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Tokusatsu Review: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Vs. Kamen Rider Drive Spring Special: Part Two: Ninja Cops

You know I'm really starting to get sick and tired of seeing the word "Ninja" in so many goddamn titles. With all these references I keep making I feel like I'm going to turn into a certain far more successful and talented critic, maybe if I start reviewing Godfrey Ho movies and filming myself sitting on the floor with terrible video and audio quality my views might pick up. Eh maybe someday. Anyway we open this special on one of Izayoi's Yokai attacking people so she can gather more fear; thanking a man with Silver hair for aiding in the creation of this Yokai.
This is Yokai Buruburu, who looks like if someone tried to cover car parts with paper mache.
The Ninningers show up to kick his ass. After Buruburu introduces himself Nagi makes a joke about his name and Buruburu goes nuts and tackles him which leads Cloud to think that the Sealing Shuriken might have attached to a car. See the reason why is the word Buruburu is also the Japanese pronunciation for Vroom (also spelt varoom,) which is an onomatopoeia that represents the sound of an engine revving up.Which to be perfectly honest sounds clever to me, or at the very least it sounds like the type of joke I would make if my knowledge of the Japanese language were higher. Back to the fight Takaharu tries to attack Buruburu from behind when it activates the heaviness, wait WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Yeah it triggers the heaviness and kicks the Ninningers ass' before he escapes. The Heaviness wears off and Takaharu gets fired at by Tridoron, since Drive thinks that all five of the Ninningers are Roidmudes. Which is pretty stupid since they don't look anything close to previously encountered Roidmudes. The Sentai team engages the Rider and both parties are pretty even; even when Drive uses his Shuriken themed Shift car Midnight Shadow to gain an advantage. It doesn't work as they just use their substitution Jutsu to catch Drive off-guard, only for him to switch to Type Technic to blast their projectiles. Takaharu asks why in the hell Drive is attacking them, its as I said Drive thinks they were the Roidmudes that attacked earlier, the Ninningers of course have no idea what the hell he's talking about. When the group tells Drive that they're Ninjas Drive doesn't buy it for some reason.
You have to deal with shape-shifting monsters on a weekly or so basis and yet you draw the line at brightly colored Ninjas? What a useless guy.
Kiriko shows up which clues the Ninningers in that Drive is with the police. Takaharu is relived as he can just prove his innocence and be on his way. Okay then.
OUR HEROES EVERYONE one is an, impulsive, out of character idiot and the other is a just plain old fashioned idiot.
The others manage to get away as our brave Red is taken to the clink. Meanwhile Go, aka Kamen Rider Mach is taking pictures of some strange phenomena in the sky.
Hey as long as we don't start seeing a images of a flying city held up by giant balloons I think they'll be fine.
We then move to the Igasaki mansion as the four that got away have tea with their uncle/ father (in Fuuka and Takaharu's case) Tsumuji Igasaki while discussing how to take down Buruburu. They're not too worried about Takaharu since of course he's a Ninja and can escape by himself with no problem. Speaking of, Shinnosuke and Kiriko compile Takaharu's story, not exactly believing his whole "We're the Ninninger" story, apparently they haven't heard of them before this; well yeah it makes sense since the Ninninger have only been active for 5 episodes at this point in time so, yeah.
UNCLEAN HEATHEN! How dare you claim to have descended from the great and powerful Mako?
Forgive him lord Mako, he knew not what he did.
 After being forgiven by Lord Mako for that bit of blasphemy Shinnosuke is still exasperated with Takaharu and just wants him to confess to being a Roidmude, while the interrogation is going on Krim (through the eyes of the Type Speed Shift Car) analyses Takaharu's outfit and armaments and discovers that they aren't from this world and that they could be dangerous. But before Shinnosuke can put Takaharu in the ultimate torture device; the comfy chair he just poofs out of the room. Meanwhile Izayoi is overjoyed by the amount of fear she was able to collect, thanks to the help of Heart, Brain, Medic and Mr Silver over there. Brain doesn't take kindly to Izayoi calling them mechanical dolls but Medic and Heart tell him to knock it off since, either way they're monsters to humans.
Hey Boss, can I play? Not until you gather more fear young Yokai!
Back at the ranch Shinnosuke is looking for Takaharu who powers down after dicking around with him. Shinnosuke has a slight break down trying to figure Takaharu out, but before Shinnosuke can be taken away by those nice young men in their clean white coats we find the two old goats arguing about the existence of Yokai.
I love Otta's face there "ohohooooo no I ain't gettin involved with that."
After arguing about how both of their shows are silly the heaviness is activated as the other Ninningers are under attack by Buruburu. Takaharu and Shinnosuke head off to the scene as Go takes more pictures of the green disturbance and gets intercepted by a green Rider.
This is GP's villain Rider, Kamen Rider No. 3. Now to start a game, every time you see a Shocker emblem, take a shot.
Go transforms into Mach and engages Sangou while Takaharu finds the rest of his team shivering in absolute terror in a puddle, when Takaharu tries to find out what happened the heaviness is activated and the girls send him flying, the shift cars then arrive and knock them back. Shinnosuke thinks that the five are Roidmudes after all but Takaharu just tells him to stand back after claiming to show him how he beats a Yokai. Takaharu engages the others, but when it looks like he lost his Ichibantou countering Cloud he actually engaged his Meramera ja fire attack to strike the puddle, which turned out to be Buruburu in disguise emitting the heaviness. The others were just covered in Buruburu's fear causing mucus, which explains why they were attacking Takaharu. Finally convincing Shinnosuke of their innocence Takaharu transforms into AkaNinger to fight Buruburu with the rest of his siblings. After Buruburu regenerates from Takaharu's slash, Krim notices that Buruburu's body is composed of a Viral Core, the body that houses a Roidmudes Core. Suddenly Doc Brown shows up with Izayoi and two Roidmudes, #016 and #057 and he reveals his true form.
I don't know whether Scarecrow would laugh or be jealous of this joker.
Scratch that, he'd be laughing his ass off.
He turns out to be Roidmude #089 and with that revelation Shinnosuke transforms into Drive to engage the Roidmudes, noting that something is different with #089. The Ninningers use their finishing move on Buruburu, destroying him and changing him back to a purified sealing shuriken which is taken by Izayoi which is then given to #089 saying that there's still a use for it. #089 suggests using the other two Roidmudes and Izayoi agrees; using her Goten Yo Shuriken to make #016 and #057 grow. #057 grabs Drive as the Ninningers summon their Otomo Nin, when we cut to Brain recreating the same joke as last time, with Heart and Medic not believing Brain when he tells them about the battle between the giants even though it's right behind them, yet they don't see it when they get out of view. All that served was Brain thinking he's going nuts, MOVING ON! The team form Shurikenjin.
Asymmetrical as all hell in terms of design and individual components but it really does work.
The two Giant Roidmudes engage Shurikenjin with #057 still holding Drive, they manage to get Drive free by tickling #057 yes seriously, and Drive lands safely on a building.
You sure he's fine? Ah he has armor and Mad Doctor it's all good.
The Bat Roidmude begins an aerial assault so Takaharu summons UFOmaru to engage for a 2 Vs 2 battle.
"We are about to engage the Roidmude, your orders sir?"  "Increase speed, drop down and reverse direction!"
Such brilliant tactics ground the bat and the team combines UFOmaru with Shurikenjin to create Shurikenjin UFO.

Using the power of Space the team destroys the two Roidmudes and their Cores. But suddenly UFOmaru disappears into the green tear. Alright you shmucks YOU TWO KNOW ABOUT THIS DON'T YOU?! Show up and confess already!

You get points for being on the right track. You lose points however for not finding the true culprit, much like that detective who is resting his physical and psychological trauma. Now now brother, be nice he at least knows where to start looking. But he should at least know that there are others in those worlds who may yet create similar phenomena. Perhaps one may be responsible right now; perhaps we should visit these worlds more often to observe and come to our own conclusions. Sir could you perhaps be a travel guide and give us a hand as to where to visit first?
 I'm not letting you to get anywhere near this mess, I don't want to imagine what could happen, it could make Crisis on Infinite Earths look like the Anglo Zanzibar war by comparison. Spoilsport. Though he does have a point. In this world he might, in others perhaps not. Perhaps he should be looking at our current set of players now. There are those who belong yet don't. They don't belong and yet they should. Time to get a move on. We should be along as well. Wait, where are you two going?
On holiday. Where we're going you may not follow. But you can follow if you may.
I don... I just, ugh I don't get you two. Anyway Izayoi shows up and tells them that UFOmaru didn't disappear but that it was erased from existence. She then says that they are actually in Drive's world, not their home-world. O_O WAIT COME BACK YOU TWO, I'M SORRY HELP MEEEEEEEE!!!
Seems they aren't returning my calls, crap. She says that the dimensional distortion that brought them to this world was created when she used a corrupted sealing shuriken on a Spider Viral Core creating the Roidmude Yokai hybrid Buruburu. OKAY STOP, foul on the field. How in the hell did Izayoi even get into the world of the Riders without the distortion in the first place? Does she have the power to travel between worlds already? Did a tear open up and she just threw the sealing shuriken inside or was there someone else who created a tear and Izayoi come through to help make it bigger? It's obviously related to the green thing in the sky since that's what Izayoi used to get back to the Ninningers' home-world leaving them stranded to eventually be erased from existence. if anything it might have something to do with #089 since she was confident to leave Buruburu's Sealing shuriken with him. Anyway she says that they will disappear starting with the oldest and that's way UFOmaru disappeared. We see Tsumuji pull a Marty Mcfly and start to become transparent while collapsing in pain, and I don't think a dance is going to help. To make matters worse the police show up to arrest the Ninningers for the destruction they caused fighting the Roidmudes. Hey come on it wasn't bad all things considered.
O_O Oh, um heh heh heh, it was just the abandoned buildings district?
Well, um good luck in the joint guys, remember not to drop the soap!
Will our nimble new Ninja team avoid joining a lifelong jailhouse jamboree? Will our red hot racing detective be able to save these jovial jujitsu using juveniles from singing the jailhouse blues? Will the Roidmudes savor this devilish dual dimensional destruction? Will Mach be able to put the breaks on Sangou before he crashes and burns? Will the Lutece duo stop horsing around and get their asses in gear in time to help our host? Tune in next time, same David time, same David blog!

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