Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Personal Post: Blip is dead, LONG LIVE CREATORS!!!

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Yep yesterday content creators for the video content site Blip.tv received a letter that stated in no uncertain terms that on August 20th 2015 Blip will be shut down for good and to back up their videos. I'm pretty sad about this whole thing, see back when I was in college I watched tons of reviews from people on That Guy With The Glasses whose videos were cataloged on Blip. Those reviews showed me some of the most insane, funny and mind opening material I've seen and if not for these people I might be here typing this article right now.

Apparently this shutdown was inevitable, and no; not since Blip and its owner Maker Studios were bought out by Disney last year, yeah apparently Blip were not exactly prone to playing ball with their content creators if these tweets from Nash from Radio Dead Air are true. Now I'm not saying he's lying but if what he's saying is true this could be the tip of the iceberg on just how bad this company has fallen since it opened shop in 2005. Here are just a few tweets of his recounting Blips practices.

First are the adds and mid rolls added in the middle of videos. The big kicker for me is that apparently Blip didn't even PAY most of the content creators for their work, yeah that right there makes me glad as gooseberry's that its pulling the plug now, so that now they won't have to deal with the legion of lawyers that should be knocking at their door for this crap. Hell I'll still be waiting for that to happen with a lawn-chair and popcorn. Apparently even if they were payed; it would be more then they've actually earned and wouldn't receive another paycheck until they earned back the difference. Now I'm no fancy schmancy lawyer type man but I do believe that my tired old brain can tell you all that this sure as cow shit doesn't sound the least bit legal.

I could go on but here are the rest of the links to the tweets for you to read for yourselves and see. All in all after learning about the practices that go on with these guys all I can do is just show this image that perfectly shows my disgust to the people who run blip and treated these people ( who I may remind you were most likely %80 of why Disney wanted it in the first place), ironically with a image from a Disney movie.
Just; perfect thank you Goofy.
I just, even Blips suggestion to their content creators about where to move their work is slimy. The letter suggests to sign up with Maker Studios as a new place to show their content when Noah Antwiler AKA Spoony pointed out this little factoid in Maker's Terms of Service Section 18. In layman's terms section 18 says that if you sign with them everything you make is theirs. No matter how you slice it Blip are the bad guys in this scenario, no two ways about it. I don't know about you guys but I don't exactly think that Blip should be allowed to get away with this whole damn thing Scott free with a simple closing, no I think this cause for a full legal course. But before anyone jumps the gun here let's look at this thing; on the one hand what these guys are doing could in fact be totally legal, but on the other hand just because something is legal doesn't make it right.

Besides what we should be concerned with for now isn't the legality of blips actions (though it shouldn't be outright ignored) no we need to focus on getting the critics back making videos and making actual money. Now I've heard some are considering going back to Youtube, others have already started backing up their content on Screenwave; dailymotion, Viemo, twitch and tons of other hosting sites I've probably never even heard of, so yeah blip goes down; the assholes who run blip lose their jobs (and the unfortunate people working directly under them) and Disney loses some depth in Scrooge mcduck's money vault big deal. Empires and businesses rise and fall all the time, things will work out as long as we look hard enough and explore all our options. Just next time when looking over documentation for joining sites, be sure to bring a lawyer.

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Blip.tv is owned by Maker Studios and the Walt Disney Company.