Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tokusatsu Review Kamen Rider Chaser: Part 2: Don't question the crazy Rhino!

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 Where we last left off Chase became a real boy and the funniest spit take in history happened. No seriously whoever directed that scene made Buster Keaton and Groucho Marx shed tears of pride, bravo to that guy. However Krim is understandably cautious about Chase's upgrade and races off to confront him before Chase discovers humor. Trust me an AI suddenly discovering humor can lead to ungodly amounts of annoyance.

 Chase with his brand new attitude visits Hinako and Milksop in the hospital with gifts for the two and offers to play basketball with Milksop. Chase used kindness on Milksop.

Happy 20th Pokemon!!!
 The weirdness continues with Chase going on, and I kid you not, a shopping montage with Milksop. The two then start playing basketball culminating with Milksop finally opening up to Chase and starting to have fun. Afterwords Krim finally shows up riding the Trailer Cannon and quickly deduced that someone hardwired something to Chase that's responsible for his new attitude. He then gets a call from Kiriko who has good news and bad news, good news is they found the guy 051 copied, bad news he's dead and his corpse is directly on the boarder of another city and the detective from the other city claims that the man is a suspect in a case he's involved with. Shinnosuke and Go ask who he is but those who've seen W know exactly who he is.
Yep it's Terui Ryuu AKA Kamen Rider Accel.
 Now I gave a brief description of W back in my prologue review of; THAT MOVIE; but I didn't talk about Ryuu, nor will I since I want you to see it for yourselves. But yeah Ryuu's involved in this case since the suspect got his hands on a Gaia Memory so it makes sense that he's here. So Shinnosuke and Go are stuck trying to negotiate for the suspects corpse while Ryuu wants to take it because he thinks the guy died from overexposure to the one he had, the Beast Memory. But they're at a stalemate since the two are scared to death of the guy; coupled with Ryuu being as flexible as a statue negotiations are stuck leaving Krim to deal with Chase.

 Speaking of; Krim managed to find the feather circuit on Chase's body but Chase is then attacked by 051. Chase orders Hinako and Hiroshi (yeah he's developed enough so I can't call him Milksop anymore) to run and tries to transform into his rider form but he can't since according to Krim the feather circuit is interfering with his base program. Krim offers to let Chase use him to become Proto-Drive but Angel shows up and says that won't work either since now that he's a complete Roidmude in her terms there's no need to become a Rider, but she does give him an alternative; a Rhino Viral Core which will allow Chase to become a Super Roidmude.

 Now this is another personal nitpick of mine but I'll probably never get the chance to talk about it so here it goes, why was there never a Scorpion Viral Core/Scorpion Roidmude? I mean Bat and Spider I get since those were the first two monsters the first Kamen Rider fought, but why not the Scorpion since it was the 3rd one? Apparently the Cobra was because he was the first monster that was revived and remodeled but I still don't buy it. This could have been the perfect opportunity to have the Scorpion Viral core but why a Rhino? That choice just seems like it just came out of nowhere; but whatever just a small annoyance that I wanted to get off my chest.

 Moving on Chase becomes Mashin Chaser again and despite Krims warnings he uses the Rhino Viral Core and becomes Super Mashin Chaser.

Yeah I don't care how stupid Chase was for trusting Angel; this form looks Badass! I love how the Rhino shoulder pads  look like flames and the wing esq horn on Chases head really bring the hellish biker angel motif of his logo, pretty damn awesome for a movie exclusive form.
 Now that Chase has gone Super Saiyan he tells Hiroshi to take his sister and get out of there; he then proceeds to wreck 051s shit and finally puts him down for good. Angel asks how the new upgrade feels when Heart shows up to confront her. So Chase, Heart and Krim are all where Angel wants them so she calls in her crew; along with Brain. He's not really on her side of course but he does tell Heart that he's at least open to the possibility of what she's saying being true. But Heart points out that they achieved their Super Evolution on their own.

 But Brain and Chase counter his argument by saying that not all of the Roidmudes are like them and that the feather circuit really does work. Angel proclaims that like her namesake she'll be the salvation for the remaining 31 Roidmudes. But Heart knows who his real angel is and refuses to put up with her crap. Even Krim agrees with Heart saying that all Angel is offering is just throwing away their ability to think for themselves. With the jig up she absorbs the cores of her followers and becomes even stronger forcing Brain and Heart to go their own Super forms, but she just smacks them around like a drum.

 Chase transforms to back the two up but even he gets tossed aside, literally. Just as Angel is about to kill Heart and Brain Chase gets caught in the blast with them. However Angel notices that the three corpses are Brain's virus clones and tries to find them. Meanwhile Rinna manages to wake Krim up after he lost consciousness who tells her that they need to get to Shinnosuke asap!

 Will the Roidmude Trio defeat Angel? Will the Detectives finally decide who gets Moe Urkels corpse? Will Chase finally rip out that cheep pigeon feather? Will Medic finally get her man? Tune in next time for the conclusion of Chase's solo movie!

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