Sunday, July 19, 2015

Movie Review: Terminator Genisys: Genisys does what Nindendon't!

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Ah, The Terminator, what can I say about this franchise that hasn't been said? It was the launching point for Director James Cameron and Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The first and second movies were major pioneers in the field of Practical and Special effects respectively and Terminator 2 Judgement day is the Highest grossing film of 1991; with a budget of 94 Million dollars it took in $519.8 Million dollars at the box office!
That being said however the sequels past Terminator 2 were nowhere near as successful or as good as the first two movies. Geneysis however is the first good new piece of Terminator media in a long time. While the movie itself is good the American sales however aren't so hot. But then again I'm not surprised with Genisys having one of the absolute worst trailers of all time. This trailer gives away a fair chunk of the twists in the movie. There are other factors that play into this however with Genisys competing alongside Jurassic World and Inside Out, a sequel to an equally beloved franchise and what many people are considering the best original Pixar movie since The Incredibles respectively it becomes far more clear why this sequel to a franchise with a fading reputation didn't do so well.

I will fully admit when I went to see this movie I was expecting it to suck, what with the disappointments that were Terminator 3 and Salvation. But call me surprised this movie was actually good, granted its even more confusing then the stories of Bioshock Infinite and Five Nights at Freddy's combined. But I just need to start thinking 4th dimensionally as well as see it a few more times so it'll make more sense the more times I hear the facts. Also since this is the first part of a planed trilogy logically the questions posed in this movie will be answered, and the international sales more then make up for the US release so here's hoping.

Now I don't want to give away any more spoilers then the trailer has already so I'll just leave it with this, go see Terminator Genisys while its still in theaters. Especially if your a fan of a certain show that features a man traveling through space and time himself with the help of one or two friends and a certain blue police box. Now next time I will finish my retrospective review of Persona 1 as well as start on something that I teased back in December of last year.

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