Monday, November 14, 2016

Tokusatsu Review: Shruiken Sentai Ninninger vs Toqger Part 2: Bad Leftovers

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 So anything of importance that I missed last time? NOPE just dumbass characters acting like dumbasses. Speaking of; Chief Dumbass rolls into the demon theme park and finally meets the mastermind and resident Ninja Nerd.
 Aside from sharing the name of one of the worst villains in Power Rangers history this guy is clearly insane because why in the name of all that's good would ANYONE want to spend time with Takaharu unless he owes them money? Speaking of he tries to fight Mavro but is stoped by Mavro's Ninja clones. But since they're based off of ACTUAL (and one mythological but far more legit) NINJAS Takaharu gets his ass kicked. Mavro then extracts his Shadow from Takaharu and combines them with the three clones to create an Evil Clone of Takaharu, DARK AKANINGER!!!

 Unfortunately Takaharu manages to separate himself from the Clone. So while he's not under Mavro's control he's lost all his Nintality to the Clone, but no problem since according to Mavro all he is now is just Leftovers.
Well dude Sonya and the American fanbase agrees and quite frankly with how your show progressed I'm right there with them so from now on we dub thee Leftovers!
 With his new evil Ninninger Mavro leaves Leftovers to fade into nothing but just as Saitama is about to throw Leftovers out Wrong (Since I hate Right just as much as everyone else hates Leftovers I'm calling him Wrong from now on as well) saves him and gets the two out of there. We then cut back to Kyuemon finishing the exposition dump about how Leftovers will be reduced to nothing unless Dark Akaninger is destroyed. Yet the three look horrified for some reason I'd personally break out a Piñata but that's just me.

 Back at their base the two groups try to come up with a plan to save Leftovers but are coming up dry. The Toqgers tell the Niningers to stay back while they take care of it but they insist on coming as well and so they do. Meanwhile Leftovers wakes up to see Wrongs punchable Justin Bieber face and the two talk and bond about how hopelessly stupid they are. After some banter between the two groups of competent team members we cut back to Dark Akaninger starting to cover the world in darkness. Kyuemon expresses his concerns about interference but Mavro's got it covered, he recreated the Shadow Line Generals with additional Ninja skills to guard the area. Kyuemon then takes off to make sure his check from Toei doesn't bounce and leaves with Wanyūdō. 

 The two reds manage to reach Mavro and Dark but Dark attacks and overpowers the two. The others manage to get past the Shadow Line Clones with their own varying degrees of stupidity including leaving Schwartz to being BOILED ALIVE, DAMN! The two reds actually hold their own against Dark, but before Marvo can interfere Akira (who thankfully has stoped using his "This is where I die" catchphrase) takes him on instead. Elsewhere Kyuemon sends Wanyūdō to attack the city to collect fear energy but are stoped by a loud and powerful battlecry!

 No no; it's time for the Early bird cameo of the new team, the Zyuohgers who are so badass they make quick work of Wanyūdō in less time it takes to nuke a Hot-pocket. But like all good things this appearance of the 40th Anniversary team must come to an end as we go back to the two clown troops calling themselves Sentai. Dark is beating Wrong and Leftovers like a drum telling Leftovers that if he dies he goes with him. The teams finally catch up with the Niningers firing the Toqgers cannon at Dark while imagining what Leftovers hates, which of course reduces our Badass villain Ranger Clone; into a pepper that Leftovers then destroys with an "I AM A MAN" punch.
My hatred of this resolution knows no bounds!
 But as if a sign of mercy from the Emperor himself Leftovers fades away into nothingness.

 Yep, no going back now Leftovers's dead and all's well that ends well.
Nope, you think you'll be rid of this dipshit so easily? Not while there's still some of your faith in humanity I can squash!
 Just when I though he wouldn't show up and this movie might actually be tolerable Old Ninja shows up again and somehow, don't ask me how, brings Leftovers back with the power of IMAGINATION!!!!!! Now you might be thinking that this is where I'll use the Deadfall clip of Nick Cage screaming "Fuck" as loud and over the top as he can. But no, this plot point is so dumb, so infuriating and so stupid I cannot express my anger properly. So thus I leave this task to a true master of anger. Take it away Ren.

BUT FIRST, FIIIIIRRRRRRSSSTTTTTTTT, I'm going to take a wizz. Don't you go anywhere, as next time we'll see how much more these two teams can drive me closer to getting a visit from a Red Lantern ring.

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