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Personal Post: Top 15 favorite Episodes of AT4W Part 2: The best of the wha?

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 For those who missed part 1 here you are and now off we go.

#8 Justice League Cry for Justice # 5, 6 and 7: Ah Cry for Justice, the first review of Linkaras where I saw pure, genuine rage. Now I know he exploded when he talked about the infamous moment in One More Day during his Top 15 comics he'd never review video. (Though he actually did review entries from that list and I'm still waiting for when he talks about Sonichu pulling his biggest boner about Wendy's haunted vagina. This horrible mental image has been brought to you by Nextwave now with an army of tap-dancing hedgehogs.) But yeah when he got to the part where Leanne was killed, I honestly felt uncomfortable when he called the comic exploitive, badly written trash.

 However hindsight is funny, because thanks to Convergence we see that Leanne was somehow brought back to live for Pre New 52 Roy and he's clearly no longer listening to her zombie ghost telling him to do China Cat. So while Cry for Justice is now completely null and void it's still an aggravating little mini series that James Robinson would wish to completely forget ever happened. So all we're left with is a mini series with beautiful artwork (for the most part) being wasted on Prometheus walking through a bunch of dumbass versions of heroes like he was a villain in a Shouji Yonamura Kamen Rider Movie. Actually this really is like Kamen Rider Taisen, our supposed heroes are idiots, a group of them commit horrible and unethical acts they would never do, the villains plan makes no sense but just kicks their asses by sneezing on them, and a lot of potential is squandered. Though speaking of Roy Harper, when will Linkara finally review "Fall of Green Arrow"?

#7 Mightily Murdered Power Ringers #1: Right on the heels of NBComics came something that gave me a certain embarrassing sense of laughter that I would only rediscover later when I saw Akibaranger, specifically a certain episode during season 2.
Good lord not even Rob Liefeld would go that far!!!
 Yeah I'm a bit of a fan of Power Rangers and man this comic was just crazy. I'm not going to explain exactly why because this is one of those episodes that you need to go in blind for. But it's Linkara's reactions to the jokes that really get you rolling. But remember if you are a fan of Power Rangers, it's just a joke and even the creator himself admitted that he was basically phoning this comic in, so yeah MST3K rules for this one.

#6 Atomic Robo vol 3: One of the Patreon requested reviews and this was a good one. This episode is what inspired me to purchase the Everything Explodes Collection and I've never looked back. Atomic Robo is everything comics should be, likable characters, funny clever dialogue and pure high concept goodness. I mean the first volume has Robo fighting against Giant Ants, Nazi AT-ST Walkers and even some sad moments, my personal favorite scene so far in Atomic Robo is the last page from Issue 1 where a reporter is asking Robo what he considers the hardest part of his life, his response. “The hardest part is that I’m 83 years old. I do a great Jack Benny, but no one really gets it anymore.” If you haven't picked up this series yet, do so, you will not regret it, also be sure to pick up the three collections since it'll save you money and space and well, we all like that don't we?

#5 Warrior #1
Yes I know that this isn't the cover for the issue he reviewed I just had to show it. I mean yeah, The Ultimate Warrior is so powerful he can even kill Captian America and what looks like Spawn by his right leg if I'm seeing it right, yeah I'm sure Warrior had the rights to use their likeness' on the cover, good job meathead. Thought at least the artwork on this cover looks better then the main book, but not by much.
 From here these episodes may cause some people to have fits of uncontrollable laughter due to the amount of pure, unfiltered bullshit that is seeping from your screen, be fore warned. Now Warrior #1, this was the first episode of AT4W that caused me to laugh so hard I started crying. This also taught me many things such as the ancient art of Destrucity, that the Ultimate Warrior was completely bat screech insane and showed me some of the worst examples of 90's artwork and some of the most disjointed, nonsensical and incoherent writing I've ever seen outside of a padded cell of a mental institution, nicely accented with the public domain Ren & Stimpy music to really highlight the madness. Speaking of the artwork let me just say this,
when you're making these guys look like they have a more realistic body structure, go back to art school immediately!!!
 Sometimes when writing a review jokes just come naturally when given the right material, and by god does this deliver, now to get foked; juice up on jetjack and jack a track through the list.

#4 DeadPool Bi Annual #1: What else can I say about Brute Force that hasn't been said? When I heard this comic was coming I picked it up and love it. I mean we have Brute Force, one of the best ideas that never came to fruition and Deadpool one of the most powerful and popular characters in the Marvel universe, put these together and we have pure joy. Now as far as I know Brute Force hasn't shown up since the comic but I'm sure that Marvel is just waiting for the right time. I also like this episode since this is most likely the only time we'll ever see Linkara review something involving Deadpool. Though we may see him again if Linkara decides to review "Deadpool kills the Marvel universe" or "Wade Wilsons War" but only time will tell. (Unless it already happened when you read this; in which case I retract my claim.) Now to wait until Deadpool Bi Annual #2 where he encounters Battle Fever J.

#3 All Star Batman and Robin #8: Now who didn't predict that ASBAR would be on this list? The only problem is which issue to choose, do I go with the one where Crazy Steve called Dick Greyson Age 12 retarded? Or perhaps the issue where we're introduced to the Justice Nutjobs and Bonkers Betty; who has murderous rage against any living being who committed the unspeakable crime of being born with a Y chromosome who can only be quelled out of her rampage by SuperDAMN sticking his tongue down her throat? Maybe the issue where Dick Greyson age 12 nearly kills Jocko Boy with a Battle Axe?

 Perhaps the issue where Steve and Dick Greyson Age 12 try to defeat Green Lantern by wearing Yellow Face? Nope I decided to go with the issue were Frank Millar screwed up the Joker, the one Batman villain that is nearly impossible to screw up. Yet he did, he made the Joker unfunny, had him say he wasn't funny and only kills people out of some demented sense of love. Yet as bad as the Joker was here Steve was just as bad, rambling in his own head about how much of a fucking retard fag Hal Jordon is.
No really this is from the actual book, would you really put it past Frank Millar that he wouldn't make Steve call Green Lantern something that immature and offensive? You know, the same guy who called Wonder Woman the "wicked witch of Lesbos Island"? And repeatedly used the phrase "that's totally queer"?
 He also plans to steal the Green Lantern ring and nearly kills Jocko Boy by handcuffing him and tossing him into Gotham Bay while he's still stoned from the snake venom that Steve injected him with earlier. But my personal favorite is where Linkara deconstructs pretty much how Frank Millar's writing has devolved and how all of his heroes are representations of his fascist ideas. Basically Frank is writing all of his heroes like they were Light Yagami only with super powers and doesn't give a shit about discretion or subtlety. Oh and the cherry on top, issue 8 is where we finally see Dick Greyson age 12 become Robin, great job for a series called All Star Batman & Robin to only have half of the title characters until issue 8!

 As for Steve it's always been my head cannon that in this universe after Batman Year One (remember Miller says that this story is cannon with Batman Year One and TDKR; sure Franky sure I'll play along) Marik from Yu-gi-oh abridged somehow managed to trick Bruce Wayne into legally changing his name to Steve and took control of his mind. But then Melvin his evil imaginary friend took over again and now he's the puppet master behind the lunatic who seems to get hard while beating the shit out of cops, setting people on fire, acting like a petulant child when someone doesn't think their naming conventions are sound, calls traumatized children retarded, forces said child to eat cave rats in his dark damp cave filled with various weapons and wants to take over the world by stealing Green Lanterns ring. Yeah that sounds about right.

#2 Gokaiger eps 1-5

 Now who didn't see this coming? Call me bias but hey Gokaiger was my very first Super Sentai series and it's a damn good one, it's basically my equivalent of the Technus Imperative; it showcased the previous Sentai teams which in turn inspired me to check out their series to see how they developed as heroes, the villains they fought and the struggles the 34 previous teams overcame to show how they passed that on to the Gokaigers. I knew that he was going to say that Gokaiger is far better then Power Rangers Megaforce, but then again there are very few worse pieces of media that are worse then Megaforce. I was expecting pretty much what he gave us in the Zyuranger review, he checks out a few episodes, makes some jokes and off we go and I got exactly what I expected. I know that at the end of the day Power Rangers always will take priority with him and I'm totally cool with that, but when he has to do reviews of certain Sentai series due to Patreon I'm not going to start complaining either, as long as we get something entertaining who really cares?

 Here are the runners up, in no particular order.

Doom 2099

 Sounds like a great setting for a story and I may check it out, mostly because I want to see if 2099 Doom is who he says he is. Though personally Doom just seems like a pretty interesting character and now that he's in the future and no longer having to deal with Reed Richards the worlds smartest dumbass he can just go nuts.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Comic

 Who doesn't love the exploits of Bill S Preston Esq and Ted Theodore Logan? This gave us Medieval Shadows who escaped the midnight channel trying to kill our most Sterling Rockers and also the drinking buddy of Mr Computer, The Time Thumb. Still can't wait when Linkara decides to review more of the mini series, be more interesting and enjoyable then Sci-Spy that's for sure.

Us 1 #5 The most recent of these reviews I admit, but you really can't top an Alien who speaks in CB Radio slang. Though I wouldn't be surprised if later US fights against a robot trucker or he himself becomes a full fledged cyborg.

Detective Comics #38

 Speaking of murderous incarnations of Batman and Robin we have how Dick Greyson Age 12 became the Boy Wonder. America's funniest circus accidents, kicking Gangsters off of construction sites and a mobster who smokes like a chimney. Yeah the golden age can get kind of blood thirsty.

Raver #1

 It's like if a Dingo Pictures movie was given HK subtitles, they're saying words but we sure as hell can't understand what they're talking about. The dialogue is random, the setting is unexplained and I'm betting Walter Koenig was writing this when he was looking for the Nuclear Wessels and the radiation got to him.

Comic Book Quickies #1

 A fine first episode of this series of reviews that give me a good weapon against overzealous Star Wars fans. If someone tries to discredit my Pop Culture lover card because I don't care about Star Wars all I have to do is tell them exactly why Jedi aren't allowed to fall in love. And since Disney chucked out the AU which apparently featured a part where Luke revoked that rule when he rebuilt the order this is technically still cannon. So HA!

Superman's Christmas Adventure

 Golden Age Superman spent his Christmas protecting Santa from Dr Grouch and Mr Meany's attempts to destroy Christmas because they had bad Christmas' when they were kids. Wha? Also Elves with Cattle prods.

Captain Electron

An Outdated comic from a shut down scummy institute that gave us the unholy demon known only as Mr Computer. Who I am certain is Kyubey and Mr Popo's IT guy.

Captain Tax Time

 The premise is insane and is just one of those comics that is just a good old fashioned joke gold mine; I mean if you can't make a joke out of a finance minister literally turning into a demon when he tries to push a new tax and is stopped by a dude with a sock on his head and his cyborg ninja sidekick then you need to go back to watching some real comedies.

Superman Meets the Quik Bunny

 The Quick Bunny is apparently The Master who's going through a reallllly bad regeneration so he's tricked some kids to help him make a new Tardas. And as a sign of good will (as well as to maintain a good cover) he decides to help his child laborers hinder I mean help Superman stop the Weather Wizard.

Spider-Man Power and Responsibility

 The very start of the clone saga where Linkara gave us a more detailed explanation of what lead up to the Clone Saga, though for a far more in depth account look up the "Life Of Reilly" essay he mentioned once or twice. Though we were also introduced to the American Narutaki himself, Judas Traveler, who was the focus instead of the drama of Spiderman coming face to face with his clone who was long thought to be dead since the 70's on top of all the recent crap in his life. Because why focus on character conflict when we can have a dumbass psychologist, his random stooges and his contradictory experiments?

Marvel Team up #74

 Spider Man teaming up with the second original cast of NBC'S Saturday Night, need I say more?

Superman #701

 I would have put this on the list proper but the list is over there and over there has to learn how to stand on its own.

Top 15 Worst Moments of Countdown

 The first time Linkara tried to cover 50 or so issues in the span of 2 weeks, and every issue is worse then the last. Bob the Monitor and his band of morons screwing up the multiverse faster then Saya and the Luteces on holiday, Monarch trying to rise an army to conquer the multiverse, Supermangina Prime comes back, kills an entire world and tortures Mr Mxyzptlk till he pukes. But to top it all off Darksied just plays with his action figures doing jack all. Countdown, a series so bad that not even Reiji and Xiaomu, Decade, Booster Gold and every version of The Doctor combined couldn't fix the mess left in its wake.

Southland Tales

 Would have made it on the list but I'm not counting movie reviews, believe me I wanted to because the plot is some of the most batshit insane nonsense unleashed on the mass public. But apparently the comic book "prequel" was even more insane and pretentious. And since The Rock stared in it this is another piece of evidence in my theory that if your movie involves a Wrestler then 9 times out of 10; it's going to suck. But it doesn't even come close to sucking as hard as the topic of the #1 episode of Atop the 4th Wall.

#1 Marville #4

 Of all the comics, of all the mini series he's covered on this show; nothing so far has made me laugh my ass off then when we traveled into the magical land of Marville. But the question dawned on me, which issue is the most hilarious of the bunch?  The first two issues were already insane as a bad parody of the comic book industry with issue 1 having Ted Turner karate chopping a meteor then creating a time machine out of PS1 parts. Issue 2 had Rush Limbaugh pacifying Iron Man, Black Panther and Batman with his magical golden megaphone and Spike Lee turning out to be the Kingpin. But it was issue 3 where the drugs really started to set in and we saw the unholy madness of Bill Jemas.

 For some ungodly reason known only to Bill he took Marville and changed it from a bad parody comic to his own personal Soap Box where he could proclaim how little he knew about science, history and religion. Issue 3 told us about how we should all be angry about the trillions of molecules that died to form us. But then we get to issue 4 where the madness flows like wine down Linkaras mouth after reading these fucking comics. First Al, Lucy, Mickey and Jack grab some cells from the water, set the time machine to "fast forward" until the cells evolved into a talking Jewish Duckbill named Snorts who shows them his tribe who he has never meet since, you know he was born in the time machine. Al is surprised to learn that the dinosaurs will be killed off by an asteroid, and they try to pull the "Ape does not kill ape" crap.

 Yeah guess what? Animals kill members of their own species all the time!!! Linkara gives some examples and the comments give some more but here's a nugget of wisdom for free. You know how waterfowls reproduce? Rape, this article shows why it is that waterfowls (specifically ducks) rape to reproduce.

 This even highlights a case where a female duck was being chased and nearly forced into copulation with 39 male ducks. I could go on about how this comic is full of it and how Bill should probably be bouncing around in a padded cell instead of starting his own indie publisher, but yeah on to why I love this episode. Linkaras reactions to the madness on display was pure gold, there is just so much to make fun of and probably more he skipped so as not to make each review as long as Peter Jackson's Tolkien movies uncut with all of the behind the scenes commentary but what we were shown was more then enough. The cherry on top was the ending where he just screamed Whyyyyyyyy then crawled into a bottle of absinthe until he woke up next to the Waco kid in Sherif Bart's jail cell.

 Thus my top 15 favorite episodes of AT4W, do you agree with my list? If not then leave your own list of your favorite episodes in the comment section and be sure to congratulate Lewis for 400 episodes and wish him 400 more.

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