Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Introduction Billboard Brawl

            Welcome to the first installment of Billboard Brawl. This little review series is to find what could be the best and worst song to ever hit #1 on Billboards top 100 list. First, let me get some things out of the way right now. I have very little taste in music; I have no classical training, no proper judgmental capabilities as to what makes a good song good, or a bad song bad.  I am just a person that has two ears, good hearing, and an opinion. Though part of what I hope to do with this series is to try to find classic songs, champion what I think is good and demonize what is ear poison. In addition, yes this is wholly inspired by Bennet the Sage’s top 20 best and worst videos. I like the videos and everything but, well I am not one to cave into another person’s opinions just because I like them. Also I felt that he could have gone a bit more thorough, I mean sure he had to have listened to every single song that ever hit #1 to even begin to form the lists but I still fell that he could have done more. I do know that music is not his domain, his domain is an awesome one, that of basket ball sized boobs, robots that can grow to the size of galaxies, cops that tie grenades to their pubic hair and where whinny, self important emo buttclowns reign supreme. But most importantly, I don’t believe in something unless I experience it myself, plus this could give me the chance to expand on my horizons a bit, at least where my taste in music is concerned.
            Now this series is indeed covering every single #1 song that ever made it onto Billboards top 100, from inception to now. The format will be as follows, I will listen to every song for that year that made it to #1 and organize them from one to however many hit songs there were that year. For example, 1984 had, 19 #1 hits so from 1 to 19, 19 being the worst of that year 1 of course being the best. The best and worst of those years will be added onto the final lists and when I have finally caught up I will produce my final list to determine what I consider to be my best and worst #1 one song. But wait I hear you ask, what about the following years? Well I will just wait until Billboard releases the list of #1 songs that year, do the whole listing again and place the best and worst of that year onto the respective lists and compare them to the rest. They might top the list, fall in the middle or be right at the bottom, who knows, just give me something good to hear.
            The songs will be judged on several criteria, if the lyrics are good and fit in the context of the song, the music video if it has one. (Only the official video in this case, no fan videos allowed, however if the song is used in a soundtrack I will take that into consideration.) Nevertheless, the most important point is if the song is any good to me. I will also go into details on the artists themselves and what message if any the song is trying to convey. Of course if a band split and made #1 hits in the members' solo carriers I will skip explanation on the artist because I will cover each member of the band during the time of their first #1 and ignore any members after that. In other words, I will analyze the band when they made their first big hit. Any questions just leave a comment and be sure to see my previous reviews on TGWTG and on my blog http://ondavidsbrain.blogspot.com/. Be sure to spread the word and stay tuned for more reviews.