Thursday, April 21, 2016

Personal Post: The Brain is on Patreon!!! (Minus Pinky, NARF!)

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Yep, this is it folks, time for me to nut up or shut up. See due to recent events in my life I've decided to actually load the chamber, give it a spin and see if I can actually compete with the big dogs in the world of internet critique and humor. Now I have no idea if this will actually amount to anything; but then again I'm more then certain that this exact thought crossed the mind of people like Lewis Lovhaug, James Rolfe, Doug Walker, Brad Jones, Ez Peterson, Bennet White, Noah AntwilderJirard Khalil, Jim Sterling, Joe Vargus and Jon Jafari along with everyone who I've forgotten to mention who has at least a tiny bit more success then me and look at where they are now. I'm betting that when they started way back when they had no idea that their passion would become their carriers. Now I know fully well that I'm not going to be as big as these guys overnight, they've had at least a five year head start so what better time for me to try and catch up? Time to plant the seed and watch the tree grow, I just hope that you all like what blossoms and hope against hope that you contribute to preserving it.

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