Monday, November 21, 2016

Video Game Review: Pokémon Sun and Moon: Me and my fire kitty.

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 Honestly folks I've been looking forward to this game for a long time, not as long as Persona 5 or Kingdom Hearts 3 but eh close enough. A whole new region, new variations of classic Pokémon (proving that Natural Selection exists in Pokémon) and a brand new story telling potential since the new region Alola doesn't have a Pokémon league but 4 Kahunas. Meaning that the game can focus less on beating the eight gym leaders and eventually Elite 4 but now just the 4 Kahunas and the mysteries of the Aether foundation and Team Skull. Even how you get your starter Pokémon has notable differences that I really do like, instead of just picking one and leaving it at that the context has that only once both Pokémon and trainer have chosen each other can't they be called partners, which shows a cut scene where your chosen starter gradually walks over to you, you pick it up and thus you are now partners. And because I chose Litten the cute little fire kitty this image immediately sprang to mind.
No joke I just wanted to present my Litten like he was Simba I was even hearing "Circle of Life" in my head when I was holding him.
 So with the assistance of the new Professor Kukui, his assistant Lillie and her mysterious Pokémon Cosmog I begin my quest to explore these new island, challenge the Kahunas and their islands totem Pokémon and stop Team Skull from doing, SOMETHING I HAVEN'T RUN INTO THEM YET!!! So at this point I'll just go over the features I've encountered so far. First our new Pokédex which is possessed by a Rotom. While it may not do much as far as I can tell he can talk to you, display the map at the bottom of the screen and even show you where you're supposed to go in case you get lost.
It may show new capabilities as the game goes on but that remains to be seen.

 There's an update to the Pokémon-Amie called Pokémon Refresh which while it removes Super Training will allow you to switch between the Pokémon you groom and will also let you removes Status effects at the end of battles such as Sleep, Poison and Paralysis. We also are introduced to the Festival Plaza which for those of you who've played Black and White 2 will be familiar with as it shares functions with the Join Avenue where you help point people in the direction of attractions they want to go to and get upgrades and items from the shops there.

 While there are some features that some people disagree with, mostly the move effectiveness designator that shows whether a move you're using will be effective against a Pokémon or not. I personally don't mind it since like in the most likely case with brand new players they don't want to have their computer or a guide open to check whether a move will work against a Pokémon or not. While I can understand why Nintendo decided to include it some people are not happy. Maybe in further installments the developers could give players an option to turn that feature on or off. However there is one feature that I greatly approve of, the removal of HMs.

 Since there's no Badges there's no HMs that activate when you acquire them. So they mediate this issue by giving players Pokémon that you can ride on to overcome obstacles. So now you don't need to give your Pokémon sometimes unnecessary moves like Cut, Flash or Rock Punch. The best moves are now TMs so no you can give these moves to your Pokémon and remove them with absolutely no problems. Also aside from the Pokémon differences between the two games as usual both are on different time Axes.

 Sun is on normal time displayed on you 3ds while Moon is 12 hours ahead. So if you were playing Moon during the day it would be night in game. There's also some Pokémon that evolve differently in each version as well as version exclusives but I'll leave you all to figure those out for yourselves. As for me, my Litten and my team are off to conquer the Alola Islands as their grand champion. PRAISE THE SUN!!!

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