Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Movie Review: Back To the Future Part 3: No George, I am your Son!

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Marty tries to get George and Loraine together during lunch and in the process finds that George has aspirations of writing sci-fi and proves that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when George has the exact same words of doubt and hesitation towards his writing as Marty does about his music. George points out that maybe Biff would be a better match as he points out Biff accosting her which of course sets Marty off to stop it, the two are about to fight but when Biff sees Strickland he backs off. George finally breaks down after Marty's stalked him enough and tells him that he's not going to the dance and that there's nothing on this planet that's going to get him to change his mind. So after some shenanigans involving the Hazmat suit, Van Halen and some good old fashioned breaking and entering George is all on board for asking Marty's help in getting Loraine to go to the dance with him.

 Though Marty suggests leaving out the part that George has to take her or else Darth Vader from the Planet Vulcan will melt his brains if he doesn't take her. Girls don't typically go for guys that say stuff like that.

So George tries but is once again stopped by Biff. Marty trips Biff which gets his attention. After Marty gets him with the old "Look over there" trick and decks him Marty ends up getting chased around the town square by Biff and his goons in their car while Marty leads them on a makeshift Skateboard. The chase ends not only with him unfortunately stoking the flames of love for Loraine for him but also causes Biff to crash his car into a Manure truck.

 Back at the lab Doc is going over the footage of the Test and discovers the part where Future Doc notices the Libyans. But the footage cuts off before he can see what happened, Marty tries to tell him what happened but Doc is insistent that he not learn what happens since nobody should have access to future knowledge or know too much about their own destiny and that if one knows too much about their own future they could endanger their own existence just as Marty has.

Besides future knowledge can lead anyone to disaster whether their intentions are good or not if it's mishandled. Especially if put in the hands of a complete and utter tool written by people who wouldn't know the first thing about competent storytelling even if they got step by step instructions from Joseph Campbell himself much-less time travel.
Anyway Doc shows Marty the plan for the 12th. He'll set up some electrical cable at the top of the clock tower and when the lighting strikes the current will run down the cable which is run between two street lamp posts. Before hand Marty will already be driving down the street at 88 MPH and when the lightning hits Marty will already be driving underneath the cables, the lightning will run down the cable and down a metal hook which is connected directly into the Flux Capacitor and send him back to 1985. After the less then confidence building demonstration Doc asks how Marty's progressing with setting up his parents. He gets his answer when Loraine shows up and asks Marty to the Enchantment under the sea dance, that answer being "a work in progress".

 Marty then runs a plan by George later telling him how he'll help him sweep Loraine off her feet. She wants a man who will stand up for himself and his girl so they just have to make him look like well anyone other then George McFly. The plan goes as thus; Marty will stage a rape, George will show up and knock his ass out and then she'll be putty in his hands and by god does this make me feel unclean as I type this. Though probably not as much as Marty does thinking this plan I mean this is his FUTURE MOTHER for gods sake! George is scared as hell but Marty tells him to have confidence and that if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything.

 The night of the Dance/Lightning storm Doc is finishing setting up the experiment and is nervous about the weather and if the lighting really will happen. Marty tries to tell Doc about the Future but he again shuts him down saying that what's going to happen will happen and that future knowledge could backfire no matter the intention. So Marty decides to write Doc a letter detailing his death and warns him to take whatever precautions to prevent it with the words "Do not open until 1985" on the outside of the envelope and he slips the letter into Doc's jacket pocket once he's distracted. Later at the Dance the Band Marvin Berry and the Star-lighters are playing, George is there as the wall flower and Marty and Loraine are pulling up to the big shindig.

 Marty asks if they can park and Loraine is all for it. Like she's never parked before, so yeah finding out your teenage mother slept around in high school and used to drink like a camel and smoke like a chimney on top of that, this has not been a good week for Marty McFly. Loraine has had enough of Marty's pussy footing around and starts making out with him.
 But the Big Z is going to hold out on that since Loraine stops half way saying that it feels wrong, like when she kisses him, it's like kissing her brother. Before things can calm down Marty hears knocking on the car door and opens it thinking it's George but nope it's Biff and his goons piss ass drunk and looking for payback. Biff spots Loraine in the car and tells his goons to take care of Marty while he has his way with Loraine. The three lock Marty in a near by trunk, which happens to belong to the band. They chase the goons off and when Marvin asks for the keys from a band-mate Marty unfortunately says that the keys are in the trunk with him.

 George heads down to the car and on queue sees the car shaking and opens it expecting to see Marty but finds Biff trying to rape Loraine. Biff tells George to walk away but George tells him to leave her alone. Biff retaliates by grabbing George's arm and tries to break it. Meanwhile Marty gets free but Marvin slices his hand in the process of trying to pick the lock of the trunk. Loraine tries to stop Biff but is knocked down; as Biff laughs George focuses all of his anger, all of his courage and knocks Biff on his ass with one punch.
"Wait he didn't blow up from that? Maybe you should just keep it that way, trust me.".
 With Biff out cold George asks if Loraine is okay; she nods and the two walk off together to the gym. However the picture of his siblings still shows them fading away and so Marty runs off to find out what went wrong. Meanwhile Doc finishes setting up the experiment but notices that it's 9:30 and the storm is brewing. Marty heads to the band which can't play since Marvin sliced his hand unless of course they can find a new guitar player. Thanks Plot Convenience Fairy! The band starts to play "Earth Angel" when Marty sees George being pushed aside by some guy who tries to dance with Loraine.

 Marty then collapses in pain as he starts to become transparent and collapses seeing that he's starting to fade in the picture. With his last breath he silently calls out to George who then shoves the bully to the ground and then gives Loraine a deep passionate kiss. With that act their future together is set bringing Marty back before he faded away completely. He then checks the photo and sees that his brother and sister are restored as well, and with that his future is saved.

 Marty tries to leave but can't pass up the chance to show off his guitar skills I mean it's not like he's on a time crunch or anything right? SCHMUCK! So he sticks around to do a cover of "Johnny B Goode" which goes over so well with the crowd Marvin calls his cousin Chuck to take a listen. However Marty goes overboard with a rock-out and leaves the audience more then a bit flummoxed. So he leaves after seeing George and Loraine off with a bit of advice to go easy on their son after he accidentally sets fire to the living room rug.

 Marty barely manages to make it back to the clock tower in time to catch the lightning. He tells Doc that he was impressed by George since he never stood up to Biff before in his life. Doc ignores it and sets the destination time for the exact time Marty left 1985 and gives him the instructions to drive down to the starting line and the punch it when the alarm clock goes off and gives his goodbyes. However he finds the letter Marty left in his coat pocket and tears it up rejecting the responsibility. However Karma strikes Marty can tell him what happens as the cable disconnects from the top of the tower.

 They manage to get the cable up but Marty has only 4 minutes left so he has no choice but to head to the starting position, Marty realizes he has a Time Machine and changes the Time Circuits to 10 minutes before he left 1985 which should give him enough time to get to the mall and warn Doc. Long story short he makes it back to 1985 and runs back to the Lone Pine mall but is too late to save Doc, after this universes Marty goes back to 1955 and the Libyans are knocked out Marty rushes over to Docs body. However Doc was wearing a Bulletproof vest, it turns out he taped the letter back together and found out what happened. Marty asks what happened to all the "I must not know too much about my own future" crap, and Doc figured "what the hell".

 Doc drives Marty back home and tells him he's going ahead 30 years into the future. He gives his goodbyes and drives off. Marty then crashes on his bed and thinks it was all a dream. He wakes up and finds that his house and his family have completely changed, Linda has several boyfriends, Dave is working at an office which requires him to wear a suit, George is a successful sci-fi novelist and Loraine is thin, sober and happy as hell. And thanks to George standing up to Biff, he's now the McFlys personal grease monkey and completely subservient to George.

 On top of that in this timeline Marty also has,

 just as Marty's about to take Jennifer for a ride Doc shows up with he DeLorean in a panic and starts throwing garbage into a device called Mr Fusion saying that Marty and Jen have to come with him since something has to be done about their kids. So our movie ends with Doc turning on the DeLorean's hover conversion and flying off to the future. Now I'll give my thoughts on the movies when I finish reviewing Part 3. That is if I can get them out in time, time I've got all the time in the world I'm reviewing something with a Time Machine. Okay, 20 days outta do it. Look forward to Part 2, eventually.

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