Monday, June 5, 2017

Movie Review: Wonder Woman: Praise Zeus it's actually good!

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 It's been a long time coming but we finally get a DCEU movie that's actually good. It's not the flaming garbage fire that was Man of Steel or Batman V Superman nor was it the jumbled pile of meh that was Suicide Squad no Wonder Woman is actually good. If ever there was a movie that DC and Warner Bros needed to NOT screw up royal it would be Wonder Woman. No seriously this is not only just a good sign for DC's movie universe project but now they've actually accurately portrayed one of their characters that isn't connected to Batman in terms of family of comics or central mythology and we haven't seen that on the big screen since way back with the Cristopher Reeves Superman movie, yeah that long ago until DC managed not to screw up anyone who isn't Batman and thankfully they pulled it of with the most iconic (proper Iconic not Ubisoft iconic) female Superhero period!

 This is probably going to be seen as a pretty damn important movie not just for the Superhero genre as a whole but definitely for female moviemakers and female portrayals. Now as a guy I'm most definitely not the one to make any definitive statements nor do I really think I should (aside from that last sentence but whatever) but I really do think this is going to go down in the history books as one of the biggest game changers for cinema. As for the movie itself Wonder Woman's origin pretty much remains the same except that it takes place during the first world war instead of WW2 since the movie is going for a "war and people are a mix of different shades of grey and there's good and evil to be seen in everyone" message and well Nazis kinda tend to make that message a bit more then murky unless the Nazi in question is a cyborg and the big bad guys are 3 resurrected near invincible monster men who look like they jumped off of a Man-O-War cover.

 Though in a Superhero movie, super powered body builders and cyborg Nazis wouldn't be unwelcome but when trying to convey a message they tend to make it a little more complicated I'm just saying. Now back on topic anyone who knows Diana's backstory knows the drill Hippolyta creates Diana from clay, Zeus brings her to life as her child she grows up on Themyscira US Pilot and Spy Steve Trevor crashes, Diana agrees to bring him back to Man's world since according to him the war to end all wars is going on along with the creation of a new truly terrible weapon. Diana and the rest of the Amazons believe that Ares the God of War is the one pulling the strings since he's an asshole and this is basically his MO. So Diana steals the Lasso of Truth, the armor and a ceremonial sword that is said to be able to kill a god and goes back to Mans world with Steve to try to stop the war by killing Ares since with him dead it will be permanent end to war, hate, violence and traffic accidents and wooooo boy is she gonna be in for a disappointment.

 Now having seen nothing else that Gal Gadot was in and only knowing Chris from the New Star Trek movies the chemistry between the two works like a charm and let me tell you all as someone who's only major exposure to the Spirit of Truth was from the truly magnificent Justice League cartoon series I look at Gal Gadot and I don't see an actor I saw freaking Wonder Woman. Or at least a hell of a lot more of an accurate live action modern depiction then with Bonkers Betty from that awful 2011 pilot I'll tell you that much. though personal theory here, but it seems that this is yet another sign of a major change in DC, ever since the New 52 line ended in their comics line there seems to be a major spark of reinvigoration and creativity in their products first with Lego Batman  But this is just dancing around the fact that you all should go see Wonder Woman whenever you get the chance.

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