jr walking out of the cafe 80's gets the hamster wheel in his head spinning. Doc says that since he used the sleep inducer on Jen there wasn't enough power to knock out Jr for an hour. But it turned out better since due to the hover board incident Griff and his gang will go to jail and the robbery will never take place. Thus history has been changed and the two can go back. However Doc then notices the sports almanac and acts like a bit of a hypocrite by saying that he didn't invent the time machine for gambling when he said right in the first movie that he was probably going to do the same thing Marty's planning on doing, maybe all this recent BS shifted Doc's priorities a bit.

 As he prepares to throw the book out two cops find Jen in the ally and using her thumbprint think she's the present Jen and take her to her home where she's married to Marty. Doc says that they have to get her back before she learns too much or runs into her future self otherwise it could cause a paradox which could either cause the destruction of the entire universe or cause Roidmude 108 to gain its advanced state.
Either way shit's gonna get fucked up unless they do something!
 Doc leaves the almanac in a trash can and as he and Marty leave Biff picks it up and decides to follow the two having overheard their entire exchange. Jen gets brought back to her home in hill dale which is not only a run down neighborhood but her life is a complete wreck, she married Marty out of pity and Marty himself is a washed out schlub who apparently got into a car accident with a man who owned a roles Royce who sued Marty for the damages as well as broke his hand in the accident which caused him to give up on his music and since Jennifer was too old to make a contract with Kyubey to fix Marty's hand he instead spent several years wallowing in self pity until he became the broken excuse of a man he is now. And all because somebody called him chicken.
So yeah Sayaka, look it it this way; instead of turning into a badass monster you could have ended up with someone resembling Prince Charming over here, dodged a bullet if you ask me.
 Meanwhile Marty and Doc finally catch up to Jen and Doc instructs Marty to stay with the time machine, of course foreshadowing Marty's bad decision making he decides to follow leaving the time machine to be stolen by Biff who somehow manages to get it working an takes him back in time. Meanwhile future Marty gets called chicken by a coworker named Needles and goes along with an illegal transaction over Skype. (Another thing this movie managed to predict as far as I know) which gets him fired over several faxes in a matter that couldn't be less subtle if Rip Taylor and Alan Moore appeared from the screen, kicked him in the nuts, handed him a pink slip out of an Uncle Sam hat and then flew out the window while the Superman theme played from their asses as they flew off. Though I'm pretty sure Alan Moore does that on Wednesdays anyway.

 Jen grabs a copy of the fax from the closet she was hiding in and makes for the door. Unfortunately she does run into her future-self but thankfully instead of the universe ending or the Paradox Roidmude showing up they both just faint. However old Biff returns with the time machine, stumbles out and manages to hide while most likely having a shock induced heart attack from all the crap he pulled. Marty an Doc manage to get back to 1985 and set Jen on her porch swing before dumping Marty back home. After some shenanigans Marty slowly starts to realize that they may be in Hill Valley but they sure aren't in Kansas anymore. He finds a newspaper and sure enough the date reads October 26th 1985. After learning that Mr Strickland's has learned the mantra of Zardoz,

he runs to the center of town where he finds that Fist of the north mad max judge dread happened. The place is over run by bikers, the sky is darkened and the court house has been turned into Biff's casino hotel. Marty wanders over to the adjacent museum and learns that Biff has accumulated his own financial empire by having an amazing winning streak winning at sports gambling and that he married Loraine.

 Marty then gets knocked out by Biff's three goons and wakes up with his mother on the 27th floor. Biff then shows up furious that Marty should be in boarding school in Switzerland and that he got kicked out again. Loraine threatens to leave when he slugs Marty in the gut, but Biff demonstrates how much power he has over her by threatening to not only cut her off financially but also her three kids, and is content to have all three behind bars like Joey, one big happy jailbird family. After Biff and the three leave Marty asks how in the name of all that's sacred she could leave George for Biff. He asks where he is and she says that he's where he was for the last 42 years, oak park cemetery.

 Marty goes and sure enough he finds his father's grave, he died March 15th 1973. That's when Doc finds him and brings him back to the lab (or at least what's left of it) and they theorize what happened. Somewhere in the past events have been changed leading to an alternate reality. Doc found some pretty damn big clues, the bag, the receipt the almanac came in, an the top of Biff's broken cane that he left behind when he got out of the time machine. That's when Marty puts the pieces together, Biff got the book, stole the time machine, went back an gave it to his past self creating this new timeline.

Now the only way to fix this world is to find out where and when Biff got the book from his future counterpart, so Marty decides to ask him. Marty finds Biff watching the shootout scene from "a fistful of dollars" and mentions something they need to discus, Biff at first thinks it's about money an tells him to piss off, but when Marty mentions the almanac it more then catches his attention. In his office Biff tells him that he got it on of course November 12 1955. He says that a crazy old codger with a cane appeared and gave it to him that so long as he bets on the winner he'll never lose.
 He just vanished after that. Marty grabs a matchbook from Biff's ash tray as Biff does mention one thing, that if an old man who claims to be a scientist or a kid comes asking about that book, to put a bullet between their eyes. Marty manages to get away and on to the roof where Biff corners him with his pistol. Marty says that the cops are going to match up the bullets in the gun, but Biff points out that not only does he own the police but they also couldn't match up the bullets that killed George. Marty then jumps only to land on the Delorean which knocks out Biff with the door and climbs inside and tells Doc the details. As they prepare to make the jump Doc notes that the time circuits are futzing up sometimes setting the destination time to January 1st 1885.

 The two then jump back to 1955 and get a plan together. While Doc guards the time machine Marty will go into town, find present Biff and tail him until future Biff shows up and gives his younger self the almanac. Once old Biff leaves Marty will knock out present Biff, take the almanac back to Doc torch the thing and this save the future. However Marty has to be careful not to run into either his past self or present Doc. Shouldn't be too hard right? Marty gets some new clothes and starts tailing Biff. He finds him picking up his car after whole fiasco with the manure truck where he says that nobody can start his car but after his mechanic thinks there's a problem with the clutch.

 After he shows his lack of social graces with Loraine old Biff shows up and offers to make him rich. Present Biff couldn't give too craps until Old Biff starts the car which gets his attention. After demonstrating that his book is the real deal Biff holds on to it unknowingly locking up Marty who stowed away in the back of his car. Marty calls Doc and tells him what happened. He'll make his way over to Biff's place while Marty tries to get out. Later that night Biff heads off to the enchantment under the sea dance with Marty still hiding in the back with the almanac on his dashboard.

Doc just barely misses them but manages to see his past self preparing for the experiment that would send past Marty back to 1985. Hang on I just thought of something; if future Biff changed the future by giving young Biff the book shouldn't this Marty be from the future of that reality? And if so where did the time machine come from if in the alternate timeline Doc was commuted to the nut house? Were did it come from or does this operate on multiverse theory where it isn't time travel but going between alternate realities created by differing timelines? And if that's true then why isn't reality tearing itself apart due to all of these overlapping timelines? Is Elizabeth fixing this or do Marty and Doc find that the hill valley lightning storm is actually Walpurgisnacht? HOW ARE THEY GONNA SAVE HILL VALLEY THEN?! DEN-O? TIME FORCE? THE DOCTOR?! TRUNKS?! ANYONE?! AAAAAAAAH!!!!!
 Okay, after my little freakout Biff makes it to the dance an brings the almanac with him. Marty tells Doc over their walkie talkies where he is and continues to follow Biff outside where he sees Strickland take the almanac from Biff. He follows Strickland to his office where after some shenanigans and hypocrisy, Marty gets the almanac! But Biff is smarter then he looks and swapped the dust jacket of the almanac with a pin up book! Marty starts to panic over where Biff could be but sees out the window that his dad is about to pinch Biff out and rushes out. After seeing his old man knock Biff's lights out and seeing his past self walk back inside to set his story straight Marty walks through the crowd and after punching out Biff again steals the almanac.

 After radioing in his success to Doc he gets chased into the gym by Biff's friends. They then see past Marty on stage and think that he's the one they just missed. Past Marty starts playing "Johnny be good" and the three are planing on jumping him which would cause past Marty to miss the lightning strike, never get back to 1985 an cause a paradox so Doc tells Marty that he has to stop those three at any cost without being seen by his past self or his parents. After some tense moments he manages to knock the three out and is on his way back but runs into Biff again. Marty's about to leave when Biff pressed the chicken button.

 Marty then gets knocked out by his past self knocking him in the head with the door; Biff notices Marty has the almanac and takes it back so Marty and Doc have no choice but to follow him in the Delorean. After further cementing Biff's hatred of manure the two make it back to the Lyons estates development site and as the lightning storm starts Marty burns the book. He checks the matchbook he got from Biff's casino and sees it change back to the matchbook for his auto shop, meaning the timeline had been restored. However the Delorean gets struck by lightning and it disappears with Doc leaving Marty stranded, however a man shows up asking for a Mr Marty Mcfly. The man is from Western union and his branch was given a letter 70 years ago and explicit instructions to arrive at this exact location and deliver it to a young man matching Marty's description at this exact minute November 12th 1955.

 Marty opens the letter and reads as follows, "Dear Marty, if my calculations are correct you should receive this letter the exact moment after you've seen the Delorean struck by lightning. First let me assure you that I am alive and well and have been living happily these last few months in the year 1885." Marty instantly knows it's from the Doc and rushes over to where present Doc is finishing sending past Marty back to 1985. Marty then tells Doc that he's back from the future and Doc then passes out as we close out part 2 with a look at the conclusion of this trilogy. Which we will cover next time, on time November 12th 2015, Let's go!

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