Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tokusatsu Review Kamen Rider Taisen: Part 7: End and analysis

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Yep apparently the Shōwa Riders were being serious about their beef with the Heisei Riders. Takashi says that part of it was to fool Badan. But the other half was to take their disapproval out on the Heisei riders. Gaim of course points out that Takashi's reason makes no sense and that there's no reason to fight. Takashi, being the stubborn bucket of bolts that he is just transforms and the two sides start their fight. Now, before this movie was released there was a fan poll to ask who should win the final fight, the Shōwa Riders or the Heisei Riders. Really, the only thing that changes are who wins the final fight and the version of the ending song. We'll cover the ending that won the fan vote and then the one that lost. Luckily for me, the Heisei Riders won the fan poll so I'll cover that first. No matter what ending Narutaki watches over the final fight asking who will win in the end, the first Rider or the latest Rider. Ichigo prepares to land his Rider kick when Gaim notices a flower behind him. Gaim then takes the full force of the kick. Ichigo prepares to land the final blow when he says this.
All the other Riders stop their fights and Narutaki explains for the audience why Ichigo surrendered.
Thanks Captain obvious!
Ichigo then says that strength based on Kindness might be true strength, if Gaim would go so far as to protect even a single flower. Um dude, you are the oldest Rider alive, you should have known this already! Whatever Ichigo then offers his hand in friendship to Gaim.

Gaim charges up for his finishing move while Ichigo just stands there. Gaim then stops powering up.
Just like the other ending the other Riders stop and Narutaki says why Gaim surrendered.
Apparently because he was expecting quite a bit from Gaim's power. Gaim then basically says the same thing that Ichigo said in the other ending. That strength based on Kindness might be true strength. Um Gaim, you should know this already! You were the one who, all though out this movie were criticizing the cold-hardheartedness of the Shōwa Riders! Ichigo says that he's impressed that Gaim noticed and commemorates him. What a crock. Thank whoever is up there that the Heisei ending is now the cannon one. It's more consistent given how the two are portrayed in this movie. So to wrap things up both generations of Riders shake hands with their opposite number, Narutaki says something that makes my blood boil given what little we know about him.
And all the Riders go back to where they were before all of this, hopefully to sleep this movie off like a bad hangover. Roll credits.
 Kamen Rider Taisen is nothing but a mess. Quite frankly I haven't seen this much mischaracterization since JLA Act of God. Most of the Shōwa Riders act completely inconsistently from how they were portrayed, not just from their staring series but also their more recent appearances. The cameos from the Sentai characters were completely pointless, why were they there? This was purely a Rider affair, there was zero reason for the ToQuger, Daigo or Shwartz to be in this thing. But the main problem is, of course the Shōwa Riders being dicks. They come off as grumpy old men who think that "the kids these days" aren't up to snuff because life hasn't kicked them in the gut as hard as them. One principal rule of any team up or crossover is to never make one side look better then the other and this movie committed that sin in spades! I need to calm down after this movie. I wonder what's on t.v?
Eh, better then TMZ.

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