Monday, June 6, 2016

Personal Post: Top 15 favorite Episodes of AT4W Part 1: Welcome to the madness.

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 400 episodes people, and I have to sort through all of them to find my current 15 favorite episodes. Well I've done crazier things so let's get started. Now there will be some rules here, I can only choose one episode if Linkara reviewed multiple issues of a story or comic, so no all the reviews of Marville or ASBAR won't be clogging the top spots. I have to include at least one episode from each year of the show just to show the diversity and hopefully shine some light on some old gems. Also I have to explain why I liked the episode. So let's get started.

#15 Superman at Earths End Have to give it up for a true classic of a review that gave us Linkara's catch phrase, introduced the list of dumbest plans to take over the world starting with the milestone of Twin Clones of Hitler, Bearded Idiot, as well as the excuse to review its prequel of Kamandi of the North Star. Though yeah the notoriety of this episode is why it got on the list, because if you've seen this episode and then the newest it really does show how far he's come since that day. It's never easy to look back on old work, especially when it's something this stupid.

#14 Bimbos In Time  Ah yet another seminal classic for the show, what he considers one of the worst comics of all time. Though since the creators themselves admitted that their poor quality was intentional that honor is dubious at best. Other then that the artwork is amateurish, the characters were so flat they can't even have a dimension to them and random out of place cameos from people fictional or otherwise. It's like if Sly 4 was really, really stupid, and I mean dumber then it already is but that's an issue for another day but if you're a fan of the Sly games and have played Sly 4, then you probably know what I'm talking about.

#13 Transformers #4-5 This was the very first episode of At4W that really got me interested in the show, mostly because Transformers. Either this or Ewoks #9 or the California Raisins comic were my very first ones but this was my first one I remember watching. This episode showed us the scummy practices of Pat Lee, his horrible inconsistent character proportions as well his trademark face for robots.

 Sometimes it takes something that you're familiar with to lure you into something brand new and awesome. Examples include Kingdom Hearts, Project X Zone and of course a D list internet Celebrity reviewing a transformers comic, also my favorite series is Beast Wars and I am forever grateful that Bay hasn't gotten his claws on that series yet. Though I'd still take the embezzling weasel then the pyromaniac man child anyway of the week.

#12  The Invincible 4 of Kung Fu and Ninja: Oh lord this review, aside from it being a knock off of a much better and well regarded artist and writer it also had translations that are just barely better then most HK subs. Though the main reason why this makes the list is because this review inadvertently introduced me to Team Four Star when Linkara did the Krillin owned joke in the episode. But yeah rocket nipples and Krillin wanting Barbecue, good times. Though I'm still waiting for when we tackle that series again.

#11 Tandy Computer Wiz Kids: A deadly choice: Yet another classic staple of the show, making fun of outdated advertisements for computers that feature a class consisting of proto Patty Hearsts being indoctrinated with Anti drug pamphlets and Tandy instruction manuals. So why this episode in particular instead of say the one where these twerps have to help Superman stop Major Dumbass? Well three reasons, one this is where the shoe dropped that the Wiz Kids are stuck in a time loop where every day is their first day back from Summer Vacation. Thus my head cannon for the wiz kids comics is that this is the American comic book equivalent of Endless Eight.

 Let me drop this beat and see if you can keep up; Haruhi Suzumiya was doing research on American color computers in the 80's and wound up watching a boring anti-drug PSA online to the point where she got so bored she wondered who would honestly listen to this crap at face value. So she unknowingly created an alternate universe where these comics take place in and since she was so damn bored that might explain Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Popeye and Duke Nukem's surprise cameos. Speaking of surprises this brings me to my second reason why this is my favorite Wiz Kids review, because Linkara made a Madoka Magica reference. Yeah first time I heard that I had to rewind the video to make sure I heard that right and when I did I was like
and three; the premise of the issue was of Ms Wilson, the worst teacher ever who seriously needs to be fired out of a cannon puts these brainwashed brats in charge of a drug prevention hotline, yes she was in fact sober during these events and no she was not fired for this stupid idea nor did she put anyone over the age of 18 in a supervision position over them. Just.... mother. Now for me to sit and wait until Linkara reviews a Madoka Manga, now this could be through a Patreon request, or he could find one that's genuinely bad, my best guess would be Oriko Magica, not only for the honestly bad artwork but also for this character,
Not Yuma herself no no no, but her mother is honestly an even worse person then The Fixer or Crazy Steve.
 Do a little research or read the manga and you'll find out why. I mean at least Crazy Steve is hilarious in his insanity and The Fixer is just Frank Miller's racist ramblings given physical form but Yuma's mother, she got what she deserved in the first chapter.

#10 Batman Fortunate Son: Moving on to much lighter topics we have the introduction of yet another running gag of the show, Batman's everlasting hatred of Rock and Roll. This introduced us to the mad ramblings of Izzak Crowe, over privileged dumbass rocker who blows up buildings full of people, incites riots and has hallucinations of Elvis telling him to blow up Mc Donalds because he didn't come from a "real place" so his music doesn't have "the struggle" behind it. Now I get what they were trying to go for here since Crowe poop here is supposed to be a stand in for Kirt Cobain and apparently how he died, but great balls of fire was the execution stupid as hell. This was also one of the best uses of the Superboy-Prime voice because Crowe's actions and ramblings were just that insufferable. This also leads us to Batman where because his dad told him not to listen to rock and roll on the night were Bruce touched his dead mothers' breast and since he encountered a Sid Vicious stand in who killed his girlfriend he believes that Rock and roll must be destroyed at all costs, which also lead to this infamous line.

 Though I love the irony of when he was researching everything about Rock and roll in 6 hours (seriously) he memorized the lyrics of "I am the Walrus" not only because hearing Batman say "Pigs from a gun" is insane in and of itself but also those lyrics were meant to not make any sense, yet here's Batman, the worlds greatest detective researching nonsense lyrics to try to make sense of a madmans drug induced ravings, the irony is delectable. Yet apparently this was all made as an honest tribute to rock and roll, which may be the most insane thing about this comic, yet the creators of this thing did a much better follow up in Batman Jazz then this garbage. So Artichoke mayonnaise ripping into peanuts dancing with the silver bake king.

#9 The Adventures of Jell-O Man and Wobbly: If you thought that Adventures of the Kool-Aid Man and Superman meets the Quick Bunny were too grounded and logical here comes Jell-O Man and Wobbly! This gave us one of Linkara's best freak outs and just the shear WTF of this comic was too much for me to ignore. Plus apparently Jell-O man was the one who taught Ms Fortune of SkullGirls his fighting style. But given how crazy that game is would anyone be surprised that someone was taught fighting skills from a walking talking desert?

 Well that's it for part one part two is on its way soon, but first I need a lot more time and a lot of booze to get through some of the madness Linkara unleashed from those comics.

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