Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tokusatsu Review: Kamen Rider Chaser: Part 3: Karaoke jam of fallen angels.

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Just two girls playing with their favorite dollies. Though some people wish they'd share once in a while while others think they need to grow out of it.
 Last time On Davids brain we had our main villain kick Chase, Heart and Brain around like tin cans; Krim is incapacitated while Shinnosuke and Go are caught in a territory dispute with a veteran Rider. So how does the movie decide to follow this up? With Medic horribly practicing Karaoke to try and learn how to sway Heart.

 So after the big lipped alligator ballad we cut to the three we actually care about recovering from getting slammed by Angel. Brain rightfully apologizes to Heart for not realizing how nuts Angel was but Heart just tells him not to sweat it since her goal is pointless anyway. Heart wants to know if Brain can remove the feather circuit from Chase but Chase stupidly still has doubts about whether she's crazy or not. Look dude I know you owe her a gigantic debt, that you two did.... yeah and that the crazy ones are probably the best but she's completely coo-coo for cocoa puffs!

 Brain just says to Chases hesitation; fine do whatever. He may be a coward but even he has his pride and would rather die then be forced to follow someone else's ideals. As for Heart he gives his say in that matter but as he finishes his core gets stolen by Angel. With this Chases head is back in the game and tells Brain to watch Hearts body while he goes after Angel.

Nice work Chase now you just gave shippers more fuel. Also Brain, don't; just don't he's not even in his body this is technically necrophilia and that's just not right.
 Shinnosuke meanwhile gets the call from Krim about what happened and tells him to get to where he is ASAP. He apologizes to Ryuu who figured out that Shinnosuke and Go are Riders and understands letting the two go off to save their friend while he'll handle this case. As the two are about to leave Genpatchi calls in telling Shinnosuke they found the guy that 051 copied. But if he's with Gen; and 051 was destroyed then who's lying on the Tokyo Futo border? Another Roidmude of course, 077 copied Moe Urkel as well and managed to steal a Beast memory but passed out from the rush.

 But now that he has the memory back 077 uses it and becomes a Beast Dopant. Krim manages to show up allowing Shinnosuke to become Drive. He and Mach try to take on the Dopant Roidmude but the two are overwhelmed rather quickly leaving it up to Senpai to notice and take action.

MOTHERTRUCKER!!! Also a cameo from a past Rider that is actually faithful to the series and not disrespectful? What is this I don't even!?
 So with Drive and Mach flabbergasted that there were police riders before him (while I'm sure people would have loved to see G3-X again by this point in continuity it would most likely be gathering dust in a museum or police storage) the three team up to destroy the Memory and Roidmude. So Drive and Mach leave to help Chase while Ryuu heads back to his boss (wife) and their baby girl. Back to the main plot Angel collects Hearts core when Mashin Chaser finally catches up with her. During their fight he manages to hit her chest jewel which releases one of the Cores she took, now that he knows where the weak spot is all he has to do is shoot till he can release Hearts core. Chase finally gets back up from Drive Type Tridoron and Mach Deadheat who take care of Angels projectiles giving him the chance to ram his bike into her and into the sky like the chase scene from ET.

 Chaser has Angel on the ropes despite her trying to dissuade him with how everyone is fulfilled. But she reveals that she grafted the Feather Circuit onto Hiroshi as well. Yep it turns out that Angel was planning on indoctrinating humans as well as Roidmudes. Chase has had enough and tries to keep fighting but Angel isn't stupid and installed a failsafe on the Feather Circuit so as long as it's installed Chase can't fight her. Which begs the question of why she didn't use it earlier in the fight or even use the circuit to complexly take him over and make him her slave, it's not like Chase hasn't had his programing mucked around with before she would've figured he'd be used to it.

 But what does Chase do with this revelation? He grabs the Rhino Viral Core and remembering the words of Brain, Kirm and Heart uses it to cut the Feather Circuit off his own body even though he risks destroying his own core in the process. After losing quite a bit of blood (or oil) Chase manages to rip the thing off and is back to his old self; with this he denounces Angels desire for peace as really wanting total control (just like every law character in SMT) and he transforms into his Rider form. With the ultimate rejection of her ideals and plans Angel loses her temper and finally goes completely mad. With her composure reduced to that of a rabid animal Chase has no trouble finishing her off with the Rhino Viral Core she gave him and frees Heart and Hiroshi.

 With Demon dead Chase walks off while being observed by the series' final Villain Banno and his assistant Roidmude 004 who plan on finding more Roidmudes capable of Super Evolution. As we wrap up Heart is happy to hear that Chase's doubts have been resolved, Medic dresses a little more sexily for Heart and Brian gets put back in the friend zone by Heart. Brain then swears that he'll never help Medic, never ever not in a million billion years! As we wrap up we learn that because Chase cut out the circuit he lost all memories of these events and our movie ends with Chase driving down the coast at peace with himself and ready to protect humanity. So that was Kamen Rider Chaser and good god this was good.

 We had a legit piece of character development for Chase, a pretty menacing villain and a cool crossover with a veteran Rider that didn't make me want to chuck my computer out a window. There's quite a bit that I didn't show or mention but that's for 2 reasons. One they were definitely not kid friendly, and two I do want you guys to check this movie out and giving every single thing away would be rather detrimental to that goal wouldn't it? So what's next on the Toku docket? Well.. let me think OH RIGHT a certain franchises 2000th episode should do nicely.

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