Monday, October 31, 2016

Personal Post: My opinion of Five Nights at Freddy's: I don't want a heart attack.

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 Well here we are people another year another Five Nights at Freddy's game to make people scream and shit their pants at the sight of Animatronic demons. And I am SO not one of those people. Alright look I'll give my opinion of these games as succinctly as I can. I respect Five Nights at Freddy's but I'll never play any of those games for as long as I live. I do however like these games, not for the actual games themselves but what they mean for the gamer community itself, not just the indie developers.

 FNAF stands as a shining example of what happens when you properly listen to critics, don't let yourself get bogged down by negativity, have a solid and simple concept, and just good old fashioned hard work, care and respect for your fans. Now I may be talking out of my old poop shoot but that's just what I feel when I look at Scott and the relatively short history of this franchise. I mean it's only been 2 years since the first game showed up on Steam and it's almost up there with Mario in terms of Gaming iconography (I mean real iconic not Ubisoft iconic (sorry for borrowing that one Jim)) I mean it's crazy we've got the six games, FNAF action figures, FNAF novels, FNAF movies, FNAF T-Shirts, FNAF coloring books, FNAF Dogtags.
FNAF THE FLAMETHROWER!!!! Which ironically some people would desperately want when playing these games.
 I can honestly respect FNAF and Scott for not just how this franchise was created but how the man sets an example for developers. Mostly regarding the FNAF World fiasco, for those unaware between FNAF 4 and Sister Location Scott released a FNAF RPG which was buggy, not properly explained and was generally not well received so Scott decided to offer refunds for everyone who purchased the game from Steam and FNAF world is currently free to download. From what I've seen not only is it Scott dropping hints for FNAF Sister Location but it's just kind of a chance for Scott to take the piss out of himself like Stephen King's movie Maximum Overdrive.
I mean he created a Star Fox parody where Freddy and his pals go into space to fight a crazed version of himself for the Emperor's sake, how can you not appreciate that?
 Now to be honest FNAF World just might be the only one of these games I can see myself getting through but other then that NOPE! Now again It's not that I hate these games or believe that the hype is overblown but just that I do not like jump scares; and when I have to deal with these mechanical demons coupled with the jump scares and loud noises they might cause me to have a heart attack or hurt my hearing when I have to keep the volume up to hear them out; something I would like to avoid as much as possible. One of the things I do like about these games is the lore and the history of the Animatronics, the Purple Guy and all the horrible events tied around this fictional Pizza franchise. Now some people say that it's overly complicated and Scott just keeps adding more nonsense on top of more nonsense, to some extent I may agree but then again I can follow the mythos of Bioshock and Kingdom Hearts so make of that what you will. At least this isn't nearly as complicated as the Tommy Westphall universe and it's all encompassing Lovecraftian tendrils.

 Now to give my thoughts on less controversial material just general aesthetic choices. I personally like the designs of the Animatronics themselves, my personal favorite iteration was in FNAF 4 where they honestly looked like Demons. Scott just really cut loose with that game and as someone who likes making monsters myself I can tell they're just inspired. My personal favorite Animatronic is Golden Freddy, the nearly unavoidable instant kill Zordon from furry yiffing hell, with the empty eye sockets, lifelessness, and just all around uncomfortable feeling you get trying to avoid that hellbeast is just wonderful. The only thing about this franchise that I don't really get behind is the fan art, specifically the furry stuff, now I know that that scene isn't for me but it's just one of those things that make me shake my head and say "for god's sake Internet".

 As for Scott himself seeing him get so much success out of such a simple concept is commendable, especially coming from me who has little to no skills in programing video games. To see a man take what he can do and slowly but surly improve his craft and be so successful is nothing short of inspiring. I believe the real story of FNAF is learning from your failures, turning them into your inspiration and through luck become a rightful success in a field where one faced great adversity. So Scott, good on you and nothing but luck for you, your family, your franchise and your future endeavors.

 Now again that's just my opinion if you like that stuff good for you it's just not my cup of tea. Though personally what I really would like to see is possibly crossovers. Like a witch from Madoka Magica themed around the Puppet with the animatronics as its familiars or something. Also since the current Kamen Rider series Ex-Aid has their monsters, the Bugsters themed around Video Games I'd love to see one themed around FNAF. Again that's all just me and if you feel differently by all means let me know. Now to get back to work on my new Let's Plays to keep my stress down during the winter since my current money earning job does take its toll on me.

Five Nights at Freddy's is owned and created by Scott Cawthon.
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