Saturday, April 23, 2016

Anime Review: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Part 2: Fuzzballs with your girlfriends.

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Our next topic of discussion is the unholy fuzzball himself, Kyubey.
 The incubator as it's actually called is a race of aliens who's sole mission is to gather the energy released by magical girls who fall into despair and become witches to prevent entropy.

 The reason why they only target human girls is through their research they've discovered that human females between the ages of 5 and 16 experience great fluctuations of hope and despair in their lives. The incubators then appear to those who either can potentially generate a sufficient amount of despair or to those who are desperate enough to make the contract, making them less like deals with the devil but more like an answer from on high. They then make the contract, incubator rips out their soul to become the soul gem and BAM more wood to throw on the universe's fire.
The incubators are essentially the unholy mixture of Mr Spock, Shang Tsung and a Furby.
  Now you may be asking why did they come to earth in the first place? Because emotions are needed to generate the energy the incubators need and like pure blood Vulcans they only know logic, in fact emotions are considered to be a mental illness within their collective. The way they work is by giving prospective girls the basic explanation but not the full truth, because who would honesty agree to give up their souls for a single wish only to eventually become the monsters they hunt unless they're truly desperate? They only tell them that to become a magical girl they make one wish to it, it's granted and in exchange they take up the job of defeating witches. 

 Now they don't have the capacity to lie so they only tell the truth selectively to push the girls to its true goal. The incubators by our definition are sociopaths but unfortunately I can't hate them as much as I should. They're just doing what they do to keep the universe going I mean what's the sacrifice of about 1000 or so compared to the rest of the universe? 

 and that only makes me more mortified by them, by all accounts they are the villains but they aren't, not if you take their motivations and their ultimate end goal into account. But still FUCK YOU KYUBEY!!!

 From that satanic fuzzball to our title character Madoka. 
So, much, Pink!!!

 Aside from being dangerous with too much pink Madoka by all accounts has nothing all that special about her, she's a middle school girl with friends and has her own issues of what she wants to do with her life like most people. Yet Homura and the incubators want her badly! The incubators want her to become a magical girl and Homura is willing to let the world rot just to make sure she doesn't contract. At first when Sayaka contracts she seems like she'd just be the best friend sidekick that one would normally see in a magical girl show. Yet as the events unfold Madoka and Sayaka's life start to spiral out of control and it seems like every time Madoka tried to help it only made things worse until Sayaka crossed the point of no return, Homura and Kyoko bring back her corpse and after Sayaka's funeral she is completely devastated. There's a very good reason why Madoka is the current face of the "break the cutie" trope on TV Tropes. 

 The reason why the incubators want her to contract is all due to Homura. See her power is the ability to manipulate time. 
Such as I, Dio? I Dio may have lost to a vampire hunter maid but that doesn't mean that I Dio could lose to one such as her.
 Nope her time manipulation powers make The World look like a cheap stopwatch and on top of that she has an arsenal bigger then every single 80's action hero who ever existed. 
But like every great rock star she didn't start out that way.
 Homura started out as a very sickly girl who was about to be eaten by a witch until she was saved by two magical girls, Mami and her apprentice of one week; Madoka Kaname. Like Madoka and Sayaka as we know them Homura tagged along with the two afterwords and the three became close friends, that is until an insanely powerful witch called Walpurgisnacht appeared in town. This witch is a legend among magical girls; a witch so powerful it doesn't need a labyrinth and its mere presence is enough to cause hurricanes, earthquakes and drive people with weak hearts to kill themselves out of shear despair. Madoka died fighting this beast and Homura was devastated losing the one person who honestly cared for her. The incubator then appeared before Homura and asked if she would like to make a wish. 

 She wished for the chance to go back to redo her first meeting with Madoka, so she can be the one to protect her and not the other way around, so she was sent back in time one month and sure enough she met with Madoka again and joined with her and Mami. However no matter how many times she tried, no matter how much stronger she got, no matter how many of the same witches she killed over and over again, and no matter how many times she saw her friends die and Madoka driven to despair Homura never gave up. She kept repeating the same month over and over again in a desperate attempt to save the one person on earth she loves more then anyone else. But because of this the more power accumulated in Madoka. With every overlapping time loop focused on saving Madoka Homura kept putting more karmic power on Madoka's soul to the point where if she wanted to she could rewrite the universe if she wanted. With every timeline Madoka's potential grew until she became the most powerful Magical girl on earth, and by proxy the most powerful witch who ever existed; powerful enough to destroy the entire earth in 10 days.

 You might be thinking, "why didn't she try to warn them about Kyubey?" Because every time Homura tried to warn the others about Kyubey's true motives they either didn't believe her or when confronted with the truth they broke down or as previously said with Mami go nuts and try to kill each other. But no matter who lives or dies the end is always the same Madoka + Whalpurgusnaught = Death or history eraser button with pink hair. And she'll have to face the hard fact that her efforts are ultimately... what's the word I'm looking for again?

 Thank you, and when she finally realizes that fact she'll finally become a witch and Madoka/the world is doomed. Now even with all that said there is a way out of this, but because this is such a major twist and of course how the show ends I'm not going to spoil it but I will say this; even in the deepest darkness hope will shine through. But I will give it away later when I discuss the movie Rebellion. Oh boy rebellion, for now let's say that it's this series' equivalent of End of Evangelion only good and not made out of spite to people telling the series' creator to kill himself because his show didn't go in the direction the fans wanted it to. (No joke Hideki Anno got death threats over End of Evangelion, wtf?) So for now look forward to me covering more of this series' spin offs in the following months, starting with... well the one I've been mentioning throughout this two parter.

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