Thursday, January 7, 2016

Movie Review: Back to the Future 3 Part 3: Happy New Year 2016!

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So the Clock Tower is christened Marty and Doc have once again mucked around with history and the party is on but apparently Doc and Marty aren't the only time travelers around here.
Yep that's ZZ Top performing at the fair. Cute cameo or hint that the Doctor is trolling historians by bringing anachronistic looking musicians back in time to change music history, you make the call!
Doc finds Clara in the crowd and after some awkward small talk the two join in on the dance after Doc finds the right words. Marty in the meantime is being challenged by a gun salesman to try his skills at his shooting gallery stand. After getting used to the handle of the gun he manages to get a perfect score. Which is good because if he lost; he would have been given to Mongo!
Mongo?! Holy Shit that's just cruel!!!
 Elsewhere someone far less intimidating then Mongo shows up knowing that Doc's going to be there and is going to give him more holes then the plot of Kamen Rider Taisen. But is reminded by Marshal Strickland and his long ass shotgun that there's no firearms at the festivities; so Tannen and his goons leave their gun holsters and knifes with the man at the entrance and head in. Back at the party Marty's checking out the spread when he runs into Seamus and Maggie again with wee baby William. After Marty spoils Frisbees to them after having some pie Tannen sees Doc dancing and pulls out a Derringer he kept in his hat, he figures that if he shoots it point blank in his back it could muzzle the shot and though he only has one bullet in that gun it's all he'll need. He corners Doc on the dance floor and tells him that the last man he shot with his Derringer took two days to slowly die from the bullet wound so he figures he'd die from the internal bleeding around Monday.

 After Tannen throws his weight around Doc snaps and as Tannen draws his gun Marty saves Doc by tossing the Pie tin at Tannen's hand. After some pretty strong words from Marty he tries to back off but gets his berserk button pressed by Tannen. Before a repeat of the Cafe' 80's fiasco happens Tannen is reminded that Marshal Strickland still has his guns and they're robbing the Pine City Stage tomorrow so they'll have to settle for Monday morning at 8. Tannen sulks off while Doc asks what in the name of Jesus Paint huffing Christ was he thinking? Marty says that by 8 they'll be long gone but Doc asks what if the train's late? Before the two can continue Clara pulls Doc aside and thanks Marty for what he did.

 Marty then walks off and while receiving praise for his bravery in standing up to Tannen; Lyle gives Marty a free Colt Peacemaker with a gun-belt. Though if Tannen grinds him into little Marty Meatballs he's gonna have to give it back, not exactly a problem if he's dead. Seamus appropriately  tells Marty that he was an idiot who should have just walked away instead of playing into Tannen's hands. Seamus then says that Marty reminds him of his dead brother Martian, who pretty much had the same deal, whenever someone called him a coward he'd lose his cool and get into fights, which is how he wound up getting killed. 

 Later that night after the party we see Doc and Clara bond over their love of Jules Verne and their blooming love for each other, Marty wakes up the next morning and goes around town where he finds Doc and sees what would have been Doc's tombstone. They check the photo and while Doc's name is erased the date is still there. This and coupled with hinting about as subtle as a bullhorn going off in your face they believe that the tombstone may in fact be for Marty. Doc notices that Marty is still carrying the gun from last night but Marty measures him that tomorrow morning he's going back to 1985 no matter what but if Tannen comes a knocking he's going to be ready for him. When Doc tells him not to lose his temper every time somebody insults him he mistakenly lets slip about Marty's future accident, when Marty asks for the details he clams up and just says that we've gotta do what we've gotta do.
Truer words were never said.
 Later that night the two finish loading the Delorian onto the train tracks but Doc tells Marty that he's planing on staying in 1885 with Clara, why, love that's why. Marty of course has to play the voice of reason and reminds Doc that neither of them belong in 1885 and he knows that. Doc try to play the Heart card but Marty reminds him of his Brain card and asks him what his brain is telling him, Doc agrees but feels to at least tell her goodbye and that once they make it back home the Time Machine is going to the scrapyard since time travel has become far too painful for him. He goes to tell Clara the truth and it obviously doesn't go well with her dumping him like a sack of potatoes leaving Doc completely devastated as he wistfully walks into the saloon, orders a shot of whisky and just talks about the future. Speaking of the future we'll be wrapping up this look at the trilogy next time with the Final confrontation with Tannen, the craziest train heist of all time and we see undeniable proof that Doc is the worst drinker ever.
Ok second worst. But not the most adorable he can't have that. 
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