Monday, July 31, 2017

Movie Review Baby Driver: Bananas

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 I honestly should have gotten into more of Edgar Wright's work before this. Actually that's not quite true I meant to say I should have payed more attention then before, I mean I've seen Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim but I never really revisited those movies more then I should have and after seeing Baby Driver I'll definitely give them a rewatch as well as see Worlds End rounding out the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. As for what I saw here's our premise. Our focus is on the titular Baby played by Ansel Elgort who's a getaway driver for Kevin Spacey's gang of pro bank robbers so he can pay off a debt he owes him for trying to jack his car. Now that the debt is squared away Doc's not done with Baby and has one last job for him; though that requires forcing him to work with the unstable Bats played by Jamie Foxx, Darling played by Eiza Gonzales and her boyfriend and fellow cokehead Buddy played by John Hamm. And in between this and caring for his deaf foster father Joseph played by CJ Jones Baby meets a waitress named Debora played by Lily James who may be his last real shot of living a normal life away from the one he's stuck in.

 Though the reason why Doc wants to keep Baby no matter what is due to his masterful driving skills which are accented thanks to Baby's condition. See Baby has tinnitus due him surviving a car crash when he was younger which killed his parents. So to drown out the ringing Baby is constantly listening to music on his various iPods which he times to his driving. As the music goes on Baby's movements are near perfectly coordinated with the music which makes him a demon behind the wheels and thus invaluable to Doc. 
Ok so for every other jack off they get a constant annoying ass ringing in their ears while this guy gets super badass driving powers? Only in freaking Hollywood people!
 Ok so who's supposed to be the one called Baby here? However this leads to one of the biggest strengths of the movie the music, stunt coordination and timing around the music is downright awesome. I honestly haven't seen such a brilliant execution of this combination since the original Blues Brothers. The music and the music synchronization is nearly pitch perfect, pun most certainly intended. The drums beat, the guns fire and the crescendo goes when everything is roaring in flames you get the deal, also for those who are more musically inclined then I each of the songs chosen for the soundtrack and heist scenes could give more hindsight into Baby's views and personality if you were so inclined. I'm not however so if somebody could tell me the messages and themes of the songs on Baby's ears that could be really helpful.

 Though speaking of Baby let's discuss him since let's face it most of the other characters aside from him and Doc are best left alone. Baby seems to be one of those guys who knows more then what others see of him and thus only seems to talk to them either when he wants to or has to, otherwise he mostly just observes and analyzes. He's not a space cadet like most of the dumber characters tend to write him off as rather he prefers to remain detached and aloof from the job and crews and only opens up to his foster father and girlfriend since they seem to be the only people in Baby's life that he feels deserve it since they care for him and he in turn cares for them. Now I may be reading too much into this and seeing things that aren't there but I'm just saying what I feel is why Baby prefers to keep to himself, just a theory and nothing more.

 Other then that the movies characters tend to be more of "what you see is what you get" and that's ok for what the film is, though who the final opponent for Baby may not be exactly who you think it is. But don't worry, who you think are the primary bad guys do go out in a pretty satisfying way so don't feel cheated when those moments do happen. But aside from Baby, the music and excellently choreographed action there's not really a whole lot going on, the characters relations tend to be pretty straight forward like I said before what you see is what you get and some of the action scenes while awesome do tend to stretch the limits of believability just a tad, not too crazy but seem to rely quite a bit of luck and convenience. The best example is early in the movie Baby manages to hide between two other red cars while eluding a police chopper and swap spots when they go under a bridge so they can make a clean getaway. 

 But to sum up Baby Driver is one of the best movies you can see in 2017. Sure this movie may have borrowed a bit too many notes from Guardians of the Galaxy, The Blues Brothers and obviously The Driver which Edgar stated was a major source of inspiration for the movie but hey the movie does show its own unique quirks and strengths to make it stand on its own and does more then pass. So when you get the chance to see this movie do so and bring your own crew and gal. Now on to my next major feature of summer 2017 where every body's favorite wall crawler gets a rather well deserved Homecoming and wow that joke was obvious as hell.

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