Thursday, November 5, 2015

Movie Review: Back To the Future Part 2: SHE'S MY WHAT?!

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 Yep Marty gets slammed into 1955 and into the barn of Old Man Peabody, the man who previously owned the land the twin pines mall was built on. The crazy coot thinks Marty and the DeLorean are an alien and its spaceship respectively so he tries to shoot him. Marty manages to get away but not without crashing into one of Peabody's two pine trees. Marty then tries to get his barrings and starts to think it might all be a dream, but when he sees the developing site for his neighborhood he starts to realize that maybe when Doc says he built a Time Machine and saw it send Einstein one minute into the future and saw exactly how it works and has visual and audio evidence that maybe he actually did get sent back in time, way to come around butt-head.

 He tires to start the Delorean but a combo of a lack of gas and Plutonium means it ain't going any where so he ditches the Hazmat suit and hides the Delorean behind the sign advertising the eventual neighborhood and walks to Hill Valley. After some culture shock and whatnot Marty makes it to the Cafe and finds Doc's address from the phone-book and takes the page with him. He then decides to take a break by having a drink when a familiar scene plays out, he sees the younger version of his father being bullied into finishing Biffs homework. After giving the future mayor of Hill Valley some valuable ideas he chases after George.

 He catches up to him climbing a tree with a pair of binoculars and as his Mom and he will say he's bird watching. What he didn't tell her and by proxy Marty that he was specifically looking for a certain type of Bird.
BOOBIES! What? The blue footed ones are supposed to be in California and Hill Valley is in California, though why they would be in a residential area so far inland is beyond me but then again that would probably be all the more rare to find them.
 Yeah he's a Peeping Tom, though George I know a way to get your jollies without getting caught, with a little help from our friends at Ryan Industries.
 Not only that but you'll never have to worry about Biff again with this little guy. Sure it might cause you to go Bat Squeak insane but then again hey I've seen what happens later and trust me you'll need all the help you can get Georgie boy. But George falls and is about to get hit by a car when Marty jumps in the way and saves him taking the hit himself. He wakes up in the room of a girl by the name of Loraine Banes who thinks that Marty's name is Calvin Kline since she saw the name all over his underwear, when she took his pants off, and put him in her bed and left said pants on her hope-chest.

 Yep Marty is more then a little terrified by this situation, thankfully the sounds of his future Grandma calling for dinner breaks up the situation. After Marty gets the directions for Doc's place he makes tracks avoiding the lustful eyes of the teenage version of his mother.
 So he finally makes it to Doc and explains his situation. However Past Doc doesn't believe him shock of all shocks and Marty doesn't make his case any better when Doc asks who the President is in his time and Marty says it's Ronald Reagan. But Marty finally gets Doc to listen when he recounts how Doc got the bruise on his head and the inspiration for the Flux Capacitor. He then takes Doc to the Time Machine and when he sees the Flux Capacitor and compares it to his sketch he's convinced and joins Marty's efforts to send him back to 1985. Marty hooks up the Video Camera to the TV and shows Past Doc the experiment recordings and when he sees the footage of Future Doc explaining that the Time Circuits needs 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to work he flips out and asks his picture of Thomas Edison where he's going to get that kind of power?
Well Doc I have a suggestion but it'll require a trip to New Jersey, a die hard fan of Edison and someone trained in hunting ghosts that doesn't operate out of a green van or works with a Great Dane.
 He says that the only thing that can generate that much power is either Plutonium which is impossible to come by here or a bolt of lightning which they can't predict will happen. Except Marty pulls out the add for the Clock Tower and they see that on November 12 the Hill Valley Lightning storm will happen and a bolt of lightning will hit the Clock Tower at precisely 10:04 PM! So with this they can make preparations to send Marty back to the future!

 However when Doc asks if Marty has interacted with anyone that day he mentions that he met the past versions of his parents Doc asks to see the picture of Marty and his brother and Sister and sure enough Dave's head is gone. Since Marty saved George from being hit by Loraine's Dad's car she never fell in love with him; the two never got together and thus their children including Marty are being slowly erased from history. So now before he goes back home he has to make sure he exists first, that might be helpful. The next day the two stake out the high school and find George.... unfortunately. Marty tries to set George and Loraine up but she's only got eyes on Marty, Doc figures the two only got together in the first place due to the Florance Nightingale effect. So now they have to get the two together in a different way and thankfully Marty remembers that the two are supposed to kiss during the enchantment under the sea dance on the same night of the thunderstorm.

Tune in next time where we see Marty play Mr Match Maker.

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