Thursday, June 30, 2016

Video Game Review Pokémon Yellow: Pika Pika!

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 1996 that's where it all started. Though of course since I'm talking about Pokémon Yellow it's a little bit later than that but that's getting off topic, point is Pokémon; big thing back then big thing now. I've been going through this game on the virtual console in preparation for Pokémon Sun and Moon. FYI planning on getting Sun since my little bro is most likely getting Moon and planning on getting Litten as my starter because I like me some fire kitties and I think my preferred starters need more fire types.

 So far my preferred starters are Bulbasaur, Cyndaquill, Treeko, Piplup (also haven't beaten a Gen 4 game since they sucked and aside from Ponyta Chimchar was the only other fire type Pokémon until they updated in Platinum, hoping that if they do release an updated version of Diamond and Pearl like  they've done with Ruby and Sapphire they keep the Platinum roster) Snivy and Froakie so yeah only one fire type, gonna need to fix that. Anyway in honor of Pokémon's 20th anniversary here's the list of my final Pokémon teams since my resurgence in Pokémon with the release of X and Y.

April 30, 2014 was when I beat Pokemon X, my team consisted of a level 70 Greninja, a level 63 Aegislash, a level 64 Snorlax, a level 64 Lapras, a level 66 Xerneas, and a level 68 Charizard not a bad way to start. July 3. 2014 I got into the hall of fame in Pokemon Black 2 Normal mode, my team had a level 62 Emboar, a level 56 Stoutland, a level 56 Magnezone, a level 56 Golduck, a level 56 Zoroark and finally my level 52 Metagross. December 13, 2014 I finally beat Steven in Alpha Sapphire with my team, my roster was a level 55 Warren, my level 51 Latias, my level 55 Kyogre, my level 54 Metagross, my level 55 Dusclops and the Pokémon I've been with since day one, my level 58 Sceptile. Then came January 29th 2016 when I beat Pokemon Black ( at least beat N and Ghetsis) with my Level 52 Reshiram, level 46 Tornados, Level 47 Vaniluxe, Level 44 Scolipede, Level 45 Bouffant, and last but not least my level 52 Samurott. 

 Which leads to my replay of Pokémon Yellow, and let me tell you going back to Gen 1 after all the innovations made in the latest generations made this journey quite the arduous one. My legendary team was my Lv 50 Pikachu, Lv 44 Venusaur, Lv 45 Charizard, Lv 43 Blastoise, Lv 42 Hitmonchan, and Lv 45 Kabutops. Can't wait to get my golden team in Pokémon Sun, now I have some unfinished business in HeartGold where I'll finish what I started years ago.

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