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Tokusatsu Review: Ressha Sentai Toqger Vs Kyoryuger The Movie Part 2: Gallant Finale (Happy Mothers Day)

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Where we last left our heroes, Devius has awakened and chased them off with just his morning breath. The Kyoryugers took the worst of it and are recovering at the Hyper Ressha Terminal's hospital. Yep since the first part of the movie was mostly spent around the Kyoryugers, time for the Toqgers to get the spotlight, oh goody. Conductor informs the team that Gabutyra and the rest of the Zyudenchi are staying at the terminal in their giant battery forms. The team decides that even though they can't win against Devius on their own they still have to fight, otherwise the world is screwed. Even if they could they can't charge over to Devius until the Resshas are repaired, so until then, we have ourselves some character scenes. Which I won't spoil for you readers, because I honestly think you need to see it for yourselves, it's a scene that shows what Toqger could have been if more time, thought and care went into writing it. Now I'm not attacking the writer of Toqger Yasuko Kobayashi here; I mean when she was writing Toqger she had a lot on her plate at the time. In addition to this she was also writing the anime adaptations of "Attack on Titan" and "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure", two anime adaptations of highly beloved and acclaimed manga that if executed badly would have most likely dealt serious damage to her carrier, so when it came between the three it's pretty clear which one had to be given less priority. I mean let's face it, Attack on Titan and Jojo's source materials aren't even over yet so there's more wiggle room and can still go on. Toqger on the other hand would only last for one year as apposed to the others which have been going on for much longer. I hope you get what I'm getting at. Oh jeez I forgot about these two.
Yeah this is Joyful Knight Candelira
and her second banana, Fun-filled Spy Luckyrou.
These two were originally part of the Deboss army until they turned good at the end of the series and now work with the Kyoryugers. Them and their cartoon sound effects are completely useless in this movie, though seriously why are they making so many over the top noises were they hanging around with Michael Winslow?
 Now for the Toqgers to also give the raspberry, not to Dark Helmet but to Devius as the next morning they roll out for Devius' lair with the amalgamated Zyudenchi. Where we see President Ice Cream Bunny thanking Torin for his cooperation.
"And when this is over I can go up to Heaven with Snuffy."
Torin was also a creation of Deboss and the Kyoryuger's mentor before he was killed towards the end of the series. The team heads out but of course things aren't that easy, Devius knows they're coming and using the powers of Darkness resurrects several Shadow Kaijin to keep the Toqgers from reaching him before he fully awakens. Table and Chair Shadow are the first at bat flipping a junction point to try and get the trains off course. Akira manages to reset the switch and the rest continue while he holds off the Brothers. Next up are two Kurainers piloted by these two.
Fence Shadow on the left and Hammer Shadow on the right.
Hikari, Kagura, Mio and Tokatti hold them down while Right crashes the Ressha with the Zyudenchi at Devius' force field, destroying it and granting him access to the crashed Station. Right makes it to Devius just as Daigo shows up to give him back up. Akira manages to beat the brothers but is out numbered by two more Shadow Kaijin.
The duo of Coin Shadow and Saber Shadow.
The other Toqgers aren't doing much better. The girls not only have to deal with Hammer Shadow
but also Chain Shadow.
The guys are getting kicked in the head by Fence Shadow as well as Vacuum Shadow.
No you're not high they did mix an elephant with a vacuum cleaner. This thing was also featured in one of the worst episodes of the show as well as one of the worst mech intro episodes I've ever seen.
Even immobile Devius is throwing Right and Daigo around like rag-dolls even using Sith lightning on the two; not even joking here the only thing missing is him screaming about UNLIMITED POWERRRRRRRRR! He then demonstrates said unlimited power by fully awakening, using his GCI tentacles to attack them and then drives the two through a steel door.  All seems lost but the Kyoryugers show up to help the rest of the team, Utchy backing up Akira, Amy and Ian helping Mio and Kagura; and Nossan and Souji backing up Tokatti and Hikari. Meanwhile the two reds can't make a dent in Devius, even Right's ungodly stupid Hyper Toq 1 from barely helps, it just barely manages to keep him alive as Devius knocks him so hard it forces him to power down and Daigo protects Right from the killing blow by transforming into his own Battlizer, Carnival Mode which Devius takes down in one shot. He then hands Right the Carnival Zyudenchi as he manages to get Devius in a full nelson. Right then loads up the Daikaiten Cannon with the Battery and prepares to fire. The other Rangers however are out matched by the six Shadow Kaijin and are about to be killed. Daigo tells Right to nut up and fire the damn thing, Right then transforms the Zyudenchi into the Hyper Kyoryuger Ressha and fires at Devius.
But instead of what happened in DBZ Daigo manages to survive the blast and the rest of the Rangers manage to combine their attacks to take out the Shadow Kaijin. The two Reds manage to escape the collapsing Station and make it back to the others. But of course Devius isn't dead yet and grows, he's about to kill them when the group gets some expected back up.
Yep, the long awaited return of KyoryuCyan, Grey, Violet and Silver.
No seriously, where the hell were these guys while all this was going on? Apparently the only reason they got involved is because Candelira and Luckyrou told them what was going on, but wait shouldn't those two chunkheads have told them sooner so, you know the stituation might have been resolved easier and with the chance of them all coming back alive? But then again what do you expect from those two, actually be compitent? Yeah I guess that would be too much.
 But the Toqgers get some really unexpected back up. The Shadow Line generals, hell Nero even does his own little entry pose.
Don't worry Nero we still think you're cool.
Yeah I honestly think this is a first here folks, the current Villain faction helping the two teams defeat the main villain in a crossover movie. And no I don't count AbareKiller helping out in the Dekaranger Abaranger crossover. First off he was a ranger (an evil one granted)but he did reform and was considered to be a part of the team before he died. Anyway the reason why Zett is helping is pretty simple, they want revenge. So the Kyoryugers and Toqgers do their team transformations the groups combined their powers and finally destroyed Devius. WAIT WHAT? After Devius was kicking so much ass, after nearly killing the Kyoryugers just by fireing his laser beams he gets taken out just because twenty people fired all at once, the dude that made Deboss, the mosnter that whiped out the dinosaurs, just got beaten because of a really big blast?
Yeah I know that's how these movies tend to play out but usually the enemies in those other movies are just remnants of the last season's army's or at least affiliated with them in someway, but Devius was the guy that literally created the Deboss army, so I kind of expected a bit more from this guy then just the standard group final blast (granted this wasn't exactly the conventional group blast with the inclusion of Zett and the rest of the Shadow Line) but you get where I'm coming from right? A god like being should not be taken down this easily. Sure since a Big bad was involved with taking him down I can kind of buy it but the principal of it all just doesn't sit well with me. It also doesn't exactly make the Kyoryugers look all that good if it requires the power of their successors Big Bad to help take down the creator of their Big Bad you know what I mean Vern? Hell this whole movie seems kind of schizophrenic like that the first half of the movie seems dedicated to making the Kyoryugers look good and the second half for the Toqgers, hell the Toqgers seem to be better written here then the show, odd. So yeah Kars is dead, the teams make their goodbyes and all's well that ends well. So in my opinion, this movie was okay but had some problems. Thankfully the more annoying parts of Toqger didn't show up all that often in this movie, if even Daigo was groaning about how much of an idiot Right is this movie would have sunk like a stone. However to seemingly make up for this the problems of Kyoryuger seemed to crop up more often, we only really see Daigo interacting with the Toqger cast; the other five main members were mostly there to help with the fights and the four extra rangers literally only show up for the final exchange with Devius. Speaking of which they built up Devius as this ultra Omega level Badass that could wipe out planets like it was nothing, just to end up with a knockoff off a far better villain that the movies writer also worked on. And yeah Kars is a far superior villain then this cosmic cupcake. Just watch or read Battle Tendency for evidence of that alone. On that note at least this movie give me plenty of chances to make Jojo references without having to mention the Persona series. Which I'll get back to covering next time, unless something else comes along during that time.

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