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Manga Review: Madoka Magica The Different story volume 3: Part 1: KyoMami/MamiKyo (whatever) forever!!!

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 We're finally at the final volume of this Madoka story so if you've for some reason missed the first two volumes here're the links. We open on a flashback of how Mami got to where she is now, the car crash, the contract and how if she could change her wish, she'd save her parents in a heartbeat. She asks Kyubey what good she is now. He tells her that she needs to fight, and save people from the witches, after her first fight she decides to use her new power to save as many people as she can. So she does, saving many people from the Witches and familiars. 

Including this girl who I'm sure will never be mentioned or seen again wink wink!!!
 Everything else we've seen before but her inner monologue is something entirely new. She breaks down and confesses to Sayaka about how she doesn't want to be alone anymore, she never wanted to be a hero and is drowning in her loneliness  She turns to Sayaka but it's too late and she becomes the mermaid Witch. She's failed again; she's failed to protect those she treasures and Sayaka has become a monster, thus begins Mami's own descent into despair. 

 Madoka finally arrives but Oktavia (Sayakas witch) managed to get away leaving Mami to tell Madoka what happened. She of course lies to Madoka so she doesn't panic and just says that she went to change clothes and that the two are going witch hunting later. Madoka suggests that she go along with them but Mami insists on it just being the two of them. Madoka accepts this and leaves telling Mami to take care of Sayaka. Meanwhile Homura finishes explaining the truth about Magical Girls to Kyoko who goes off to find Mami. Homura however advises against it since; based on her past time loops whenever Mami learns that truth she always breaks down and tries to kill everyone else. When Kyoko is about to ask why Mami is a lost cause Homura suggests two possible outcomes for Mami, either killing herself after killing Oktavia or she's already become a witch herself. 

 Kyoko doesn't buy it for a second since the Mami she knows would never go through with something like that. However Homura argues that that's the problem, the Mami she knows wouldn't do that but the real Mami Tomoe would and did go through with those scenarios. Kyoko's had enough and constructs a spell wall to keep Homura back as she goes to find Mami herself. She gives her reasons why and Homura just tells her that she shouldn't be making mistakes over what it is she should be protecting.

 Later on Mami managed to track down Oktavia but Kyoko's quartered off the barrier. Kyoko tries to stop her but it's clear that Mami's too far gone, her world view is shattered, her actions lead to Sayaka becoming a Witch and she knows that for all the good she's done she'll just turn into another Witch and kill innocent people until some other sap comes and puts her down. So what sane person would go on knowing what lies down that road? 

Mami has officially thrown down the gauntlet folks, get ready for a Sunday night slam fest!!!!
 The two know that there's only one way to settle this, a fight to the death, winner deals with Oktavia. Our chapter ends with Kyoko promising to hold nothing back. Chapter 10 starts with Kyubey informing Homura that the fight has started and asks whether she should be helping Kyoko. She says that she won't since this is their mess so they should be the ones to clean it up. Kyubey suggests that Homura has other reasons why she doesn't try to stop the fight, she says that she doesn't but her flashbacks of when Mami nearly killed her say otherwise, those old scars do indeed run deep. 

 Back at the fight Mami is indeed holding nothing back, even going as far as using her threads to create a web around the construction zone the two are fighting in. 
Why that thieving little, ok, you know what? Fine I know how well this is gonna go so yeah, see you in hell right here with me. When you get here I'll show you how the OG does it!!!
 However Kyoko points out that in addition to her normal magic heavy attacks this trick will just use up her magic even more, she then figures out her plan she wants to be driven into despair and become a Witch. Eventually Kyoko manages to slam Mami into a wall and break her arm. She tries to tell Mami that what happened with Sayaka wasn't Mami's fault. Mami then says that it might be Kyoko's fault. 
Jeez Mami why don't you tell us how you really feel? No really it might actually help you at this point.
 Mami says that she doesn't really mean that but since her heart is so consumed with despair that all her thoughts and feelings are becoming corroded and tainted with hate and grudges. She admits that Kyoko is the stronger of the two since even in the face of everything that's happened to her she never succumbed to despair. That even though she's such an emotional weakling Sayaka would still accept and forgive her, that's why Mami is planning to stay with her and won't let anyone interfere with her plans so she fires her musket upwards and crushes Kyoko under steal girders. However Kyoko managed to dodge the attack and just as she's about to gain the upper hand again Mami managed to kick her into her thread trap promising her payback.

 Madoka in the meantime just wishes in her heart that the five can all become friends. Back at the fight Kyoko is caught as Mami prepares the killing stroke. Kyoko tells her that Homura was right about her warning, she figured that Mami wasn't like what Homura said so she just egged her on not knowing that she's actually fighting to kill like this. Mami apologizes for betraying her expectations, but Kyoko says that there's no reason since she betrayed her first. Kyoko finishes her apology, Mami then shoots Kyoko's soul gem killing her instantly.

 However just as Mami tries to enter Oktavias barrier she collapses, de transforms and sees that her soul gem has almost turned black. Kyubey shows up and tells Mami that he'll keep her company until the Soul Gem hatches into her Witch mostly just so he can observe the process for some purpose, because altruism is illogical, fuck you fuzzball. She apologizes to Sayaka for not being there with her at the end, that she always loses her way when it really matters and how she'll always end up alone. Her final thoughts lead her back to when she was training Kyoko, and specifically a certain instance where Kyoko tries to tell her something concerning their relationship and how she just calls Kyoko a friend. 

Just say "You're more then a friend" and this would have gone far better, SCHMUCK!!!
 Mami of course takes it the wrong way and thinks that once Kyoko learns all that Mami has to teach her she'll just toss her aside like a dirty dishrag. So she thinks that she'll have to be better then everyone else be the perfect magical girl so that she'll never be betrayed again. That is until Cadeloro shows up and offers an option 2. 

Why does this look so familiar?

Oh right, those.
 But before she fully becomes the Annabelle Phantom our chapter ends with Kyoko appearing before her alive and well. Tune in next time for how Kyoko survived and my thoughts on this story.

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