Saturday, February 25, 2017

Movie Review: John Wick Chapter 2: We now have a Live Action Black Lagoon movie!!!

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 Ok, where do I start with his one? Oh wait I know STOP READING THIS AND GO SEE JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2 IMMEDIATELY! No, no no; I need to be a professional about this; I may be an amateur but I am above all else a professional (amateur professional, figure that one out) and believe me if one does not follow the rules then we are no better then the animals. First if you haven't seen the first John Wick; fix that before you go see this one since it sets up the rules of the John Wick assassin world and the consequences for breaking them as well as why John Wick is basically a live action Brock Samson. 

No seriously DeathBattle take this one John Wick VS Brock Samson and it will be glorious!
 But if you're too lazy don't worry the movie does give you the clip notes version of what happened in the first movie as Wick takes care of the last bit of business from those events. Afterwords an old associate of his shows up at his front door with a debt that he wants to collect. See this was the guy that helped Wick pull off the impossible job that got him his chance to retire from the assassination world in the first place and since Wick went on his rampage he's technically back in the game and thus its time to pay the piper. But of course since Wick just wants to be left the hell alone he tells the guy no, but being out of the game for so long; he must have forgotten what happens when you go and bust a deal!

 So after being reminded who runs Barter Town at the moment Wick holds up his end of the deal and kills the guys target, his sister who's inherited their fathers seat on this big organized crime council. But of course this stupid son of a bitch couldn't just leave it at that oh no, now he's put a 7 million dollar bounty on Wick and every other crazy hitman within a 10 mile radius is out to kill him. Why? "Loose ends" his mute bodyguard gestures, dude if that didn't work for Frank Fontaine in BioShock when he tried to kill Jack then why in the wide, wide world of sports would you think it would work for your crazy ass?! 

 So without giving anything away that's essentially the plot, everything else you have to just go and see for yourselves. Now I have a confession to make, I, like many didn't see the first John Wick when it first came out; I only watched it a week before I saw the sequel to get myself up to speed and I am so glad that I did. I honestly haven't been this excited and pumped by an action movie in a seriously long time, seeing both movies had me so energized and ready to do something I didn't know where to start. Every fight scene in these movies is simply top notch, they're tightly shot, close but not too close and you can hear every single punch and by proxy feel every bone crunch. Taking the fact that this is all live action and not in CG make this all the more impressive to me.

  One of my favorite elements of these movies is the 5 star safe-houses for these assassins called the Continentals. These movies also do a great job of establishing the rules of the Continental and the consequences for breaking them. All of which are shown and demonstrated for the audience instead of explained. John Wick remembers that movies are a visual medium and clearly demonstrates how these establishments work and only gives exposition when it's absolutely necessary. As opposed to works like Final Fantasy XIII where not only do the characters explain everything that's going on even though they should know what works where, but also don't explain what actually needs to be explained leaving that information to the Data-logs where even when they explain what's happening they don't explain what's happening.

 But I'm getting off track; to sum up John Wick is a top contender for #1 movie of 2017 so far. This a great action movie with intense fight scenes, intriguing setting and is just great action fun. Like the subtitle of this review suggested I pretty much consider John Wick to be the closest we can get to a live action adaptation of Black Lagoon. Only it takes place in New York City instead of Thailand, Revy's been replaced with Brock Samson and Rock, Dutch and Benny are replaced with a dog, BlackBeard from Pirates 4 and Cowboy Curtis respectively. Speaking of Black Lagoon I wouldn't be surprised if at some point John Wick fights against people as crazy as a former FARC guerrilla turned house-maid, a pair of deranged murderous children or even the entire Yakuza. Well only time will tell my friends but for right now, turn off the device your using to read this and go see both John Wick movies back to back, you'll thank me later.

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