Friday, March 17, 2017

Personal Post: My first false copyright claim: CoPeerRight Agency - Italy has made my list.

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Thank you Jim for introducing me to this beautiful symbol of displeasing disgust.
 Well it finally happened people, some slimy little weasel decided to lie to Youtube and try to take money from me. It happened on March 16th 2017 when I was editing my Lets Play/ Walkthrough videos when I noticed a Copyright Claim on Part 10 of my Ratchet and Clank Lets Play. 

Now if Insomniac Games (you know the people who own the actual rights to Ratchet and Clank) were the ones to make the claim then I might have some cause for concern. But as you can clearly see the claim was made by some filthy little pieces of gutter trash calling themselves CoPeerRight Agency - Italy. 
 Who I know full well have nothing to do with Ratchet and Clank and certainly have no legal grounds to try to steal money from me for trying to entertain all of you. Now this isn't my first Copyright claim but at least the first one you can argue that the holders might have some grounds.

Now the first claim was on Part 1 of my Lets Play of the Demo For Jojo's Bizarre adventure Eyes of Heaven that I did a year back. Normally I would have filed a counter claim and did a whole article about the ordeal but I took a step back and thought to myself. First the claims in question were over a cutscene that most likely would have been blocked for recording of the full game due to it being pretty spoiler heavy, the second being the character intros before the fight which is more bullshit but whatever. The main reason why I didn't counter claim is that A it's just the demo and profiting off of that is more questionable then others, B they made it so I can't monetize and left it at that, they didn't just put adds that I can't earn anything from to pour salt in the wound, C I figured that I'd dispute it later once the hype for the game died down and Namco Bandai would forget about it, the 30 days would come and go and no harm no foul. Lastly, D the claim was made by the company that actually owns the rights to the fucking game! 
 But then comes along CoPeerRight Agency-Italy with the one two punch of blocking me from making money off of my video but also putting adds so that they can make money off of my work. That is where they crossed the line (on top of them not owning the rights to Ratchet and Clank) so I filed a counter claim and here we are now. I did a little bit of research and apparently I'm not the first guy these slimy little bastards have tried to steal from. A Youtuber named called Sam Kan also apparently had an encounter with these clowns, though it was far worse since according to him CoPeerRightAgency-Italy issued about 10 claims far after the videos were put up. 

 If you've uploaded videos to Youtube you know that if anything is considered in violation of Copyright Youtube lets you know the minute it's uploaded as was the case when some videos of certain Walkthroughs were flagged for having copyrighted music in them. (Even though the music is in the game footage itself and not added by me. But in that case I just used Youtube's music removal program so the offending music is just muted or lowered so no harm there.)

 So let's go over the facts kiddies, My video was published On April 1st 2016 and then CoPeerRight Agency- Italy made the copyright claim on March 16th 2017. Get the air fresheners because I smell a big flaming pile of horse shit! 
Not to be too unoriginal here but these people are the Parasites that Andrew Ryan was talking about all though-out Bioshock. These "people" with their lack of morals, decency or honor try to steal from those who put in the labor into what we do. Whether it's a Walkthrough, original piece of art or what have you if you put the effort into making something new or transforming someone else's work with your commentary or jokes then who should profit off of that labor of love? CERTAINLY NOT YOU Says the Parasites! And why not, Youtube has no legal penalties in place for these blood suckers so why not go for the gold and steal from anyone whose trying to get ahead? 
 Now I normally ask people to share the links to these articles but I absolutely must insist in this instance. So everyone who reads this I implore you, speak out against not just CoPeerRight Agency - Italy but anyone else whose stupid, greedy and depraved enough to steal from your passions and see their "businesses" foreclosed and burnt to the ground! Though some part of me is actually glad about this recent development. Since I'm now apparently gaining enough ground on Youtube for these slimy little toads to try and take my money off of my work. Though again I haven't seen a dime from my videos since I'm far too scared to try and earn money off of my videos since 1 I don't know how, 2 I know next to nothing about copyright law so I don't know what would and wouldn't fly (especially in such an unfriendly environment like Youtube where they are content to keep the Right-holders happy while screwing over the people that made them the #1 video uploader in town.) 

 But most importantly is #3, I don't know how to attract more people to my channel aside from sharing links with far more successful Youtubers and hoping someone is bored enough to click on my videos and watch long enough to see a dime roll my way. Speaking of does anyone have any tips to attract more viewers and readers? Though if your answer is "just keep going and eventually you'll find your audience" I've been doing that for at least 3 years I need something more substantial then that. I truly am grateful for those who have shared the links for my various Articles and videos don't misunderstand me but I just need more concrete numbers. I'm still going to keep going and doing this till something clicks, I've come too far to just give up but seriously folks one click on two buttons at the bottom of my videos and articles can do wonders for me and anyone else whose trying to make something of themselves. Though it may be just a matter of creating the right content at the right time, so maybe once Persona 5 comes out and I start my LP of it then maybe things will pick up.

Update March 20th 2017:

They released the claim, I knew they'd see things my way. I read on twitter that these copyright claims are seen as just an evolution of spam emails. I can definitely see why. So if this problem happens to you just counter claim them and all should be good. Especially if they don't have a leg to stand on, because like a kid they have to fess up once you see their hand in the cookie jar.

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