Monday, November 7, 2016

Movie Review: Doctor Strange (2016): Shambhala (Spoilers)

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 So on top of Captain America Civil War we have another movie in the MCU Stage 3. Once again featuring a character that most people didn't think would work, the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange.  I know that most people aren't familiar with the story of Steve but here's someone who does. Since this review is so close to the movies American release I don't want to give too much away so I'll just give the basic premise and my thoughts. 

 Benedict Cumberbatch does a fantastic job as the title character Steven. I've only seen him in The Imitation Game and Star Trek Into Darkness and I'm starting to become a fan of his work. I was pretty impressed with his American accent which almost reminded me of Hugh Lori's performance as House (though I never actually saw House just heard him in commercials but the fact that I still remember that far back tells quite a bit). He definitely does a good job as the smug prick genius Surgeon and also is able to display the mania and desperation in Stevens life after his hands were destroyed after his hubris generated car crash; his slow gradual acceptance of the otherworldly phenomena and finally becoming the wizened, though somewhat snarky Sorcerer Supreme. I haven't seen him in The Hobbit Trilogy but I'll be rectifying that soon, but from what I've heard he's once again top notch.

 As for the other characters they play their parts well. The Ancient one definitely comes off as wise, in control and powerful. I especially love when she just gives that look when she can read all of Stevens actions and responses like he was the worlds most pretentious pop up book. I also liked that she doesn't spout out moral absolutes, which would have made a later revelation about her make her out to be a massive hypocrite. Surprisingly one of the more funny characters is Wong, I won't say why but let's just say his iPod list isn't what you'd expect. Mordo, has potential, he isn't trying to murder the Ancient One in this version and in fact helps to train Steve in the mystic arts. Knowing nothing about Mordo I'm not sure how accurate this is to the source material but for this film it works; It tends to come off more like Green Lantern then Doctor Strange, especially at the end but you'll find out when you see it for yourself.

 Unfortunately the biggest weakness of these movies are sad to say, the villains. Kaecilius is just boring and is just standard MCU baddie sad to say. I admit he does have some good banter between him and Strange but he's clearly just a lackey for Dormammu. Speaking of I do see quite a bit of potential for this guy in the MCU. He's an all powerful demon that devours worlds for snacks, hell I can see him being the appetizer before Thanos in Infinity War Part 1. 

 As he is in this movie he's all right, he's mostly just set up and I do like how he's actually set up and executed. Now I'll get into the real reason why you should all see this movie, the visuals can be summed up in two words.
 I make no exaggeration that you should all see this movie for the visuals alone. I'm not going into details but to say that this is a better adaptation then the 1970's version of Dr Strange is like saying that a 4 pound Lobster is better then a frozen pizza that's sat in the sun for a week. In fact I can't honestly believe I'm saying this but; you should all see this at least once in 3D!
 I know I know I've gone on record that I absolutely despise 3D as a movie gimmick but of this one occasion I must insist that you lay down just this tiny bit of extra cash to see this movie in 3D. Trust me you will not regret it, unless you're prone to motion sickness in which case you would most likely try to hunt me down and glue my lips together for even suggesting that but I absolutely must insist that you see this movie in 3D. Also as most of the Internet has already spoiled there's one of the infinity stones in this movie so for those who follow the MCU event line this movie is unavoidable, so grab your disciples and schedule a visit with the good Doctor.   

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